The Meaning and Interpretation of House Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

What does a dream about a house mean? A dream about a house can be interpreted in several ways. Houses are known to represent stability and security. They are where we live and our basic needs are met there. So, dreams about houses can be seen as a sign that you want a certain aspect of your life to change.


What Does a Dream About a House Mean

In dreams houses are symbols of the self, issues pertaining to family and children, our need for shelter, as well as security and protection. Houses can also be symbolic of your insecurities and worries. A dream about a house is a great opportunity to reflect on what it means to you and what it might mean in your life right now.


Dream About Snakes in House

When you dream about snakes in the house, it means that you are feeling threatened by someone or something. You’re having trouble trusting the people around you and it’s possible that your intuition is telling you that someone has ulterior motives. Alternatively, this dream indicates that you have a deceptive and cunning enemy who is out to get you. You should be more aware of what is happening around you, as not all of it is pleasant.

Dream of House Flooding

When you dream about a house flooding, it’s most likely that you are feeling that your own perspective and viewpoint on life is being inundated with negative feelings. Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you that you need to face some issues in your life and deal with them, rather than repress them. 

House on Fire Dream Meaning

When you dream of your house on fire, it symbolizes fear and anxiety. It can mean that there is an issue with your home or place of residence that needs to be addressed immediately. It could also mean that you are stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands of your daily life. Such a dream could be a warning that you are facing challenges in your life because of which, you may lose your home, job, or relationship with someone important to you. 

Dream of Buying a House

When you dream of buying a house, it usually means that you are very ambitious and have set goals so high they’re almost unattainable. You feel that this dream is something you have to strive for, otherwise you’ll never be happy. The house represents your life: what you build and create, the people you meet, and the experiences you make for yourself.

Burning House Dream

When you dream about a burning house, there’s a good chance that your subconscious is telling you to get rid of something that’s no longer useful or has outlived its purpose. Whether it’s a relationship, an idea, or an item in your house, the fire is serving as a wake-up call to get rid of the old and make way for the new.

Haunted House Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a haunted house usually means that you are feeling uneasy or insecure. You have something in your life that you are worried about and simply cannot shake the feelings that it creates in your mind. To get rid of these negative feelings, try to remember what was going on when you first began feeling this way. What was happening in your life? Maybe this is an area where you need to make a change.

Dreams About Houses With Many Rooms

If you dream of a house with many rooms, this may signify that the path to achieving your goals will be one that is filled with adventure and excitement. Alternatively, it could represent your need for some privacy in your life. The dream is telling you that you need space; that your daily life feels overpopulated with people and tasks. 

Dreams About Bears in the House

When you dream about bears in your house, it means danger is looming over you. Several negative events are likely to happen in the near future. It is a warning of danger ahead. A dream about bears is often a very strong warning, indicating imminent danger and destruction of some sort. Take time to think about your health and make sure you don’t neglect any important relationships

Dreaming of a House I’ve Never Been To

When you’re dreaming about a house you’ve never been to, it indicates that you are considering making a major (and typically positive) life change. It may mean that you are ready to move out of your parents’ house and start fresh, or it could mean that you’re thinking about buying a new home, or relocating for your job.

Dream of House Being Broken Into

When you dream about a house being broken into, it could be a sign that your family is in danger. It may be time for you to consider moving to a larger property where there are better security measures — an alarm system, home alarm systems in the window, doors, or a private fence will allow your family to rest well and let their guard down at night.

Dream of Someone Breaking Into My House

When you dream about someone breaking into my house, it could mean that there is a disagreement or a rift forming in your personal relationships. It could also indicate the presence of an intruder in your life — an unhealthy habit, a person with ill intentions, or something keeping you from growing forward in the direction you desire.

Dreaming of Lions Outside Your House

When you dream about lions outside your house, it means that you are under a lot of stress and pressure. Lions are often used as symbols of strength and power, but they can also be raging beasts that need to be tamed. Your unconscious mind is using lions to represent struggle, and it might signal a problem with your current relationship, finances or career.

