The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Guns

Written By Jamie Young

If you’re dreaming about guns, you might be feeling stress and anxiety about a topic, relationship, or situation. The type of gun you have in your dream has a lot to do with what you’re feeling. Here’s what each dream gun means and how to analyze your dreams so you can take action on them.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Guns

When you’re dreaming about guns, it could be a sign that you’re feeling unsafe or threatened. It may also appear as a reminder of recent trauma, including a breakup or the death of someone close to you. The meaning behind these dreams is often dependent on the context and the feelings you experience during the dream.

Dream of Someone Trying to Shoot Me With a Gun

If you’re dreaming of someone trying to shoot you with a gun, it likely means you are afraid of hurting or upsetting someone. You do not want to deal with the emotional repercussions that would arise from conflict, or from making someone feel rejected. In this case, though, there is also a very real possibility that you are experiencing some sort of emotional distress. It is important to check in with yourself and make sure your emotional needs are being met.

Someone Pointing a Gun at Me in Dream

Dreaming of someone pointing a gun at you represents feelings of anxiety and fear. You feel targeted or as though your very existence is threatened. You might feel like you are in over your head in some situation and that you have nowhere to turn. Alternatively, this dream can symbolize your desire to take control of a situation before it spirals out of control.

Dream of Someone Trying to Kill Me With a Gun

When you’re dreaming of someone trying to kill you with a gun, it often means that there is some kind of danger in your life. The nature and level of the threat depend on whether or not you’re aware of it — if you’re completely oblivious and find out later, then it is likely to be a bigger threat than if you are familiar with the situation but don’t know how it will affect you. Family arguments are often reflected in this way.

Dream of Gun Pointed at Me

If you’re dreaming about a gun pointed at you, it means that you have been sensing discomfort within yourself. You’re probably feeling vulnerable, threatened, or unsafe, or you are feeling inadequate and unprepared in some aspects of your life. The pain of that inadequacy is beginning to show subconsciously.

Dream Someone Pulled a Gun on Me

When you’re dreaming about someone pulling a gun on you, there may be a problem in your work or social life that’s troubling you. You might feel threatened by someone trying to exploit you or otherwise put pressure on you to do the wrong thing when it comes to your job. This can make for a tense or fearful situation.

Dream of Someone Chasing Me With a Gun

If you’re dreaming of someone chasing you with a gun, it can be an indicator of feeling as though someone is out to get you. You might also be experiencing anxiety and stress. Find a way to soothe yourself, whether that means making a list of things you’re grateful for each day or taking some time to meditate.

Dream of Being Killed by Gun

If you’re dreaming of being killed with a gun, it may mean that you’re in over your head. You might be stressed out or taking on too much, leading to feelings of helplessness or desperation. You may feel like you don’t have a say in what’s happening around you and end up feeling quite powerless.

Dream Getting Shot With a Gun

If you’re dreaming of getting shot with a gun, your unconscious mind is telling you that it’s important to take new perspectives and reconsider situations about how you respond to them. Perhaps you could try thinking in the opposite direction or putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Dream of Someone Pointing a Gun to My Head

Dreaming of someone pointing a gun at your head means that you have bad people trying to bring you down. You have some tough competition coming for you for something that you are passionate about. It can also represent a feeling of being controlled or dominated by other people. You’re being forced to make a decision that goes against your values. The person holding the gun isn’t necessarily someone you know in waking life. Your real-life fears might be manifesting themselves through this person.

Dream About Gun Fight

If you’re dreaming about a gunfight, you must be careful to avoid conflicts with friends, colleagues, or family members. You need to stand your ground on certain issues and don’t let anyone bully you. Hanging out with people whom you can trust is a great way to bury any hatchet that could arise.

Dream of Guns Not Firing

If you’re dreaming of a gun not firing, this suggests that you are feeling blocked from doing something. It’s hard to get started and difficult to complete tasks, as if there is some unseen force stopping you from starting. You want to get things done, but you can’t bring yourself to.

Dream of Holding a Gun

If you’re dreaming about holding a gun, it symbolizes your hidden fears, anxieties, and even anger. You may be feeling talked down to or taken advantage of by someone. This is a warning sign not to give up control of your career or relationships; there is a way out if you are willing to fight for what you deserve.

Dream of Someone Shooting Me With a Gun

Dreaming of someone shooting you with a gun indicates an issue that you need to address. Maybe it’s time to add more activity to your life. Perhaps you need to be more accepting of others’ opinions. Or possibly you should get ready for a big change in your life. These dreams are connected to aggression and violent impulses.

Machine Gun Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about a machine gun, it can be a sign to take the time to enjoy your life and avoid overworking yourself. It might also mean that you need to stand up for yourself and other people who may be being taken advantage of. Learn to defend yourself from others who warn you. 

Seeing a Gun in Your Dream

If you’re dreaming about seeing a gun, you may feel like you need to prove yourself because you think that no one else believes in you, or you may have an unhealthy relationship with your peers. You might also be suffering from a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. It can also be that you might be feeling on edge.

Dream of Being Threatened With a Gun

Dreaming of being threatened with a gun symbolizes your need to control a situation. It may mean you are feeling overpowered, helpless, or under attack by another person in your life. The feeling can be unsettling and the way it manifests in your dream can let you know what type of situation you need to control in real life.

