The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Elephants

Written By Jamie Young

Elephants are very positive and uplifting animals, so dream about elephants could mean that you’re feeling optimistic. Dreaming about a herd of elephants could mean that you’re surrounded by positivity and support. If you dream of an elephant in particular, this could be your spirit animal. Finally, dreaming of an elephant may come as a warning that something negative is going to happen.

As with most dreams, there are multiple interpretations for dreaming about elephants. Here are some ways to view your dreams as they relate to elephants.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants

There are a few different ways to view your dreams about elephants. The most common interpretation of dreaming about elephants is that you’re feeling positive and optimistic. Just as the animals in your dreams are uplifting and supportive, so can you be.

However, there are many other interpretations for your dream about elephants. If you dream of a particular elephant, it could indicate that your spirit animal is an elephant. Elephants represent strength and power, so if you see an elephant in your dream, it could mean that something challenging will happen soon or that you’ll experience some great life changes soon. Finally, if you dream of an elephant and it’s very scary or negative in nature, this may be a sign that something negative is coming up or is happening soon.


Dreams about baby elephants

Dreaming about baby elephants symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. In the dream, the baby elephant is a newborn with no preconceived notions of what their life will be like. This represents you going into a situation with an open mind and heart. You are ready to learn and grow.

Seeing elephants in dream

If you dream of seeing an elephant, your dream is a metaphor for the strength you will need to get you through the difficult situation. When it comes to business communication, it is the same principle: it takes strength and honesty to create meaningful connections with prospects and customers.

Dream of white elephant

Dreaming of a white elephant is said to be an omen for something bad about to happen in your life. It may symbolize your feelings of guilt, worry or fear. Seeing a white elephant in your dream may also represent the quality of patience and calmness or a desire to have more patience and calmness in your life. Typically, seeing a white elephant represents good luck, but that is not always the case.

Elephant chasing in dream

If you’re being chased by an elephant in your dream and it’s a negative experience, it may be a reflection of lack of power in your waking life. It could also reflect the swiftness of change in your waking life. Sometimes they may represent boundless energy. If you are dreaming of chasing an elephant, then it means that you are in desperate need of making some important changes in your life.

Dead elephant dream meaning

Dead elephants in dreams symbolize death, and the way you respond to that death can tell you about your feelings toward death. For example, if you are mourning over the elephant’s death, then your dream may be reflecting your concerns over someone else’s death, or perhaps concerns about your own death.

Elephant attack in dream meaning

If you dreamed of an elephant attack, it could be a symbol of your boss or a person who stresses you out. Elephants are intelligent and never forget anything, so when you dream of an elephant attack, it could symbolize someone who remembers everything you’ve ever done wrong and tries to use that against you.

Dreaming of elephants in water

When you dream of elephants in water, you are given a vision of prosperity and affluence. The dream suggests that lucky opportunities are surrounding you and that fortune is just waiting to be discovered. Dreaming of elephants in water means you will have good luck.

Angry elephant in dream meaning

When you are dreaming of an angry elephant, it is highly likely that the elephant represents someone close to you in your waking life. Often, this is someone who has a temper or a short fuse, and will blow up at the slightest provocation. It’s likely that there is an issue between you and this person, and the elephant is acting as a mediator during your dream.

Dream of riding an elephant

The meaning of dreaming of riding an elephant, there are a few theories. An elephant may symbolize power and dominance, and riding the animal may be a metaphor for a dreamer’s feelings of triumph over fear or adversity. The elephant may also symbolize an individual’s strong will and stubborn nature.

Dreaming of Elephants Running

If you dream of elephants running, it can be interpreted as a symbol of personal growth and transformation. The elephant, known for its size and strength, often represents overcoming obstacles, demonstrating power, and showcasing determination in dream interpretation. Thus, when you see elephants running in your dream, it may be your subconscious telling you about your ongoing growth and progress. It could also mean that you might be running towards or away from something in your waking life. Either way, this dream generally signifies your inherent strength and persistence, necessary aspects for the journey of personal growth.

Playing With Baby Elephant Dream Meaning

Dreaming about playing with a baby elephant can be interpreted as a sign of childlike curiosity, innocence, and the need for nurturing. Baby elephants in dreams often highlight your playful side, reconnection with a simpler life, and carefree attitude. As you play with the baby elephant in your dream, it suggests your need for fostering a sense of curiosity, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, and nurturing new ideas or projects that have recently been born into reality, mirroring the purity and innocence associated with the baby elephant.