Dream of Flood Outside House

Dreaming about flooding outside the house is a mishmash of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. If this happens to you, it’s possible that you are worried about a future event that will cause you to feel out of control and uncomfortable with the situation at hand. It could also mean that you have assimilated too much information at once, just as flooding can lead to chaos in the lives of those affected by it.

Dream House in the Woods

When you dream about a house in the woods, it means that you have a strong emotional connection to nature. You are drawn outside and like the feeling of being one with the elements. You may be frustrated by modern living and want to move somewhere close to bears, wolves, and squirrels!

Beautiful House in Dream

When you’re dreaming about a beautiful house, it means that you are yearning for stability in your life and looking for a home away from the negativity. You might be feeling unsatisfied with the current state of your living conditions, or you may be craving stability after going through a chaotic period.

Dream of Water Inside the House

When you dream about water inside your house, it can represent a completely different meaning depending on whether the water is clean or dirty. If the water is dirty, then it could be pointing to some form of danger, infection or sickness. White or clear water in a dream can show that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.

Dreaming About Mice in the House

If you’re dreaming about mice  in the house, it may represent some kind of anxiety about your current situation. The mice in your dream can be considered a nuisance and a health hazard, which may draw attention to your worries about small issues in your life that are getting out of control.

Dream of Water Leaking in House

When you dream about water leaking in your house, it means that there is a slight chance that you have a problem related to money. It’s possible that unexpected bills will come up soon, or the possibility of losing money through some kind of investment. This dream warns you to be careful with your finances.

Dream Interpretation Intruder in Your House

When you dream of having an intruder in your house, it may mean that you feel unsafe in this place. You’re feeling like someone else is invading your space or taking advantage of you. The intruder could represent many things: a person who’s trying to take over, someone who’s encroaching on your territory, someone who’s acting rudely, or a person who you feel is not respecting personal boundaries.

Seeing Yourself in Your Former House in the Dream

When you dream about seeing yourself in your former house, it symbolizes nostalgia and sentimentality. Often, it can be a sign of longing for simpler times, like when you were a kid — times when life was free from worldly concerns. You’re longing for those days back when you were a child.

Dream of Someone Coming to Your House

Dreaming of someone coming into your house signifies new opportunities in your life. You will have a variety of choices to make and you will be able to let your financial and emotional burdens go. You may dream about this because you are entering into a time in which you will be able to make changes in other areas of your life as well.

Dreaming of Birds Flying in House

If you dream about birds flying in your house, it is a warning telling you that someone dear to you could be in danger. This could refer to a friend, family member, or even yourself, who may soon find themselves faced with the possibility of being fired, moving away to another city or even getting seriously injured in an accident.

Dream of Birds in the House

When you dream of birds in the house, it suggests that there is a betrayal by someone close to you or by one of your family members. It is fair to say that the person may have already betrayed you in real life, but you are not aware of it. Maybe you have a family member who is disloyal and tries to keep their treachery secret from you.

Dreams About Strangers in Your House

When you dream about strangers in your house, you are worried about the security of your home and want to feel safe in your own home. This can be representative of different feelings. The people that you dream about in your house could be a metaphor for people in your life who may be taking advantage of you or there might also be a feeling of incompleteness within yourself, as if there is something within yourself that is missing or not being met.

Dream of a Big House

Dreaming of a big house hints at your desire to achieve great success and recognition. Houses often symbolize the way you feel about yourself or your life, or they can represent the people around you — the dreams you have for them and the hopes that they live up to your expectations.

Dreaming of a Luxurious House

Dreaming about a luxurious house is a representation of one’s desire for happiness. It can also symbolize a commitment to yourself or to others. You may be looking for a new home, or you feel like you need a new direction in life. The luxury house you see may be symbolic of not having enough wealth, power or success.

