The Meaning and Interpretation of Stabbing Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Stabbing dreams are an interesting category in dreams. They represent a challenge, a new opportunity and a confrontation. They are not necessarily negative, but they do require that we remain vigilant and aware. A stabbing dream can mean that a new opportunity is presenting itself to us. It may also be a warning that we need to pay attention to our surroundings and to trust our instincts.


What Does Stabbing Mean in a Dream

Oftentimes, a stabbing dream can be the result of anxiety and stress in your waking life. In fact, any situation you experience stress and anxiety over during the day can transfer into your dream life. It is also possible to have a stabbing dream as a result of overworking yourself in your business or other endeavors. The more you put on your plate, the more demanding and stressful your life is, which means you’re likely to experience more stabbing dreams.

man stabbing with knife

Dream of Stabbing Someone

Dreaming about stabbing someone typically symbolizes an aggressive or violent personality or attitude. It is likely to mean that you are very angry with someone who is close to you, or perhaps that you feel as though you are in a situation where you have no control and have to protect yourself. It can also be a combination of anxiety, stress and feeling threatened.

Dream of Being Stabbed

When you dream about being stabbed, it could be a warning that you need to avoid confrontations with people at work, or even the ones closest to you. The situation may be confusing or frustrating you. It could also represent your fear of not receiving support or respect from others.

Dreams About Getting Stabbed

When you dream about getting stabbed, there’s a good chance that this is something to do with fears of invasion or violence. A distorted version of your worst fear: that someone will harm you, destroy your work, damage your relationships. Perhaps you’re feeling under threat from a colleague or partner.

Getting Stabbed in a Dream and Feeling It

The dream may reflect your own inner conflict between your desire to express yourself or your self-doubt. If you dream of being hurt, it means that you are emotionally wounded. It may also mean that something or someone is hurting your feelings.

Dream of Being Stabbed but Not Dying

When you dream of being stabbed but not dying, this may be warning you to avoid getting involved with a particular matter or person. The person or situation causing the problem is likely to be a close friend or family member, though it could also be your spouse or partner. It is important that you take heed of this dream, as taking action on it can save injury and death.

Dream of Seeing Someone Being Stabbed

If you dream that you are seeing someone being stabbed, then there will be chaos and aggression in your real life. You have to be careful with those around you. It’s best to steer clear of arguments and harsh words, for a simple misunderstanding can turn into an aggressive fight.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Stomach

When you dream about being stabbed in the stomach, you’re afraid that your assertiveness is pushing people away. You’ve likely been expressing your opinion more freely (or more often) than you normally would, and are experiencing some pushback from people who aren’t comfortable with it.  It may be time to look at your life.

Dream About Stabbing Someone to Death

If you find yourself dreaming about stabbing someone to death, there’s a significant chance that you’re feeling very angry at a specific person — or people — in your life. You may be feeling misunderstood or as if you’re being mistreated. The dream is actually giving you a chance to understand that this person has been taking advantage of you in some way, whether it’s in waking life or not.

Dream About Stabbing Someone in Self Defense

When you dream about stabbing someone while in self-defense, it means that you’re feeling angry and helpless because of some situation or person. The stabbing represents your desire to finally have the upper hand and to have a way out. However, in real life this desire may manifest itself as the inability to defend yourself against others.

Dream of Stabbing Someone With a Knife

When you dream about stabbing someone with a knife, it means that you need to take action and break free of any constraints that are limiting you. It also means that you are facing an internal struggle. The knife symbolizes whatever it is that’s holding you back. If it’s more than one person, then it means multiple obstacles.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Chest

When you dream about being stabbed in the chest, you’re making a powerful statement about your relationships. You may be afraid of being emotionally hurt or betrayed by a loved one. If you dream that the knife penetrates deeply into your chest, it symbolizes trust issues and fear of betrayal. Sometimes dreams about knives can be manifestations of some kind of negative life experience or feeling.