Dream About Saving a Baby Elephant

A dream about saving a baby elephant suggests that you have or are assuming a protective role in your waking life. It symbolizes that you might be the caregiver or the support system for someone vulnerable, who needs your help and protection. This dream also portrays your noble intentions, compassion, and the savior persona within you. Moreover, as elephants represent wisdom, such a dream can also indicate that you are entrusted with an idea or task of great importance, indicating that you should use your wisdom to save and nurture it.

Black Elephant in Dream

Seeing a black elephant in your dream generally indicates feelings of fear or apprehension about something in your waking life. Black is often associated with mystery, the unknown, or sometimes negativity. The black elephant symbolizes a powerful force or obstacle that is shrouded in obscurity, intimidating you, or causing anxiety. It also suggests that you might be dealing with unconscious thoughts, emotions, or experiences that you deem overwhelming.

Blue Elephant Dream Meaning

A blue elephant appearing in your dream most likely signifies tranquility, wisdom, and steadfastness. The color blue is usually associated with calmness, peace, and intellect, while elephants symbolize strength and memory. Therefore, a blue elephant combines these attributes to represent tranquility and balance in your current life situation. It can also symbolize that you are steadily reaching your goals with persistence and wisdom. However, depending on the dream’s context, a blue elephant could also signify that you are forgetting something important but doing so with a sense of ease and calmness.

Dream Big Elephant

When dreaming of a big elephant, it symbolically represents power and strength. Elephants are generally considered as majestic animals who hold significant cultural and spiritual symbolism across various religions and cultures. A large elephant in your dream could signify a powerful force that is present in your life or a big issue that you are dealing with. This could either be an obstacle that you are trying to overcome, or a guiding light you are seeking on your path. Understanding your life’s situations will help you to interpret the specifics of the dream more accurately.

Dream of Elephant Attacking Me

Dreaming of an elephant attacking you can be quite unnerving. However, it’s crucial to remember that dreams are subjective to the dreamer. An attack from an elephant could point towards feelings of being overwhelmed or facing an intense pressure in your waking life. It could also indicate that you’re being stubborn about a situation instead of dealing with it head-on. It’s an invitation to confront things or attitudes that may be obstructive or harmful.

Dream of Elephant Giving Birth

Dreaming about an elephant giving birth is a very powerful dream symbol. It generally portrays new beginnings, knowledge, and patience. It encourages the dreamer to nurture and foster their ideas and relationships in their waking life. If you see an elephant giving birth, it might be an auspicious sign of promising changes or the birth of new, powerful ideas or projects in your life. It also strongly symbolizes fertility, resourcefulness, and understanding.

Dream of Elephant Killing Someone

Dreaming of an elephant killing someone can be quite alarming. However, such a dream doesn’t usually foretell an actual physical loss. Instead, it serves as a metaphor for the death of something significant, like a relationship, job, or special connection in your real life. It could also speak to drastic changes that you feel threatened by or are resisting. Contextually, it can also symbolize the role of an authoritative figure who has a considerable influence on your life.

Dream of Elephant Statue

Dreaming of an elephant statue typically carries a deep symbolism. It could represent knowledge, patience, wisdom, and individual strength. This dream may serve as a reminder or encouragement to stay patient and to continue working toward your goals regardless of any obstacles or challenges. You might need to display strength and resilience in the face of adversity. An elephant statue in your dream might also indicate the importance of memory, loyalty, and intellect in your life to maintain a balance in your personal and professional life.

Elephant Blessing in Dream

Dreaming about elephants can be interpreted as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and intellect. When you see an elephant blessing you in your dream, it represents your inner power. You are priming to project your intelligence, power, and influence over others. It also symbolizes wisdom and knowledge accumulated over time. This dream implies your readiness to make significant progress in your life, utilizing the inherent strength and wisdom within you. The blessings from the elephant in your dream also indicate divine support and encouragement for your endeavors.

Feeding Elephant in Dream

Feeding an elephant in a dream could depict several things. But commonly, it signifies dealing with big responsibilities and tasks in your life. Imagine feeding an elephant; you’re directly responsible for the maintenance and well being of such a powerful and huge creature. So metaphorically in real life, it could mean you are now in a position where you provide for others or manage big projects. It also offers a positive sign; your ability to handle situations, no matter how big they are, with the required maturity and intelligence.