Dream of House Falling Apart

If you dream about a house falling apart, it is an indication that you are going through some sort of transition in your life. You may be undergoing a change that requires you to re-evaluate your life goals and priorities. This could be a job transfer or a relationship breakup. Alternatively, if the house falls apart slowly, it shows that the changes are taking place over time, so you don’t need to rush into anything.

Recurring Dream of House With Secret Rooms

A recurring dream about a house with secret rooms symbolizes the fear of being vulnerable or of letting someone into your life, or a desire to keep secrets from your partner. Repression of your partner’s needs can provoke arguments and conflicts in the long term. You need to learn how to communicate more openly with each other and work on resolving your issues — whether they are caused by the outside world, or are rooted within your relationship.

Dream of Rats in House

Dreaming of rats in your house means that you are collaborating with people who are scheming, cunning, and evil in order to get ahead. You will soon regret this decision and wish to be rid of these rats. These rats may also symbolize feelings of being trapped in your own life and may be telling you to get out.

Dream About Bugs All Over the House

Dreaming about bugs all over the house indicates an infestation of bad habits and it’s a warning to nurture your own emotions. It’s important to pay attention to your emotional life and nurture the connection you have with others, as well as persistently deal with difficult obstacles in your path.

Dreaming of Bees in the House

Dreaming of bees in the house points to a growing concern about one’s habits and conduct. You may be too easily influenced by others, or you feel that certain characters are trying to take advantage of you. There is something in your life that is not allowing your aspirations to blossom. You are feeling trapped by a problem that you don’t know how to solve as if someone was controlling you.

Dream About Lions in the House

When you dream about lions in the house, it can mean that you have too much pride. It can also suggest that you are focusing on personal achievements at the expense of your responsibilities. You may be creating a stressful situation for everyone around you, and placing yourself in danger by neglecting your family or work life.

Dream of Dog Entering House

If you dream about a dog entering your house, it symbolizes success and prosperity in the home. The dog may also represent a friend or family member who is constantly looking out for you. Alternatively, this dream means that you will have great success with your career and enjoy the perks of leadership. Your hard work will benefit you, and others will recognize your achievements. 

Dreaming of Ants in the House

When you’re dreaming about ants in the house, it indicates a sense of anxiety about being overrun by forces you don’t trust. This can be related to your own life or someone else’s. These forces might be emotional, physical, or mental—anything that you perceive as a threat to your well-being.

Dream About Dead Grandparents House

When you dream about the house of your dead grandparents, you may be feeling regret, longing or a mixture of both. Maybe you haven’t truly moved on from their passing and still miss them. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are trying to reconnect with them and form a stronger bond. 

Dream of Rat Running in House

Dreaming about rats running in your house is a sign that something has gone awry in your life. It’s not usually a matter of you being the rat, but rather that there are problems that are getting out of hand. Rats in dreams can symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control. This dream represents your fear of losing control.

Dreams of the Witch House

Dreaming of a witch house can represent the presence of dark forces in your life, such as jealousy or anger. It can also represent the urge to be destructive, which could be directed at others or yourself. In a dream, a witch is a symbol of some negative aspects of your personality. You may express negative emotions toward others and hurt them emotionally. This dream warns you to observe the evil forces inside you. Don’t ignore such feelings or thoughts because they are a part of your psyche.

Dream of Neighbors House Burning Down

If you dream of your neighbor’s house burning down, it means there is trouble brewing with your relationship. You may find yourself lying to avoid a conflict or harboring secret resentment for the other person. Alternatively, it can be a warning that you need to mind your own business. You are feeling particularly threatened by one of your neighbors in life and that real or imagined hit is fuelling an unconscious worry.

Dream Someone Broke Into My House While I Was Sleeping

When you dream of someone sneaking into your house while you’re sleeping, it could be a sign that you feel like you are slowly losing control. Your subconscious is aware of changes that have been happening slowly in your life, which might be why you feel like your home isn’t as safe as it used to be.

