The Meaning and Interpretation of Slap Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

When you have a slap dream, it’s common to interpret it as a form of punishment. However, it may also stem from being held back or emotionally bruised. People who are overly expressive in the real world may feel the need to be on their guard when they’re asleep. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the different meanings behind dreams of being slapped. Dreams are a powerful way of understanding our hidden desires and fears, so they’re a pretty useful tool for self-improvement and introspection.

What Does It Mean to Slap Someone in a Dream

When you dream about slapping someone, it’s a way of reacting to a situation in your life that may be getting out of hand or causing you to feel frustrated, angry, or upset. Slapping represents the need to let go of something you’re holding onto since it’s keeping you from moving forward in some aspect of your life. It can also indicate that your subconscious is showing you that you need to stand up for yourself or change the direction of a particular situation. 

Slap in the Face Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a slap in the face can symbolize feelings of betrayal, disapproval, or being wronged. The dream represents our subconscious desire to express and assert ourselves, making it a reflection of our frustration when we don’t feel like we’re being heard or seen. It can also symbolize a feeling of helplessness or rejection in present relationships. This dream can also symbolize feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, or abuse. You may feel someone is showing you their contempt or they are attacking your reputation. 

Dream You Slap Someone

If you’re dreaming that you slap someone, it can be symbolic of being frustrated with a person, a situation, or even yourself. It may also mean that you are feeling as if you are being treated unfairly. Perhaps you feel as if someone is not respecting your desires and needs or not taking you or your ideas seriously. You may want to consider the context of this dream.

Dreaming Slap Ass

If you’re dreaming of a slap in the ass, it often represents a desire to have constructive criticism in your life. While you may not be very receptive to criticism and suggestions, this dream could also mean that you are struggling to make it through the day with your life, and somehow feel that constructive criticism is the only thing that can help you get through it.

Dead Person Slap in Dream

When you dream about a dead person slap, it warns of negative forces that are trying to drag you down. Instead of taking these forces against you lying down, fight back with your strengths. Embrace your potential and make the best out of any situation. You must learn to embrace and accept your flaws. 

You Slap a Woman in My Dream

When you dream that you slap a woman, it means that you’re struggling with some type of problem. It could be related to your job, or a friend or family member. Maybe you’ve argued lately — maybe it’s something as mundane as a disagreement over chores. Whatever the issue is, just know that it will pass. This dream is a way for your subconscious to deal with anxiety and stress.

Slap My Wife in a Dream

If you’re dreaming that you slap your wife, this means that you feel like she has been ignoring you and your emotional needs. You feel like she doesn’t understand you or perhaps you feel like she is too much to handle. Perhaps you need to take a pause in the conversation, step back, and ask how she is feeling. Or maybe you simply need a hug.

Being Slap in the Face Dream

If you’re dreaming of being slapped in the face, it means that people may not be listening to your point of view. They may feel that you are being too pushy or forceful; they may feel that it is time for you to step back and let them guide the direction of your conversations.

Dream About a Woman Slap a Man

If you’re dreaming about a woman slapping a man, it could symbolize anger issues, old grudges, or intense feelings that you’ve been harboring for a long time. Perhaps you’re looking for closure after an argument and are disappointed in how you’ve handled the situation, or maybe your excessive pride has gotten the best of you and someone is putting you in your place. 


If you’re dreaming to slap someone, it can symbolize that you need to stand up for yourself or change the direction of a particular situation. It can also indicate that your subconscious is showing you that you need to let go of something in your life.