The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams about Drowning

Written By Jamie Young

People often dream about drowning. It is a common dream and can occur in any number of situations. However, drowning dreams may have darker meanings depending on the context of the situation we are placed in during our waking life. Drowning dreams can also be used as an escape for other problems or anxieties that might be troubling you.

What Does Drowning in a Dream Mean

Drowning dreams can be a mix of the fear, anxiety, and perhaps guilt we feel in our waking life. The dream is a way for us to escape these feelings before they take over our conscious lives. Often, these dreams are recurring and have been since childhood.

There are many different ways to interpret drowning dreams. The most common interpretation is as a punishment for sins we may have committed or as a reminder that we need to work harder on our spiritual development. Here are a few examples and ways to interpret your drowning dreams.

drowning art

Dream of someone drowning

Dreaming about someone drowning generally shows your feelings of distress towards the person. You may feel as if you can’t help them, or that your attempts to assist them are in vain. Sometimes, a dream about drowning is a metaphorical showing of issues you’re having in your waking life. If there is something you need to do, but are afraid to face the challenge, then it’s possible this is what your dream reveals to you.

Dreams about saving someone from drowning

Dreaming about saving someone from drowning represents your guilt over an issue that you couldn’t resolve. The issue is related to the person who is drowning in the dream, if it’s a friend, family member or other acquaintance, this is about a person who is close to you and for whom you feel responsible.

Dream of drowning in water

Dreams of drowning are very symbolic. Water represents emotions, and being submerged in water denotes that you are trying to come to terms with your thoughts and feelings. The lack of oxygen is also a core part of this dream image, as it symbolises feeling suffocated or unable to express yourself, or the feeling that something inside of you is screaming for release but that you have no way to get it out, even though you’re still breathing.

Drowning baby dream

Dreaming of a drowning baby is a powerful dream symbol that signifies your child’s need for attention and care. There are many different interpretations of this dream, depending on the context and details of the dream. If you dreamed about a very young baby who was drowning, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the needs of your children or unhealthy levels of responsibility for them.

Dream of child drowning

Dreams of a drowning child usually represent a loss, or the death of someone who is close to you. They might also be symbolic of some psychological problem that you need to overcome. A child drowning in your dream is a symbol of your worries and anxieties. There are situations in your life that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.

Dream of drowning and being saved

If you dream of drowning and being saved, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities and having difficulty dealing with them. The sinking sensation you experience represents your fears and worries as they overwhelm you. The fact that someone saves you from drowning implies that you have support from family or friends in dealing with these fears and worries.

Dream about saving a child from drowning

For a person to dream that they are saving a child from drowning, signifies their willingness to help others from danger, or impending misery. For a young woman to dream that she is saving a child from drowning, foretells that she will soon have great sorrow, and should be watchful of the disposition and actions of friends.

Dream of drowning in a car

Dreaming of drowning in a car represents fear and anxiety. In a dream, this symbolizes the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions or those of people around you — particularly situations that are out of control. You may also be feeling vulnerable and overly exposed or sensitive to criticism or judgement. You may feel like you can’t escape but need to keep trying to save yourself.

Dream of drowning in ocean

A dream about drowning in an ocean is a dream about an internal conflict. Many of us cannot be at ease with insecurity. We try to immerse ourselves in pleasant activities to feel better. In your day-to-day life you fight for financial security and stability of relationships, but at night your subconscious mind is still insecure and looking for stability.

Dream of someone drowning me

Dreaming of someone drowning you is symbolic of something that is causing you great emotional distress. What type of person is it that appears to be drowning you in the dream? The type of person may hold the key. Is it a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance? The character in the dream may reflect something about yourself that you are refusing to acknowledge or accept.

Dog drowning dream

If you dream about a dog drowning then there is something in your life that is out of control. Perhaps it’s your job or your health or your love life. But whatever it is, take it seriously. Dogs are pack animals and they don’t like to be alone. This dream indicates that you need to get things back under control, or you will soon find yourself all alone.

Dreams about big waves and drowning

When you dream about big waves and drowning in your sleep, it typically means you are having trouble overcoming the challenges of life with the energy and passion you normally have. This could be related to anything — from your job or school to a romantic relationship or a family situation.

Drowning in sand dream meaning

When people dream of drowning in sand, it is said that they fear complacency and stagnation. They are afraid that their hard work will achieve nothing. At the same time, there’s something really terrifying about this sort of death — suffocation. People who have this kind of nightmare must ask themselves what they don’t want to be buried under.

Dream of someone drowning and being saved

If you dream of someone who is drowning and being saved, then it means that you are feeling overwhelmed with your current life situation, but there will be people around you who will help support you. When you dream of saving someone from drowning, then this is a positive sign. You can be saved from something bad or stressful and you should be happy!

Dream of saving a drowning baby

Saving a drowning baby is a dream of anxiety, which depicts our subconscious desire to rescue loved ones, which we feel are in danger and in need of care. This dream can also be seen as a symbol of the temptation to reach out to others and do all that one can to help them, even if it means giving up something important to you in return.

Dream of daughter drowning

Dreams about your daughter drowning can be very disturbing for you and for her. Dreams like this are often about losing control, feeling powerless, or lacking the skills or ability to rescue her. Sometimes dreams like this can be a reflection of your guilt in response to past events.

Dream about drowning in a pool

Dreaming about drowning in a pool can symbolize feelings of despair and frustration. Dreaming about drowning in a pool may be similar to the feeling that you are drowning in a sea of responsibilities or decisions — both figuratively and literally.

Dream of loved one drowning

If you dream of a loved one drowning it means that there is a situation in your life that is sucking the life out of you. You feel trapped and unable to break free from this negative experience. It could also mean that the person in your dream is suffering from depression or perhaps alcoholism or drug addiction.


Drowning dreams are a common occurrence for many people, but it is important to not confuse these dreams with ones that might signify actual death. The negative meanings of drowning dreams include the idea that the dreamer is feeling like they are in danger of losing something, or that there is something wrong with their life. The positive meanings are about letting go of the past and moving towards a new future. So, if you have a drowning dream, try to focus on the positive meaning and let go of the negative one.