Dreams About Being Stabbed With Needles

When someone dreams about being stabbed with needles, it’s an image of self-sacrifice. It symbolizes their willingness to do anything in order to achieve a certain goal. It can also mean that they are feeling great pressure to perform or get a certain task accomplished quickly.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Back

If you’re dreaming about being stabbed in the back, it could be a sign that you feel betrayed by someone close to you — perhaps a friend, family member, or lover. It expresses our fear of betrayal, of being tricked or cheated. It suggests that you feel that you’re not as worthy as you would like to be, and that you’re afraid of being used.

Dream of Being Stabbed Repeatedly

When you’re being stabbed repeatedly in a dream, it means that you can’t escape an issue that is having a negative effect on your life. It might be a relationship or conflict at work that keeps coming up and causing more problems every time it does. You could also feel like someone is pushing you down and preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Dream of Watching Someone Get Stabbed

When you dream of watching someone getting stabbed, it could be connected to your waking feelings of helplessness or anger toward your own situation. You might feel like you’re unable to control or predict your life. You are feeling the consequences of someone else’s actions, and have a sense of guilt. It could mean that you feel like you’re being punished for something that you did, or didn’t do.

Dream of Stabbing Someone in the Neck

When you dream about stabbing someone in the neck, this is a commonly used symbol to represent feelings of anger or hatred. It can also represent feelings of betrayal and mistrust. It may be worth it to discuss these feelings with a person who is close to you.

Dream of Being Stabbed With a Syringe

People who dream about being stabbed with a syringe might fear that their enthusiasm for life will be cut short by the illness or depression which is the true source of pain. This can also represent something in your life lacking the ability to properly move forward or to heal from mistakes. You need to be careful that your feelings aren’t getting hurt.

Dream About Someone Trying to Stab Me

Dreaming of someone trying to stab you can be seen as a warning sign that your intuition may be telling you something. Perhaps you are in a relationship or business situation where you feel unsafe. This dream could also show that you are feeling threatened by the actions of another person, and it is time to find a way to put up your guard and protect yourself.

Dream About Someone Stabbing Me

Dreaming someone is stabbing you can be a sign of betrayal, anger, and distrust. It also means that you need to take more time to look at your own faults. You may be feeling betrayed or threatened by someone close to you, or you may feel that your integrity is being compromised. You might be trying to ignore the mistakes you have made in the past and in doing so, you are hurting everyone around you.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Arm

Dreaming of being stabbed in the arm represents hidden hostility and the desire to hurt someone else. It may be related to your anxiety or stress levels. It could also indicate that you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or exhausted.This most often manifests itself as internal anger or stress, and even if you do not act on it, you may still feel its negative effects.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Heart

When you dream about being stabbed in the heart, it means that there is an emotional aspect of your situation that you have not addressed yet. It represents a deep emotional hurt that you are experiencing. This symbol usually occurs in your dreams when you have been betrayed by a loved one or have just broken up with a partner.

Dream of Witnessing a Stabbing

When you dream of witnessing a stabbing, it is an indication that you are feeling frustrated about some injustice and are thinking about handling the problem yourself. You should take care to avoid violent situations, as you may not realize how serious things might get before it’s too late. Think about any conflicts or injustices bothering you and see if there’s a way for you to address them without getting into a fight.

Dreaming About Stabbing Someone but They Don’t Die

If you dream of stabbing someone, but they don’t die — there’s a chance that you are feeling angry with yourself. You might be keeping your anger bottled up and not dealing with it. The problem may stem from your relationship with your boss, family members, or a friend. It’s important to let the people around you know how you feel so they can understand what’s bothering you.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Side

When you dream about being stabbed in the side, you might be having an anxiety attack. You feel like you’re under a constant threat and the stabbing represents the intrusive thoughts that are ruining your peace of mind. Imagine how vulnerable you feel when your body is literally exposed to external threats. It’s perfectly normal to think that way when you’re anxious.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Stomach With a Knife

If you dream about stabbing your abdomen or stomach with a knife, you may be feeling anxiety about hurting yourself or someone close to you. The knife is a symbol for the physical violence in your life or perhaps the pain you are going through. You might be feeling stressed by something or someone, and this dream might be warning you that leaving these things unresolved leads to self-harm.

