The Meaning and Interpretation of Horses in Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about horses is common, but what does it mean? Dreams of horses can symbolize a feeling of freedom and power. They may also reflect your relationship with nature or animals in general. Horses are usually symbolic of strength, freedom, and power. When you dream about horses, you may be subconsciously yearning to feel these same feelings in your waking life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Horses

Dreams about horses can mean anything from a prediction about a friend, animal, or family member to a symbol of power, speed, and freedom. Horses in dreams frequently represent qualities we need to express in order to succeed but are afraid to do so. Horses are prey animals that rely on speed to escape predators. This ability is directly related to the sense of security we feel with horses in our dreams.

white horse

Dream of riding a horse

When you dream about riding a horse, it often signifies that you have thoughts and feelings that are out of control and are galloping away with you. It is a physical representation of being carried away by your emotions. It can also symbolize letting go and enjoying life to the fullest.

Brown horse dream meaning

When you see a brown horse in your dream, it is representative of new opportunities or ventures that may be taking shape. If the horse is white, it signifies your need to get moving on a current opportunity that may be slipping through your fingers — don’t miss out on those golden tickets! If you are riding the horse and someone else is holding its reigns, you have reached a point of independence in your life.

White horse dream meaning

A white horse symbolizes purity, the afterlife, or supernatural forces. It can also be an omen of good luck. White horses can be seen in dreams of those who are sick or grieving — perhaps as a symbol of hope or peace, or as a way for your unconscious mind to communicate what you are feeling.

Black horse dream meaning

If you dream of a black horse, the meaning may vary depending on your feelings toward the horse and its rider. If you feel that the horse is an evil thing, then this symbolizes your fight against evil in your waking life. The ability to do something well enough to be able to ride on a black horse means that with hard work, you can gain strength over your enemies. In other words, you will be able to deal with things better than before.

Dream of dead horse

Dreaming of dead horses can mean that you feel like giving up your goals, or that you are stuck in a situation where you have no control. Sometimes it could be a sign of someone close to you who is going through difficult times; or it could be foreshadowing the loss of something you love.

Dreams about horses attacking

Generally, a horse attack in your dream is an indication that you are feeling powerless and vulnerable to the forces in your life. There could be an external threat or pressure that is causing this fear and anxiety. Dreaming of being attacked by a herd of horses can indicate that you are overwhelmed or being taken advantage of at work. You may also feel like you are being chased by responsibilities and tasks to complete.

Injured horse dream meaning

When you dream of a horse that’s injured, you may be worried about the wellbeing of your friend. Unfortunately, you don’t know what happened to your friend — whether it was an accident, a crime, or something else entirely. This can cause stress and concern, but it’s best to leave investigation to the professionals while you figure out a plan of action.

Dream of horses running

A horse running in your dreams is a symbol of freedom, independence, and communication. It’s also been said that it represents self-confidence and determination. Dreaming of horses running through the countryside may be a sign that you need to take a journey. It could also mean you will soon be in a competitive situation. If you dream of being thrown from a horse it may represent feelings of hopelessness or fear of failure.

Horseback riding dream meaning

Dreaming of horseback riding means that you have a free spirit and you will never be governed by the limitations of others. You enjoy your freedom very much and do not like being forced into any kind of situation for which you are not prepared. Dreams of horseback riding often symbolize a sense of freedom and feelings of independence, as well as the desire to have control over your own destiny.

Horse in water dream meaning

When you dream of a horse in water, it can represent the unknown. You might be worried about losing your direction or control over your life. However, the horse can also refer to adventure and charting a new course for yourself. If you feel anxious because of this dream, try to think about how it is symbolizing something in your life.

Dreaming of a baby horse

When you dream of a baby horse, you will soon have to deal with a young person who may cause some chaos. If the horse is tame, this indicates acceptance on your part of a young person who is respectful and deferential but perhaps a little too submissive in your presence. If the horse is wild and uncontrollable, it represents an immature person who must act out due to volatility or immaturity.

Dreams about horses running towards you

If you ever dream about horses running toward you, this means that you are coming into contact with some difficulty, or you might be facing a serious threat of harm. Be careful about your actions, as well as your decisions. Try to find out the meaning behind these dreams so that you can make the most of them.

Dream of wild horses

Dreaming of a wild horse is a sign that you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to do something. You may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and dreaming of horses may indicate that you need to relax so that you can see the bigger picture. If your dream featured horses running wild, then it symbolises independence, freedom, and power. Horses in dreams are also said to represent our hidden desires.

Dream of severed horse head

A dream of a severed horse head means that you should watch out for enemies. Dreaming that you see a severed horse head foretells that you will have enemies of great strength to contend with soon. The symbolism of a severed horse head could refer to the idea of betrayal and secrets.

Golden horse dream meaning

A golden horse in one’s dream is considered to be an omen that bodes well and augurs prosperity and happiness. Seeing the image of such an animal in one’s dream is an indication of a prosperous future. In a dream, a golden horse represents a talented and youthful man. Some interpreters believe that a golden horse in a dream also means money, leadership, joy, and honor. Others believe that it represents one’s travels or voyages.

Flying horse in dream meaning

A flying horse can represent many things: creativity, inspiration, ambition. It can represent your ambition to achieve something that seems impossible. If a flying horse brings you bad news, it may be an indication of an upcoming change in your life, for better or for worse. A flying horse can symbolize freedom, adventure, and excitement.

Blue horse dream meaning

When you dream of a blue horse, the color blue represents a new beginning — you are on the brink of something new. From the horse’s perspective, its primal instincts are strong and it does not see itself or others as a burden to anyone. This means that you need to trust yourself in your pursuit of your goals and not get caught up in what others have planned for you.

Horse race dream meaning

dreams of horse races can signify competition and social status. People who dream of this often find themselves at an impasse in the real world — they are feeling uncertain about their place in society and dreaming of social success as an escape. The classic interpretation of a horse race is often a symbol of pride.

Biblical Meaning of Horses in Dreams

The Bible has a few mentions of horses. In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a great image with four different parts to it and an even greater image on top of it. One horse was white, one was red, one was black, and the fourth was called Pale Horse. The White Horse would signify power and victory; the Red Horse would represent violence; the Black Horse would symbolize death; and finally, the Pale Horse would symbolize judgment.

Horse Symbolism in Dreams

Horses are often symbolic of strength and freedom, as well as power. Horses have also been known to symbolize racing or other forms of competition. They may be a sign that you are feeling like you need to assert yourself. Horses in dreams can also represent your relationship with nature, animals, or the earth in general.

The horse might also symbolize your journey through life and the things that come with it, such as hardships and joys. If you dream about a horse running away from you, it could be a sign that there is an issue in your life that is difficult to face or overcome, such as something traumatic that happened recently.


When we dream of horses, it could be that we are feeling disconnected from our personal life and are seeking guidance in order to feel better about ourselves. They could also reflect our need for emotional care and protection.

The meaning behind dreaming of horses is multifaceted, with each person interpreting the dream in their own way.