Dreaming of Moving to a Horrible House

Dreaming about moving to a horrible house can indicate that you are going through a transformation of your feelings toward something. A house is a symbol of both home and security, so a dream about a broken or decaying house indicates that something familiar to your life is being threatened.

Dream of a White House

When you dream about a white house, it could mean that you have no idea where you are headed in life and that you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself. Seeing this image in your dreams can represent a lack of direction or a feeling of being overwhelmed and hopeless about your current situation. You may feel as though you are not where you should be in your life, or even that your life is going nowhere.

Unfinished House Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an unfinished house represents a nascent or incomplete project in your waking life. Usually the dream stems from feelings of stress or anxiety. In the dream, you may have started the project but were unable to complete it. Perhaps you were distracted with other obligations and couldn’t give the project the attention it needed. Or you might have given up on a formerly promising endeavor due to self-doubt, laziness, or anxiety.

Dream Meaning Horse in House

If you dream about a horse in your house, you may be feeling that your life is being pulled in many different directions. One part of yourself is growing stronger, while another is becoming weaker. You might be concerned over not having enough time for certain friends or family members; or even certain tasks at work. This dream can also be telling you that you need to find the patience within yourself to make progress on these tasks or relationships.

Dream Sneaking Into Someone’s House

When you dream about sneaking into someone’s house, your subconscious may be telling you that you have been giving too much leeway to a certain person. Whether it’s a friend, family member or coworker, the dream can pinpoint the trust issues in your life. The house may symbolize your boundaries—your feelings of being violated or controlled.

Dream of Tiger in House

Dreaming of a tiger in the house is symbolic of the fear that, even though you have everything you want, it can be taken away in one swipe of its paw. This dream may also signify feelings about loss and change — feelings that we should all embrace to grow as people. Alternatively, it also means that something is coming up in your life that will take you away from others. Something is separating you from friends and family.

Dream About House Being Robbed

When you dream about a house being robbed, you’re feeling that your personal space or possessions are being threatened.The dream is your subconscious trying to warn you that your life feels unprotected. It’s also possible that secret feelings of hostility toward a specific person are coming to the surface in your mind — robbing a house can symbolize how this person is “robbing” you of happiness or success, for example.

Dream of Neighbors House on Fire

Dreaming about neighbors’ houses burning down means you need to be more friendly and kind towards your neighbors. It might mean you are feeling like they are treating you poorly, or that they are threatening or intimidating you. You may feel like they aren’t giving you enough privacy or space, or that they are being nosy.

Dreams About Houses With Hidden Rooms

When you dream of a house with hidden rooms, you are thinking about the past and future at the same time. Perhaps there is something that you need to let go of in order to gain some peace of mind, or maybe you have gotten yourself into a situation that’s overly complicated. The dream also might be telling you that you need to reevaluate your purpose in life.

Dreaming of a New House With Many Rooms

Dreaming about a new house with many rooms signifies that you need a period of emotional and physical respite. It may also be symbolic of recent changes in your life — you feel like you’ve outgrown your current living situation, or perhaps are ready to move on to something bigger and better. Many rooms represent possibility. You may have an opportunity for significant progress in your career or personal life, or perhaps an opportunity for new beginnings altogether.

Dream of Grandmother’s House

Dreaming about houses is typically about your changing relationship with family members. When you dream about the house of your grandma, you may feel as if you’re entering a new phase of your life. Your grandmother was a strong, guiding force in your life as you were growing up — and losing her led to a significant change for you.

Dream Meaning Dead Relatives House

When you dream about your dead relatives’ homes, it may mean that you miss them. Alternatively, this dream also means an important decision awaits you. The dream may reveal that you are facing a major life change or entering a new phase in your life that needs the approval of not just for yourself but also from other members of your family.

