The Meaning and Interpretation of Ocean Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

If you dream about the ocean, it can mean many things. The ocean has a stronghold on our collective psyche as one of life’s most mysterious and magical places. Water is essential for life. It’s also connected to our unconscious through our deep dream state. Here are some common associations with dreams about oceans and seas, as well as their potential meanings.


What Does It Mean to Dream About the Ocean

Dreaming about the ocean symbolizes your subconscious desire to be free and live a carefree life. This image usually shows up when you have been experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, or depression and you wish to escape from it all. They can also signify the need to learn to let go of worries and forgive those who have hurt you in the past.

Swimming in Ocean Dream Meaning

Dreaming about swimming in the ocean can be a reflection of your desire for a change, or a way to escape the routine of daily life. It can also speak to people desiring to travel or want to find themselves. Swimming in the ocean symbolizes a need for freedom — the idea that you can be whoever you want without any restrictions.

Dream of Drowning in Ocean

If you’re dreaming of drowning in the ocean, it means that you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life. You are not sure if you can handle all of the problems, which is why you are constantly sinking into your world. The best thing to do is to admit your weaknesses and ask other people for help.

Dream of Ocean Water

Dreaming of ocean water can symbolize the deep sense of longing that you have for the tranquility of the ocean. This dream also symbolizes your desire to take a break from your mundane routine and seek out adventure, though this might be in your imagination or through research like reading about travel destinations.

Dream About Swimming in the Ocean With Someone

When you’re dreaming about swimming in the ocean, it means that you are developing a deeper connection with someone. This person is likely someone you trust, and who trusts you in return. It is important not to take anything for granted in this relationship — cherish and be grateful for your bond.

Blue Ocean Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of a blue ocean, you are feeling that you have opportunities before you. There is a chance for you to reach your goals and succeed in what you hope to achieve. Just like the oceans, many opportunities are waiting for you to explore, and all you need to do is dive right in!

Dreaming of Sharks in the Ocean

Dreaming about sharks in the ocean represents the presence of a physical or emotional threat. Sharks often appear in dreams threatening others and representing our fears of other people, institutions, or situations that may trick or hurt us. We could be experiencing a fundamental fear of something new or unfamiliar, perhaps even a fear of the unknown itself.

Dream About Ocean Water Rising

Dreaming about ocean water rising typically means that you have some pent-up anger and deep emotions about a current problem in your life that is being repressed. The energy is so strong in these feelings, but you don’t know how to express them to other people. So your subconscious mind is taking the rage underground and manifesting it.

Dream of Swimming in the Ocean at Night

Dreaming of swimming in the ocean at night can symbolize a need to be more spontaneous. The night sky may represent your desire to explore the unknown and create an adventurous future. Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you have been working too hard and need to take a vacation.

Dream Interpretation Ocean Waves

If you’re dreaming about ocean waves, it means that you are dealing with a situation in which you feel like your life is being pulled back and forth; at times feeling as if you’re going nowhere. To get past this, and to start moving forward again, you need to retain your identity — something in your life that you can hold onto that will remind you who you are.

Dream About Floating in the Ocean

Dreaming about floating in the ocean usually relates to some aspect of your life that feels out of control. The water can symbolize a situation where you feel powerless. It could mean that you’re feeling overwhelmed by events or problems in your life, and have given up on controlling the outcome. You may need to reassess your situation or step back for a moment to gain a new perspective.

Dreaming of Clear Ocean Water

When you’re dreaming about clean ocean water, it could mean that you’re longing for a life where everything is peaceful. It can be used as a reminder that you should follow your intuition and do what you love. It’s also a gentle push towards striving to achieve a better world.

Dream of Swimming in a Clear Ocean

Dreaming about swimming in a clear ocean means that you are ready for a big change or life improvement. You’re finally ready to tackle your problems head-on and make things better. Things have been getting tougher lately, but you’re figuring out how to get by just fine with the help of your friends and family. It’s time to move on and make your dreams come true!

