The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of a Flood

Written By Jamie Young

You might be wondering what flooding means in a dream. Flooding in a dream can mean many different things, depending on the context and situation. It could be that you’ve just lost something important or you feel like you’re losing control of your life. It may indicate that the difficult times in your life are getting worse and worse.

It can also point to feelings of inadequacy or insignificance—a feeling that everyone is more important than you and not caring about you at all. More often than not, it ties into self-hatred and guilt.

What Does Flooding Mean in a Dream

Flooding is a common dream theme found in many different cultures. It is a common symbol that represents the idea of overwhelming emotions and feelings.

In dreams, you may be experiencing a flood as an emotional response to something that has happened or something you are feeling. Floods can also represent natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

In general, floods are often associated with fear, loss, and death. They can also represent destructive emotions like anger or frustration that have been pent up for too long.

If you’re dreaming about flooding, it’s important to consider what the emotion behind this dream is because the meaning of the flooding could vary from person to person based on their current mental state.

flooding house

Dream of flood outside house

When we dream of flood outside house, our hearts will be restless and we could not sleep well. There are basically two kind of dreams in this case. One kind is the reflection of your current working condition. You should pay more attention to your work and try to solve the problem. Another kind is you have something going on in your heart, such as anxiety, expectation, or hope.

Dream about escaping a flood

To dream of seeing others escape from a flood, foretells you will be privy to the success of friends and acquaintances. To enter a flood in your dream, signifies that your dreams will be partially realized. And finally, if you are carried off by a flood while trying to escape it, you will have a dangerous sickness.

Dream about house flooding

Dreaming of a flood usually means that you have some unresolved issues in your real life. Because if you have a flood in your house, that usually means something is getting out of control in your life and there are issues that need to be addressed.

If you dream of being caught in a house flooding, it means that you need to be more careful with your time. It’s not a time to waste; take advantage of what’s going on around you. Use this time to accomplish goals and be happy. If the dream is about someone else, it means that someone may be trying to pull one over on you.

Dream about end of the world flood

A flood ending the world often symbolizes a cleansing of the old and starting anew. This dream can be particularly frightening as it shows water taking over everything you were familiar with, but it can also be an exciting dream to have as it means positive change is coming soon.

Dream of heavy rain and flood

Dreaming of heavy rain and flood is a symbol of concern and worry. If you have this dream, it represents your belief that there are things you are unable to change and have no control over. Dreaming of this combination could foretell the coming of a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake or tsunami, or it could predict that you are about to make some poor choices in your personal life — like investing money with a shady source.

Dreaming of natural disaster flood

Dreams of natural disaster and flooding may represent that you need to prepare for the oncoming future. Perhaps you are feeling unprepared for some event or dealing with something new. In these dreams of natural disaster and flooding people escape from the force of incoming water, usually caused by seismic activity.

Dream of flooded streets

Seeing flooded streets in your dream can mean that you are surrounded by toxic relationships. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with the volume of negativity thrown your way and feel as if you are being cornered into a dark corner. You might be stuck in a bad situation and see no immediate way out. The deeper you try to fight your way out, the more you get sucked into the muddy waters.

Dream of water flooding a room

Dreaming of a room flooded with water is reflective of one’s attachment to their security, the safety of their life. They may feel the weight of their responsibilities pushing them down like the water in the room.

A dream of a room filled with water symbolizes a time when you have the opportunity learn something valuable about yourself or about your circumstances. Water generally represents emotions, so a flood of it suggests that you’re feeling particularly emotional or sensitive about a situation. Listen to your heart as it guides you through this trying time.

Dreams about flooded roads

A dream about flooded roads reflects a time in your life when you felt overwhelmed and you were so busy that it seemed as if there was no way to catch up. You may be feeling the pressure of your responsibilities and finding it hard to cope. If you dream about being in a flooded road, this indicates that you are dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed or ‘flooded’ by feelings.

Dream about driving through a flood

When you dream about driving through a flood, it’s usually a symbol of your attempt to push past the natural boundaries of your life. Feelings of being trapped and the desire to break free are common in this scenario. With the physical limitations of your surroundings getting in your way, you may be fighting an uphill battle lately. It’s important that you take time to reflect on where you want to go — but also not forget where you came from.

Dream of flooding bathroom

Many people feel that a flooded bathroom is a dream with a favorable or hopeful meaning: you’ve got a romantic night planned with your partner. The water can be a reference to the abundance of love and care coming your way. Although some people claim differently, dreaming about flooding in your bathroom may mean you are afraid of intimacy and closeness others offer. The fragile nature of your house symbolizes your lack of confidence in opening up to others.

Dream about storm and flood

Storms and floods in your dreams can symbolize tremendous loss. They often come as the result of unchecked emotions, like anger or rage. Storms can also be a sign that feelings of guilt and failure are taking their toll on you. This dream may represent a need to face certain aspects of your life head-on before they become unmanageable.

Dreams about tsunamis and floods

If you dream about a tsunami and flood, it can depict feelings of being out of control – especially when it comes to emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger. If you dream about a tsunami or flood and there are people around who you know in real life, it could represent what your friends are going through in life.

Dream about crossing a flooded river

Dreaming about crossing a flooded river symbolizes the challenges you are facing in your life. The dream suggests that you are facing difficulty in getting over the obstacles in your way. It also signifies that you are hoping to reach an unreachable goal but there is no hope of your success.

Dream about dirty water flood

In a dream, flood with dirty water represents worries and troubles that you may encounter in your life due to the excessive greed of some people around you. You should be aware of this fact, and try as much as possible to get rid of all malicious people around you. This is because they always use underhanded methods to harm others.

Biblical Meaning of Flooding Water in a Dream

One meaning of flooding water in a dream is that the water feels overwhelming and out of control. It could also be a symbol of trying to keep your life together and figure out what is next.

The floods in the Bible were a result of God’s anger at sin, not just humans, but all of creation. With this in mind, it makes sense that flooding would be seen as something out of control or overwhelming. Participants who have never heard about the flood story may not understand what it means when they are dreaming about it.


Flooding in dreams often represents a psychological or emotional state of being overwhelmed by your thoughts, feelings, or surroundings. The symbolism of flooding in dreams can also represent a loss of control over the things, people, and circumstances in your life. Flooding can also represent a loss of meaning in your life and the desire to escape that reality.