Dreaming About Raccoons in Your House

In the dream world, racoons  are a symbol of deception and untrustworthiness. If you dreamed about a raccoon in your house, this warns you to be on your guard against people bearing false messages; remember that everyone does not necessarily have the best intentions behind their acts. Not all people are happy to see your success.

Dream About Cats in House

A dream about cats can symbolize the presence of secret enemies, particularly those we do not want to recognize as part of our lives. Dreaming about cats in the house warns us that a secret enemy is just lurking around the corner waiting for a perfect moment to devour us. It also indicates that you have some issues that need your urgent attention.The longer you put off dealing with your problems, the worse they will become.

Dream of an Old House With Many Rooms

In dreams, an old house with many rooms represents a life full of choices, secrets to uncover and detours. This may be a reflection of how much you have seen, learned and experienced — all of which can enrich your life and help you grow. If you dream of an old house with many rooms, your life will be full of changes and surprises. You will engage in new and exciting pursuits, which may or may not bring you material gain. Your social life will improve. 

Dreaming About the Same House Over and Over

When you dream about the same house over and over again, it could be a sign that there is some unfinished business in your life. The house itself doesn’t have to be significant — it could be a sign that you’re subconsciously trying to discover an important piece of your life puzzle.

Dream Takes Place in My Childhood House

When our dream takes place in our childhood houses, they show us where we want to be and what we want to return to — even if we aren’t aware of it. It’s a place where we feel safe, loved, and connected. A dream about your childhood house suggests feelings of nostalgia and longing for a time past or simpler days. Your dream may also draw upon feelings of security, safety and comfort — perhaps reminding you of your parent’s love when you were young.

Dream of Parents House on Fire

When we dream about our parents’ house on fire, it’s an indication that we need to give more love and attention to our parents. Our subconscious is telling us that we are too busy pursuing our own interests, or that we are neglecting their wishes, feelings, and happiness. Give them quality time as they are not getting any younger.

Dream About Selling a House

Dreaming about selling your house signifies that you are ready to let go of the burdens of your past and move forward with your life. Selling a house may also be an indication that you are moving to a place where it is easier for you to make money, take care of yourself, or find your purpose. It is a happy dream that usually indicates that you have adjusted to it or have already been through a difficult period in life.

Dream of Visiting Friends House

Dreaming about visiting a friends house can symbolize a desire for us to see our friend again. You may miss them and wish you could be with them again. Alternatively, this dream is often a sign that you need more socialization. The house in this dream represents the home you share with your friends, which means that you need to be more involved in activities and events organized by your friends. This dream may also be telling you that something needs to change in your life and that you are not happy with your current lifestyle.

House Shaking Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a house shaking represents the need to maintain balance in your life. In dreams, houses are symbols of our lives and how we maintain them. In this dream, house shaking could be an indication that you are not taking care of yourself properly — perhaps you are overworking or not getting enough rest. You should reevaluate how well you’re taking care of yourself. Alternatively, it can be a sign of tension between you and a family member or someone else in your life.

Dream of Kicking Someone Out of My House

Dreaming about kicking someone out of your house symbolizes the frustration you feel while dealing with certain people in real life. When you dream about kicking someone out of your house, it means that you are not happy with how a person is behaving and how they are disrupting the peace in your home. You may want to consider not inviting this person back into your life for a long time, because you do not want to deal with their drama anymore.

Dream of Being Trapped in a House

When you dream about being trapped in a house, you feel like you have no control over the events that are happening around you. You fear that the world is controlling your destiny while you sit back and watch helplessly. It’s like being stuck in an illusion. This dream can also be a metaphor for feeling restricted or imprisoned by your current circumstances.

Dream of Lion Entering House

When you dream about a lion entering your house, it means that you’re in danger — and that you’re not as safe as you think. This dream is an alarm: you need to take action right away and steer clear of those who want to hurt or take advantage of you.Perhaps this dream is telling you to pay close attention to your surroundings.

