The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Glass

Written By Jamie Young

If you’ve ever dreamed about glass, you know that the sensation is unsettling. Glass is something most of us use daily, but in dreams, it represents an ominous and often frightening obstacle. The way you react to a glass dream can tell you something about your subconscious anxieties and how you deal with them in waking life.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Glass

If you dream about glass, it means that you are feeling vulnerable and fragile in some way. While dreams of things breaking are not always negative, dreams of the glass often indicate that you are feeling unprotected and exposed. You may be hiding or holding something back and your subconscious is letting you know that you need to be completely honest about something. This doesn’t only apply to things within your consciousness but also your surroundings.


Broken Glass Dream Meaning

When you dream about a broken glass, it means that you are worried about something in your waking life. It could be a relationship, job, or situation where you feel that something is out of control and needs repair. You should consider what part of your life has broken and how you can restore it to its former glory.

Glass in Mouth Dream

When you’re dreaming about glass in your mouth, it often exemplifies a feeling of emptiness. Perhaps you are not living your life to the fullest or are lacking depth or substance in some aspect of your life. Many also equate this dream as a sign of dependency – that you rely on something external to get by and feel whole.

Dream of Breaking Glass

Dreaming of breaking a glass means you are on the verge of a revolutionary idea that will impress your friends and family. It is representative of a new beginning, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself amid a new romance or a long-awaited promotion soon after this dream.

Eating Glass Dream

Dreaming about eating glass is a reflection of your current stress levels or mental state. Many individuals dream about eating to fulfill their desire for particular foods — perhaps you’re trying to tell yourself that something in your life requires a bit more nourishment. In other instances, a dream about eating can be a representation of your mental health — a glass might be like therapy or medication, helping you to solve a problem.

Dream of Broken Glass Window

If you’re dreaming about a broken glass window, it refers to the end of an important relationship in your life. The glass represents a physical barrier that you’ve created between yourself and your companion. Find out what caused this type of separation and use your insight to mend the relationship.

Spitting Out Broken Glass Dream Meaning

Dreaming about spitting out broken glass is a clear indication that you are feeling frustrated and anxious. You are anxious about the future and your inability to make any changes, but you feel stuck because you have no other options. It may also have to do with someone in your life who views you with contempt as if you are inferior or worthless.

Dream of Glass in Foot

If you’re dreaming about glass in your foot, this dream could be telling you that you are holding back on your career. You may not be going after your goals and you aren’t accomplishing all of the things that you could, which could be stifling your growth. Dreaming of glass in the foot can also be symbolic of a burden that you are carrying around, but it’s not needed.

Dream of Shattered Glass

Dreaming of shattered glass is generally believed to be an omen of bad luck and misfortune. Such dreams may indicate the breaking apart of personal relationships and the destruction of one’s dreams and hopes. The shattering glass could also symbolize the dreamer’s inability to hold a relationship together, or it may describe a feeling of despair or depression.

Dream of Glass House

Dreaming about a glass house represents a deeply personal, emotional quest for perfection. It is symbolic of imagination, wishes, and dreams. It is also representative of our desire to see others with clarity. That said, this type of dream may also signify your tendency toward perfectionism and reluctance to confront problems that are brewing beneath the surface.

Dream of Broken Glass in Mouth

When you dream of broken glass in your mouth, it means that something is holding you back. This could be a professional-related obstacle or even a personal one. If you’re not telling someone about your feelings and repressing them, that may prevent you from getting what you want in life.

Dreams About Broken Glass in Skin

Dreaming about broken glass in the skin could be a sign that you’re not at peace with your appearance. It may indicate self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy. Alternatively, it might suggest that you’re feeling insecure about a situation or relationship in your life. The sudden and unexpected end of a relationship can be felt. Maybe you want to escape something unbearable, but you can’t run away, so you break and get hurt.

