The Meaning and Interpretation of Walking in a Dream

Written By Jamie Young

Walking dreams are common and can occur for many reasons. The significance of your dream may change over time, but walking dreams can represent your state of mind and actions of your life. It is important to understand the symbolic meaning of your walking dream because it will help you understand what is most important in life.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Walking

Dreaming about walking is one of the more common dreams. There are many interpretations of this dream, some of which relate to emotions and feelings. In the case of dreaming about walking, it can often be a simple reflection of feelings and emotions in our waking hours. This is because many of the things we dream about are a product of our subconscious fears or desires.


Dream of Walking Barefoot

If you find yourself dreaming that you are walking barefoot, this symbolizes an impending lack of money. You will have to budget carefully if you are to make it through the coming months without running out of cash. Also, try not to be impulsive with your money, as this may cause more financial trouble in the future.

Dream Interpretation Walking With Someone

If you dream of walking with someone, it means that you are going to be in a situation where your intuition can guide you towards an important decision. It is common to see this as a symbol of your intuition guiding you towards a life-changing choice. It could also be a sign that you are considering a new relationship and should be aware of what your partner may not be telling you. 

Dream of Walking on Water

When you dream about walking on water, you’re constantly feeling your feet being pulled down by something, whether it’s a relationship, a habit, or even your own fear. It can feel like you’re just going through the motions of everyday life instead of actually living. Walking on water can symbolize feeling like you need to stay afloat , not only in life, but in business as well.

Dream of Walking Through Clear Water

Dreaming about clear water reflects the purest part of yourself and the parts of you that are aligned with spiritual values. The water is also a direct representation of your emotions. They may be hard to see but they do exist. It can also mean you are in touch with your true self and are open to spirituality.

Dream Interpretation Walking on a Road

Dreaming about walking on a road, means you’re on a journey. You’re moving and progressing toward your goal; you’re the one in charge of where the road takes you. You’re setting up for an adventure. You may be walking alongside familiar places, or going to new and exciting places. The road environment is symbolic of the journey that lies ahead of you in waking life.

Dream About Walking Around a City

In dreams, walking through the city represents a strong sense of power and confidence over your surroundings. If you were to see yourself walking in a city in your dreams, it could very well mean that you are looking forward to the future and are embracing your goals and aspirations. Alternatively, dreaming of walking in the city is usually a sign that it’s time for a change.

Walking in Snow Dream Meaning

When you dream about walking on snow, that usually means that you’re feeling pressured to keep up with the rest of your peers. The snow symbolizes the ground that you are covering, literally and figuratively. It’s an image of a listless pace in which you move slowly when you’re surrounded by people who are a lot more successful than you.

Dream of Walking in the Rain

When you dream about walking in the rain, you’re expressing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. You don’t feel as if you’re going to be able to overcome a situation or break free from an emotional block, and are preoccupied with reliving painful experiences. It can also mean you’re yearning or desperate to be loved.

Dream of Someone Walking Towards You

If you ever dream about someone walking towards you, it means you are about to encounter the biggest blessing of your life. It is a sign that you will finally meet the person that you have been searching for your entire life. It might be a person from your past, or someone you haven’t met just yet. Either way, this is something great and I hope it happens soon!

Dream of Someone Walking Away From Me

When you dream about someone walking away from you, it means that you are worried about being abandoned or left alone. You don’t feel like there is anyone who will remain your loyal supporter. This feeling may stem from the fact that you have been left by others before and now you are worrying that the same event will happen again.

Dream Walking on the Moon

Dreaming of walking on the moon is often a reflection of our deepest desires. This can represent fear, longing and a desire for success, but these things are often seen in a negative light. To dream that you are walking on the moon could mean that you are striving for more than you already have.

Dreams About Not Being Able to Walk

When you dream about not being able to walk, it is a symbol of your fear of change. Your subconscious mind has picked up on the fact that your life is stagnant, and it is starting to worry about what effect this will have on you in the long term.These dreams are often a metaphor for a general feeling of being stuck, unable to move forward.

Dreams About Walking Long Distances

Dreaming about walking long distances means that you want to feel freedom in your life. It means that you want to know what is outside of boundaries and feel new experiences. But it also can mean that you are very tired and need more time for rest. Or simply you’re yearning for more freedom in your life.