Dream About House Roof Collapsing

Dreaming about a house roof collapsing indicates that your anxieties are getting in the way of your success. This dream is telling you to rid yourself of the negativity around you by surrounding yourself with positive people and focusing on your goals and ambitions, rather than worrying about what others think.

Dream About Breaking Into Someone Else’s House

When you dream about breaking into someone’s house is often an indication of your own anxieties. It can be a symbol of your fears that others are infringing on your personal ground, or it can be a sign that you’re pushing against something that is not yours to push against — as in, you should leave business matters to professionals.

Dream of Someone Hiding in Your House

When you dream about someone hiding in your house, it means that a situation you thought was over is actually far from over. You might be trying to bury old wounds and move on from something, but this dream is screaming that you’re not nearly as healed as you’d like to believe.

Dreaming of Moving House and Regretting It

If you dream about moving into a house and then regretting it, that may indicate that you are unhappy with the changes in your life. You are yearning for change in your life and may be looking for more stability or just wanting to make some changes in your current situation. You might be experiencing a major life transition and you’re not happy with the outcomes of your decisions.

Dream About Tree Falling on House

Dreaming about a tree falling on your house is a sign that you need to get out there and see the world — don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t be scared to try new things. There’s always room for growth, even in the middle of an already-good situation. This dream is linked with personal worries and a lack of confidence that can still be helped.

Dream About an Evil House

Dreaming about an evil house, it’s likely that you need to address any fears or insecurities in your real life. You may be going through a difficult time and thinking that the world is out to get you, or others may be using you for their own personal gain. If you’re not careful, these negative feelings can bubble over into other areas of your life, even if you’re not consciously aware of them.

Dream House on Water

Dreaming of a house on water means you’re subconsciously in search of a new frontier, a new land to conquer, a new opportunity to reach for. This dream is about going beyond your current comfort zone and striving for something more — it’s a natural human inclination to seek out bigger and better things, and sometimes that means leaving what you have behind. A house on water represents searching for escape from everything you’re familiar with into uncharted territory.

Glass House Dream Meaning

When you dream about a glass house, it implies that you are trying to escape from a problem or situation in your real life. You want to see what’s happening around you but don’t want anyone to see you. You are trying to accomplish something but are not able to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. This is your subconscious telling you that something is not right in your current situation and needs some attention.

Dream of Rain Inside House

When you dream about rain inside the house it can represent the inner turmoil and distress you feel about a particular situation. It can also mean you’re having difficulty communicating with someone in your waking life, or that their disapproval is causing you stress — and your unconscious is using the rain as a metaphor for those feelings.

Dream About Plane Crash Into House

When you dream about a plane crash into the house, it could indicate that you need to take a step back and reassess the situation. Taking a moment to evaluate everything around you allows you to see things from a new perspective and make clearer decisions. You will also have a better understanding of yourself and those around you.

Dream About Dirty House

Dreaming of a dirty house means that you’re neglecting some aspect of your life. It’s a sign that you are living life too fast and not taking the time to enjoy all that is around you. It may also be that you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities you have and feel like your life is in total chaos. Maybe it’s time to take a break from whatever exhausting thing you’re doing and give yourself some time alone. 

Dreaming About a Bear Trying to Get in Your House

When you dream about a bear trying to get into your house, it means that you are feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of your daily life. Try to make adjustments so that you can once again regain control over your existence and recognize which parts of your life need the most attention. Alternatively, this dream is likely that you have been taking things for granted and neglecting your friends or family. You must stop being so self-centered if you don’t want your loved ones to feel neglected.

Seeing House on Fire in Dream

When we dream about seeing a house on fire, it’s a representation of our lives – burning from the inside. It symbolizes that you are putting too much emphasis on material possessions. You aren’t being true to yourself and let material objects take over your life. The house fire is the physical representation of how overwhelmed you are with life’s problems.