Dreaming of Broken Glass on the Floor

Dreaming about broken glass on the floor is a good sign, it’s a symbolic representation of your feelings towards someone in your life that means the world to you. You are feeling guarded and protective, but at the same time exhausted and insecure, bringing to mind the image of broken glass.

Dream About Pulling Glass Out of Skin

Dreaming of pulling glass out of your skin is often interpreted as an expression of indecision or dissatisfaction. It could indicate that you feel you have too many options before and you can’t decide which one to take. You may feel trapped or restricted in some way, causing you to be dissatisfied with the situation.

Pulling Broken Glass Out of Mouth Dream

Dreaming about pulling a broken glass out of your mouth means you are suffering from painful feelings. It’s time to let them go. Telling someone about your problems isn’t the only way to deal with them. You should learn to accept what has happened, forgive those who have caused you pain and move on. You can start by accepting responsibility for your part in the conflict, then by making amends when necessary and adapting yourself to the situation.

Chewing Glass Dream

When you dream about chewing glass, you’re likely confronting internal struggles that feel like you’re beating yourself up from the inside out. Perhaps there’s some fear or guilt in your life that you’ve tried to appease by shipping it out of your mind — but your subconscious won’t let you move forward until you deal with it.

Dream of Stepping on Glass

Dreaming about stepping on broken glass means you need to be more aware of the way you treat others. If you step on just one piece, you may be able to fix a single problem but multiple pieces suggest that many issues need to be resolved. This also signifies conflict, broken relationships, and betrayal.

Dreaming of Walking Barefoot on Broken Glass

If you’re dreaming about walking barefoot on broken glass, it represents that you’re feeling very vulnerable and exposed to the opinions of others. You feel as if everything you try to do is wrong, and that there’s nowhere to turn for advice or support. It could also mean that you’re experiencing some harsh criticism in your waking life.

Giving Someone a Glass of Water in a Dream

If you’re dreaming about giving someone a glass of water, then it means that you suffer from a lack of affection from your loved ones and people close to you. Also, this dream may be a metaphor for how you often feel thirsty for love in your waking life. Alternatively,  this dream also represents that you might be feeling frustrated with people who aren’t living up to your standards, but you feel powerless to do anything about it.

Walking on Broken Glass Dream Meaning

Dreaming about walking on broken glass can represent your perception of moving through life’s difficulties. Often, this dream is an expression of resilience and determination despite experiences in life that may have led you to believe otherwise. Perhaps you are facing a recent loss or struggle that has you questioning your ability to carry on. Walking on broken glass can show that you can still be strong after going through a difficult time.

Dream About Spitting Out Glass

If you’re dreaming about spitting out glass, it suggests that you need to confront something in your life that you are resisting or refusing to acknowledge. When you spit out the glass in a dream, it suggests you’re ready to let go of something that doesn’t serve you in the long run.

Breaking Glass in a Dream

When you dream about breaking glass, it means that you are ready to let go of old relationships and habits that no longer serve you to make room for something new. The glass is shielding you from the outside world, keeping your heart from being hurt again. Breaking it means that you are ready to heal and move on.

Dream of Broken Glass and Blood

When you’re dreaming about broken glass and blood, it tends to symbolize a sense of loss or some sort of life change. Blood dreams often reflect fears of a deeper nature that slip into our subconscious while we sleep. When facing problems in waking life, try to remember the literal meaning behind the broken glass, and use your dreams as a way to get in touch with deeper insights that you might otherwise overlook.

Dream of Removing Broken Glass From Foot

Dreaming of removing broken glass from your foot usually means that you need to clear out the old so you can make room for the new. You’re done with what’s over, and now you can move on to something newer and more exciting. Alternatively, it could mean that you’re seeing a rough patch in your life ahead and that you need to be ready to take care of yourself.

Dream About Swallowing Glass

Dreaming about swallowing glass means that you are accepting your fate. You are willing to face the consequences of your actions, rather than try and avoid them. This dream may also mean that you feel like you’re putting on too much weight or living a lifestyle that may put your health in jeopardy.

