The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Perfume

Written By Jamie Young

The tantalizing fragrance of perfume often whisks us away to a different realm in our waking life, but what does it signify when we dream about it? Perfume in dreams can take on various interpretations, ranging from personal allure and attraction, to underlying emotions, or even reminders of past experiences or people. In this article, we’ll delve into the complex interpretations of dreams about perfumes, potentially bringing to light what your subconscious is trying to communicate.

What Does Perfume Mean in a Dream

Dreaming about perfume can relate to personal feelings and emotions. It could represent a desire for attractiveness, allure, and sensuality or reveal that you are looking for some sort of affirmation from others. Perfume in a dream can also signify that you are remembering or trying to hold onto something or someone from your past. The dream may remind you of certain memories affiliated with that specific scent, which your subconscious is attempting to bring to the surface. Furthermore, if the scent is unpleasant, it could denote negative experiences or emotions that you are trying to confront and let go.

Smelling Perfume in a Dream

Dreaming of smelling a perfume often portrays an invitation to pay more attention to your senses and intuition in your waking life. It may be a message for you to appreciate and bask in the beauty of life. Fragrance in the dream can often be associated with memories, so it could also indicate you reminiscing about past experiences. However, the interpretation can also vary depending on the type of scent. Pleasant fragrance represents joy, happiness, and positivity, while a bad odor may allude to negativity and unpleasant situations in your life.

Receiving Perfume in Dream

Dreaming of receiving perfume can symbolize a message from your subconscious about personal growth and transformation. Perfume represents attraction, beauty and satisfaction. Thus, to receive perfume in a dream could signify pleasant experiences or relationships in your waking life. Moreover, it could also represent feelings that you would like to express more openly or traits you wish to develop further. It’s essentially an encouragement to tap into your inner beauty and to share that with others.

Spraying Perfume in Dream Meaning

When you dream of spraying perfume, it generally represents your desire to attract the attention or the affection of others. It’s associated with your self-confidence and how you present yourself, which can indicate that you want to be perceived positively by others in your waking life. This dream may also symbolize your attempts to cover up something in your life that you want to hide or confrontations you’re trying to avoid.

Dream About Perfume Bottles

Dreaming about perfume bottles generally symbolizes the repressed desires and emotions which you wish to express. The perfume signifies your personal sentiments, and its bottled form suggests these feelings are yet to be revealed. The dream could be a reminder about identifying and acknowledging your emotions. Alternatively, if the perfume bottle is broken or empty it may indicate past experiences or relationships which you may need to let go to move forward in life.

Dream Of Someone Spraying Perfume on You

When you dream of someone spraying perfume on you, it often represents the desire for attraction or the need to draw positive attention and affection in your life. This dream could mean that you’re seeking validation, longing for love, or craving acceptance. Perfume, being a symbol of luxury and seductiveness, may indicate aspiration towards a more sophisticated or desirable lifestyle. Alternatively, it may also symbolize that someone in your waking life is trying to manipulate you or influence your judgment, just like a strong fragrance can alter perceptions.

Buying Perfume in Dream Meaning

When you dream of buying perfume, it often signifies a desire for attraction, sensual pleasure or romantic relationships. It reflects a wish to improve, change or enhance some aspects of your personal or social image. It may also represent creative or inventive thoughts, highlighting your need for self-expression or simply reflect your love for beauty and luxury. This dream symbolism can also point towards your desire or endeavor to leave a strong and positive impression on others.

Seeing Perfume in Dream

When you dream of seeing perfume, it typically represents a personal desire for more elegance, sophistication, or luxury in your life. It can indicate that you are trying to enhance your image and self-esteem. Smelling a pleasant perfume in your dreams also suggests that you are finding personal satisfaction and happiness in your waking life. However, if the perfume scent is unpleasant, it could denote that you are ignoring warning signs in certain situations or relationships. Seeing perfume in a dream may also hint at attracting or trying to attract someone’s attention.

Dream Of Spraying Perfume on Myself

When you dream of spraying perfume on yourself, it commonly signifies a desire to attract attention and be noticed. The dream could reflect your attempts to improve your self-image and present yourself in a more appealing manner in reality. Perfume in dreams symbolically represents your spiritual and emotional persona. Therefore spraying them on may imply you are desiring to impart a positive impression or express more personal charm or charisma. However, it can also imply a need to mask or cover up aspects of yourself you feel unpleasant or unsavory, as perfume often hides unwanted smells.

Spiritual Meaning of Perfume in a Dream 

Dreaming of perfume can symbolize a special message from the divine or higher self. It may indicate your sense of awareness or acknowledgement of something beautiful, whether it’s an experience, a relationship, or a personal trait. Perfume in dreams can be a sign of appeal or attraction, both physical and spiritual. Moreover, such dreams can suggest purification or a desire to transcend the mundane to achieve spiritual enlightenment.


Dreaming about perfumes signifies desires for attractiveness, allure, and sensuality or reveal that you are looking for some sort of affirmation from others. It also represents memories from the past or negative experiences or emotions that you are trying to confront and let go.