The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of an Owl

Written By Jamie Young

You may have seen an owl in your dreams or during a waking dream. These creatures are often used as symbols of the night. We see them here on Earth and we see them in our dreams. It is important to remember that not all dreams are connected to each other. Some dreams may be metaphorical and some are just for fun. Be mindful about what these animals mean for your life.

What Do Owls Mean in Dreams

If you are dreaming about owls, you may need to pay more attention to your dreams. These creatures often represent the unknown. In a dream, the owl is usually a symbol for what is going on in your life that you cannot see or can’t understand. For example, if you are trying to figure out a relationship issue and have been unable to find the answer, a dream of an owl may help you by showing you that there’s something missing in your efforts.

You might also be struggling with issues related to spirituality as well. This animal might show up when you are trying to find answers within yourself or when it’s time for a spiritual awakening. If this is the case, remember that these animals often represent wisdom and knowledge and they often come with changes in your life around the time of winter solstice.


White owl in dream

A white owl in a dream indicates that you are entering a new phase in your life. This phase will bring with it great changes and opportunities. You should use this opportunity to travel, learn, and experience life. White owls are known for their healing powers; thus, dreaming about one is believed to bring about health and renewal for yourself or for someone near to you.

Seeing owl in dream

When you see an owl in your dream, it is often a call from your subconscious mind to pay attention and be aware of the things around you. This can include the feelings and emotions you might be dealing with, or deeper wisdom about things in your life that are going on behind the scenes. There are many different perspectives on what an owl appearing to someone in their dream means.

Dream of owl landing on me

An owl landing in your dreams is a symbol that represents good omens, a way to attract good luck and fortune, or the possibility of a great new opportunity coming your way. If you see an owl landing on you in your dream, it might be a message from your subconscious that you need to take action and make your life changes. You may also be worried about these changes and the places they will take you.

The ancient Greeks believed that if an owl landed on someone, that person would gain knowledge and understanding. It could also mean that you need to listen to your head, not your heart.

Black owl dream meaning

Black owls in dreams typically symbolize death. In dreams The Black Owl can be seen as a sign that you need to use your intuition. To look into the darkness and ask what is hidden from view. The black color can indicate an absence of emotion or feeling; when mixed with the color white, it can represent purity and innocence, or peace.

Snowy owl dream meaning

Snowy owls often symbolize insight and awareness into the deeper nature of the reality that surrounds us. A dream about a snowy owl often implies that an individual is ready to conquer the challenges of their own reality, which they might have previously been avoiding. The snowy owl can also symbolize feeling trapped and needing the courage to escape one’s own personal reality.

Dream interpretation owl attacking

When you dream about an owl attacking, the owl represents a dark force influencing you, keeping you from exercising your highest and best self. In this case, the dark force could be negative people or organizations in your life that try to drag you down, making it harder for you to live the life you want.

Dreaming of an owl attacking you can be a reflection of your inner desires. Owls are birds associated with the night and darkness. If you’re exploring your shadow side, then dreaming of an owl attacking you is just a way of saying that the part of you that you don’t know about or acknowledge is coming out.

Barn owl dream meaning

Dreaming of seeing a barn owl, or hearing their screech, can represent your own alertness, strength and sharp observation. The barn owl appears in many different cultures. In the Americas, it is sometimes referred to as the witch doctor bird because it was believed to be able to see spirits and predict the future.

Injured owl dream meaning

Dreaming of a injured owl can symbolize sorrow, misfortune, or a warning to be careful who you trust. Owls represent intuition and insight in your dreams. If an owl is injured in your dream, then it may mean that someone you have placed all your faith in is actually trying to hurt you. When you dream of a injured owl it may mean that you are in need of some spiritual guidance.

Dreams of a baby owl

A dream about a baby owl is a sign of wisdom and courage. If you see a baby owl sitting on top of a roof, it denotes that you will be successful in your undertakings during this week. If you see a lot of baby owls in your dreams, it means that you have a positive outlook on life and are satisfied with your achievements.

Dreaming of saving an owl

When people dream of saving an owl, they may be feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities. In the dream, the owl may symbolize a burden. This can present itself in waking life as a situation that is not being met with open arms. As an example, a teenager may feel the weight of living up to an academic expectation put on him or her by parents.

