The Meaning and Interpretation of Pregnancy Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

According to research, about one-third of women experience a dream about being pregnant during their lifetime. Whether it’s seeing an ultrasound image of a fetus in the womb, feeling like she is carrying the baby inside her, or just thinking about it. Dreaming about being pregnant can be helpful in exploring your thoughts and feelings.


What Does It Mean When You Dream about Being Pregnant

Dreaming about being pregnant can mean a lot of different things. Some dreams might be about feeling the baby inside you, while others might be about the process of becoming pregnant. Dreams can also help you learn more about your body and how to deal with the feelings that occur. So whatever your dream specifically is, don’t hesitate to explore it further.

pregnant belly

Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

Dreaming about seeing yourself pregnant indicates that you are experiencing a loss of power and control over your life. You may feel like you’re being pushed into a direction — or relationship — that you aren’t comfortable with. Your unconscious mind is warning you that these changes will be long-lasting and deeply affecting.

Fish dream meaning pregnancy

Dreams of eating fish, catching fish, or watching fish symbolize success in achieving your goals. Many women dream of being surrounded by water while they are pregnant. This signifies fertility, prosperity and abundance. Harnessing the power of these dream symbols can help you get pregnant in a shorter period of time and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Seeing someone pregnant in a dream

Dreaming of seeing someone pregnant can be a source of joy and celebration, especially when it’s you who’s pregnant. In such a case, dreaming of a woman who is in fact pregnant might be a sign that you want to get married or start a family — and it is worth paying attention to this subconscious desire.

Dreams of giving birth when not pregnant

When a woman dreams of giving birth but is not actually pregnant, some other event in her real life is being reflected. It’s not uncommon for these kinds of dreams to be precognitive and foreshadow major life changes that are coming, such as a new job, the purchase of a new home or even a relationship.

Dreaming someone is pregnant

When you dream that someone is pregnant, it can be interpreted on a number of levels. From a common-sense perspective, dreaming about pregnancy may be a manifestation of your own anxieties about the current stage of your life. It might also signal that you have been thinking about taking the next step toward starting a family.

Dreams about having a baby boy but not pregnant

When you dream about having a baby boy but not pregnant, you may be worried about the current events in your life and the lack of control you have over them. In other words, if a woman dreams that she has a male baby, it means that she is being influenced by others in matters regarding her career or family, often with little success.

Dream of pregnant woman

Dreaming of a pregnant woman could represent several things in your life. It could mean that you’re about to have a new role added to your life, like a parent or grandparent. You’ll be given a greater responsibility and possibly a change in lifestyle and priorities. On the other hand, you may feel stuck or overwhelmed due to stress or family obligations. You might need to ask for help or tell others about your feelings.

Pregnant and dreaming of having a baby girl

If you are pregnant, dreaming of having a baby girl could be a good sign of the baby’s gender. However, dreams can also mean different things depending on the dreamer and their own experiences. A dream about having a baby girl is a universally welcomed sign from your subconscious. It’s an indication that your life is going in the direction you want and that you should continue moving forward towards your goals.

Dreams about going into labor while pregnant

When you dream about going into labor while pregnant, it could represent the moment of truth for your recently confirmed pregnancy. The dream of going into labor is different for every woman. For some, the anxiety dreams are about their fear of childbirth or the pain they will endure. Others might be anxious about the reality of motherhood and wonder how they will do it all.

Unmarried girl pregnant dream meaning

Dreaming of a young unmarried girl who is pregnant is a dream that many people have. This type of dream often represents the anxieties and stresses of everyday life, as well as having to deal with past trauma or negative experiences. It may be that the dreamer is feeling some stress from his past and present situations, which has led to apprehension about the future.

What do pregnancy dreams mean when your not pregnant

Dreaming of being pregnant when you’re not can mean that you’re feeling unfulfilled or that you’re thinking about giving birth to new ideas. Your subconscious mind is probably showing you what’s going on inside your head, so if you’re dreaming about being pregnant, it could be a sign that you need to learn when to let go of your old beliefs and embrace new ones.

