The Meaning and Interpretation of Lightning in Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Do you ever dream about being in a storm? About the lightning that is so bright it makes your eyes hurt? Or about the thunder that keeps everything alive? In most cases, dreams are a way for us to communicate with our subconscious. And when it comes to dreaming about lightning, we need to be aware of some things.

What Does Lightning Mean in a Dream

When you dream about lightning, it could be a symbol for a lot of things. It could represent your ability to reach great heights or it could be a warning sign that something is going to happen. It could also mean that you need to take action quickly.


Dream getting struck by lightning

Dreaming of getting struck by lightning means that you’re going through a period of change and uncertainty. You might be thinking about big life changes or feeling a lot of stress. But if you’re not sure what to do next, spend some time reflecting on your life. Try to get in touch with what you want and what you’re passionate about.

Seeing lightning in a dream

Seeing lightning in a dream has several meanings, which differ depending on the other elements of the dream. In the case of seeing lightning, most often this is interpreted as a sign that one’s life is about to change dramatically and that new experiences will soon follow. If you are seeing lightning in your dreams, it means that strange things will happen to you and you must expect some momentous events in the future.

Dream of lightning striking near me

To dream that lightning strikes near you can suggest that the universe is aiding you in the completion of a goal or it may be warning you to proceed with caution, especially if you find yourself in risky or dangerous situations while dreaming that thunder and lightning are taking place.

Dreams of lightning strikes

Dreaming of lightning strikes signifies an upcoming life change or transformation. You may be poised on the brink of a large life transition, or your consciousness may be preoccupied with such a change. Pay close attention to small details as you go about your day, as they could be harbingers of positive changes on the horizon.

Lightning storm dream meaning

Lightning storms in dreams can symbolize anger and frustration, but they can also be indicators of a person’s passion, inspiration, and desire to make things happen. Dreaming of lightning can also symbolize power or control; it may be a sign that you need to exert yourself more at work or in your personal life.

Dream about someone getting struck by lightning

Dreaming about someone getting struck by lightning is a sign that you should be careful about their intentions and watch them closely. If the person who was struck does not survive or if in your dream it’s you, it is an indication that there is something about yourself that needs to change for the better.

Dream of dark clouds and lightning

Raining clouds and lightning are a sign of bad luck, but darkened skies are not only a harbinger of problems. Dark clouds can be taken as an omen or warning — if you dream about them, act carefully to avoid conflict, such as asking for a second opinion when in the midst of a disagreement or trying to avoid intimate conflicts with a loved one.

Purple lightning dream meaning

In dreams, purple lightning is a sign of prosperity and success. It is said that this dream is more likely to occur if you are in a difficult economic situation. This dream indicates people who are waiting for good news and opportunities to appear. They will be positive and successful in their endeavors.

Dream of lightning striking ground

Dreaming of lightning striking the ground symbolizes a powerful event that can change your life. It is a message that you are energized and ready to move forward, but what do you actually want to do? The answer can be found in everything else in the dream. For example, if the dream takes place inside a house or building, then use that as your guide.

Dream of thunder and lightning

Dreaming that you are hearing the sounds of thunder and lighting is an indication that you will hear some very unpleasant news in the near future; it also indicates that some event is likely to arise which will have a disturbing effect upon your mind. You need to be prepared to cope with stress if this dream comes true.

Dreams about lightning and fire

In dreams, lightning and fire represent the sudden changes that can occur in our lives. The most striking interpretation involves love: if you dream of seeing flashes of lightning, then you are likely to meet a special man who will warm your soul with his passion and affection. This dream should also be taken as a sign to take action and make quick decisions, as time is moving very fast.

Dream about lightning striking a tree

Lightning striking a tree can signify a new beginning or a powerful message. It could be that you’re in need of some inspiration or motivation. The meaning of lightning in your dreams can vary based on how the dream was set up and what you were thinking about before you went to sleep. There’s an old saying — When it rains, it pours — which describes the back-to-back bad things that happen when lightning strikes a tree.

Lightning bolt dream meaning

A lightning bolt in a dream represents a sudden flash of insight or inspiration. You may have received information or a realization all at once without realizing it. Perhaps you were thinking, “I wonder what that means,” and then it dawned on you — the answer revealed itself right away and you had your eureka moment.

Dream about lightning striking house

When you dream of lightning striking the house, it means that things in your life are going to change dramatically and suddenly. You might be concerned about a feeling of loss or loneliness, but you shouldn’t worry. The dreams in which lightning strikes are often forecasts of happier times on the horizon.