Dreaming of a Disabled Person Walking

If you dream about a disabled person walking, it is symbolic of your own inability to live freely. You’re feeling limited by outside influences as well as your own hang-ups and insecurities. It might be hard for you to bear the limits that are placed on you from outside influences and insecurities of your own.

Dreaming of Walking Barefoot on Broken Glass

When you dream about walking barefoot on a broken glass, it means you have an important decision in the future that might leave some scars. It symbolizes many different things, but the most common meaning is that you are lacking direction in your life and your life path is hurting you.

Dream About Walking Down a Dark Road

Dark roads can symbolize a number of things — but if you’re dreaming of walking down one, there’s a chance that you’re feeling lost or unhappy. When you dream about walking down a dark road, you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety. The road may symbolize an uncertain future, or a situation that has left you feeling insecure. It’s important to remember: anxiety is just a feeling, and not a fact. What to do when you’re anxious? Walk it off!

Dreaming of Walking Through Spider Webs

Spider webs are a common dream that people have throughout the world, in many different cultures. The dream is interpreted differently by different cultures. To dream about walking through spider webs would be that you are frustrated with the lack of progress you are making in your life or career .Often it indicates an overwhelming sense of responsibility and an inability to take control of your own life.

Walking in the Dark Dream Meaning

When you dream about walking in the dark, there is usually a message that you are not paying enough attention to your surroundings. You might be in danger because you can’t see what’s going on around you. Your unconscious mind may be trying to tell you that you are headed towards a very dangerous situation without even realizing it.

Dream of Paralyzed Person Walking

If you dream about a paralyzed person walking, it can be interpreted as your unconscious self speaking to you. Naturally you want to understand what they are telling you. The first step is to recognize that the paralyzed person symbolizes yourself. As the person is walking, this means that things are going to change in your personal life. The dream is telling you that your life will improve and some obstacles will be removed in the future.

Walking on Broken Glass Dream Meaning

When you dream about walking on a broken glass, it symbolizes that your life is full of obstacles and challenges. You will not be able to achieve all you have planned in your life. It also symbolizes that your life is falling apart right before your eyes, you are feeling yourself breaking from the inside out.

Dream of Walking Through a Mall

When people dream about walking through a mall, it could be an indication of a coming promotion or that they will be offered some sort of new benefit at work. People who frequently visit malls in their dreams may have a lot of unresolved issues on their minds. Alternatively, it represents your relationship with people in your community. Whether they are friends, family, or strangers, this is an announcement that you need to spend more time with them and invest in your relationships. 

Dream of Walking Alone at Night 

When you dream about walking alone, it means that you have some unresolved issues that need to be dealt with.  You may also feel that there is a void in your life and this could make you feel lonely or maybe you feel like a no one; worthless. The night is also a time for thinking, worrying and regretting. If you are experiencing these feelings, it is important to share them with others in order to resolve your problems. 

Dreams of Walking Alone in the Dark

When you dream of walking in the dark it means that you are experiencing a certain amount of loneliness in your life now. You may be entering a new chapter or stage and feeling some trepidation or uncertainty. Alternatively, the dream about walking alone in the dark is mostly caused by a subconscious fear of confronting the unknown.

Dream Walking Backwards

Backwards walking dreams signify a backward mentality, which is often more dangerous than going forward because you cannot see the dangers that lie ahead. Such dreams can be caused by stress or anxiety, and frequently occur when you are concerned about some aspect of your life which has been altered or changed for the worse. Alternatively,  walking backwards usually symbolizes your fears and insecurities. It can also be symbolic of a sense of regret for something you have done in the past. 

Struggling to Walk in Dreams

In dreams, struggling to walk often symbolizes an inability to achieve a goal. Dreams of struggling to walk often appear when there is a sense of loss of power or control, and when trying to move forward in life but feeling as though you are being blocked from doing so by external factors. This may be related to your waking life struggles with issues such as lack of money or poor health.

Dream of Getting Lost While Walking

Dreaming of getting lost while walking symbolizes wanderlust and frustration with everyday life. Getting lost in your dream is a signal from your subconscious that you are struggling with an important decision or goal. The issue, however, may not always be a concern of yours, and can also be related to worries of others. Dreaming of getting lost while walking symbolizes wanderlust and frustration with everyday life.

