The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Ghosts

Written By Jamie Young

It’s no secret that dreams can be a source of comfort and insight. But what does it mean when you dream about ghosts? For many people, ghosts represent the fear of the past. They may see ghosts in their dreams to remind them of the moments they regret or the fears they’ve experienced in life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Ghosts

When you dream about ghosts, it’s important to know the symbols that are associated with that dream. These symbols may represent aspects of your personal history or your fear of the past. For example, if you dream about a ghostly figure looking down on you, that may suggest that you’re feeling insecure or scared. If you dream of being chased by a ghost, that might be a sign that you’re feeling overwhelmed or threatened.


Fighting with ghost in dream meaning

People that dream of fighting with ghosts often feel they are being overwhelmed by external influences and that they are losing control. It is often used to tell someone not to get distracted at every turn, but is important to pay attention to how people around you are treating you as well.

Dream interpretation ghost attack

If you dream of a ghost attack, it suggests that there is something in your waking life that is causing you stress or anxiety. Perhaps you are worried about how people perceive you or if you are feeling overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities that come with your relationships. This can also signify an upcoming change in your life path or your career.

Dreaming of spirits and ghosts

In dreams, spirits symbolizes your hopes and wishes. You are trying to connect with your own spirituality. And ghosts usually represents the intruding of irrational thoughts into the waking world. But sometimes, it is also a sign that you have taken steps in the right direction towards a goal that you have never thought possible for yourself.

Dreams about ghosts and demons

When you dream about ghosts or demons and find yourself running away, then you are dreaming about a situation in your life that is scaring the heck out of you. You are letting your subconscious know that something in your waking life has got you terrified. Perhaps it’s a situation at home or at work, or maybe it’s a relationship with another person.

Dreaming of ghosts talking to you

When you dream of ghosts talking to you, it means that you are experiencing a time of great stress. Ghosts are often thought to be spirits of the dead, and in this dream, you are stressed about someone who has died recently or is about to die soon. While this may seem bleak, this dream can also mean that you are worried about something else.

Dream of ghost chasing me

If you dream of ghost chasing you, it means that you are being haunted or pursued by something or someone. Have you recently made a big decision? A financial investment? If so, you might be being chased by the consequences of your actions. Alternatively, a ghost in your dreams can represent the past or a person from your past. You could also be dreaming about spirits and deceased loved ones.

Dream of being suffocated by ghost

When you dream of being suffocated or choked by ghosts or other menacing creatures, it can mean that you feel overwhelmed by the burdens of your own everyday problems and fears. In dreams, as in real life, success requires dedication, strength, and courage to overcome any obstacle or difficulty. But your worst enemy isn’t the ghost itself — it’s the feeling of powerlessness in the face of overwhelming adversity and fear.

Dream of seeing a ghost in a mirror

Dreaming of seeing a ghost in a mirror symbolizes you are worried about your ability to get past an emotional block, and through the fear that is holding you back from fully understanding your situation. Your good intentions have run into some resistance, and you are at risk of giving up on them. It’s time to keep pushing though, as negativity won’t win out in the end.

Dreaming of ghosts touching you

Dreaming about a ghost touching you indicates that a deep emotional issue is bothering you. You may be going through a divorce or other emotional struggle, and your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. It could also mean that you are uncomfortable with change, and don’t want things to be different in your life.

Dreams about ghost child

Dreaming about the ghost of a child, often in a location you aren’t familiar with, is a sign that you’re moving into a new emotional space. You may be experiencing feelings of overwhelm and vulnerability. Or perhaps you’re having memories of your childhood you haven’t had in years, and realizing how much has changed over the years.

Dreaming about ghosts in my house

In dreams, the appearance of a ghost in your house might be interpreted as a warning that you are spending too much time alone and need to be more social with those around you. It may also indicate that you need to clear out the clutter in your life by getting rid of all the things in it that are cluttering your mind, like unpleasant memories or worries about the future.

Shadow ghost dream meaning

Shadow ghosts are drawn to negative human emotion and attachment, and therefore commonly subconsciously occur in dreams. Being haunted by a shadow ghost may be a sign that you have some unresolved issues or emotions in your life. Shadows can have associations with death or hauntings, so seeing one in your dream can be a scary experience.

Dream about ghost in basement

A dream about ghosts in your basement signals that you should take a closer look at the things in your life that are stuck or trapped. You may feel stifled or trapped by old ideas from the past or unwanted changes that are occurring in your life now. If you dream of a ghost that haunts your basement in the middle of the night, this may mean that you are having financial struggles or experiencing some form of home-related hardship.

Dream of ghost in bathroom

When you wake up from a dream that involves a haunting presence in the bathroom, you’re likely to experience feelings of discomfort and fear. When you dream of ghosts in the bathroom, it means you are experiencing sadness or a sense of loss. The dream is saying that you feel like you have been abandoned. There might be an aspect of your life that needs to be examined.

Dreams about ghosts in your bedroom

If you dream about a ghost in your bedroom, it’s likely you’re not taking care of yourself, physically or mentally. The ghost may also be a metaphor for an ex-dating partner who still lingers in your thoughts and feelings or there could even be a serious illness that you need to know about.

