The Meaning and Interpretation of Drinking in a Dream

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about drinking has some interesting interpretations and meanings. So, if you have ever had a dream in which you are drinking something, it means that you are getting closer to achieving your goals, but slowly.

What Does It Mean to Drink in a Dream

A dream where you are drinking, usually portrayed as a positive image, represents a healthy and straightforward attitude towards life. On the other hand, negative depictions of drinking in dreams depict that your subconsciousness is trying to tell you about some hidden problems that you should discover.


Dream of Drinking Water

In the dream world, water means you are needing a time of refreshment — whether in your attitude, your health, or your relationships. If the water is clean and clear-looking, then this might mean that you are seeing a clearer future for yourself. However, if the water is filthy and dark-colored, then it could mean you need to reevaluate your present circumstances.

Dream About Drinking Alcohol

When you dream about drinking alcohol, it can be a sign of a forthcoming party or vacation. You may also feel exhilarated in this vivid dream state or want to indulge in something forbidden such as smoking, drinking or a night of hedonistic pleasure. Enjoy the upcoming celebration and savor the feeling of your dreamy reality.

Dream of Drinking Blood

If you dream of drinking blood, it symbolizes the vital energy that is so necessary for life. You may be feeling run-down or considering putting your own health at risk to let another person or issue come first. You might also need a boost of motivation or excitement to refresh your outlook.

Dream of Drinking Beer

Dreaming about beer means that you need to relax and enjoy life a bit more. You may be too stressed out, or spending too much time doing work-related things instead of having fun. If you’ve been hoping to find someone special, dreaming about beer could mean that you’re finally making progress with some new romantic interest.

Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

Dreaming about someone drinking alcohol usually means that you feel that person is taking advantage of your naivety or inexperience. You might also be concerned that they are doing something without thinking of the consequences — such as drinking and driving, for instance. Dreams about alcohol and drinking often represent what you see in others during waking hours.

Dream About Drinking Water but Still Thirsty

If you dream about drinking water, but still feel thirsty this might be an indication of your motivation. Do you have a certain goal in mind and after a while, do you lose focus and stop working towards it? In such a case, you might want to rethink your approach to working towards your goals. Perhaps it’s time to take a break and re-evaluate your motivations for reaching them — or even change what you want and why.

Dreams About Drinking Alcohol After Quitting

If you dream about alcohol after quitting, it’s not necessarily an indication that you are having a relapse. The answer to this question greatly depends on what you are dreaming about. If you are dreaming about the process of getting a drink, selecting drinks or talking to people while drinking, then it’s not likely to mean anything at all, unless it’s accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt afterwards.

Dream of Drinking Tea

The meaning of tea dreams is determined by the color of the liquid. Black or dark tea indicates a warning about something or somebody that is not what they seem. Perhaps you are being misled, or someone is lying to you? The same goes for white and green tea — you may be tempted by something, or you need to stay away from something. Red tea means passion, romance and sensuality. Will your love life be heating up?

Drinking Dirty Water in Dream

If you dream that you are drinking dirty water, it means you’re living your life in a way that’s not in line with your true self. You might be being manipulated into doing things that don’t actually align with your values. Or, it could also indicate that you feel as if your sense of self is on the verge of being lost or taken away from you completely.

Dream of Someone Drinking Poison

Drinking poison in your dreams can signify that you are being misled by someone in your life, or that you are doing something that is slowly killing you on the inside. Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself or pushing for a relationship to work (or thrive) when it really shouldn’t. The best thing you can do is take a step back, evaluate why you’re feeling pressured, and try to find a solution before it’s too late.

Dream of Drinking Cold Water

When you dream about drinking cold water, it is worth mentioning your waking-life hydration level. Perhaps you are not getting enough water in your waking life, which is affecting your dream life. Consider that the chilly water you are sipping in your dream might also be a metaphor for fresh, clean thoughts.

