The Meaning and Interpretation of Wrist Watch in Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

In dreams, watches can symbolize your state of mind and how you feel about time. If you wear a watch in a dream, the watch may symbolize something that is weighing heavily on your mind, or it may be something that you obsess over. 

What Does a Wrist Watch Symbolize in a Dream

A wrist watch commonly symbolizes a clock, or something that keeps track of time. Therefore, it may be interpreted as meaning that you are in a situation where you are waiting for something to happen, or that you need to make better time management decisions. In addition, the watch may represent your sense of time, which will determine how well you can keep time and accomplish tasks.

wrist watch

Receiving Wrist Watch in Dream Meaning

Dreaming about receiving a wrist watch means someone thinks that you are trustworthy and reliable. It also represents that others may think of you as punctual, or as a first responder in their lives. A friend or someone they can easily lean on. This only proves that you are reliable and should be treasured.

Seeing Wrist Watch in Dream Meaning

Seeing a wrist watch in your dream means you long for more time. You want to move forward, but don’t know how. You are searching for help, but can’t find it. You feel as if someone is watching and waiting for you to make the right decision. This may mean that you have been feeling stressed out and trying too hard to control everything. Wait and see because help is on the way.

New Wrist Watch Dream Meaning

A new wrist watch in a dream signifies your regrets and remorse over your past actions. It is also an indication that you will soon be drawn into a whirlwind of new responsibilities, a lot of responsibilities to take care of soon, which may exhaust you as well. But like the new wrist watch in your dream, things could be exhausting but don’t let other things steal your shine. 

Broken Wrist Watch Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about a broken wrist watch, it foretells that you will have a dispute with a friend who is dishonest. It also indicates that you will commit some blunder, or suffer a failure because another person has taken your place in someone’s confidence. It also represents an awareness of something in your life that has stopped working properly. Alternatively, this signifies that you need to be prepared for unexpected changes by staying mentally agile. It is also important to give close attention and follow through on details when handling complicated issues.

Silver Wrist Watch Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming about a silver wrist watch, it represents your desire for hope and direction. You’re feeling lost, confused and without purpose. In general, silver watches are associated with modernity and progressiveness. As such, to dream that you see a silver watch is a sign that you are being open to new ideas and experiences. To dream that you have a friend who wears a silver watch is a sign that you accept your friend’s methods and ideals. Alternatively, wearing this type of watch might represent someone you are now or have ever been trying to impress. 

Gold Wrist Watch Dream Meaning

Gold can symbolize riches, luxury and beauty. To dream that you see a gold wristwatch can mean that you will be rewarded with wealth through the efforts of someone who is close to you. Dreaming of seeing a gold watch on your wrist could mean that you’re ready to take responsibility for your own life. Your subconscious is making a statement with this dream.

Wrist Watch Gift Dream Meaning

Dreaming of wrist watches as a gift often means your current relationship is in danger. Alternatively, when dreaming about a wristwatch as a gift from someone, the dreamer is being given a choice. A choice between two directions in life. The wristwatch is symbolic of time, and the choices the dreamer makes will determine which path he takes.

Receiving Gold Wrist Watch in Dream Meaning

If you receive a gold wrist watch in a dream, it signifies that you should value your own time more than anything else. Alternatively, it can be interpreted as a feeling that time is slipping away from you in some important matters. You may feel like if you don’t act now that there will be no future to look forward to.

Black Wrist Watch Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about a black wrist watch, it is an interpretation of trying to piece together the various parts of your life into a cohesive image. You may be confused about your role and purpose, or feel that you should be doing more. The subconscious mind is telling you that if you are still looking for meaning and purpose in your life, it’s time to wake up and make some changes.

Dreaming of Someone Giving You a Wrist Watch

If you’re dreaming about someone giving you a wrist watch then it means that you will be receiving a long cherished wish. It is a good sign that  all of your desires are being fulfilled. You are going to make big money soon!


If a wrist watch appears in your dream, it signifies your sense of time and how well you can manage tasks. It may also represent waiting for something to happen or noticing that you need to make better time management decisions.