Dream of being strangled by a ghost

A ghost strangling you in your dreams might not be such a bad sign. Commonly, people who have been through a traumatic experience dream of seeing a ghost, who is often symbolic of the trauma they have been through and the way they cope with it. But seeing a ghost also means that there is unfinished business in their lives, so they may continue to see this ghost until they deal with it.

Dream I died and became a ghost

To dream of dying and becoming a ghost means that you are worried, anxious or uncertain about something. You feel like you have no control over your life. Dreams of being a ghost can represent feelings about yourself that you don’t want anyone else to discover. You may feel like you have no substance or physical presence, or like you’re invisible. This dream can also symbolize fear of the unknown or subconscious anxiety about death and dying.

Dreams about evil ghosts

When you dream about evil ghosts, this may mean that you are experiencing a resentment towards a person in your life who is behaving in a way that is frustrating. This can be someone who won’t let you go, or has been holding you back. The evil ghost may symbolize a dark or negative aspect of your personality. This could be something you wish to change about yourself. Or, it could be a cause for concern: are you suppressing some aspect of your personality?

Dreaming of deceased pets ghost

When you dream about deceased pets, it means you need to pay attention to the spirit world. The appearance of a deceased pet in a dream is often an indication from your spirit guides that you are ready to move on from your current life situation and make a directional change. It can also mean that you have unresolved issues or unfinished business with a deceased loved one.

Ghost pulling my hair dream

Dreaming of a ghost pulling your hair signifies that you need to avoid temptation and stay on top of your responsibilities. It may also suggest an overbearing relationship with someone who is causing you to stray from your values.  Alternatively, ghosts pulling your hair can mean that you have been threatened. If you are afraid of ghosts, then this dream can cause you to be even more fearful.

Ghosts visiting in dreams

When you dream of ghosts visiting, you’re likely dreaming of someone who has passed on. It could be a relative, a spiritual figure, or even yourself after your death. Ghosts are usually harmless in dreams, but they can be symbols of fears and anxieties that we aren’t aware of in waking life.

Dreams about ghosts moving objects

When you dream of ghosts moving objects, it indicates that there is something in your waking life that has been moved by an outside force which is influencing your situation. Are you being pushed around or is there a force at play that will change your emotions or mood? Most likely, the dream indicates that you are feeling like your life is out of control and you are powerless over the direction your life is headed.

Dream of ghost pulling leg meaning

A ghost pulling your leg can represent a friend who is teasing you, but it also suggests that you might not be completely honest with yourself. These are only interpretations, however. A ghost pressing you down may mean that someone is preventing you from moving forward in your life.

Dreams about ghosts and haunted houses

When we dream about ghosts or haunted places, it could mean any number of things. It could be that you’re encountering a repressed memory from your past, it could be that you’ve had a feeling or sense of someone’s presence, and when you dream about it, your subconscious is reminding you that something isn’t right.

Dream about being pulled by a ghost

When you dream about being pulled by a ghost, it means that you are feeling guilty because you are having an affair with another person. Did you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you trying to start new things in the future? It could also mean that you are being taken advantage of by someone close to you.

Dream of being possessed by a ghost

Dreaming of a ghost that possesses you means you should watch out for the people around you. It could be an indication that someone is out to hurt you. The ghost is usually planning on sabotaging your reputation, so make sure to take steps to safeguard it before its too late. Alternatively, dreaming of being possessed by a ghost is an indication that you feel you are living a double-life. You can’t find yourself in the real world, so you’re creating an alternate reality on your own. In this sense, this dream might be linked to depression or low self-esteem.

Fighting a ghost in a dream

Dreams of fighting or battling a ghost is usually the sign of a big emotional or mental battle. Often, you’re either fighting with someone or struggling to gain control over something. Despite how difficult the situation is, remember that you have to keep pushing forward and not give up.

Dream of being dragged by a ghost

If you dream of being dragged by a ghost, this foretells that you will neglect some important duty and be called upon to answer for your inattention. If you try to walk away from the phantom, it is a sign that you will have serious trouble with enemies. It is also thought to be a sign of your own impending doom — if you are being dragged away by ghost, you may need to change your approach to live more peacefully.

Falling in love with ghost dream meaning

Dreams of falling in love with a ghost can have several meanings, but are generally positive expressions about anxious feelings or fears. Your subconscious is telling you that your anxieties about being in a relationship may be false and unfounded. So, allow yourself to be open to love and don’t let your past experiences make you close yourself off from new relationships.

Recurring Ghost Dreams Meaning

Recurring dreams of ghosts can indicate several things. If you have recurring nightmares of ghosts, this may be a way your subconscious mind deals with a traumatic event in the past. Perhaps someone has passed away, leaving behind some unfinished business. Though your dreams may give you peace while you sleep, they can leave you feeling rattled when you awake to an empty house.


Dreams about ghosts can be interpreted in many ways, but the most common interpretation is that the ghosts represent the past, present or future. In other words, they represent the things that have happened in our lives. Dreams about ghosts can also be interpreted as a way to communicate with the dead or to find out more about our personal life.