Dream about being pregnant with twins

When you dream about being a pregnant with twins, it means you have a double vision of yourself. In the dream, it may mean there are two sides of you, or two aspects of your personality (like the hero in a movie), that are competing to get recognized. This is a very subtle conflict within yourself and it’s not even clear which side is good and which side is bad. Or, this may be an indication that you need to balance your life.

Dream of positive pregnancy test meaning

A positive pregnancy test is a sign that your body is preparing itself for the possibility of conceiving a child. It may also mean that you need to embrace a new change or project that will require your dedication and attention. This dream is a great opportunity to examine your feelings about partnerships, romantic or otherwise.

Dream about friend being pregnant

Dreaming of your friends who are expecting a baby can symbolize your own anxieties about bringing a child into the world. If your friend is having a baby, this can trigger feelings of isolation or even jealousy and envy. However, if you dream of giving birth to a friend’s baby, you may be feeling protective and nurturing in nature.

Dream my girlfriend was pregnant

If you dream your girlfriend is pregnant, could mean that she is getting ready to be in a very serious and committed relationship with you. If she is already pregnant, it could mean she will give birth to healthy children. In the dream, your pregnant girlfriend might act fatigued or unwell. It could be possible that you’re worried about your own health and your girlfriend’s role as a mother.

Dream of bleeding while pregnant

When your dreams of bleeding while pregnant, it can be a symbol of your insecurity about how you will take care of your unborn child. It is important to understand that even though you might feel scared and unsure, your baby will be safe and healthy.

Dream about having a baby girl but not pregnant

When a woman has dreams of having a little girl but she is not pregnant, it shows her strong desire to become a mother. At the same time, if the woman wants to have a boy, but she sees herself that she is giving birth to a baby girl, this dream means that she will have a happy marriage life with her husband.

Dream of someone telling me I’m pregnant

Dreaming of someone telling you that you are pregnant can simply be an indication of your own worries or concerns about the idea of getting pregnant. The tone in which the announcement is made might make a difference in the significance of such a dream, as well as its emotional impact.

Dreams about giving birth while pregnant

Sometimes, when you’re pregnant, you may experience vivid dreams in which you can see yourself giving birth. These dreams can leave you feeling anxious and worried about the upcoming birth. A dream about giving birth can be a reflection on the approaching changes in your life and how you are feeling about this time.

Dreams of premature birth during pregnancy

In a dream, a premature birth represents stress and anxiety. Birth symbolizes your efforts to bring about change and advancement. A premature birth in your dream indicates that despite optimism, your endeavors seem to fail. The symbolism of the dream indicates that you are unable to meet certain deadlines or succeed at your tasks due to the lack of preparation or planning.

Dream ex boyfriend got someone pregnant

A dream about your ex getting someone pregnant may be a reflection of some kind of feeling of jealousy you have toward him. The dream may lead you to feel anxious ahead of circumstances that are going to unfold in your life. If the pregnant woman is a person you used to know, this dream can show that you still want him back or that he still occupies a special place in your heart.

Dreaming your daughter is pregnant

Dreaming that your daughter is pregnant suggests that you are feeling guilty about something, but you may not be sure what it is. You may fear new responsibilities and the possibility of passing on bad habits to your children. Alternatively, it could mean you are a little jealous of her recently formed relationship with a man. Consider what she looks like in the dream and what she is doing at the time.

Dreaming of death while pregnant

The dream of death, particularly when you’re pregnant, has a great significance. In pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes and there is a lot of stress on the body that can lead to anxiety and depression. These dreams are a reflection of what the mind and body are going through. You will be having such dreams because death is something that everyone fears while pregnant.

Dreaming your sister is pregnant

When you see your sister with a belly or learn she’s pregnant, this may be a signal that you want to start a family of your own. There are some situations where it’s possible that this dream doesn’t really mean you want to become pregnant — for instance, if you’re happily married but don’t have children yet.

Dreaming your boyfriend gets someone else pregnant

When you dream of your boyfriend getting someone else pregnant, you fear the commitment and stability he offers. You are afraid of being trapped in a relationship that goes nowhere. This is a completely normal fear — after all, you’re still young and in the early stages of your love life, and you often find yourself thinking about what could happen in the future.

