The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Murder

Written By Jamie Young

Some people dream about murder because they feel like they have to do something to take the attention off of their problems. Whether it’s taking on a project that is too difficult or simply wanting to get out of a situation, dreaming about murder can be a way for you to process and cope with your thoughts and feelings.

What Do Murder Dreams Mean

There are a few things to consider when it comes to dreams about murder. First, the dream might be telling you that you need to take action or face a difficult situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, dreaming about murder may be a way for you to focus on your goals and get through the tough times.

Additionally, some people dream about murder because they feel like they have to do something to stop the violence or protect their loved ones. Whether it’s taking on a project that is too difficult or simply wanting to get out of a situation, dreaming about murder can be a way for you to process and cope with your thoughts and feelings.


Dream of murdering someone

If you are dreaming about murdering someone, then your own unconscious is letting you know something about yourself. You probably feel that the person in your dream is getting on your nerves and you would like to “murder” him or her. This is a negative feeling and one that you will have to deal with.

Dream about someone murdering someone else

Dreaming about someone murdering someone else could mean you’re worried about a loved one in some way. This could be worrying about them getting hurt, or being involved in something that is dangerous or illegal. Or maybe you are having issues with your own self-esteem and think if you do something bad it will make you feel better about yourself.

Being murdered in a dream

When you have a dream of being murdered, there is often a feeling of helplessness. Your emotions may be very strong in a situation where you feel like you are powerless. The dream may be exaggerating an actual anxiety you have, or it may represent some other kind of struggle that feel hopeless to overcome.

Dreams about murderers

Dreaming about murderers means you are experiencing a deep-seated, unconscious feeling of guilt. This can happen because your conscience is burdened by negative thoughts or actions that you’ve withheld from others for the sake of self-preservation. The burden of your secret will be lifted when you choose to come clean and free yourself of this heavy burden.

Dream about someone being murdered

When you dream about someone being murdered, it suggests that you have unconscious conflicts and fears which may be manifesting themselves in your dreams. A murder in your dream symbolizes some violent or threatening aspect of yourself, or a part that you are suppressing. When conflict arises within your psyche, it can seem to manifest itself as violence and murder in your dreams.

Dreams about witnessing murders

When you witness murder in a dream, it can be an ominous sign of bad times ahead. Murder is a crime and people often associate it with lawlessness and evil — so seeing a murder in your dream could mean that you will find yourself surrounded by dishonest people, or even experience the presence of evil in your life. Often, witnessing murder in a dream can be associated with feelings of guilt, but it can also indicate regret over something that you’ve done.

Dream about my child being murdered

When you dream about watching the murder of your child, it represents deep feelings of guilt and anxiety that you feel deep inside your soul. You are unable to be honest in some matters or have doubts about a situation and feel as you are living a lie. This could also mean that you have second thoughts about something that is happening in your life and you might wish for a “do over”.

Dream about family being murdered

When you dream about your family being murdered, it symbolizes that you are feeling a certain amount of guilt over your relationships. Perhaps you are having difficulty forgiving a loved one that has wronged you or taking pride in someone’s accomplishments. Your unconscious is trying to give you the message that you are too hard on people who are close to you, but working through the issue in your dreams can be difficult because of how scary and traumatic the images may be.

Dream about murdering someone and hiding the body

The dream about killing someone and hiding the body represents a tendency of the subject to suppress unresolved psychic issues. Often, people in such a situation dream that they are being blackmailed, are guilty of some crime or feel that their life is in danger. In most cases, the nightmare is a manifestation of anxiety, caused by a conflict between conscious and unconscious parts of the psyche. It is worth considering what happens in the dream exactly.

Dream of being murdered

If you dream of being murdered, it is actually supposed to represent the death of your own ego. It’s your subconscious telling you to be less prideful in a certain situation. If you’re currently having problems with someone, and you dream about them murdering you, it might be a warning sign about how an argument or fight can turn violent and irreparable.

Dream of saving someone from being murdered

Dreaming about saving someone from being murdered represents the fear of not being able to take care of your loved ones or show them your affection. To dream that you are being murdered means there is a part of you that is feeling vulnerable and unprotected. This might reflect self-doubt, an unhappy situation at home, or a sense of helplessness in a current relationship.

Dreams about being tortured and murdered

When you dream of being tortured or murdered, it doesn’t necessarily have a negative meaning. It could be a reflection of how close you are to your own creative impulses. Sometimes, those impulses are the ones we’re most afraid of. A dream like this can help you get in touch with what scares you, and help you figure out how to use it to your own advantage (like artistic inspiration).

Dreams about murdering strangers

When people dream about killing strangers, it is a result of feeling overwhelmed by the unknown or not being in control of their own lives. Such dreams tend to occur in stressful situations, like long periods of unemployment or toxic relationships, or when one feels as if they are in a dead-end job.

Dream my sister was murdered

When you dream of the murder of your sister, it means that you are worried about a friend or family member and are having bad feelings about their health. The only way to guarantee that this doesn’t come true is by taking action: set up an appointment with a doctor, call them out on their behavior, or do something that will help clear your mind about this issue.

Dreams about murdering people

When you dream about murdering people, this could be an indication that you are harboring feelings of anger or resentment towards someone in your waking life. People in your dreams may symbolize people in real life, and if you dream about killing someone it could mean a few different things.

Dream meaning escaping murderer

In dreams, escaping a murderer may symbolize your fear of being killed by someone who is a threat to you. The murderer represents that person who poses a danger and may even represent the part of yourself that is destructive. When you dream about escaping from a murderer you may be experiencing strong feelings of anxiety which can be quite frightening. This dream can also represent the need to break free from something that is holding you back.

Dream that my husband was murdered

If your husband is shown to be murdered in a dream, it means that you fear that a great misfortune will fall on him. You should take the necessary precautions to avoid this from happening. If he is merely surrounded by mourners, it only denotes the possible death of one whose death affects him closely.

Recurring Dreams About Murdering

A recurring dream about murder can have different interpretations depending on the other elements in the dream. In most cases, it symbolizes an ongoing argument or situation that is frustrating and emotionally painful to deal with. Recurring dreams are truly a form of art — they allow us to not only act out our thoughts and feelings, but also put them into a context that we can better understand.


Dreams about murder can be a sign that you are in danger or that something is going on you you don’t want to see. Dreams about murder could also be a warning from your subconscious to keep you safe. If you are feeling unsafe in your life, it might be a good time to start paying more attention to your dreams and what they mean to you.