Dreaming of Drinking a Lot of Water

If you dream of drinking a lot of water, there is something in your life that you feel like you are drowning in. Perhaps you’ve been putting off a decision because you don’t want to face its consequences, or maybe you’ve been finding ways to avoid having to confront some challenge or problem. If your dream involves a treatment of water then it’s time to consider your own health and well-being; perhaps you have been neglecting either.

Dreaming About Drinking Water When Dehydrated

When you dream about drinking water when you are dehydrated, it symbolizes thirst for the things in your life which will quench your thirst. When you don’t receive the things which satisfy you, you may feel unfulfilled and unhappy. This can be an opportunity to recognize what is lacking in your life and take steps to make changes.

Dream of Drinking Poison

If you dream you’re drinking poison, it’s actually a metaphor for feeling consumed by negativity. It’s especially important to look at the people around you in this case; if someone close to you is constantly criticizing your choices, it’s likely that their negative attitude is rubbing off on you. Try to find a way to let go of the negativity — either tell them how they make you feel or distance yourself from them entirely.

Dreaming of Drinking Alcohol With Friends

Dreaming of drinking alcohol with friends can indicate that you have a strong desire to connect with fellow party-goers. You might be craving the experience of being around others who share your passion and mindset, but don’t feel that you have enough opportunities to interact in this way. In particular, you may feel left out at social events or gatherings because the people there tend not to drink.

Dream of Drinking Champagne

If you dream about drinking champagne, it could be a sign that you’re feeling optimistic and excited about possibilities. Champagne is associated with celebration, grandeur and extravagance — as such, in your dream, the champagne signifies your hopes for personal growth or prosperity. It could also be a sign that you’re setting goals and moving forward with your plans to make progress in various areas of your life.

Receiving Drinking Water in Dream

When you dream about receiving drinking water, it can mean that you are thirsty for positive energy and new inspiration. You may be looking for more balance and harmony in your life, or that you are open to spiritual experiences.

When dreaming about receiving drinking water, it is a time to reflect on what you have learned from the past and what is to come, and to look forward to the benefits of a better life.

Dead Person Drinking Alcohol in Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead person drinking alcohol means that the spirit of the deceased is with you in your waking life and not in your dreams. It can indicate the continuation of a friendship or relationship with the departed individual. It can also indicate some type of mental conflict that involves the memory or personality of the dead person.

Broken Drinking Glass Dream Meaning

A broken drinking glass in your dream symbolizes a disturbance in your emotional well-being. This may be caused by a relationship, job pressure or stress at home. You may be feeling that the quality of your life is declining, and even though there are things in your waking life causing you stress, they are ultimately rooted in your feelings.

Dream of Drinking Spoiled Milk

Drinking spoiled milk in your dreams means that you are feeling emotionally unsatisfied. It signifies a longing for something meaningful and fulfilling, but instead it’s all turning sour on you. By taking a closer look at the dream, pay attention to what the spoiled milk was mixed with — this will help you decipher the true meaning behind it.

Snake Drinking Milk in Dream

A snake drinking milk is a symbol of a period of growth, when a team is at the beginning of a new project. It could also mean that you will be growing and preparing for a bigger and better future. If a snake ends up eating the milk within your dream, it could be an indicator that you are heading in the wrong direction or it might even mean that you will have to start over with something.

Drinking Coconut Water in Dream

Dreaming about drinking coconut water often means you’re struggling to feel refreshed. This is because coconuts hold so much water, and in dreams, a coconut directly represents your emotions. When you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel emotionally unfulfilled — but when you dream of a coconut, it’s a sign you need to refresh yourself, relax and de-stress.

Dream of Drinking Soda

Drinking soda in your dreams can be a sign of poor health or a sign that you’re making bad decisions in your waking life. Frequently, drinking soda in your dreams shows that you’re lacking proper nutrition, and you may feel sluggish or fatigued if you drink too much soda. If you dream about drinking soda alone, it is often a sign of loneliness and dissatisfaction with your social life.

Seeing Someone Drinking Water in Dream

When you see someone drinking water, it symbolizes how you’re feeling. It might mean that you wish to return something or redo a project. The dream also implies that your feelings are bottled up. You need to let your feelings out. There is disagreement or some type of confrontation in your future.