Dream About Deer in House

If you dream about a deer in your house, this indicates that you are experiencing a deep spiritual connection. The deer is an animal associated with many different aspects of spirituality, from feminine energy to faery magic. This can mean that you have the opportunity to tap into your own spiritual energy and be guided by it.

Dream of House Floating on Water

Dreaming of a home that floats on water is sometimes a sign of an upcoming life change. The dream might mean that you are feeling unsettled in your current life and are looking for something new. A floating house can also symbolize new opportunities, as in the phrase “This is the chance to make your dreams come true,” or it could simply mean you need to be more flexible and adaptable if you want to succeed.

Dream of Being Locked Out of House

Dreams of being locked out of your house symbolize your fears and worries. To dream that you are locked out of the house suggests that you have a fear of being trapped in some way, whether it’s a fear of commitment, a fear of missing out on opportunities, or a fear of your own inner demons. Maybe you are worried about making a wrong decision.

Dream of House Falling Down

When you dream about a house falling down, an important part of your life might be under threat. You may have overextended yourself, or you could be feeling that something core to your stability is crumbling beneath your feet. It’s definitely time to slow down and take some time to reflect.

Dream About Escaping a Collapsing House

When you dream about escaping a collapsing house, it means you are running from your problems. The dream can be literal — you may feel that your problems are bearing down on you like a collapsing building. But this dream can also represent more symbolic themes, like your perceived need to escape from a situation in real life.

Dream Interpretation House Under Construction

If you dream of a house under construction, it can mean that there is something in your waking life that’s progressing very slowly or has recently come to a halt. Perhaps you have started or restarted a project and are still waiting for it to be completed. You could also be faced with some challenges that make it difficult for you to get things moving ahead.

Dream Meaning Tree Growing in House

Dreams about trees growing in your house indicate that you need to seize opportunities available to you. You are not doing yourself any favors by resisting change, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The tree is a symbol of positive change, growth and fertility, so if you see one or a group of them in your dream, it could mean that this phase of your life will be prosperous.

Dream of Living in a Big House

Dreaming about living in a big house doesn’t just mean that you want more space to live in, it can also signify a desire for greater financial security. There’s a chance that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you need to make larger investments to secure your future. The big house may symbolize financial stability, power and prestige — something that you have been lacking in your life.

Dreaming of Lions Inside Your House

When you dream of lions inside your house, it means that there is a powerful force outside of your control coming at you. This may be something you feel helpless to stop. The image of the lion can also reflect an existing person in your life whom you are afraid of, or have even been attacked by.

Dream About Strangers Living in My House

When you dream of strangers living in your house, it means you’re feeling out of touch with yourself and others. Your subconscious is reflecting back what’s really going on with your emotional state in the form of a dream. This can be a challenging period where you need to look at what you are doing and how you’re treating yourself and others.

Dream About a Clock in the House

Dreaming about a clock in the house can indicate a period of life where you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It could be a sign that you are feeling out of control and need to take a step back and slow down. The clock could also signify a countdown to a significant event in your life. It may be a reminder that time is ticking and that you need to make the most of the moment.

Spiritual Meaning of a House in a Dream

A house in a dream represents both a physical structure and your spiritual self. A home is an extremely essential part of one’s life, as it provides you with protection, shelter, and a constant sense of belonging. As such, houses in dreams can represent the various aspects of your character and personality that you feel protect you in waking life.

Biblical Meaning of House in Dreams

The Bible says that the house you live in serves as an outward reflection of your inner self. That’s why it is important to live in a place that reflects the way you feel inside and, even more importantly, that helps you feel good about yourself and your life. Perhaps most significant from a Christian perspective is Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7:24–27). This parable addresses our life choices and the decisions we make for building our eternal home.


Dreams of home reflect our deepest feelings, and are especially important when we are moving or have recently moved. They can also symbolize our security issues and fears.