Dream of Baby Walking for First Time

A baby’s first walking dream symbolizes your current state of mind and how you are feeling about yourself, others and the world around you. It also represents your inner desires and what you wish to achieve in the short-term future. More specifically, it signifies new beginnings, growth, independence and freedom of movement. Alternatively, this can symbolize the beginning of a new relationship, or of a period in which you are becoming more independent. You might also be experiencing renewed energy that has you leaving your comfort zone, and spreading your wings into areas that were once unfamiliar.

Dream of Someone Walking Past You

When you dream of someone walking past you, it could mean that you have unresolved issues with them. They may be dead, absent or they may be a person who is coming into your life, but with whom you are not yet familiar. Alternatively, if a dream has a person walking past you, it is often a sign that that person is going through changes in his/her life. Some of these changes will affect you, and they will likely come as a surprise to both you and the dreamer. It’s also possible that the dreamer may be going through changes in his/her relationship with you.

Walking With Dead Person in Dream

If you dream of walking with a dead person, it generally indicates that there is a loss in your life. This can be a loss from a relationship, job loss, or even death itself. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other — this person is about to leave your life for good. The dead have been chosen because they are leaving your life (as opposed to being alive in your dream).

Dream of Walking up Stairs

If you dream of walking up in the stairs, it means that you are aspiring for greater things in life. If you are on a trip or vacation, but not going very far away from home, and you dream of walking up in the stairs, it means that you will soon be meeting new people who will introduce you to even more interesting people. It also means that you may have to travel soon, and if you do, it will be an enjoyable experience.

Dream About Walking a Dog

If you dream that you are walking a dog, it suggests that you will have to endure a lot of unselfishness and responsibility. The dog could also symbolize your need to be more faithful. If the dog were barking or growling, then it means that there is something in your life that is irritating you. Also, if the dog were injured, it suggests that you are lacking courage or strength.

Dream Walking Barefoot in Public

Dreaming of walking barefoot in public can be an indication that you are not fully in control of your life. It can also indicate a lack of boundaries within your life. It can represent a fear of being exposed. It can represent a fear that people already know who you are and what you are doing.  Alternatively, walking barefoot in public, usually refers to your way of dealing with the world. There are two kinds of dreams that we have when it comes to walking barefoot in public: those that make us walk on our tip-toes, hiding and holding ourselves back; and those where we revel in our natural state, confident and without shame. 

Walking on a Highway Dream

If you’re dreaming of walking on a highway, it’s possible that you feel that your life is a bit too fast-paced. You’d like to slow down, think things through a little more and maybe take a vacation. However, you may also be afraid of getting distracted from the real issues at hand by this temptation. Sometimes, highways in your dreams represent the path you are taking to reach success and happiness. If you dream of being on a beautiful highway with no traffic, it can mean that you are on track to achieve your goals. 

Dream Meaning Walking Alone

Dreaming of walking alone refers to one’s desire for self-sufficiency, independence and freedom from commitments or relationships. If one dreams of walking with others, then such a dream signifies the need for companionship and togetherness. Alternatively, when you dream of walking alone it means you are ready to face the challenges of life, and you have the self-belief and courage to do anything that comes your way.

Dreaming If Walking Through Flowers

To dream of walking through the flowers means you are experiencing a sense of freedom and renewal in your life. You have been thinking about taking steps to free yourself from an old routine, or maybe you feel like you are returning to your ‘roots’ in some way. This may be something that feels exciting and new, but it might also be something that feels a little bit scary.

Dream of Walking Through Dirty Water

When you dream of walking through dirty water, you are asking some tough questions about your life. You are in the midst of major changes that will have you feeling a bit unsettled. The dirty water represents the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are going through your head. As you walk through this dirty water, you will begin to be able to figure out what is bothering you.

Dream Legs Too Heavy to Walk

When you dream your legs are too heavy to walk, it could mean that you are feeling tired, stressed, or burdened in some way. It’s hard to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and in our dreams we can have a moment to escape this stress.Alternatively, it may be a sign you are feeling held back in life. You don’t have enough mobility and what you do have is difficult to use. So if you’re in this situation, consider ways of achieving more freedom, such as hiring an assistant or getting a pet.

Dream Walking in Closet

The closet is generally one of the most private and secure spaces in our homes. It’s also where we store all of our clothes, winter coats and other personal belongings. Given its significance as a private space, dreaming about being in the closet is often an indication that you are looking inward at your own thoughts, feelings or fears. It can also be a reminder that you need to express them.