Injured Elephant in Dream

Seeing an injured elephant in a dream often symbolizes an indicator of difficulties, struggles, and obstacles in your life that you might face or are already encountering. Given the power and strength the elephant represents, an injured one reflects on your perceived weaknesses or hindrances in your progress forward. It suggests that you might feel powerless, overburdened, or overwhelmed by certain circumstances in your life. Additionally, it might also signify a loss of dignity or respect in some situations.

Seeing Elephant in Dream During Pregnancy

Specifically, an expectant woman dreaming of an elephant can signify maternal instincts or feelings of nurturing. It can also symbolize the emotional bond that the mother is cultivating with her unborn child. An elephant in dreams during pregnancy could also turn out to be a symbol of good luck, calling for a blissful pregnancy period and smooth delivery. In various cultures, it’s also seen as a sign of bringing up a wise and astute child.

Significance of Elephants in Dreams

The significance of elephants in dreams depends greatly on cultural interpretations and personal beliefs, but there are several general interpretations. As one of the most powerful animals, elephants often symbolize strength, stamina, memory, and tenacity. On a spiritual level, they represent wisdom, loyalty, reliability, and a link to divinity or the universe at a larger spectrum. A dream about an elephant could also signify that one is developing the strength an elephant embodies. It could indicate an approaching time of greater self-awareness, power, or mental strength.

Spiritual Meaning of Elephants in Dreams

Elephants represent your intuition and psychic abilities. They could also be a message from the animal kingdom telling you to listen to your inner voice. Dreaming about elephants could also be a sign that you are willing to take on new experiences. If you dream of being an elephant, it may mean that you’re ready to take on more responsibility or make more changes in your life. Finally, dreaming of an elephant may indicate that something negative is going to happen.

Biblical Meaning of Elephant in Dream

In the biblical sense, dreaming of elephants might be seen as a symbol of power, wisdom, strength, and prudence. In the scriptures, elephants are not specifically mentioned; however, the attributes associated with these mammoth creatures align closely with biblical teachings. For instance, elephants are known for their longevity and their remarkable memory, traits linked with wisdom and discernment in the Bible.

They are also models of strength, diligence, and endurance, virtues upheld by biblical characters. Thus, seeing an elephant in a dream could represent the necessity for spiritual strength, wisdom, and perseverance in your life, success after a long struggle, or the need to remember or hold onto something from your past.

Seeing Elephant in Dream in Hinduism

In Hinduism, elephants hold significant religious symbolism and value. Elephants, specifically the white elephant, are associated with Lord Ganesha, the deity of wisdom and success. As such, dreaming of elephants in this cultural context can be seen as a very auspicious sign. It can symbolize blessings, wisdom, good fortune, and the overcoming of obstacles in one’s life. Particularly, if one dreams of a white elephant, it is considered an embodiment of Lord Ganesha himself, often signaling prosperity, peace, and progress on one’s spiritual journey.

Elephants in Dreams Christian Interpretation

Within a Christian interpretation, dreaming of elephants often represents strength, honor, stability, and tenacity. It is also viewed as a symbol of patience, long memory, endurance and loyalty, reflecting Christ’s teachings about resilience in faith and devotion to God. Just as an elephant always remembers, Christians should also remember God’s words and actions. Elephant dreams might be God’s way of reminding dreamers of their own strength and the importance of steadfastness in faith. Such a dream can also encourage dreamers to stay loyal in their relationships, honor their commitments, and persist in times of trials.

Seeing Elephant in Dream in Islam

In the Islamic faith, elephants are not commonly featured in holy scriptures; however, they are part of some important historical narratives. In Islamic dream interpretation, elephants can bear various meanings, predominantly based on their behavior in your dream. If the elephant in the dream is calm and peaceful, it could signify strength, honor, and dignity, as well as wisdom and intellect. If the elephant is wild or aggressive, it could denote a powerful enemy or an imminent, significant challenge. Dreaming of a black elephant may symbolize an unjust or dishonest individual, while a white elephant could represent a respected, virtuous, and influential person.

Elephant Symbolism in Dreams

The elephant is a symbol of self-sacrifice and strength. The elephant has the strongest trunk, but it uses that strength to pick up a tiny mouse. This shows us that the means by which we demonstrate our strength says more about our character than the strength itself.

The elephant also symbolizes good luck, especially in undertakings requiring long-term effort and dedication. On a personal level, dreaming of an elephant portends strong family ties and loyalty from friends.


If you dream about an elephant, it may mean that you need to stop and take a moment to consider how your life is going. It could also be a sign that you need to make a decision or focus on something specific. Elephant dreams may also indicate that you are feeling pressured or need to let go of something.