Dreams About Being at the Bottom of the Ocean

Dreaming about being at the bottom of the ocean represents a desire to escape from all the burdens and responsibilities of life, or a need to recharge your emotional batteries. You may be overworked and feel that you can’t take on one more task or commitment. You may have lost your sense of humor or become too serious.

Black Ocean Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a black ocean is a common dream depicting overwhelming fear and feelings of hopelessness. You feel empty, lost, and alone — often wandering around in an unfamiliar place. As you move forward, there is nothing but darkness in front of you. People who have this dream have been depressed or have experienced intense loss in their lives.

Dreaming of Swimming in the Ocean With Waves

If you’re dreaming about swimming in the ocean with waves it indicates that you are trying to escape your problems. You are trying to avoid being crushed by life’s pressures and adversities, by escaping into a fantasy world. You need to confront your problems. Maybe they’re not as bad as you think.

Dream About Being Stranded in the Ocean

Dreaming of being stranded in the ocean often symbolizes fear and anxiety about not having enough. The dreamer is not feeling supported enough, isn’t comfortable with their current situation, or is feeling suffocated. They are feeling a lack of abundance or a lack of emotional support. Other times dreaming about being stuck in the ocean means you are struggling to come up with the right solution to a problem.

Dream of Ocean Flooding

When you dream of ocean flooding, it means that you are dealing with an unstable situation, whether personally or in your professional life. This dream is telling you that there is a storm coming soon and you need to be ready for it. It can also be a reflection of underlying feelings that we often try to ignore. You may, consciously or unconsciously, be feeling under attack in some area of your life. You may feel helpless to stop it or powerless to make changes. 

Dream of Clear Blue Ocean Water

When you’re dreaming about clear blue ocean water, it signify feelings of endless potential, and the ability to achieve any goal you set your mind to. You may dream of clear blue ocean water when you feel that things are going right for you, or you have finally overcome a challenge. This dream signifies your wide-eyed optimism for the future ahead and represents your confidence in taking on the world one step at a time.

Falling Into Ocean Dream

Dreaming of falling into the ocean symbolizes not being able to swim. This dream can be interpreted as a sign of anxiety or uncertainty when you’re facing a new challenge, feeling insecure about something, or have recently made some kind of decision in your life that is outside your comfort zone, but is good for you.

Dream of Swimming in Deep Ocean

When you’re dreaming about swimming in a deep ocean, you feel like your reachable goals are beyond your grasp. You may be unsure of where to go or where your life is going. However, this is a good thing — it means that you can take control of your life and reach any goal you desire.

Dream of Being in a Boat in the Ocean

If you’re dreaming about being in a boat in the ocean, you may be dreaming about your sense of adventurousness and thrill-seeking. It means you will have a great time traveling over the water. Maybe dream of yourself enjoying the boat ride and feeling free as you watch the scenery pass by. This may be your way of letting go of any worries or feelings that are holding you back from enjoying your life.

Dream of House in the Middle of the Ocean

Dreaming about a house in the middle of the ocean is an indication that you have a lingering sense of longing for stability within your life or relationships. You are drawn to a simpler life and seek out moments of solitude to get closer to nature. Although there may be a fear of the unknown with this dream, you feel that you might be able to find greater happiness.

Dream of Being Underwater in the Ocean

Dreaming about being underwater in the ocean symbolize your unconscious attempts to understand and find balance in your own life. It suggests that you are motivated by an internal desire, and not by external factors. You may feel that elements of your life are unsafe, but you try to ignore this because you don’t want to face reality.

Dreaming of Being in the Ocean

If you’re dreaming about being in the ocean, there may be an issue with your personal life. Perhaps you are feeling pressure or stress from work or school, or perhaps you are unhappy with your romantic relationship or friendships. You may also be dealing with a lot of emotional baggage that has yet to surface.