Dreams of someone trying to kill me while pregnant

Dreaming of someone trying to kill you indicates some sort of resentment brewing deep inside. Perhaps, on some level, you are harboring resentment for the changes happening in your life: the impending baby and the responsibility that this represents. Dreams of people trying to kill you may indicate anxiety in regards to your unborn child. Issues with the relationship between you and your spouse can also be apparent if this is the case.

Dreaming of losing a baby while pregnant

When you dream of losing a baby, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your unborn child is going to pass away. A dream about not being able to find your baby or about dropping him or her could be due to anxiety, but it also might just be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Dreaming about losing your baby can be a way for your subconscious to purge fears or worries that you are having about your pregnancy.

Dream of unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy dreams are often more metaphorical. In this type of dream, you may have feelings of distress and sorrow. You may be confused about the future or concerned about your own well-being. You may feel powerless, like you’re unable to escape a situation that you know will cause you harm.

If you’re pregnant and dreaming of an unwanted pregnancy , it means you may be stressing about the upcoming baby and your responsibilities as a mother.

Dreaming about snakes while pregnant

If you are pregnant or having a baby, it is quite common to dream about snakes. Snakes represent your fears and phobias as well as your potential for personal growth in these areas. In ancient mythology, snakes were associated with fertility, transformation, and healing — all possible meanings in relation to pregnancy. It may be that you are feeling apprehensive about the changes ahead in becoming a parent.

Dreams of husband cheating while pregnant

Dreaming about your husband cheating means that you are worried about the changes taking place within you, and that you fear the responsibility of the big event ahead. Cheating dreams can also mean that you have numerous responsibilities to take care of in your waking life, and that you are stressed about them.

Dreams of being pregnant with a boy

A dream where you are pregnant with a boy is a sign that the world you see around you is changing. As you go through the changes of life, they might not be easy at first. But as these changes make room for new life, it will be full of beauty and joy in many ways. If you dream of being pregnant with a boy, you are going to have an exciting time in your life.

Dreams about miscarriage mean while pregnant

If you are having dreams about miscarriage while pregnant, these dreams might be signs of anxiety. A lot of women who are expecting a baby get worried and fear the possibility of miscarriage. Some women dream that they have miscarried and when they wake up, they feel like their fears have come true.

Pregnant belly dream meaning

In dreams, a pregnant belly represents a fullness of experience, the richness and depth of which may only vaguely be on your conscious mind. The dream may also be an expression of your own or another’s hopes or wishes for pregnancy or childbirth. You can dream that you are pregnant when you are actually not, or when you are experiencing feelings that someone close to you might be expecting a child.

Dream my husband got another woman pregnant

Dreaming about your husband getting another woman pregnant is a symbolic representation of your fears that he will commit adultery on you. When your partner has an affair in your dream, it suggests that you’re projecting your own fears of infidelity onto him. It’s possible that you’ve noticed some signs of him being interested in someone else, or maybe this is just a fear that you have been carrying around with you lately.

Dream of lactating when not pregnant

When you dream of lactating but aren’t pregnant, your subconscious may be telling you to nurture another aspect of your life. The symbolism of lactation in dreams represented the nurturing or mothering aspects of our inner psyche — and when we dream of lactating, we’re often subconsciously trying to feed a part of ourselves that’s been neglected or denied.

Dream of unborn child not pregnant

When you dream of an unborn child, and you are not pregnant, it represents a desire to have a child or the need to be more connected with children. There are deeper desires beneath this dream, but a simple interpretation is that you feel the need to nurture and love. Maybe there is something in your life that needs care or attention?

Had a dream my mom was pregnant

Dreaming about your mom being pregnant is a common recurring dream for young children, but it can also happen to adults. Dreaming about your mother being pregnant suggests that you are taking on the role of the child yourself, finding a way to feel more like a child again and act as if you have no worries in the world.

Husband dreaming wife is pregnant

When your husband dreams you are pregnant, it can have multiple and opposite meaning depending on how he feels during the dream. If the dream feels negative, it may mean that he is afraid of becoming a father. To him, dreaming about raising children may represent the idea of ‘handing his freedom’ over to you. He may be feeling trapped by this responsibility and unsure if he is ready for it.

