The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Robbery

Written By Jamie Young

Robbery is a dream symbol that often reflects the dreamer’s feeling that they are being deprived of something they need or deserve. The threat of robbery may suggest a sense of insecurity stemming from personal, career or financial circumstances. When a person dreams of being robbed, it may also indicate feelings of vulnerability.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Robbery

Dreaming about a robbery indicates a feeling of powerlessness over your own life. It may also indicate that you are being threatened by someone who feels they should have power over you. Being robbed in a dream means mystery and secrecy in real life — secrets that could be exposed at any time. The dream may be some sort of warning to pay attention to what is happening around you more carefully.


Dream of witnessing a robbery

When you dream of witnessing a robbery, it can be telling about how you feel about your own life, and the choices you make. Depending on the details of your dream, it might mean that you have witnessed something in your own life that may be in violation of accepted rules or laws. Perhaps you have seen someone steal something, or are aware of unethical behavior that is taking place in your personal or professional circle.

Dream about stopping a robbery

If you dream about stopping a robbery, then it is a good dream. It may represent your feelings about yourself and how others see you. Everyone has a desire to be praised or noticed. In your dream, if you don’t stop the robbery, it means that you are unable to accept compliments with grace or know how to handle criticism. You might also feel that you never get enough attention.

Dream of armed robbery attack

If you dream of being attacked by armed robbers, this means that you need to be more cautious about your personal safety. It is important for you to take note of your surroundings at all times and keep your guard up. Avoid going about with a large amount of cash or property on your person — be brave, take precautions, and stay alert!

Dream about attempted robbery

When you’re having a dream about armed robbery, it’s usually because you feel that your life or something precious to you is in danger. It might be time to look at your real-life situation and figure out what’s making you feel unsafe. Armed robbery dreams are about feeling vulnerable and afraid for your safety in the real world, and not having enough protection from the dangers you sense around you.

Dream about witnessing a bank robbery

Sometimes when someone dreams about an attempted robbery, it means that they might be faced with a very tough and dangerous decision in the near future. The dreamer might also feel that they’re being held back from doing something… or from getting some sort of opportunity because there is something standing in the way.

Dream about home invasion robbery

A dream about witnessing a bank robbery can be interpreted as an anxiety-based dream that emulates the sensation of being unsafe. The dreamer may experience a lack of security within their environment, which is most likely subconsciously being projected into the dream setting.

Dreams about robbery attack

Dreaming of a home invasion robbery means that you are feeling robbed of the power to make decisions and feel like your life is being run by outside influences. You need to let go of the fear that keeps you from moving forward and recognize that dreams in general — and especially nightmares — are simply reflections of thoughts, feelings, and anxieties that happen to be playing in the mind at an unconscious level.

Dream about robbery at home

When you dream about a robbery at home, it’s likely that there is something in your day-to-day life that is bothering you. Perhaps you have been feeling lonely as of late, or maybe you are having money concerns. Your subconscious is trying to send messages so that you can focus on your bigger problems and figure out how to solve them.

House robbery dream meaning

If you dream that there is a robbery in your house, it might mean that you feel as though there are people who are trying to steal your work or fame. You might feel that someone is trying to ruin your life by manipulating or criticizing your decisions or by passing you false information. The dream might also refer to some missing things from the house itself, such as items stolen from work.


Robbery in a dream may mean that you are being threatened by someone who feels they should have power over you. It could also indicate that there is mystery and secrecy in your real life — secrets that could be exposed at any time.