Dream of Someone Stabbing Themselves

A dream about someone stabbing themselves means that you harbor feelings of guilt within yourself. It symbolizes your sense of inadequacy when it comes to certain issues, or your dissatisfaction with the progress being made in a current situation. If you are in a position of power, this dream indicates that someone may try to manipulate you, which could ultimately backfire and leave you feeling more helpless than ever.

Dream About Being Stabbed by a Stranger

If you dream of being stabbed by a stranger, you may be struggling with issues of violence or betrayal. It could also mean that something negative is going to happen that isn’t your fault. The dream could be reflecting the fact you have strong feelings of anger and aggression towards someone but they don’t know if.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Stomach but Not Dying

When you’re being stabbed in the stomach but you’re not dying in a dream, it means that your life is in danger and your mind’s trying to let you know. A subconscious warning of impending danger, this dream might be a sign that you need to be more focused on your physical surroundings and the people around you. Also means that you will be troubled by some enemy, who will stab your reputation and plans with lies.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Stomach While Pregnant

When you dream of a pregnant woman being stabbed in the stomach, it is your subconscious telling you that anger or resentment may be detrimental to your personal life. It is time to seek help from family and friends so that you can purge these negative emotions before they fester within you. Talk to someone about your feelings before you make a bad decision that will affect more than just yourself.

Dream About Stabbing an Intruder

When you dream about stabbing an intruder, it means that you’re trying to keep away someone that is bad. This could imply a number of things; you’re trying to keep your current relationship going, or you’re trying to hold onto something that’s ending/no longer there for you. The reason for this can be anything from a fight, to your own insecurities about leaving the relationship.

Dream of Someone Getting Stabbed in the Back

When you dream about someone getting stabbed in the back, it means that your intuition is telling you that someone has malicious intentions toward you. Perhaps you’ve been manipulated by a friend who’s only using you for your resources. Or maybe you’re being targeted by a business rival who’s spreading rumors about your company. In all cases, it’s time to look at your situation more closely and consider whether you are the victim of a scam.

Dream About Stabbing Someone With Scissors

People who are dreaming of stabbing someone with scissors are trying to make some kind of statement. They may be feeling stuck and threatened, so they want to hurt those around them. Alternatively, they could be feeling frustrated over something that’s out of their control. A dream about stabbing an authority figure with a pair of scissors means you resent the rules and restrictions in your life.

Dream of Stabbing Someone With a Pencil

When you dream about stabbing someone with a pencil. This can represent our own anger, frustrations, and resentment that we have toward others. The difficulty of putting those feelings into words means that they take the form of physical action—instead of talking to the person you feel is responsible for making you angry, you stab them with a pencil (or your thoughts).

Dreaming of Being Robbed and Stabbed

In a dream, being robbed or having your belongings stolen from you can symbolize financial hardship and uncertainties in your life. When you dream about being robbed and stabbed, it might be a sign that you feel vulnerable, or you don’t trust someone around you. It could also mean that you’re insecure in your career or personal life.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Leg

In a dream, a stabbing in the leg signifies that you are trying to push yourself too much in your pursuits. You may be setting big goals for yourself but feel like you can’t live up to the expectations that others have for you. Ask yourself what you need to do to achieve your goals and work towards them or find new ways to accomplish them that are a better fit for you.

Dreams About Stabbing an Attacker

When you’re dreaming of stabbing an attacker, it’s often a reflection of your own insecurities about being attacked by others. While you may end up feeling useful and powerful when you’re fighting off attackers in your dream, this feeling is fleeting. You still wake up with the same doubts and fears that plagued you before bedtime.

Dream of Being Stabbed in the Hand

If you had a dream about being stabbed in the hand, it may be an indication of repressed anger. Dreams are very personal and have different meanings to different people. Someone could be aggressive in waking life, but passive in the dream world. Try to focus on your goals and do not let anything get in the way of them.