Alternatively, if the dream of his wife being pregnant feels positive, it is a wish to have a child, and may be accompanied by the feeling that you will also be happy to take care of the baby. The dream may indicate that you are ready for children or want to start a family soon.

My mom had a dream I was pregnant

When your mom dreams you are pregnant, it can mean a number of things. The relationship between a mother and a daughter is very close. People said that mothers can know everything about they daughters. If you are worried, the best thing to do is talk to her about it. If she’s unwilling to discuss it, consider the possible signs this dream could represent.

Dream of baby dying during pregnancy

A recurring nightmare of baby dying during pregnancy is the kind of dream that can leave both you and your partner feeling incredibly disturbed and uneasy. The truth is death dreams aren’t always a sign something bad will happen — they actually help prepare mothers for what’s to come, allowing them to cope with their fears in advance.

Twin flame pregnancy dreams

When you dream of being pregnant with your twin flame, it is a sign that you are ready to commit to the relationship. This can be exciting, especially if you have been trying to get this person’s attention for quite some time and haven’t been successful. You might be worried though, as you realize that if you move forward with this relationship, there will be no going back. Are you ready for that?

Dreaming of being pregnant with twins boy and girl

A dream of being pregnant with twin boys and girls represents various aspects, depending upon the other details in the dream. For instance, if you feel joyous about the situation, you are likely to be successful in waking life. If you feel worried, then you may have concerns about an upcoming situation.

Dreaming about a dead person while pregnant

If you dream about a dead person, during your pregnancy, it is nothing to worry about. Pregnancy dreams can be a way for you to explore different aspects of yourself. To interpret this symbol, ask yourself these questions: Who is the person in the dream? Are they male or female? How did you feel about them in the dream? Why was that person visiting you in your dream?

Dreaming a family member is pregnant

Dreaming of a family member being pregnant could be an indication that you are expecting something in your life to change or be different. This dream can represent the new development from a good opportunity to a bad one, or vice versa. Pregnancy could symbolize the way you are feeling about yourself or the way others may be viewing you.

Had a dream my husband was pregnant

When you dream your husband is pregnant, it is a message from your unconscious telling you that you might be feeling overly concerned about the future and what will happen next. It could also mean that there are some family matters that you need to discuss with him. Perhaps your husband is trying to tell you something by making himself appear as if he’s pregnant.

Dreaming of finding out I’m pregnant

When you dream of finding out you’re pregnant, it may be telling you to pay attention to your intuition. You may feel like something is coming or that a change or event will occur soon. The context in which you find yourself pregnant in your dream could also be significant: Was it voluntary or did someone else make the discovery? Did you feel happy or surprised?

Dreams about pregnancy and birth

When you have a pregnancy or birth dream, your mind uses symbolism to express fears, desires, and hopes about the big changes taking place in your life. This can help you gain insight into the direction of your feelings and identify the themes, issues, and images in your life that might be influencing your dreams in positive ways.

Dream of negative pregnancy test

In a dream, a negative pregnancy test can be symbolic of the confusion you feel over your identity and personal purpose. You may be doubting yourself and the life path that you have chosen. It can also be a sign that there is something new in your life and it is not what you expected or what initially attracted you to it.

Dream of multiple positive pregnancy test

Dreaming of multiple positive pregnancy test results is a symbol of great expectations for the future. If you can remember this dream, you are likely to have several happy and prosperous years. The more tests you see in your dreams, the better your luck will become. All this positive energy is likely to make you more optimistic about future plans and goals.

Dog dreams during pregnancy

When you dream of dogs during pregnancy, it can represent a difficult labor or the birth of a child who will be strong-willed, stubborn and independent. Dogs in dreams also symbolize your own protective instincts or those of someone you love. If you dream of dogs during your pregnancy, this represents a change in direction in your life.

Dreams about other people’s pregnancy

Having other people’s pregnancies in your dreams can mean that you are worried about your own fertility, or you might be pregnant! If a close friend is expecting a child and you find yourself dreaming about their pregnancy, it may be a sign that you want to start a family of your own.