Dreaming of Having a Gun

If you’re dreaming of having a gun, it represents power and protection. The gun is used as a defense mechanism, meaning that the dreamer needs to feel safe or protected from something or someone. It can also mean that there is violence in your life and you need to take precautions to avoid being hurt by anyone.

Dream About Being Chased With a Gun

If you’re dreaming about being chased with a gun, it means that there may be something or someone causing you to feel threatened by a weapon. Alternatively, you are feeling the stress of pent-up emotions. Perhaps some situation in your life is making you feel on edge and threatened. Whatever these issues you are dealing with, they can be resolved by addressing the root cause of the problem.

Dreaming of Buying a Gun

When you’re dreaming of buying a gun, it indicates that you need to be careful about the ideas and beliefs you currently hold and ensure that they are not keeping you from being your true self. It may also represent your willingness to take action against something you feel is wrong.

Dream About Intruder With Gun

When you’re dreaming about an intruder with a gun, the dream may be telling you to watch your back. Perhaps you are unaware of a threat that is in front of you — someone who could hurt you or is taking advantage of a situation. This could be related to your personal life or your work.  

Dreaming of Hiding a Gun

When you’re dreaming of hiding a gun, it’s likely to indicate that you are feeling threatened somehow. You might be worried about being exposed to the consequences of something you did or are considering doing. Perhaps you’re worried that someone has discovered some hidden aspect of your life — a secret passion or a new hobby.

Dreams About Guns Not Working

Dreaming about guns not working means that there might be a conflict in your life about something or someone you are fighting against. While you may feel like the weapon isn’t strong enough, you want to get rid of or impress upon the other party, this may be just a representation of your perceived feeling at the time.

Dream of Brother With Gun

If you’re dreaming of a brother with a gun indicates that you’re facing an unknown fear. You may be unsure of someone in your life or are feeling anxious about an upcoming life transition.  The appearance of a brother in a dream also signals the necessity of re-acquainting yourself with your family members.

Dream of Shooting a Gun

If you’re dreaming of shooting a gun, it means that you could be trying to learn to let go of bad habits — in this case, smoking or drinking. Perhaps you should try to find a healthier alternative to these vices. Or, you may also be seeking greater independence from others or your current environment; perhaps you need to find a way to become more of a leader and less of a follower.

Dream of Someone Aiming a Gun at Me

Dreaming of someone aiming a gun at you is simply the manifestation of some stressful situation in your waking life. It could be the stress of a looming deadline at work or the stress of planning a wedding. You may be feeling a little anxious that others are unhappy with the way you’re handling something.

Dream of Losing a Gun

If you’re dreaming of losing a gun, you may be feeling powerless in your waking life. Perhaps you have been feeling on the defensive, with others attacking you and your principles. This dream is most likely connected with a desire to feel protected and secure in your everyday life. This dream can also mean that you feel insecure and vulnerable.

Water Gun Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of a water gun, it may be a sign that you are feeling neglected or attacked. You have strong feelings about things but have difficulty communicating your wishes to the people around you. It is time for you to communicate more, and to listen more. This dream could also signify that you need self-reflection and introspection.

Dream Airsoft Gun

If you’re dreaming of an airsoft gun, it represents your skills and self-confidence. You’ll discover that the ability to knock down rivals will get you a lot of respect from people you know. This dream could also symbolize your will to control a situation or as an extension, another person.

Dream of Carrying a Gun

If you’re dreaming of carrying a gun, it could be that you’re feeling insecure about your safety, or that you feel like someone is out to get you. It could also mean that you have a lot of aggression built up inside of you — or perhaps you feel powerless for some reason. You might want to better understand your feelings and resolve the issues that are causing them.

Dream of Loading a Gun

If you’re dreaming of loading a gun, it could be that you’re preparing for something quite big. Be it a job interview or an important project at work, the task at hand is something that’s making you anxious. This dream can also symbolize anger and resentment — it’s time for you to confront someone about something that’s been holding you back.

Dream About Shooting a Gun Without Bullets

If you’re dreaming about shooting a gun without bullets, it is a metaphor for a feeling of powerlessness, of not being able to make an impact on the world. If you feel that you lack the ability to achieve something you want, or if you feel unable to get what you need in your current situation, this dream could be a way for your subconscious to tell you that it’s time to take action in your waking life.

Dream of Being Shot in the Head With a Gun

If you’re dreaming of being shot in the head, you are likely feeling some form of emotional trauma — both physical and mental. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the death of a pet. This dream may be a way to express your pain.

Dreaming of Shooting a Gun in the Air

If you’re dreaming about shooting a gun in the air, it means you’re feeling very frustrated in some part of your life. You might feel like your efforts are going to waste and no matter what you do, people aren’t taking you seriously. It’s not impossible to turn things around; it is just going to take a lot of thought and consideration on your part.

Dream of a Man With a Gun

If you’re dreaming of a man with a gun it means that you feel that someone is threatening you. Perhaps someone is trying to rob you of your rights or something; like that recent negative review of your business. Your subconscious is urging you to pay attention to your instincts, or perhaps it’s reminding you of your inner strength, even if you don’t always feel it.  

Spiritual Meaning of Gun in a Dream

Spiritually, a gun in a dream can often be interpreted to symbolize power, control, and protection. When you dream of guns, you may feel that you are in a position where there is a lack of control or you are unable to protect yourself. It may also represent adding fuel to an already troubling situation.


Dreaming about guns will help you uncover your perceptions of safety and security as well as the emotional triggers that brought you to that place.