Dreaming Of Being Electrocuted by Lightning

Dreaming of being electrocuted by lightning implies a sudden and drastic change in your life. It could represent a sudden transition, the end of something, or a powerful emotion that needs to be released. It suggests that you have been feeling overwhelmed by a situation and you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The dream could also be warning you to be careful of the choices you make in the future.

Running Away From Lightning Dream

Running away from lightning in a dream often suggests fear or worry in waking life. It may signal that you’re attempting to avoid a difficult situation, instead of confronting it. You could feel threatened or anxious about a particular issue, and these concerns are manifesting in your dreams as an image of imminent danger that you’re trying to escape from – the lightning. Sometimes, a dream of running from lightning can also symbolize an avoidance tendency. You might be unwilling to deal with emotions or situations that make you uncomfortable, manifesting in your dream as an urge to flee from the lightning.

Dreams About Thunderstorms and Lightning

Dreaming about thunderstorms and lightning generally symbolize strong emotions, upheavals, or dramatic changes in life. The mix of thunder and lightning in dreams is usually a symbol of turmoil, possibly highlighting feelings of anger, fear, or shock. Such dreams might represent inner conflicts, perhaps indicating difficult situations that you’re currently dealing with, which are making you feel emotionally drained or upset. Thunderstorms themselves are often associated with releasing emotions or pent-up energy and could symbolize a breakthrough or revelation, while lightning might symbolize an unexpected and swift change.

Blue Lightning Dream Meaning

Blue lightning in dreams has a very specific significance. As blue is often associated with communication, clarity, and tranquility, seeing blue lightning might suggest a sudden insight, inspiration, or revelation. It symbolizes clarity amidst chaos and can be a sign that you’re on the verge of a significant realization or breakthrough. Alternately, blue lightning may signify drastic breakthroughs in communication, enabling you to express previously suppressed feelings or share ideas you’ve been hesitant to reveal.

Dream of Heavy Rain and Lightning

Dreams with heavy rain and lightning denote emotional upheavals and cleansing. Rain, in general, implies cleansing, renewal, and the release of pent-up emotions. Therefore, coupled with lightning, it could suggest you’re in a period of emotional upheaval but nearing the point of relief or renewal. Heavy rain can also symbolize sorrow or even depressive feelings accompanied by radical shifts (represented by lightning), implying a period of emotional cleansing that might be tough but will eventually lead to better times.

Spiritual Meaning of Lightning Strikes in Dreams

Lightning is symbol for change and it can symbolize a lot of different things in dreams. One thing that you may want to consider is the spiritual meaning of lightning strikes in your dreams.

Spiritual meanings of lightning often have to do with the nature of the dream itself. For example, if you are dreaming about being in a storm, then you may be feeling overwhelmed and threatened. Alternatively, if you are dreaming about being struck by lightning, this could be a sign that something is happening that you don’t understand or that you need to take action.

Biblical Meaning of Lightning in Dreams

Lightning is an important symbol in the Bible. In the book of Genesis, God creates humans and sets them free on Earth. The first thing they need is light, so God places a lightning rod in the sky to show them where they are.

The meaning of lightning in dreams is up for debate. Some people believe that it represents the power of God, while others think it’s simply a natural occurrence. Regardless of the meaning, thunder and lightning in dreams are often associated with fear or terror.

Struck by Lightning Dream Meaning Islam

In Islamic dream interpretation, being struck by lightning signifies a major turning point in one’s life. Lightning is typically viewed as a powerful sign from God, demonstrating His might and power. Therefore, if you dream of being hit by lightning, it’s considered a divine intervention or revelation. It may denote a significant, potentially abrupt change, or an intense, enlightenening experience that alters your perspective. This change is often seen as God’s will and is taken quite seriously.

Lightning in Dream Hindu

In Hindu dream symbolism, lightning is considered a harbinger of good fortune and prosperity. It represents the divine energy, and witnessing it in a dream is believed to bring blessings and abundance. Furthermore, lightning in dreams is often connected to the goddess Indra, who represents transformation and change. Therefore, a dream of lightning might indicate impending transformations in one’s life, leading to beneficial results. Nevertheless, the exact connotations can vary, depending on other elements present in the dream, and personal circumstances.


Now that you know about lightning, you should be able to interpret your dreams to better understand the meaning behind them. By learning about biblical and spiritual meanings of lightning in your dreams, you can better understand your life and why certain events happen in your life.