Dream interpretation pregnancy water breaking

The common interpretation of a broken water during pregnancy is closely related to the actual event. Some women even report dreaming of their water breaking as a sign that labor will follow shortly after the dream. Others might find this dream more unsettling, as the size and volume of the breakage is often far greater than what actually happens during birth.

Whale dreams and pregnancy

Dreams involving whales can mean a few things, and the meaning varies depending on the context of the dream. On its own, a whale in a dream can represent intuition, something deep and powerful within yourself that you don’t think about often.  During pregnancy, it may represent something that’s out of your control or beyond your understanding.  It might be used as a symbol for strength or power.

My mother in law had a dream I was pregnant

When your mother-in-law dreams you are pregnant, it is a good sign that she loves you like a daughter. It is also believed that dreams about a woman’s mother-in-law indicate that her relationship with her husband will be strong and she will give birth to healthy children.

Dream of rubbing someone pregnant belly

The dream of rubbing a pregnant belly can be considered in two ways : the two possible meanings are dependent on how the pregnant woman feels about your actions. If the woman is enjoying your presence and the intimacy with you, it is likely that in your dream she is actually welcoming your support, and is happy for you to touch her belly.

What does it mean when someone else dreams your pregnant

When you dream that someone else is pregnant, it implies that you are going through a mental struggle. You are not sure of your definite feelings regarding a situation and you have concerns about the outcome of something. It can mean (depending on the context of the dream) that you are nervous about their safety, longing for something they might have, or anxious about a decision they are making.

Dream of fighting a pregnant woman

In our dreams, we often fight with an unknown foe. When we dream of fighting a pregnant woman, it is considered to be a bad omen. The pregnant woman represents our beloved wife or sister. If the wife has a child in her belly, then this means that the husband or brother-in-law will die. If you are fighting a pregnant stranger or acquaintance, then it denotes that you will come into disputes and arguments with your friends or relatives.

Dreaming of food while pregnant

A pregnancy dream about food is a sign of food cravings. This can mean that you’re craving a certain type of food and yearning to eat it. The nature of the dream food can be interpreted as well. For example, if you’re dreaming of specific kinds of fruits and vegetables, they might represent the fetus is healthy and doing well.

Dreaming of dead family members while pregnant

dreams about dead relatives are a common occurrence during pregnancy, and represent your anxiety over the new life growing inside of you. The source of these dreams is often related to past experiences with that family member, and they may be symbolic of fears associated with this pregnancy.

Dreaming of your baby kicking while pregnant

When you dream of your baby kicking while pregnant, it may be a sign that you are worried about the kicking – or even feeling it. If you are pregnant, and if you find that in your dreams you are feeling the kicks of your baby, then these dreams may be due to the kicks actually happening in waking life.

Hugging a pregnant woman in dream

If you dream of hugging a pregnant woman, it’s a sign that you are open to receiving love and support from people close to you. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that come with everyday life and trying to manage on your own. In your dream, the pregnant woman was receptive to your embrace and desire for closeness. This reveals that there are people who care about you and want to help you through difficult times.

Dreaming a man is pregnant

in dreams, a pregnant man could be an indication that you are going to have a major life change. It’s natural for dreams to take on metaphorical meanings. Men don’t commonly dream of getting pregnant, so it’s likely that you’re subconscious is telling you that something big is coming into your life.

Dream of being pregnant with triplets

dreaming of being pregnant with triplets is symbolic of your real-life hopes, wishes or desires to be a mother and have children. In addition, it could also be indicative of your desire for more time and resources to invest in yourself and working on your personal growth and development.

Dream of being in labor when not pregnant

When you dream of being in labor when not pregnant, you’re anxious about being involved in a situation where you have to work through a lot of emotions: whether it’s your own frustration or someone else’s. This dream may also reflect your attitude towards something you’ve been working on for a long time. You may be frustrated because things are moving slowly or not at all.

Dream of stillborn baby while pregnant

if you had a dream about stillborn when you are pregnant, it means that you are worried about the unborn baby. The dream also suggests that you are afraid there may be problems during the birth or that your labor experience will be a nightmare. Many pregnant women have terrifying dreams when they are in their last trimester.