Dream About Walking With Your Boyfriend

Walking with your boyfriend in a dream can represent dependence on the other person for a sense of balance and stability. It is about emotional intimacy and an emotional connection. The interpretation depends on how you are walking; if it is slow and steady, it represents emotional intimacy; if you are running or dancing, it could mean that your relationship is changing.

Walking up and Down Busy Streets Dream

If you’re walking on busy streets in your dreams, then you might be subconsciously expressing how you feel about what’s happening in your waking life. Maybe you feel like you’re becoming a slave to everything that’s around you, or maybe there are too many distractions for you to deal with. Although this dream does feel very stressful, it can also help you understand why you might be feeling so stressed in the first place.

Dreaming of Walking a Dog on a Leash

Dreaming of walking a dog with a leash indicates that there is something you are trying to hold back. You are feeling restricted in some way and having problems releasing your emotions. Think about the feelings that you have been experiencing lately, especially those that have been bothering or upsetting you. Is there a person in your waking life who is pressuring you to hold back an opinion or action?

Dream of Someone Walking Through a Door

A door symbolizes change, and when you dream of someone walking through the door, it represents yourself.  Dreams featuring people walking through a door can challenge your sense of stability, encouraging you to consider new directions and opportunities in your waking life. This dream would be a good time to revisit any plans you had for the future and reassess them, as you may need to make changes.

Dreaming of Walking up a Steep Road

Dreaming of walking up a steep road means you are at a point in your life where your mind is urging you to try something new. The steep road symbolizes a challenge, and the fact that it’s ‘hard’ implies that this challenge will require effort on your part. You may not see the point of it all now, but give it time and you’ll find what lies at the top of the road, waiting for you.

Walk Along the Lonely Street of Dreams

Dreaming of walking on a lonely street often symbolizes the feeling of being excluded from some activity. It means you are walking down a path of self-reflection and internal questioning. It is time to take a closer look at your life and the people around you — possibly even look at breaking away from things that may be holding you back. If you dream of being in a place where everyone is separated and alone, it means there are unpleasant things that are happening to you. The dream may also foretell loss or sadness in your future.

Dream of Walking Away From Someone

When you dream of walking away from someone, it refers to the fact that you are beginning to think of your own wants, needs or desires rather than being overly concerned with pleasing others. Forcing these dreams upon yourself is not advised as you could lose touch with what your heart truly desires. Instead, work on getting out of your comfort zone and speaking your mind.

Dreaming of Walking in the Rain With Someone

Walking in the rain with someone in your dream suggests that your current relationship is taking on a very real quality and you are in a meaningful relationship with another person. Or, it could mean that there is an emotional bond formed between two people, where they feel close to each other. Alternatively, a dream of walking in the rain with someone could be a sign that you’re worried about the relationship being shared between you and that person. It could also mean you miss them, or are feeling lonely.

Dream of Walking on Ice

When you dream of walking in the ice, it is a sign that you need to re-evaluate your goals and values. If you tend to be a ‘go with the flow’ person, it means that you need some time to reflect on your life and assess the impact you have on your surroundings. Pay attention to what those around you say and do because they will have a significant impact on your dreams.

Dream of Walking Down a Steep Hill

If you dream of walking down a hill, this usually means you are feeling pressured by the difficulties and problems of your life. It could also signify you are struggling with things that are out of your control. However, if you dream that you fly down the hill, then this is a positive omen, as it means you will overcome any difficulty you face in your life.

Dream Walking Above Ground

If you dream of walking above the ground, it can mean you are tired of feeling small. You probably feel like your stature is being overlooked and that people and situations are consistently leaving you feeling unimportant. This dream can also indicate that you have been putting in too much work lately and need to start checking out of work mode.

Dream Interpretation Difficulty Walking

If you are dreaming of difficulty in walking, it could indicate a physical ailment or difficulty in your waking life. Although it can also symbolize your inability to deal with an issue that is bringing about stress for you, or you may soon have some frustrating obstacles in your way.

Walking on Glass Dream Meaning

When you dream of walking on the glass, the glass in your dream may represent something or someone that is holding you back from achieving your goals. This might be an actual person, an idea, or even the way other people perceive you. You’ll have to think over the last few days and weeks to pinpoint what exactly is holding you back.

