The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Pens

Written By Jamie Young

Pens hold a significant place in our everyday lives, acting as a tool for communication, creation, and expression. When a pen appears in your dreams, it carries an extensive sphere of interpretations and meanings. These dreams can represent your relationship with communication, or illustrate your desire to convey a message. They can also symbolize the power to script your destiny. In this article, we delineate the various interpretations of dreams about pens and what they may indicate for your personal journey.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Pens

Dreaming about pens can signify a variety of things related to communication and expression. It could mean that you have something important you need to communicate or express, but you’re having difficulty finding the right way to do it. Pen dreams could also indicate that you’re seeking clarity or finality, as writing with a pen often signifies finalizing or solidifying thoughts and decisions. Alternatively, pens are symbols of authority and power. Thus, dreaming about pens could reflect feelings of adequacy or inadequacy in your ability to wield authority or influence.

Blue Pen Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a blue pen often signifies communication and expression. Blue in dreams generally refers to tranquility, peace, and truth. If you dream of a blue pen, it could mean you have a message or feelings that you need to communicate with clarity, calmness, and sincerity. It could also indicate you are in a phase of self-reflection, introspection or seeking truth in your waking life. The pen represents the tool or means to communicate or express these thoughts and feelings.

Black Pen Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a black pen often signifies communication or expression in your waking life. It could represent you needing to get your point across, or a desire to make your mark in your environment. Black is often seen as the color of power, elegance, and authority, so a black pen could imply substantial or important messages you’re trying to convey. Alternatively, the black pen may also signify finality – akin to the saying “inked in black and white” – suggesting the need to come to definitive conclusions or decisions.

Red Pen Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a red pen often signifies a feeling of importance or urgency. The red ink represents something in your life that requires immediate attention or action. Furthermore, it can symbolize feedback or criticism because red ink is usually used for marking errors. The dream could therefore be a representation of self-evaluation and recognition of personal faults. It can also refer to the need to communicate assertive messages or to take a more decisive stand in your waking life. The dream urges you to assess your current situation and address the pending issues.

Dream Big Pen

Dreaming of a big pen typically represents a desire or need to communicate. It may indicate that you have something important to express or share, but you’re struggling to do so in waking life. The size of the pen in the dream possibly signifies the magnitude of your message. It could also symbolically represent power or authority, suggesting that you may feel as if you carry a large responsibility in some communication-related aspect in real life.

Receiving a Pen in Dream

When you dream of receiving a pen, it often signifies the need to express yourself and articulate your thoughts and ideas. The pen is a symbol of communication, knowledge, wisdom, and power. Receiving a pen in a dream can hint towards a new phase where you need to state your thoughts clearly to achieve your objectives. This dream could also symbolize that you are accepted or approved by others, as the act of gifting a pen often connotes appraisal or acknowledgment in many cultures.

Dream of Writing With a Pen

Dreaming of writing with a pen signifies effective communication. It suggests that you are crafting your thoughts, ideas, or feelings into a tangible form so that others can understand them. This could imply that you’re coming into a period of your life where communication will be vital. It may also mean you have some important decisions to make, and you are consolidating your thoughts about these upcoming choices. Your ability to write with the pen in your dream may indicate the clarity or confusion with which you are approaching these matters.

Holding a Pen in Dream Meaning

When you dream of holding a pen, it typically represents a form of communication. This dream suggests that you may have something important you need to express or convey in your waking life. It could also indicate that you hold the power to shape your own destiny, as a pen signifies authorship and creativity. Additionally, dreaming of holding a pen could highlight an agreement or contract, showing that you may be weighing a significant decision or commitment.

Dream About Stabbing Someone With a Pen

Dreaming about stabbing someone with a pen usually symbolizes aggression, betrayal, fear, or the need for protection. The pen, a tool for communication, can represent suppressed anger coming out in a violent way. This type of dream may emerge out of feelings of being cornered, threatened, or wronged by someone in your waking life. If you’re the one wielding the pen, this may be a subconscious message that you need to communicate or confront these feelings rather than letting them manifest in hostility.


Dreaming about pens symbolizes communication, expression, and the power to script your own destiny. They may indicate a need to communicate or express something important, seek clarity or finality, or reflect on your feelings of authority or influence.