The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Spaceships

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams about spaceships are often thought to be precognitive, sometimes related to spiritual messages or otherworldly ideas. Many of us have probably dreamed about a spaceship before. But why do we dream about spaceships? Do they represent something deeper within ourselves? Or are they just the product of our imagination?

What Do Dreams About Spaceships Mean

Dreams involving spaceships are commonly linked to anxieties and fears surrounding travel. Given that spaceships offer a means of fast transportation, the imagery is often used as a ‘quick fix’ when you need to escape a situation or be somewhere else entirely. It can also be used to mask your anxieties about a particular trip, as the spaceship represents escaping your routine for a short period of time. It can also be a sign of an exciting, new period in life,  career success, and prosperity. 


Dream About Being in a Spaceship

A spaceship is a reflection of your ability to gain an overview of things, but also to rise above mundane tasks. When you’re dreaming of being in a spaceship is a sign that you are ready to leave the milestones you achieved behind, and embark on the next journey. You might want to try out new hobbies or meet new people — and it is important for you to try out this part of yourself and see where it leads you.

Dreams of Spaceships in the Sky

Dreaming of spaceships in the sky usually means that you are entering a new and significant phase in your life. You will be introduced to many new opportunities that come with the responsibility of making the right choices. You are advised to not be too hasty or impulsive and take your time.

Dream About Spaceship Crashing

When you dream about a spaceship crashing, it indicates that you are going through a period of intense changes that may be affecting your life in many different ways. In most cases, the energy and enthusiasm needed to achieve your goals come from you alone. Your best defense is to stay strong and keep focused on whatever your current goals are. Focus your energies on one goal at a time, and make sure that your priorities are clear.

Dream of Seeing a Spaceship

Dreaming about seeing a spaceship represents a change. You will be introduced to new ideas or methods that are completely different from your everyday routine. This can be a positive or negative change depending on the context of your waking life, but either way, this is a shift in your life and an opportunity for growth.


Dreaming about spaceship dreams may have many meanings. They are generally used as a quick fix and escape from a situation or anxiety, but they can also represent your anxieties surrounding travel.