The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Intruders

Written By Jamie Young

The dream of an intruder is a common nightmare that is often associated with feelings of being unsafe or unprotected. For some, a dream about intruders is a seemingly simple and harmless occurrence. However, for others, it can have deeper meaning depending on your relationship with the dream. Consider what the intruder represents to you, and how you’re feeling when you have this dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Trapped by Intruders

Dreaming about being trapped by intruders doesn’t have to mean physical danger, it can represent a fear of being trapped in some other way. Maybe it’s a sense that you are trapped by your job or your relationship, or are unable to make progress in your career. Intruders can be people you know or people you don’t—and they can represent people you feel have let you down. It also represents the anxiety and fears you subconsciously have about people entering your life, either physically or emotionally. 

Dreams About Intruders in Home

When you’re dreaming of intruders in your home, it’s a signal that there is something in the waking world that is threatening to disrupt your sense of safety and security. It can be a person, a feeling, an emotion, or an event — but it’s likely related to a real threat or issue. Use this dream as an opportunity to acknowledge your concerns, take reasonable steps to address them, and protect yourself.

Dream About Intruder at Front Door

If you’re dreaming about an intruder at the front door, there may be someone in your waking life that is harassing or upsetting you. If the person is a stranger, then it indicates that you need to be more careful around strangers. If you know the person in your dream, then it may indicate that someone has been treated poorly and they are seeking revenge.

Dream Interpretation Intruder in Your House

Dreaming about an intruder in your house can represent a feeling of dread regarding someone or something: the worry that you might be intruding upon or interrupting someone else’s privacy. This dream can also be a signal that you are overly concerned with small details of your life, to the point where they are interrupting your peace of mind.

Dream of Intruder at Door

When you’re dreaming of an intruder at the door, it represents feelings of being threatened in waking life. This is a sign that you’ve been distracted by the thoughts of others and need to turn your attention inward. It could also represent someone who is trying to take something from you or get into your personal space.

Dream About Stabbing an Intruder

When you’re dreaming about stabbing an intruder, it could relate to your internal struggles — you may feel that you’re being threatened by someone and are therefore taking out your aggression in a controlled environment. If you are subject to any type of unresolved conflict or stress, the stabbing could be symbolic of your need to take control and express your feelings outwardly.

Dream Interpretation Intruder in Bedroom

If you dream about an intruder in the bedroom, suggests that your unconscious mind is telling you that you feel someone is imposing on your privacy or has invaded your intimate space in some way. You may sense a third party is hovering around or even hiding in the room, watching you. In this dream, you fear that someone might be spying on you while you sleep.

Dream of Shooting an Intruder

If you’re dreaming about shooting an intruder you are likely feeling threatened. It could be that you are feeling vulnerable and are looking for a way to protect yourself or others close to you. Think about what is causing this vulnerability and work towards addressing it so that your fears no longer have any power over you.

Dream of Intruder With Knife

If you’re dreaming about an intruder with a knife, it could be a manifestation of some inner struggle or stress. Perhaps you’re feeling like others are looking to take advantage of your position or that you have to fight for what is yours. You might also feel like others are out to get you.

Dream About Intruder With Gun

If you’re dreaming about an intruder with a gun it is a symbol of authority and power. It might indicate that you are feeling compromised, whether by social pressure or life events. You feel like someone is trying to take control of you or force you into something unwelcome. The intruder person in your dream could represent the person who’s been bullying and threatening you.

Dream of Killing Home Intruder

Dreaming about killing a home intruder always signifies that you are experiencing feelings of anger towards someone who has harmed or threatened you in real life. You find yourself taking matters into your own hands, expressing your frustration, and leaving them with a message that they better not mess with you.

Dream of Being Attacked by Intruder

Dreaming about being attacked by an intruder is often a product of your subconscious fear that something you’re enjoying is dangerous. Usually, the intruder doesn’t mean any physical harm to you or anyone else in your dream, though — instead, they stand for an aspect of yourself that you need to work on.

Dream of Fighting an Intruder

If you’re dreaming about fighting an intruder, it can stand for the conflict within yourself; you may be struggling with some type of inner conflict in your life. For example, you may be battling with a particular emotion or feeling — perhaps anger or anxiety. It could also mean that there is a struggle in your life that you need to resolve.

Dream About Intruder Breaking Into House

When you dream about an intruder breaking into your house, it represents your inner fears. The intruder may or may not be someone from your everyday life — but he or she represents issues that you need to confront and eliminate if you want to continue living a fulfilling and happy life.


Dreaming about an intruder may represent a part of yourself that you are afraid to face. It could be something about yourself that makes you feel uneasy, or it could be some kind of inner conflict.