Dreaming of Walking With Jesus

When you have a dream of walking with Jesus, it means you tend to be spiritually focused and possess a natural desire to communicate the gospel. When an individual has this type of dream they need to embrace who they are and use the communication skills they have in positive ways. Alternatively, dreaming of walking with Jesus means overcoming your fears.

Walking in High Heels Dream Meaning

Walking in high heels has many different meanings. It may also represent a certain type of woman or the image of femininity. Other possibilities are that you are facing new challenges or responsibilities in your life, or feeling as if you have been given too big a job to handle all by yourself. It can also symbolize empowerment.  

Dream Interpretation Walking on Rocks

When you dream of walking on rocks, it means that you are exploring new areas of life. Perhaps, you are taking a risk in the form of a business venture or going out with someone new. You may also be deciding to take a risk in your life. Alternatively, dreaming of walking on the rocks, it means you’re going to be feeling your independence today. The rocks represent your solid ground in life, so when you dream of walking on them, it means that you’re going to feel more confident and less reliant on others this week.

Dream of Crush Walking Away

When your crush walks away in your dreams, it means that you’re feeling nervous about something. The key to knowing what’s causing that nervousness is figuring out where the sidewalk/ramp is, and what might lie beyond it. If there’s a sidewalk, then that means you’re facing external pressures: something is making you feel uncertain and scared.

Dream of Walking Barefoot on Concrete

To dream that you are walking barefoot on concrete, signifies that you will have to struggle against many obstacles in order to reach your ambitions. You will meet with much opposition from enemies that you never dreamed of, but be assured of succeeding. It also suggests that you’ll need to work hard for success.

Dream About Walking Barefoot in Snow

Walking barefoot on snow is an idiom for being humble or soft-hearted. This dream means you are soft-hearted and you have a kind nature – or it could mean that you are struggling with your emotions, or trying to keep them hidden from others. There may also be an element of vulnerability in your waking life.

Dreams Walking Hand in Hand

If you dream about walking hand in hand with a significant other, it’s likely that you’re looking for a deeper, more meaningful connection. Seeing yourself holding hands with your significant other is a sign that you’re seeking out a deeper level of connection and intimacy. If you dream of walking alone with him or her, then the dream might be suggesting something different altogether.

Dream of Walking up a Hill

If you dream of walking “up” in a hill, it means that you’ll be experiencing something new soon. Perhaps a new challenge or project — something that will require a lot of hard work on your part. If you are tired of the situation you are currently in, then you’ll have to study hard and work harder to make things successful.

Dream of Walking With a Friend

Dreaming about walking with a friend is a sign of personal development and is highly indicative of your current state of mind. If you’re feeling lonely, it could mean that you’re afraid of change. If you’re already in a relationship, it could be a sign that you need to communicate better with your significant other. Alternatively, the dream could be simply reflecting your thoughts about your friendships, it may be telling you to pay closer attention to the actions of your friend.

Dream About Walking on Train Tracks

In most cases, people dream about walking on train tracks when they are trying to understand the journey of their life, and where they are on that track. If you have a dream that features train tracks, pay attention to the way they are set up. The height is an indication of your emotional state. Alternatively, the dream about walking on train tracks suggests that there is a chance that you have encountered challenges or issues that have been particularly hard to manage recently, and your subconscious mind has chosen to show those situations to you through images in your dreams.

Dream About Walking Alone at Night

If you’re dreaming about walking alone at night, you may be dealing with some serious issues.  It means you’re feeling alone, but you’re moving forward on your own. You’re not giving up — but you’re also not finding much encouragement from others. If you dream about walking with someone at night, on the other hand, it usually means you want companionship and solidarity.

Dream Walking Farms

Dreaming about walking on a farm can be a powerful dream that can affect your subconscious in a very real way. When you dream about walking on the farm during the day, it means you will have a journey towards success. If you dream about walking in the farm at night, it is a sign to beware of mistakes because you will commit some that could cast you back.

Dream About Baby Girl Walking

When you have a dream about a baby girl walking, it means that you are looking for a balance between your business and your personal life. You want to get back to the core of your business, but balancing the needs of family and friends is important too. This can also mean that you have a message meant only for your eyes to see at that moment – and not for your family or friends.

