The Meaning and Interpretation of Pendant Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about a pendant can be one of the most meaningful experiences you might have. Pendants serve as a link between the real world and the spiritual world. They are associated with peace and harmony, divine order, a higher self, and understanding.   Here are some of the popular dream meanings of pendants.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Pendants

Dreaming about pendants often refers to a feeling of being held back by something. The dreamer is not able to move forward and is feeling stuck. The dreamer is often struggling with a decision they have to make, or an issue they have to face. This dream also can reflect the loss of an object that represents something of value to the dreamer.

Gold Heart Pendant Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a gold heart pendant signifies a broken-hearted past being fixed on the road to recovery. It’s a way of saying that the future is full of hope even though you’re hurting. The pendant you see in your dream symbolizes hope for a new chapter — one that’s filled with happiness and love.

Keep Finding a Pendant in Your Dreams

If you’re dreaming about finding a pendant, you’re searching for something that you can hold onto and keep close. This could be a person, an item, or a relationship in your life — you just want to find something that’s going to stay with you and make you feel whole.

Gold Pendants Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about gold pendants representing feelings about your reputation, dignity, or self-esteem. This also indicates social elevation and ambition. You may also feel that others see you as beautiful and valuable, but you want to be unique with your style. Gold pendants represent feelings about your identity.

Dream About Discovering a Pendant With a Blue Flower on It

Dreaming about discovering a pendant with a blue flower on it is a good omen. This dream symbolizes the simple joys of life and suggests that you’re in a place in your life where you are open to appreciating simple concepts and ideas. The fact that it was blue, though, might mean you’re feeling like you’re taking a rough path in life, but it will be worth it in the end.

Eyes on a Pendant in My Dreams

When you’re dreaming about eyes on the pendant, it is a recurring sign of warning. You may be struggling with an issue in your life and are not taking it as seriously as you should. Your subconscious tells you the need to re-evaluate your current situation and how it could affect your future.

Gold Harp Pendant Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a gold harp pendant, this could mean that you need to keep your guard up. You may be easily vulnerable to the opinions of others, and as a result, you may get hurt. The dream may also point to an actual object that had sentimental value.

Meaning Dreams of a Heart Pendant

Dreaming about a heart pendant is an omen that your relationship is going to be filled with love, passion, and emotional support. This dream can also mean that you are feeling open and free regarding love. If you don’t have someone in your life at the time of this dream, then you might meet a wonderful new friend or partner very soon.

Dreaming of the Sea Sterling Silver Pendant 

Dreaming of a sea sterling silver pendant means that you are going through a transitional period in your life. You will be able to adapt yourself to the changing environment around you and thrive in the process. Accept the challenges that come with this new phase for it will make you stronger in the long run.

Dream of Yellow Pendant Silver Necklace

Dreaming of a yellow pendant in a silver necklace signifies that you possess a strong sense of self, but there are conflicts between your inner and outer worlds. This dream also suggests that you need to be careful about the people around you — you may find yourself surrounded by negative energy or people who aren’t looking out for your best interests.

Dream High Pendant Meaning

When you’re dreaming about a high pendant, it means that you’re trying to reach out and grasp at something higher than yourself. You want out of where you are now and want to go somewhere better. Your subconscious is telling you not to settle for where you are or what’s currently happening in your life and that you should always strive for more.


Dreaming about a pendant is a symbol of obstruction and even imprisonment. The dreamer is stifled by their surroundings.