The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Plane Crashing

Written By Jamie Young

When you dream of a plane crash, it’s typically something traumatic. If your plane dreams don’t seem to make sense, or if they keep coming back, it might be because you’re seeking some sort of comfort from the trauma. It doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to live through this event in real life. Dreaming about crashing planes is common, and it’s not always a warning sign for bad things to come.

What Does a Plane Crash Dream Mean

If you dream of a plane crash, it might be a sign that you’re experiencing some post-traumatic stress. There could be any number of reasons why you dream about planes, but if you want to know more about what’s going on with your psyche, this is one thing to consider.

What might be going on in your life right now? Are you experiencing any traumas or loss? If so, it could be linked to the plane crash in your dream. It’s important that after an event like this, you seek help and support from friends and family members. The trauma will pass naturally with time and support.

If you do want to learn more about why you dreamt of a plane crash, here are some different possibilities and what they might mean for you.

crashed plane

Dream of seeing a plane crash

When you dream of seeing a plane crash, it means you’re feeling isolated. You feel like no one understands you, and that you don’t get any attention for the things you do. If you’re affected by this dream, consider making more friends or spending more time with your family.

Watching a plane crash dream meaning

Watching a plane crash in a dream often symbolizes both anxiety and exhilaration, depending on the dreamer. A disaster occurs when the body is unable to keep up with the demands of society and stress can take a toll on your body as you fight against what you are feeling. It may also be an indication that you have been pushing yourself too hard for too long without taking time for your own needs.

Dream of surviving a plane crash

Dreaming of surviving a plane crash is often a warning from your subconscious mind that you need to pay attention to the flightiness of your life. Perhaps you’re saying yes to everything and not prioritizing the things you love and need the most.

Dream of plane crashing next to me

If a plane crashes nearby in your dream, it is symbolic for something big in the future. This could mean that something big might occur in your life that you have no control over, from a death to losing all of your money. The fact that there’s planes crashing around you symbolizes some sort of disastrous event that is soon to happen.

Dream of plane crash in water

A plane crash in water often indicates that you are experiencing anxieties about the future, about whether or not what you plan for yourself is going to actually happen. You may be worried about the stability of your job, or your life path in general. This dream can be associated with feelings of unrealized goals. Not being able to reach the height of your aspirations will often result in feelings of suffocation and drowning.

Dreams about a plane crashing into another plane

If you dream about a plane crashing into another plane, it symbolizes that there are urgent, important matters at hand that need to be brought to light. Often times, feelings of being overwhelmed by tasks and excessive workloads in your waking life show up in your subconscious. During sleep, your mind might conjure up images of planes crashing into each other to represent how screwed up everything is.

Plane Crash Dream Symbolism

If you’re having a plane crash dream, it might be because of the feelings associated with the event. It could be related to some anxiety you’re experiencing about something in your life, or maybe it’s just reflecting what you’ve been going through physically.

The dream is also about the fear that comes with flying. You might feel nervous or afraid when your mind begins to wander and you see yourself in danger on an airplane. Falling asleep thinking about a plane crash might also mean that you’re trying to escape from some type of worry or difficult situation.

A plane crash can symbolize a disaster or large-scale loss. Maybe something tragic happened at work and you want to figure out how to deal with it. Perhaps there’s been a death in your family and this is how your subconscious is dealing with it. Or perhaps the person who died was someone close to you and so this must be how your mind is coping with the loss.

Recurring Plane Crash Dream

You might be experiencing some anxiety and stress in your life that’s causing you to feel a little more tense than usual. This can cause your brain to produce more of the chemicals associated with anxiety and stress, which can then lead to a repetitive plane crash dream. In other words, if there’s something going on in your life you’re not happy about, it could be causing these recurring dreams that seem like they’re foretelling the future.

If you’ve been able to pinpoint what’s causing the stress or anxiety, try and find ways to reduce it so the dreams aren’t as frequent and intense. This could alleviate some of the tension that’s been building up in your brain. The less often you have these dreams, the better they’ll be!

If nothing seems to be making any sense at all, then it might just be that this is one of those things people dream about because they don’t know why they do or what it means. Keep in mind that these types of dreams are pretty common and not really anything worth worrying too much about.


Having a dream about a plane crash doesn’t always mean that you are going to die, but the meaning depends on the context of the dream. There are a lot of different types of plane crashes and they can represent different things. For example, a plane crash might represent someone who is falling from grace or losing some status. The type of plane crash you have can also determine the meaning behind your dream and the symbolism.