Dream Walking Barefoot in the Rain

Walking in the rain and being barefoot might mean a few different things. On the simplest level, it could mean that you need to be more active. Water can symbolize your emotions or feelings, so if you dream about walking in the rain that means you’re having a lot of feelings. Dreams about walking in the rain are often dreams of feeling overwhelmed with an idea or situation, or feeling frustrated about something.

Dreaming of Walking Barefoot in Water

It’s a very common dream to have where you are walking in water. It can be the beach or a lake and sometimes even a puddle. If you dream about walking barefoot in the water, it’s a sign that your unconscious mind is telling you to seek some kind of spiritual cleansing. Take this as a sign to spend some time in nature. Ideally, seek out natural ponds or other bodies of water and go for a long walk.

Dream of a Friend Walking Away

When you see your friend walking away from you in a dream, don’t worry — it’s not the end of your friendship. It could actually mean that there is some distance between you and your friend, but it is only temporary. They are still thinking about you, and the feeling is mutual! 

Dream of Walking Around in a Towel

When you dream about walking around with a towel, it’s your subconscious telling you that you’re being too uptight. You’re dreaming about walking around with a towel because you need to let more go in your life and focus on the little things – take life as it comes, don’t hold onto grudges, stop worrying so much and enjoy what life brings you.

Dreaming of Walking Through Water

Dreams of walking through water can represent feelings of empowerment or actualization, or a time in your life when you felt exceptionally confident. For example, if you are having a particularly hard time at work, but in your dream you are able to effortlessly walk through water, that could symbolize you feeling confident enough to overcome any obstacles at work.

Dream of Walking With a Child

In general, a child represents potential, hope, and innocence. It also symbolizes the desire to make something new or fresh (but don’t forget that with all its hopefulness comes the possibility of failure). When you dream about walking with a child, you may feel lost or be struggling to find your way. 

Walking in the Bush in Dream

The bush is a place where you may feel lost and confused in your dreams. Dreams when you are walking or wandering through the bush, symbolizes confusion and uncertainty. You are struggling to find the right path. You are exploring unknown territory. There might be some conflict or strife that keeps grabbing your attention. The dream is trying to tell you something.

Dreams About Walking Through a House

If you dream of walking through the house, you may be expressing concerns with the way your life has been going. Consider what was most prominent in the dream and what you were feeling at the time. You might also want to pay attention to any recurring themes in your dreams and see if you notice any patterns or associations that resonate with your real life.

Dream of Seeing Someone Walking on Water

When you see someone walking through the water in your dream, it means there is something that person carries with him/her on a daily basis or that there is an issue in his/her life that is being dealt with. It also can mean that someone may be too focused on the task at hand and may be missing the finer details.

Dream Meaning of Walking in Green Grass

Walking on a green can have a variety of interpretations, but generally indicate an upcoming time of growth and prosperity. People dreaming of walking upon grass often find they are in a position to take advantage of some new opportunities. Alternatively, this dream, the color green represents hope. You are optimistic in your dream and are looking to the future with something to look forward to.

Dream of Walking Home

If you dream about walking home, you are likely replaying a recent event that may be stressing you out. If your home is also included in the dream, this may mean that what happened in the dream is something that points to a flaw in your life at present. You may sense or fear a coming change and need to be alert. The dream may also represent an issue regarding your own personality and how this relates to being at home or with family in general.

Walking on Clouds Dream Meaning

When you dream about walking on the clouds, I think it means that you are a very dynamic person. You like to move around a lot and nowhere feels permanent. That is why when you dream of walking on the clouds you still feel like you have some place to go. It could also possibly mean that you are not in touch with your emotions or feelings.

Dream of a Sick Person Walking 

When you dream about a sick person walking, it can mean that there is a part of you that is ill, an illness that is affecting your life. Perhaps it is an inability to walk away from situations that are bad for you, or an unwillingness to walk away from an unhelpful person.

Dreaming of Walking on a Beach With Someone

Dreaming about walking on the beach with someone signifies an end to a relationship. This may be the end of a friendship with a peer, or even an intimate relationship. If this beach has a high cliff behind it, or other dangers such as water or falling objects, then this person represents a threat to you. The dream indicates your fear of losing control over your life.


Dreaming about walking is often a reflection of feelings and emotions, much like dreams in general. It’s also common because we do it so often, to reflect the many things we are doing or have done at some point during the day.