Brown owl dream meaning

When you dream of a brown owl, it is a sign that you are experiencing a phase in your life when everything is changing; this phase is not the final destination, but rather the way to get closer to your goals. You may be going through a major change, or you may have reached a crossroads in your life. Alternatively, you may be facing some sort of challenge that requires perseverance and patience to deal with.

Dream of an Owl Staring at You

When you dream of an owl staring at you, it signifies that it’s time for introspection and deep reflection about your true feelings and thoughts. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and its intense gaze upon you suggests that you have to dig deep within and bring out some hidden information or insight about yourself. This dream suggests you to focus on personal growth and development while encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone and face the realities of life.

Holding an Owl Dream Meaning

Holding an owl in your dream implies that you are in control of your wisdom and intellectual capabilities. It’s a positive sign, symbolizing that you’re harnessing your knowledge and using it to handle situations. This dream signifies the acceptance of your wisdom, learning abilities, and level-headedness to navigate through complex scenarios in life. It also may denote that you are in position to influence others with your wisdom.

God Owl of Dreams

In many cultures, owls are considered sacred and are believed to have divine connections. To dream about an owl in this context or a god owl particularly, usually means that you are in search of spiritual wisdom or are trying to connect to a higher form of consciousness. It represents intuitive knowledge, divine intervention, and spiritual insight. This dream can also imply you are trying to communicate with your spirit guides or seeking answers to your life’s direction or purpose.

Dead Owl Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead owl may prompt feelings of fear or anxiety but it’s important to remember that dreams often operate on metaphorical levels. In this case, it might signify the end of an era, the conclusion of a phase, or a significant transition in life. It could symbolize that you are wrapping up a phase which required wisdom and are now ready to move into a different phase. Alternatively, it can also signify that you’re being called to let go of outdated beliefs or old perceptions that are no longer helpful or relevant.

Dreams About Owls and Cats

Dreaming about owls and cats can often serve as symbols reflecting different aspects of your subconscious. Owls symbolize wisdom, knowledge, and transition. If the owl is your guide, it suggests you are navigating a tricky situation with confidence. Cats in dreams traditionally represent independence, feminine power, creativity, and mystery. Therefore, if you dream about an owl and a cat together, it could suggest a merging or reconciliation of these aspects within yourself or your life. It could also signify that you’re harnessing wisdom and creativity to face a complex situation in your awakening life

Great Horned Owl Dream Meaning

Seeing a great horned owl in your dream symbolizes power, insight, and protective qualities. It also often points to the unseen and the mysterious that’s yet to be discovered. As the great horned owl is a nocturnal bird of prey, it is a strong symbol of survival instincts, freedom, and often signifies the unconscious mind’s capacity to learn lessons from the shadows. Therefore, dreaming of a great horned owl could mean that you are seeking deeper knowledge or unraveled secrets in your life.

Big Owl in Dream

Dreaming about big or larger owls signifies that you’re going through a period of growth and transformation. A big owl can also symbolize elevated wisdom, associated with higher learning and enlightenment. It’s a potent symbol for introspection and reflection, as it encourages deep self-examination. On the flip side, a big owl in a dream might also represent a formidable challenge or overpowering authority figure in your life.

Dreaming of Multiple Owls

Seeing multiple owls in your dream offers a rich tapestry of interpretations. Symbolically, the owls represent wisdom, knowledge, and transformative change. Therefore, multiple owls suggest encountering a multitude of these traits in your life. This dream could mean you’re about to enter a phase with multiple sources of wisdom or profound learning opportunities. It may also suggest that you are surrounded by different perspectives and need to consider all aspects before making a decision.

Owl Attack Dream Meaning

Experiencing an owl attack in your dream could be a bit unsettling and points towards an internal battle. The owl may symbolize something or someone in your waking life that you perceive as a threat. Alternatively, it could be a metaphor for intellectual attacks, conflicts over ideas, or experiencing a powerful force challenging your beliefs and principles. This dream is a cue to confront fears and tackle problems head-on, by recognizing and changing the attitudes or behaviors that make you feel threatened.

Blue Owl Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a blue owl symbolizes wisdom and spiritual communication. It is interpreted as a significant connection to the spiritual or metaphysical world. Blue, as a color, represents communication, truth, peace, calm, and spirituality. Therefore a blue owl in your dream is a strong indication that you have a deep spiritual insight or that there is a divine message that is trying to reach you. The appearance of the blue owl also signifies a period of personal growth through gained wisdom and knowledge.