Dream of Dried up Ocean

If you’re dreaming of a dried-up ocean, stop and take notice. There could be something in your life that is drying up right before your eyes — something you let slips away. It’s important to reconnect with that part of your identity that has been lost recently, whether it’s a hobby or a passion project. Take some time to think about what has been sacrificed in the name of other commitments.

Dreaming of Wanting to See the Ocean

If you’re dreaming about wanting to see the ocean, it is because you are focusing your attention on your inner-self and need some time to let your emotions out. Your dreams may also be telling you that you need to make big changes in your life or get out of an unhealthy situation. You may also want to explore your spirituality.

Dream About Ocean Flooding House

Dreaming of the ocean flooding your house represents a turning point in your life, where the things you love most are now being threatened. It can be a “gentle” or” violent flood” and it may leave you with feelings of helplessness and vulnerability. The dream is telling you that you need to prepare for this new stage in your life and make sure all your affairs are in order.

Dreams About Being Stuck in the Ocean

Dreaming about being stuck in the ocean can symbolize feelings of suffocation, fear, or a lack of freedom. The ocean is symbolic of our bodies, so being “trapped” in it may be indicative of our inability to express ourselves rationally—our ability to speak up and defend ourselves is limited.

Dream of Driving Into the Ocean

If you’re dreaming about driving into the ocean, this may represent a struggle in your waking life. You are feeling trapped by some kind of situation or circumstance that seems impossible to escape from. It could also signify being immobilized by worry and anxiety, unable to take any positive action toward resolving a problem.

Dreaming of Dark Ocean Water

Dreaming about dark ocean water may mean that you might be thirsty, or experiencing some other kind of longing. Dark ocean water symbolizes modern urban life and the frustrations that come with living in an industrialized society. Often, people who dream of dark ocean water are looking for something they can’t find in the real world.

Dream About Rough Ocean

Dreaming of a rough ocean symbolizes the calm within your storm. You are a tireless swimmer, you fight off all of the obstacles in your life every day. But that means you have a rough time inside of your heart because you’re so consumed with fighting. What you need is to let go, learn how to float, and let things come to you.

Dreaming of Swimming in the Ocean With Fish

Dreaming about swimming in the ocean with fish denotes that you are seeking a different outlook on life. Perhaps you have been going through a troubled time, and you have found yourself “stuck” in your life. You may even be stuck in a particular job or relationship. You’re not getting what you need out of it. You are looking for freedom and personal satisfaction, but it seems like you’re never going to find it.

Dream of Crossing the Ocean

If you’re dreaming about crossing the ocean, this means that you are worried that you will never make your way across to a better life. You feel as if the current is dragging you into the dark depths of despair. You have been trying to drown your sorrows with alcohol and are feeling hopeless about the future.

Dream of Child Drowning in Ocean

If you’re dreaming of a child drowning in the ocean it depicts that forces beyond your control are present and threatening to annihilate your way of life. It is a warning that you need to take action and make the right decisions to ensure the survival of yourself and your loved ones. 

Dreams About Swimming in the Ocean With Big Waves

When you’re dreaming about swimming in the ocean with big waves, it means that you’re terrified of the concept of letting go and trusting people. This is often subconscious fear of yours but not always. It may just be a reflection of your own perceived strength when facing the uncertainty of change.

Dream of Plane Crash in Ocean

If you’re dreaming about a plane crash in the ocean, it means you’re having difficulty discerning your emotions. You are uncertain about how you feel about certain people and situations in your life. You’ve lost sight of what it is that you want. To approach any problem, you need to first figure out your thoughts and feelings. Once you’ve done that, it will be easier for you to think rationally and handle situations properly.

Flying Over Ocean Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of flying over the ocean, this dream is a positive sign that you are striving to fulfill your life’s potential. Now is the time to break free of your old restrictions and experience something new. A vacation or travel adventure might be short. For some, this dream could mean that they are considering a relocation to another country.

