The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Tarantulas

Written By Jamie Young

If you have ever experienced a nightmare about tarantulas, you would have been left terrified. However, tarantulas are not as dangerous as most people think. In fact, there are only two species of tarantula that are harmful to humans and that is the western and the Chilean rose hair tarantula. So, if you dream about tarantulas, it may mean something else.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tarantulas

Dreaming about tarantulas can signify that you are on the verge of a life-changing change, one that you are either excited or scared about. Many cultures consider tarantulas to be evil or bad omens, but more often than not, they’re simply a symbol of power and vitality. A dream about a tarantula may suggest you’re ready to take on the world and handle anything that comes your way. It can also indicate that you feel as if your life is spinning out of control and you need to gain some control over it.


White Tarantula Dream

Dreaming about a white tarantula is a symbol of fear, but can also represent the desire for bettering oneself or for seeking out new experiences. You may not be fully ready to proceed in a certain direction, but it could be time to start thinking about the uncertainty ahead — in which case the white tarantula is a sign that you should prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Dreaming of Tarantula Attacking You

When you dream about a tarantula attacking you, it can symbolize mental and physical exhaustion that has left you vulnerable to attacks from others. It is the nature of the tarantula to attack other creatures without fail, which means that this dream may appear when your weak point is exposed, or when someone takes advantage of your weakness. It could also be a sign that someone is bad mouthing you and treating you as if they were predators.

Black Tarantula Dream Meaning

When you dream about a black tarantula it represents a person or situation that is trying to hold you back. It can represent your own insecurities, or it could symbolize someone who is being deliberately malicious. You’re encircled by something dangerous that you need to escape from. This dream also signifies that you should be prepared for some heavy setbacks that could leave your feeling very tense and anxious.

Dreaming of Tarantula Crawling on You Meaning

When you dream about a tarantula crawling on you, it is a sign that you feel that someone or something is trying to hold you down or keep you back. This might be the result of repressed feelings and emotions over events that have happened in the past or in your current situation.

Seeing Tarantula in Dream

When you dream about seeing a tarantula, you are being warned that there is a venomous influence in your life, or your environment. This might be an actual person, but it could also be jealousy or envy. It’s important to observe how the tarantula moves — whether it is slowly and deliberately or quickly and unpredictably — because that will tell you how this influence will impact your life.

Brown Tarantula Dream Meaning

When you dream about a brown tarantula it is a symbol of good luck and success, associated with material gain and the acquisition of assets and wealth. The brown tarantula is a powerful business metaphor for influence, prosperity, and success. They are also considered an especially masculine symbol of virility.

Dream About Tarantula in the House

When you dream about a tarantula in the house it indicates that life will soon undergo many changes.  You may find yourself changing in order to accommodate the transformations that are necessary for you to survive. The end result is the good fortune and joyousness that results from this positive change.

Dead Tarantula Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead tarantula often symbolizes fear, anxiety, and frustration with a situation that has paralyzed you. In this state of mind, it’s hard to think, let alone make progress towards your goals. Alternatively, a dead tarantula in your dreams may stand for the lifelessness and lack of fun in your everyday life — your inability to enjoy even the simplest pleasures that surround you.

Killing Tarantula in Dream

If you’re dreaming about killing a tarantula can mean that you’re feeling a little bit defensive. Perhaps you’re preparing to protect yourself from being attacked by someone else or from being offended. It could also mean that you’re afraid of waking up from a situation or position that you’ve put yourself into.

Tarantula in Dream Spiritual Meaning

Although the tarantula is a terrifying spider, it’s also an insect with tremendous spiritual meaning in many cultures. In Western Africa, tarantulas are viewed as messengers and protectors of the dead; they’re believed to be able to travel between the living world and the afterlife. They’re also seen as a symbol of female power and sexuality in Brazil.


The tarantula is a symbol of power and vitality. If you dream about a tarantula, you may feel ready to take on the world and handle anything that comes your way.