Dreaming of My Son Being Stabbed

Dreaming of your son is a symbol of your parental concerns. If a son was stabbed in your dream, it may be telling you that your child isn’t feeling loved and nurtured. This can be the result of an unhealthy relationship with you or with others in his life. To have this dream means that you need to look at what’s happening in his life and try to connect with him.

Dream About Stabbing Yourself in the Stomach

When you dream about stabbing yourself in the stomach, it can mean that you’re feeling emotionally or mentally stuck. You’re not in a place that makes you feel like your potential is being realized. This can be attributed to many things — low self-esteem, fear of failure, a bad work environment, etc.

Dreaming I Got Stabbed Multiple Times

Dreams about getting stabbed multiple times can be disturbing and unsettling, but they usually don’t signify your physical wellbeing. Instead, they often represent feelings of hurt, betrayal, or vulnerability in your waking life. It could be that you’re dealing with a tough situation that’s affecting you profoundly, or perhaps there’s an individual causing you emotional distress. These dreams symbolize the internal struggles or external conflicts that you haven’t yet resolved.

Dream About Your Boyfriend Getting Stabbed

If you dream of your boyfriend getting stabbed, it may evoke feelings of fear and protectiveness. This doesn’t necessarily predict a literal danger to him; it’s more likely to be reflecting your anxieties and insecurities about the relationship. Also, it might symbolize your perceived threats to your relationship’s stability, like infidelity, communication issues, or detachment. You need to focus on these concerns and find ways to resolve them.

Someone Stabs You in a Dream

Dreaming of someone stabbing you might trigger panic, but it’s important to remember that it’s more symbolic than literal. If someone you know stabs you in the dream, this may be a reflection of your belief that this person has hurt or betrayed you in real life. If the person is a stranger, it could represent unexpected challenges or changes that caught you off guard or made you feel betrayed.

Stabbed in Dream and Felt It

Feeling a stab during a dream can be highly distressing, as it feels physically and emotionally real. This dream signifies your vulnerability and inability to protect yourself from painful situations. It might point towards hostile elements in your life or relationships that had a significant negative effect on your emotions, especially feelings of rejection, loss, and deceit. This dream is a wake-up call to address these deep-seated emotions and heal yourself.

Dream About Being Stabbed and Bleeding

Dreaming about being stabbed and noticing bleeding can indicate intense emotional anguish and distress. It symbolizes how you’re letting these damaging emotions out, almost as if you’re bleeding. Like actual wounds require care, this dream suggests a need for emotional healing. It encourages you to express your emotions and address the issues causing such distress, thereby fostering self-care.

Dream Of Being Stabbed in Lower Back

Dreaming about being stabbed in the lower back often symbolizes a sense of betrayal or dishonesty coming from someone close to you. This could arise from feelings of being left out, tricked, or lied to by someone you genuinely trusted. The location on the lower back is often associated with your past and the people and experiences that have shaped you into who you are today.

Dream Of Being Stabbed in the Ribs

When you dream about being stabbed in the ribs, it often represents an emotional or psychological attack that you’re experiencing in your waking life. It might indicate that you’re feeling vulnerable or exposed — the ribs, after all, protect vital organs, so a dream featuring a rib injury could be a sign of deep emotional hurt. The dream may be a way for your subconscious mind to process these feelings and try to find a solution.

Dream Of Being Stabbed in the Shoulder

If you dream about being stabbed in the shoulder, it could symbolize a burden or responsibility that you’re finding too heavy to carry. Shoulders often represent our ability to carry loads, whether they’re physical, emotional, or psychological. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress or pressure in your real life, it might manifest itself in your dream this way. Facing these issues head-on could be the key to understanding and resolving this type of dream.

Dream Of Being Stabbed in the Throat

Lastly, dreaming about being stabbed in the throat can be quite alarming. The throat, in a symbolic sense, represents communication and articulation of thoughts and ideas. Hence, dreaming of being stabbed here could signify feelings of being silenced or unheard, or you’re uncomfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings. It could also represent fear of speaking your truth for fear of retribution. Addressing your communication issues or concerns can help deconstruct and resolve these unsettling dreams.