Hearing Glass Shatter in a Dream 

Dreaming of hearing glass shatter is often a sign of stress and uncertainty. There is an inherent anxiety in them, years of pent-up emotions that don’t know where to go. It sounds like you’re not sure what your next move should be. Instead of letting these feelings get the best of you, take a day to relax and see where the day takes you.

Dream About Broken Glass in My Hand

When you’re dreaming of broken glass in your hand, it is a symbol that you may be worried about some matter or situation. You have the option of either trying to stop or correct something or not bothering at all. It is important to note, that often this dream too, means that you are a little out of balance at the moment and it would be better for you to do things that bring more joy into your life.

Seeing Broken Glass in Dream

When you dream about seeing broken glass, it means that something in your life will be shattered. It is possible that you will face some big disappointment or you may lose what you have worked so hard for. It can also mean that some love relationships may end shortly.

Mouth Full of Glass Dream

If you’re dreaming about a mouth full of glass, it refers to anxiety about your current state of health. You may be experiencing physical or mental pain that is hindering your ability to move forward in life and achieve your goals. The dream is telling you that you need to slow down and start meditating on your problems.

Glass of Water Dream Meaning

When dreaming of a glass of water, it represents your ability to recognize and satisfy your thirst. This is a very positive dream, usually indicating that you can face life’s challenges proactively. This dream represents your ability to contribute to society in positive ways. The water in the glass could also represent thirst — a thirst for love or fulfillment.

Broken Mirror Glass Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a broken glass mirror means that you are coming to a crossroads in your life. You will ultimately be forced to decide what you want for yourself, and whether or not it’s worth fighting for. Some people attempt to move on from the past, but as this dream indicates, there may be some things that you need to confront and resolve to move forward in your life.

Dream Meaning Broken Glass in Foot

Dreaming about broken glass in your foot is symbolic of an unfortunate life change. This dream may be trying to tell you something about yourself. Glass symbolizes transparency and honesty, which may be lacking in your life — you’re hiding some aspects of your personality from other people or maybe even yourself. A crack in the glass represents a damaged relationship or a mistake you made that will have lasting consequences.

Dream of Broken Glass Door

If you’re dreaming of a broken glass door, it symbolizes your inability to reach your goals or to see them through. The glass represents the obstacles that stand between you and what you want. If it’s only cracked, but still intact, don’t be discouraged; this means that you’ve overcome one of the challenges that were stopping you from reaching your goal.

Eating Broken Glass Dream

When you’re dreaming about eating broken glass it can represent the lack of trust within your relationship or trust issues in general. It can also represent the end of a relationship or a long-term friendship. The broken glass may just be there as a warning signal to keep you on your toes regarding the subject at hand.

Dream About Glass Shattering

When you’re dreaming about glass shattering, it symbolizes something that has mentally or emotionally “shattered.” Your subconscious might be trying to warn you to emphasize keeping your life together. Also, it is an indication that you are dealing with some form of major change in your life — whether it involves breaking up with a significant other, quitting your job, or having to relocate.

Dream About Glass in Hand

When you’re dreaming about glass in your hand, it’s a universal symbol that represents your fears, anxieties, and your worries. These dreams may be telling you that you are feeling too much pressure in your life and need to take a step back or relax more. Give yourself some time for relaxation.

Broken Drinking Glass Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a broken drinking glass is a symbol of a broken relationship. Someone close to you is looking for a separation, and they don’t want to let you know. They may be saying that they’re willing to work things out, but in reality, they have already accepted the fact that they’re going to go. The message is pretty clear; you are not meant to be with this person anymore.

Dreaming of Walking on Broken Glass

Dreaming about walking on broken glass means that you feel trapped in your current situation. You may be feeling emotionally or physically hurt, and this dream is a way to express that. Start thinking about ways to let go of these negative feelings, even if they’re not easy. Alternatively, this also means that you will be faced with adversity or danger shortly, but you will overcome it. 