Dream of Owl Landing on My Arm

Dreaming of an owl landing on your arm can be a powerful symbol. This likely represents the bearer of the dream embracing wisdom and knowledge. The arm can symbolize our strength and the power we have to change things in our life. Thus, an owl landing on your arm might advise you to employ your personal strength in a wise and knowledgeable way. It could also predict that you will shortly receive some vital information or insight.

Dream of Owl Looking At Me

If you dream of an owl looking at you, it symbolizes a warning or a wake-up call. Owls are perceived as emblems of insight and intuition. So an owl looking at you in your dream might indicate a need to introspect, self-examine, or pay closer attention to something in your life. It indicates a moment of self-awareness, where you may be required to face a hidden truth about yourself or your life situation.

Dream of Owl Watching Me

A dream of an owl watching you can come across as intimidating, but it generally signifies protectiveness and knowledge. Owls are often linked with wisdom and vigilance. In essence, this dream implies that you’re being ‘watched over,’ possibly by a higher power or simply by your own intuition. In many cultures, the owl’s vigilance represents a guardian or protector, suggesting that you’re being reminded to stay aware of your surroundings or situations.

Dreaming of an Owl Biting You

When you dream of an owl biting you, it may indicate a need to wake up to reality. It can be understood as a call to face the truth, especially one that you have been unwilling to recognize previously. This kind of dream may refer to a painful or distressing situation in your life that you need to address. The biting, in this case, signifies an urgent call for attention to extract wisdom from a complicated or painful circumstance.

Grey Owl Dream Meaning

Seeing a grey owl in your dream is a potent symbol that’s often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and discernment. It is believed that such owl-centric dreams are a sign for you to embrace the wisdom that comes along with age and experience. Also, as grey is often correlated with neutrality, a grey owl can symbolize your call to be fair and impartial in real-life situations that require your judgement. It could mean that you have been put into a position where you need to provide sage advice or comprehensive understanding.

Injured Owl Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an injured owl can indicate that you may be ignoring or failing to acknowledge some wisdom or advice from your subconscious. This could be due to active suppression or unintentional ignorance. Alternatively, it may also symbolize the vulnerability of someone close to you who is traditionally wise and dependable. It’s a sign for you to lend your support to this individual as they navigate through their challenging circumstances. It can also mean you’re neglecting your intuitive and spiritual side.

Killing Owl in Dream Meaning

Dreams about killing an owl can be distressing, but the implications do not necessarily signify harm or destruction. Instead, these dreams often reflect your latent desire to shut out the wisdom and knowledge you’re afraid to accept. It could also signify a departure from traditional wisdom or an end to misperceptions caused by old beliefs. Essentially, you may be in the process of outgrowing outdated concepts, however, it can also serve as a warning sign to reconsider your decisions before proceeding.

Petting an Owl Dream Meaning

When you dream about petting an owl, it could symbolize that you’re beginning to acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom you possess or that has been imparted to you. The act of petting, which is an intimate gesture, shows respect and close connection between you and this creature of wisdom. It could also mean that you’re starting to connect with your intuitive or spiritual side. Petting an owl in a dream might also represent finding comfort in your wisdom during difficult times.

Owl in Dreams and Their Meanings

Owls in dreams have various meanings depending on their actions and your feelings associated with them. A flying owl can suggest spiritual development while a resting owl may represent wisdom and introspection. Seeing a dead owl in your dream could denote the close of an important life chapter or suggest transitioning into a new phase. Hence, while interpreting owls in dreams, it’s important to consider the context and personal feelings associated with it.

What Does Having a Dream About an Owl Mean

When you have a dream about an owl, it’s generally perceived as a sign of wisdom and knowledge. Many cultures around the world consider the owl to be a symbol of deep intuition and insightful discernment. Dreams about owls could mean that you’re subconsciously experiencing a call to delve more deeply into your wisdom, strengthen your intuitive abilities, or you may be on the brink of a breakthrough or discovery in your waking life.

What Does It Mean When an Owl Appears in Your Dream

When an owl appears in your dream, it may be symbolic of your fears or a warning about something important. As nocturnal and mysterious creatures, owls can symbolize the hidden and unknown aspects of life, urging us to unveil the truths and secrets around us. Therefore, an owl showing up in your dream may denote that you need to explore something more closely or brace yourself for a revelation.