Dreaming of the Ocean Waves Crashing

Dreaming about ocean waves crashing it can indicate that you are dealing with many emotions, and they might be overwhelming you. You may also be feeling helpless in a situation, both financially and socially. The dream could be highlighting your need to release some of the emotions that are burdening you — try meditating or going for a walk to process them and solve problems.

Seeing Ocean in Dream

Dreaming of seeing an ocean symbolizes the desire to have an adventure, broaden your mind, and discover new cultures. You are open to trying new things and going outside of your comfort zone. You want life to be a little more exciting and something that will inspire you to grow as a person.

Dream About a Storm on the Ocean

Dreaming about a storm on the ocean symbolizes conflict and tragedy in your life. You may feel that a tremendous disaster is about to occur. This dream foretells either failure, sickness, or death in the family. Generally, dreams of storms are dreams of fear, but fear is often the harbinger of things to come that you never expected or desired.

Dream Meaning Frozen Ocean

Dreaming about a frozen ocean could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions. Maybe you are struggling in a job or relationship and don’t know how to handle the stress. You may be feeling left out of a group or unable to relate to others. You are harboring many emotions that you aren’t aware of it.

Ocean Cliff Dream

Dreaming of an ocean cliff symbolizes that you are feeling like life is pulling you in different directions — neither up nor down, but somewhere in between. Since the ocean cliff is an obstacle to your progress, it might suggest that you are feeling stuck in your current situation and unable to move forward with your life.

Dirty Ocean Water Dream Meaning

Dreaming about dirty ocean water could be an indication that you are desperately seeking motivation or help from someone. Perhaps you feel that your life has become stagnant and you’re too afraid to seek out the people who can “clean” your murky situation. Alternatively, a dirty ocean water dream could be a manifestation of your own desire to help another person or cause.

Angry Ocean Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an angry ocean can symbolize feelings of helplessness, frustration, and powerlessness. You should expect to be confronted with some sort of challenge shortly. While it may feel like you can’t control your circumstances and are being overpowered, recognize that you are actually in control and have a choice as to how to react to the circumstance.

Dream of Being Pulled Into the Ocean

When you’re dreaming about being pulled into the ocean, it can mean that you need to let go of your fears and worries and live more in the moment. It’s time to stop thinking about what could happen in the future and focus on the present. This can lead to a happier perspective on life, where you’re ready for challenges and excited about what might come next.

Dream of Swimming in the Ocean With Sharks

When you’re dreaming about swimming in the ocean with sharks, you need to be aware that this is a sign of your ego, which threatens to kill your relationships if you are not careful. Other people may envy you and wish to sink their teeth into your fame, so pay attention to social cues while maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

Seahorse Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a seahorse can be a sign of emotional protection and the ability to weather turbulent times. The dream suggests that you are developing emotional strength and are resilient in the face of adversity. It can also be a sign of adaptability, as seahorses are able to change color and direction quickly in order to survive. This could mean that you are able to quickly adapt to life’s changes, no matter how difficult they may be.

Stingray Ocean Dreams

Dreaming of a stingray in the ocean can be symbolic of your fears, anxieties, and emotional instability. It can also be a sign of healing and growth. The stingray may be a reminder to be more flexible and open to change. It can also suggest that you should pay attention to the messages that the universe is sending you. This dream can be a warning sign to be aware of any potential dangers and to guard yourself against potential harm.

Dream About a Submarine in the Ocean

Dreaming about a submarine in the ocean can suggest that you are exploring unknown depths within yourself. You may be discovering aspects of your personality that you have hidden away for a long time, or it can indicate that you are looking inward for the answers to certain questions. It can also represent the desire to make a journey of self-discovery and to explore the depths of your own mind.


Dreaming about the ocean symbolizes a strong desire to be free — particularly from worries or past hurt.