Dream About Pulling Glass Out of Hands

Dreaming about pulling glass out of your hands indicates that you are about to start something new in your life, which will not be easy but very captivating. You’ll have to work hard, but the satisfaction will make it all worth it. This dream also means that you see yourself in full control of your life. You are using your intuition and common sense to make decisions that will ultimately impact your future in the best way possible.

Dream of Glass Shards in Hand

Dreaming about a glass shard in your hand means that you may suffer from heartache shortly. You, or the person who has the shard in their hand must be more careful with the things around them and not let random people into their lives because that could lead to more pain. This can easily be prevented by not letting strangers into your inner circle.

Choking on Glass Dream Interpretation

If you’re dreaming about glass choking you, perhaps it symbolizes mental blocks. The way to overcome this problem is to concentrate on the obstacle as an opportunity and find a creative solution for it. For example, if your business is not growing, don’t immediately blame yourself or others. Instead, try to think about new ways and approaches on how to make things better — to generate more interest and attract new customers.

Broken Glass Picture Frame Dream

Dreaming about the broken glass of a picture frame represents a foreboding that something you are accustomed to having around you is going away — say, a close friend or family member. The good news is that it may not be as tragic as it appears; the key takeaway is to appreciate what you have while it’s around.

Dream of Swallowing Broken Glass

Dreaming of swallowing broken glass means that you are having difficulties breaking away from a situation and moving forward. You may still be held back if you keep thinking about things or people from your past. Try to let go of the past and focus on your future for a brighter outcome.

Dream of Broken Cell Phone Glass

Dreaming about broken cell phone glass is often a symbol of letting go and certain situations in your life. They may signify an end to a relationship or the failure of an endeavor. The state of the glass itself can sometimes represent how you feel about the situation; for example, if the glass is cracked but not entirely shattered, you might feel that the issue isn’t permanently damaging, though it does require immediate attention.

Glass Bowl Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a glass bowl is a clear sign from the universe that your life isn’t on track, or you’re not pursuing your passions. The dream symbolizes frustration and uncertainty. To get back on track, you must make time for what’s most important — pursuing what fulfills you and all of your dimensions, such as taking care of your health, spending time with loved ones, and pursuing your passions.

Hearing Glass Break in a Dream

When you’re dreaming about hearing glass break, it is symbolic of your disruptive or rebellious nature. You have a thirst for new knowledge, but you don’t feel powerful enough to pursue every avenue. In your waking life, you should work to stop being so cautious and take some calculated risks.

Empty Glass Jar Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about an empty glass jar, it means that your life is about to get a whole lot busier. Maybe you’re about to have a baby, or you’re expecting some other big change in your life. Your subconscious is warning you that you need to be prepared for the shift that’s coming.

Dream of Breaking Glass Bottle

Dreaming of breaking a glass bottle means that you are feeling deeply frustrated and need to overcome some obstacle. Since glass is fragile, this dream reflects how you perceive your situation; something will not last much longer if you do not salvage it quickly. Perhaps you are feeling guilt or shame over something. Or you may be embarrassed by someone else’s mistake. This dream could also mean that you feel trapped in some situations where it is difficult to act freely.

Dream of Picking up Broken Glass

Dreaming about picking up broken glass is a sign that you need to repair something or make an honest attempt to fix a broken relationship. Perhaps there’s an area of your life where you feel like a piece of glass that’s been shattered in two — severing a relationship, for example. In this case, the dream may be telling you that you need to hold on and try to mend this connection.

Glass Cup Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a glass cup is a classic omen that represents fruitfulness. To see such a cup in your dream symbolizes the potential to realize your wishes in tangible form. The dream could also mean that you will become an owner of a beautiful house with perfect furniture, expensive artworks, and other things that are valued by the people. Anything that your heart desires.