Breastfeeding dreams while pregnant

When you dream of breastfeeding while pregnant, it may symbolize a desire to recapture the closeness you once had with your mother. Dreams of breastfeeding while being pregnant are often indicative of your unconscious desire to take care of someone in a nurturing way after having a child yourself.

Dream of someone telling me they are pregnant

When you dream of someone telling you they are pregnant. Most likely, you’re thinking about either a person or an event in your life that feels like a big deal to you. It may be accompanied by other symbols that represent the feeling surrounding the pregnancy announcement (e.g., other symbols might include things like balloons, flowers and pink decorations).

Dreams about others being pregnant

Dreaming about others being pregnant may have nothing to do with you at all. It may just be your subconscious mind expressing the desire to be a parent, or seeing everyone else’s fertility and thinking about your own. This can be a reminder that you need to remind yourself of your own value as an individual with great life goals, regardless of what other people are doing.

Dream of pregnant dog

To dream of a pregnant dog, foretells that you will be called upon to render some service to a friend in distress, which will be acknowledged by you as an honor, and which you will perform with pleasure. If you nurse her puppies, you will be surrounded with the love of many friends to whom you now seem indifferent.

Dreaming about the devil when pregnant

Dreaming about the devil during pregnancy can mean many different things. It could mean that Devil is a person in your life that you need to exorcize, or it could be a symbol that you’re feeling overwhelmed. When you dream about the Devil and babies together, the dream may be advising you to be more patient with someone in your life who has not made good choices in the past.

Dreaming your dead mother is pregnant

When you dream of your dead mother being pregnant, it signifies that you have ambitious plans or ideas. You are hoping for something big in the future and you want to create something great. It is important to keep your ideas realistic, though, because if you wish too big you could miss what’s right in front of you.

Pregnant cat dream

When you dream of a pregnant cat, you are in for some unexpected surprises. The cat is pregnant in your dream but appears fine. This suggests that there is going to be a change in your life. You might be shocked on seeing something unexpected. However, this should not be taken as a bad omen as it signifies some positive changes and new possibilities that can happen in future.

Dreams while pregnant about genders

When you dream of genders when pregnant, it shows how the gender you are expecting will affect your relationship with your spouse, family and friends. All babies are a blessing and bring excitement to the family, but sometimes the gender can have an effect on your relationships with other people.

Dream of getting someone pregnant

When you dream about getting someone pregnant, you may be struggling with balancing your career and personal life. You may be putting work ahead of your own desires and needs. You may be displaying signs of anxiety or fear of failure. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about taking on too much.

Dream of being stabbed in the stomach while pregnant

Dreaming about being stabbed in the stomach is a symbol of depression and guilt surrounding the pregnancy. Often, you are blaming yourself and feeling guilty about some aspect of the pregnancy. When you dream of being stabbed in the stomach while pregnant, it means that something is not going well with your pregnancy or that you feel betrayed by the man responsible for your pregnancy.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Pregnant in a Dream

One of the most spiritual meanings of being pregnant in a dream is that you are carrying the child of your dreams into the world. In some dreams, this child represents your future. It can also represent your hope for a better future for yourself and your family. This is especially true if you’re dreaming about a healthy pregnancy and you feel like things are going wrong with your health. The baby in your dream may be telling you that you are on the right track and that everything is going to be alright.

Biblical Meaning of Pregnancy Dreams

There are many meanings to dreams about being pregnant, but one of the most common is that the dreamer is expecting a baby. This is a biblical meaning and it can be helpful in exploring feelings about being pregnant. Dreams also symbolize different aspects of life during pregnancy, such as new beginnings, growth, protection, and new abilities.

Recurring Dreams of Being Pregnant

There are a few things to keep in mind when you have a recurrent dream of being pregnant. First, it’s important to remember that dreams are a natural and common way for people to explore their thoughts and feelings about pregnancy. Dreams can also be helpful in exploring your feelings about being pregnant. Remember, too, that dreams don’t always reflect reality. They may simply be symbols or metaphors for what you’re feeling right now.


Many people believe that dreams about being pregnant can be prophetic, and can help us learn about our future and how our body is working. Dreams can also be a way for us to deal with our feelings and emotions about being pregnant, and can provide guidance on how to care for a baby and deal with certain medical conditions.