Dream About Stabbing Someone With a Pen

When one dreams about stabbing someone with a pen, it often suggests a feeling of aggression or a battle of wits. Generally, a pen represents power, influence, authority, and a way to convey your thoughts and ideas. To dream of stabbing someone with such an object might indicate your need or intent to harm someone verbally or emotionally, driven by your anger, frustration, or bitterness. You might want to make them feel the same way they made you feel, using words instead of actions. It’s likely a sign of built-up rage or tension.

Dreaming About Being Chased and Stabbed

Dreaming about being chased and stabbed can be quite terrifying and signifies a deep-rooted fear or worry in your waking life. The person chasing you could symbolize the problems or issues you’re running away from, while the act of being stabbed might represent the culmination of these fears, feelings of vulnerability, or a perceived threat. Such dreams are also commonly associated with feelings of anxiety and insecurity. It might suggest that you’re feeling threatened or pressured by something or someone in your waking life.

Someone Tries to Stab You in Your Dream

If someone tries to stab you in your dream, it often reflects feelings of betrayal, mistrust, fear, or suspicion you may have towards someone in your real life. Such dreams may be provoked by a situation where you feel emotionally attacked by someone, resulting in you feeling betrayed or backstabbed. It might also indicate insecurities, vulnerability, and self-defense issues. It’s a clear sign that you’re experiencing some distress, conflict, or tension in your waking life that requires your immediate attention.

Dream About Stabbing Your Brother

Dreams about stabbing your brother can stir intense emotions due to the familial bonds involved. It’s important to remember that dream symbols are often metaphorical and don’t represent real-life intentions. In this context, it might signify sibling rivalry, suppressed anger, or unresolved issues between you and your brother. It might point to conflicts or competing interests that are creating emotional tension.

Spiritual Meaning of Stabbing Someone in a Dream

In the world of dream interpretation, stabbing someone can be interpreted symbolically. It might point towards an intense desire to hurt or eliminate a certain aspect of your own personality, rather than intending to cause harm to someone else. Quite often, it’s linked to personal conflicts, emotions, or circumstances that you are currently unable to confront realistically. The sharpness of the knife indicates the severity of the problem at hand, whilst the act of stabbing could be an unconscious call to action to face these issues head-on.

Dream Of Being Stabbed in the Stomach Biblical Meaning

Biblically, dreaming of being stabbed in the stomach can be analyzed under the lens of vulnerability. The stomach is not just an organ, but also a spiritual vessel. It stands for the absorption of life experiences, both good and bad. Being stabbed there might denote an incoming betrayal or deceit that’s about to unfold in your waking life. It could represent invasions of your personal space or instances where your trust is about to be broken.

Seeing Someone Get Stabbed in a Dream Islam

In Islamic tradition, seeing someone get stabbed in a dream can be a manifestation of suppressed guilt or regret. It may suggest you have done something wrong to the person being stabbed, and your subconscious is urging you to make amends. Alternatively, it can be symbolic of a situation or relationship that is causing you pain. You may feel powerless to intervene, hence the dream acts as a distress call. Always consider these interpretations in light of your personal life situations, emotions, and events.

Dream About Stabbing Hindu

In Hindu philosophy, dreams are regarded as a reflection of one’s Ayurvedic dosha’s imbalances. Seeing a stabbing event could be a sign of aggravated Pitta dosha, which indicates fire or heat and is usually linked with anger, hostility, or aggression. If you see such dreams frequently, Ayurveda suggests incorporating cooling foods and beverages in your diet, and include calming activities like meditation in your daily routine. This is to balance Pitta dosha and it could potentially reduce the occurrence of such violent dreams.


A stabbing dream is not necessarily a sign of death. It can also be the result of anxiety and stress in your waking life, or as a result of overworking yourself in your business or other endeavor.