Glass Eye Dream Meaning

When you dream about a glass eye, this represents that you may need to develop your intuition and your creative abilities. You may be blocked in these areas and lack confidence. You might feel that you are not able to express your creativity or use your intuition the way that it needs to be used.

Broken Wine Glass Dream Meaning

Dreaming of broken wine glass represents compromised love, betrayal, and hurt. You’re feeling grief over an emotional or romantic loss, or a breakdown of harmonious relationships. Perhaps you’re worried that the reliability of some important person in your life might fail — whether it’s your significant other, a business partner, or even a spiritual leader.

Dream About Glass Stuck in Foot

Dreaming about glass stuck in your foot can be a metaphor for having a valuable opportunity pass you by. It means the chances are there for you to make something of yourself but you’re not pursuing opportunities that could help you advance towards your goals. You feel stuck in life and like nothing can change.

Dream of Cleaning up Broken Glass

Dreams about cleaning broken glass symbolize that you need to take responsibility for your actions, whether you intended to cause harm or not. This dream may come after an argument with someone in which you may have said something you regret or made a careless mistake. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are trying to clean up your reputation and make amends.

Dream of Getting Cut by Glass

Dreaming of being cut by glass symbolizes your fear of losing your stability in life and being left to fend for yourself. You are afraid that you may be left without your loved ones or that you could become a burden on them. It’s a sense of feeling vulnerable or unprotected as if you’re walking between the raindrops without an umbrella. Your subconscious is suggesting that it’s worrying about your well-being, and this may steer you towards making improvements to your life.

Dream About Someone Throwing Glass at You

If you’re having a dream about someone throwing glass at you, you likely feel like someone is trying to hurt you emotionally or psychologically. You may feel under attack or threatened. It could also indicate an issue with communication — that something has been rudely said to you, or that you have been disrespectful of someone’s boundaries.

Dream of Breaking a Glass Cup

If you’re dreaming about breaking a glass cup, it suggests that you are in danger of losing the illusion of yourself. You may be experiencing some sort of disappointment or failure, but you need to keep going, despite those disappointments or failures. Alternatively, breaking a cup in your dream can just symbolize your typical day-to-day stresses.

Glass Elevator Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a glass elevator could symbolize a desire for more clarity and direction in your life. The elevator is representative of one’s life — an infinite space heading towards the sky, but it’s made of glass, which reflects your own identity, thoughts, and feelings. This can be perceived as a struggle to figure out who you are and what you’re doing.

Dream of Glass Door

Dreaming about a glass door signifies your inability to express yourself or open up to others. It can also indicate a feeling of being trapped in a current situation and an inability to move on.  It may also suggest that you need to be more open to opportunities or communication with others.

Dream of Sweeping up Broken Glass

Dreaming of sweeping up broken glass can represent a fear of failure, anxiety about a looming threat, or a desire to unite with others. A sweeping motion can mean tidying up or finishing the task at hand, so this dream may indicate that you need to resolve a problem or tie up loose ends before moving on. The broken glass itself may symbolize a shattered relationship or promise you broke.

Dream of Someone Else Eating Glass

When you dream about someone else eating glass, this may be a symbol that there is something in your real waking life that is causing you a lot of stress. It may also be warning you that someone close to you is going through a challenging period, or it could represent your feelings about competition in business or love.

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glass in a Dream

Dreaming of broken glass can signify sadness, disappointment, or a problem that is affecting your life. If a loved one appears in your dream and breaks a glass, it symbolizes the ending of your relationship. If you break the glass yourself, it means that you are breaking away from an unhealthy situation.

Biblical Meaning of Glass in a Dream

According to the Bible, glass is a symbol of a person’s purity and righteousness. It is also representative of a person n’s ability to connect with others emotionally. When it appears in a dream, it might be an angelic vision that calls for you to be more spiritual and to use your intelligence.


When you dream about glass, you may be feeling vulnerable and fragile. Or your subconscious may be revealing that you need to be completely honest about something.