The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About Zombies

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about zombies is pretty much a universal thing, a phenomenon that crosses all cultures and age groups. But when you’re dreaming about zombies, what does it mean? Dreaming about zombies is often seen as a harbinger of death or bad things to come. In this article, we’ll examine the many different symbolic meanings of zombie dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Zombies

Zombie dreams have many different symbolic meanings. Zombies, in general, signify death or the afterlife. So when we dream about zombies, it’s often a warning of death. In some cultures, it’s also seen as a sign that you’re living your life on autopilot and not taking any chances or making any changes to your life.

The symbolism attached between zombies and their individual meanings is vast and diverse; so much so that there isn’t one particular meaning attached with dreaming about zombies in particular in every culture or group of people. It all depends on what kind of symbolism a person associates with them and whether or not they consider themselves “zombie” like in the sense that they don’t have any control over what happens to them.


Zombie apocalypse dream meaning

When you dream about the zombie apocalypse, it can indicate a fear of death and the unknown. If you dream about zombies, you may be going through some sort of identity crisis. Perhaps  you have been thinking too much about death lately. These dreams can also be a reminder that you need more exercise or sleep in your life.

Killing zombies dream meaning

When you dream of killing zombies, this is actually an expression of your repressed struggles with life and work. It symbolizes the attempt to suppress disturbing thoughts and emotions as well as unspeakable desires and longings. The zombie represents the subconscious mind that develops uncontrollable urges that are directly tied to our primal urges and urges to be wild and reckless.

Dream about zombies chasing me

when you have a dream that you are being chased by zombies, it means you are afraid of something in real life, but in the dream it is more exaggerated. In a dream, zombies can represent strong emotions (e.g. fear, anger, guilt) that are so powerful they are chasing you and haunting you — in essence, preventing you from moving forward. This can especially be the case if zombies are eating you alive or “consuming” parts of your life.

Dreams about zombies attacking you

When you dream about zombies attacking, it’s important to pay attention to how and where you are attacked. For example, if you are cornered in a small, dark space, it could signify that you have been feeling trapped or overwhelmed by a situation and now the “zombie” issue is finally starting to get the best of you.

Dream about zombies trying to kill you

If you’ve had a dream in which zombies were trying to kill you, it’s most likely that you’re afraid of something — maybe that you’ll lose your job and be unable to provide for your family. To solve this stress, try to find the thing that makes you most afraid, and then approach it with confidence.

Dream about fighting zombies

Dreams about fighting zombies are common and often represent a conflict that you have with yourself, or another person. You are not sure if you agree with the way you are acting or the way you think. It may also indicate some concerns or worries that you have been holding back or ignoring. You need to sort out these issues so they don’t end up getting the best of you.

Dream about surviving zombie apocalypse

When you dream about surviving the zombie apocalypse, it means you’re becoming more aware of the dangers that lurk out in the world. But don’t let your fears stop you from reaching your full potential. Alternatively, dreaming about surviving a zombie apocalypse, can mean that you’re having difficulty surviving in your current state of mind.

Biblical Dream Interpretation Zombie

The Bible does not mention zombies directly; however, the Bible does have references to the undead. The word “zombie” originates from Haitian folklore. In Haitian culture, a zombie is an animated corpse resurrected by magical means, such as witchcraft.

Recurring Zombie Dreams

Recurring dreams about zombies could indicate that you are afraid of letting go of the aspects of your identity that are no longer serving you. It could also symbolize the desire to protect and care for the ones that you love.


In Greek mythology, the word “zombie” is associated with a spirit that comes back to life. In modern-day dream interpretation, “zombie” signifies a type of undead creature.

Dreaming of zombies usually means that you are being overwhelmed by a stressful situation or that you are feeling out of control. Take a moment to think about the situation and make an effort to gain some control over the situation.