What Do Owls Represent in Dreams

Owls in dreams generally represent transformation, insight, and wisdom. They are often seen as messengers and harbingers of change. So, seeing owls in dreams could suggest a period of growth and personal development in your future. In some interpretations, owls also may symbolize the subconscious mind, or they may be indicative of death or transitions in various aspects of life.

What White Owl in Dream Symbolizes

A white owl in your dream is often seen as a sacred sign. In various cultures and traditions, white is deemed the color of purity, spirituality, and enlightenment. Seeing a white owl might be an indication that you’re entering a phase of personal growth and spiritual development. It could also denote the arrival of important messages from your subconscious, guiding you towards true wisdom or revealing something significant that you haven’t considered or acknowledged consciously.

Owl Symbolism in Dreams

Owls are often used to symbolize the night or darkness. These birds of prey can be seen as a symbol of death. In some cultures, they’re also thought of as a representation of wisdom and knowledge. They are an ancient bird in many cultures and were often associated with paganism. Owls have been used as symbols for strength and courage in some countries.

Signs of an owl in a dream can be seen as warning signs of an upcoming event. If you see owls in your dreams, it could mean that there is something that you should be prepared for or some changes coming your way soon. It could also signify that you want to focus on the mysteries and secrets that life has to offer. This can include finding out what is going on in your life and how this relates to others around you.

What Is the Significance of Owl in Dream

The significance of an owl in a dream can be quite profound and subjective. As a representative of wisdom and insight, an owl could be urging you to learn something new or reconsider a decision. If the owl is a source of fear in the dream, it may symbolize that you are afraid of the unknown or what the future holds. In more positive interpretations, dreaming of an owl could denote good luck, transformation, and personal growth. As always, personal circumstances and emotions should be considered when understanding such dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Owls in Dreams

In the Bible, owls are often seen as symbols of wisdom and knowledge. They are associated with the goddess Athena, who is often depicted with an owl. In dreams, owls are sometimes indicative of spiritual growth or enlightenment. They could signify a deepening of faith or a new understanding of a complex religious concept. On the flip side, owls might also represent a warning.

In biblical times, owls were sometimes seen as harbingers of destruction or death. Therefore, if you dream of an owl, it could mean that you need to be aware of potential pitfalls or challenges in your spiritual journey. This does not mean catastrophe is imminent, but rather it should be viewed as an invitation to be vigilant and prayerful.

Owls in Dreams Christian

In Christian dream interpretation, owls are often seen as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, mirroring the qualities associated with the bird in ancient Greek mythology. However, they also possess a dual significance, representing attributes of both light and dark. An owl’s nocturnal spirit is often seen as a metaphor for the Christian struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, thus making its appearance in a dream pivotal. A sighting of an owl in a dream could speak to an individual’s personal insight and intimate knowledge of a situation, or might be interpreted as a cautionary message, signaling the presence of hidden truths or unseen dangers.

Seeing Owl in Dream Hindu Mythology

In Hindu mythology, owl sightings in dreams have a much different connotation. The goddess Laxmi, who represents wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness, rides an owl. This puts owls at a high pedestal in dream interpretations within the Hindu culture. Dreaming of owls could imply that some form of wealth or fortune is on its way. Yet, the owl’s association with darkness and its status as a nocturnal bird also correlates it with ignorance in Hindu culture. Thus, an owl in a dream might also hint at the dreamer’s ignorance about a certain situation, suggesting the need for enlightenment or clarity.

White Owl Dream Meaning Islam

In Islamic tradition, owls are often associated with misfortune, bad luck, or even death. This animal dream symbolism is rooted in certain folklore tales and cultural beliefs prevalent in the Muslim world. As such, dreaming of a white owl might be a cautionary sign, indicating the need for vigilance or preparation for potential hardships. On the other hand, white is an important color in Islam, associated with purity, innocence, and holiness. Therefore, a white owl could also have a positive interpretation, symbolizing spiritual enlightenment, wisdom or divine protection during dark times. Much like other dream interpretations, the context, personal feelings and overall dream narrative play significant roles in determining the final interpretation.


Owls are symbols of the night. They can also represent wisdom, protection, and a sense of mystery. Some people see them as guardians or watchmen. They may be used to symbolize good luck, especially in cases when they appear during a dream.