The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Plantains

Written By Jamie Young

If you’ve ever had a dream about a plantain, you may be wondering what it means. Plantain is a common dream symbol that has several different interpretations. This article will discuss the meanings behind plantains in dreams that are both positive and negative and also explore solutions to plantains in a dream.

What Does Plantain Mean in a Dream

Dreaming of a plantain means that the events around you will soon have an end. Plantain is a symbol of satisfaction and positive results. It also means that your plans will be realized, and you will come into a lot of money. To see plantain in your dream is a message to you that during the next few days, all your plans will come to fruition, and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Ripe Bunch of Plantain in the Dream

When you dream about a ripe bunch of plantains, you are being allowed to reflect on your life and how it is changing. Is your current situation heading in the right direction? Are you doing what you love to do? Is there something that you have been putting off for too long? This dream s is a reminder that it is time to move forward in the best way possible.

To See Ripe Plantain in a Dream Means

If you’re dreaming to see ripe plantain, it may symbolize taking stock and reevaluating your life. You may have things figured out, but you aren’t happy with the fruits of your labor. Things may not be going as planned, so take some time to reflect on why this is happening.

Carrying Bunch of Ripe Plantain in Dream

If you’re dreaming of carrying a bunch of ripe plantains, it is a metaphor for the burdens that life has placed on you. Carrying heavy things can cause physical strain and is associated with negativity, so for plantain to symbolize a burden suggests that you need to relieve yourself of this negative energy. Seek first what are the underlying issues that contribute to negativity. 

Green Plantain Dream Meaning

Dreaming of green plantain is a symbol of wealth, foretold by a future of leisure and high-flying achievements. What you need to do before that time comes is to keep your eyes on the prize, as well as be smart with your money — use it wisely and look for investments that will make cash flow easier down the road.

Dream of Plantain Tree

When you’re dreaming of a plantain tree, it means that you are about to make a big change in your life. You are being offered an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and understand those good things take time to grow. This dream may also signify your desire to see greater success and improvements in your life. 

Dream of Ripe Plantain

Dreaming of ripe plantain can represent a sense of fulfillment or completion in your life. Perhaps you are feeling as if you’re almost ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. It can also symbolize what you have achieved and the results of your dedication and hard work.

Dream of Cutting Plantain Tree

When you’re dreaming of cutting plantain trees, you are feeling guilt and fear over your potential to destroy others’ lives. This means that you are worried about the consequences of your actions toward those around you. It could also be that you are in danger of making an important decision on a whim that may not be what you should do. You need to think it over before you make a big commitment!

Buying Plantain in Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of buying a plantain, it’s a sign that something or someone is trying to hide something from you. A plantain is sweet on the outside and bitter on the inside. This may come in the form of a big secret, and emotional burden, or a bad situation. You’ll only be able to find out by digging deeper into the matter.

Fried Plantain in Dream Means

Dreaming of fried plantain is telling you that you can be successful as long as your focus stays on the right things. It means that you have ideas that can help you move forward in life, and succeed. If you want to make changes in your life, then you will need to focus on achieving them. 

Dream of Eating Cooked Plantain

Dreaming of eating cooked plantains is an expression of great satisfaction with what you already have. Your subconscious may use your dreaming mind to help you achieve a sense of balance so that you can re-evaluate how satisfied you are with your life as it is and make positive changes where necessary.


Dreaming of plantain is synonymous with the end of your troubles. You will soon see the fruits of your hard work, and all your plans are coming to fruition.