The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Flights

Written By Jamie Young

Have you ever had dreams about flights? There are many different types of flight dreams, and they can be interpreted as either literal or symbolic. In a dream world, flight dreams are generally a sign of freedom, a freedom to take on new challenges in life. This article will cover the meaning and symbolism of what flight dreams mean.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flights

In a dream, a flight is generally a sign that you’re feeling on top of the world and ready for anything. You may be feeling adventurous, eager to explore new things, or simply confident about your place in the world. It is also a sign that you are undergoing a substantial transformation and are ready to take the next steps in your life. 

Dream About Missing a Flight

Dreaming about missing a flight generally means you feel as though you have missed out on an opportunity. Maybe you feel unappreciated at work — and that your skills aren’t being tapped to their full potential. Maybe your partner isn’t giving you enough support in raising the kids. Consider any big decision in your life and ask yourself whether or not this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Dream Of Rushing to Catch a Flight

When you dream about rushing to catch a flight, it means that there is something in your life that you aren’t taking seriously. You may not be paying enough attention to details, or something isn’t coming together as you want it to. This can often mean that things are moving faster than you aren’t ready for.

Dream About Packing and Missing Flight

When you dream about packing and missing a flight, it can mean that you’re leaving something behind or avoiding something. Maybe you feel you need to improve upon your current situation, but instead, you’re becoming complacent. There may also be something that you’re being rebellious towards, such as your parents; or conversely, there may be something about yourself that you refuse to acknowledge.

Dream About Being Late for a Flight

When you dream about being late for a flight, it’s usually a sign that you’re feeling out of control in your life. You may be feeling like you have no control over the future and are just waiting around for things to happen. It could also mean that you are avoiding responsibilities or challenges head-on. Perhaps you need to stop making excuses and get to work on time.

Dreams About Missing a Flight Home

When you dream about missing a flight home, it means that something is wrong with your life path. It means that you should pay attention to the hard work needed to achieve your goals. Your life path is going to change and you are the only one responsible for making sure it’s going in the right direction. Be honest with yourself, look within, and dare to face your fears and mistakes.

Dream About Almost Missing a Flight

When you dream about almost missing a flight, it might mean that you are feeling anxious about leaping into the unknown. Whether it’s a new relationship or a change in career path, your mind is telling you that you need to get out of there and live your life to the fullest — because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Dream Of Catching a Flight

When you dream of catching a flight, it can mean that your responsibilities are weighing down on you. You’re feeling pressed for time and overburdened by pressure. The way to alleviate your stress is to take a step back and re-evaluate your situation. Don’t take on new tasks or obligations until you can clear off some old ones.

Dream About Trying to Catch a Flight

If you’re dreaming about trying to catch a flight, it could be an indication that you are lacking structure in your life. You are desperately trying to carve a path for yourself that is fulfilling and satisfying — but you aren’t sure how to reach it. If this is the case, then perhaps you need to rethink the way that you are approaching it. 

Dreams Taking Flight

When you dream about taking flight, it means you’re ready for a change. You need to get out of your comfort zone so you can grow as a person. Your dreams are telling you to pursue that longed-for career, travel outside your home country, or accept that vacation offer from your friend.

Dream Of Missing a Plane Flight

When you dream about missing a plane flight could be a sign that you need to slow down. Instead of rushing through your day, why not take the time to enjoy each moment? It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, but you should try to remember that there are plenty of ways to relax. When you’re on vacation, make sure to be present in each moment and allow yourself the time to truly enjoy your surroundings.

Dreaming Of Booking a Flight

Dreaming about booking a flight could suggest that you are considering a change in your life. But you may be reluctant to leave your current situation behind completely. Are you wanting to move on from something or someone? Or are you ready to spread your wings and take off on an adventure? Booking a flight also suggests that there is something in your life that you feel needs repair or fixing.

Canceled Flight Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a canceled flight means you experience some difficulty in achieving your goals in life or you see your plans ruined by something or someone. You might also wish to avoid something unwanted or plan for something great. It might just be about our fear of leaving certain things behind and going forward with them.

Running to Catch a Flight Dream

When you dream about running to catch a flight it means that there is an opportunity that you need to seize before it’s too late. Maybe you will miss something if you don’t act soon. You may be feeling anxious about the deadlines or commitments around you. You may be feeling overwhelmed by your hectic schedule and are worried that you’ll miss something important. 

Running Late to Catch a Flight Dream

When you dream about running late to catch a flight, it indicates that the outcome of your current plans is at risk. There may be a situation developing that requires you to alter your current course. You should realize that not addressing the problem immediately may lead to it becoming more difficult and problematic in the future. So be careful and address the issues before they become unmanageable.


Dreaming about flights usually represents your feelings of freedom and a desire to escape from everyday life. You may be yearning for a new adventure or change in your life.