Drinking Raw Egg in the Dream

When you dream about drinking a raw egg, it signifies your search for new beginnings. Although the symbolism may seem strange and random, it has to do with new life. You are feeling trapped in your current state and need a way out. The egg is a symbol of rebirth. Therefore, when you dream about drinking raw egg, it means that you want to find new beginnings.

Drinking Urine in Dream Meaning

When you dream about drinking urine, you’re likely concerned about your physical health and your ability to stay healthy. Your subconscious is suggesting that you have the potential to improve your well-being and an overall sense of health and wellness. Drinking urine means that you will take your health for granted and not care about it at all.

Dreaming Of Drinking Lemonade

Dreaming of drinking lemonade can suggest that you are feeling refreshed and optimistic about the future. It can also symbolize joy and innocence, connecting you to childhood memories. It can be a sign that you need to take time for yourself and enjoy the little pleasures in life. Alternatively, it can embody feelings of sadness and longing for something lost in your life. Drinking lemonade in your dream might be telling you to take some time to reflect on your feelings and move forward.

Dreaming Of Drinking Orange Juice

Dreaming of drinking orange juice can be a sign of receiving energy or refreshment. Orange juice in dreams can represent nutrient-rich, rejuvenating influences that are coming into your life. The dream may mean that you are gaining strength mentally or physically because orange juice is a symbol of vitality, health, and well-being. If you have this dream, you might be in a period of renewal or simply need a boost of vitality in your waking life.

Dream Of Someone Giving You a Drink

When you dream of someone giving you a drink, it can symbolize a form of emotional support or a friendly gesture in your waking life. Depending on the type of drink and the person who is offering it, the dream may have different interpretations. If an acquaintance or a stranger gives you a drink, it signifies that you might soon encounter new experiences or meet intriguing people. If it’s from someone close to you, it might signal their care and support.

Dream Of Drinking Water From Bottle

Dreaming of drinking water from a bottle implies in-depth introspection, self-awareness, and spiritual cleansing. Drinking water symbolizes replenishment and cleansing, which are fundamental aspects of personal growth and purification. If you dream of drinking clear and clean water from a bottle, it could suggest that you’re successfully taking care of yourself in real life. However, if the water is dirty or cloudy, it can symbolize obstacles you’re facing in your waking life.

Dream Of Drinking Coffee

Coffee in dreams often reflects the need for alertness, energy, or desire to continue pushing against obstacles. If you dream of drinking coffee, it might represent your wish to remain awake and focused on certain situations in your life. It can also mean that you’re working hard and find it difficult to relax, possibly indicating high stress. Furthermore, depending on how you perceive coffee in real life, its interpretation in your dream may vary. For coffee lovers, drinking it in a dream may be a sign of pleasure and satisfaction.

Drinking Lots of Water in Dream

When you dream about drinking significant amounts of water, it is often a sign that you are cleansing or purifying yourself in some way. This could be related to overcoming negative emotions, shedding old habits, or embarking on a new phase of personal growth. It may also signal a profound thirst for knowledge or spiritual enlightenment, hinting at your subconscious mind’s desire to learn, grow, and reach new levels of understanding. However, it’s also essential to examine the exact nature of the water in your dreams. Drinking clear, purified water suggests positive health, energy, and renewal; while drinking dirty or polluted water may indicate unresolved issues or negative feelings requiring your attention.

Dream Meaning of Soft Drink Bottle

Dreaming of a soft drink bottle typically relates to nostalgia, memories, and emotions associated with moments of joy, happiness, and relaxation. It may suggest your mind’s desire to relive pleasant past experiences, wishing for a simpler time, or cherishing moments of happiness with loved ones. On the other hand, it could also point to your cravings for a sweet or rewarding experience in your life. Additionally, since soft drinks are unhealthy in excess, this dream can also symbolize that you may be indulging too much in pleasurable but ultimately harmful activities or emotions.

Dream Of Drinking Spoiled Milk

Dreaming about drinking spoiled milk is generally not a good sign. It could be a warning about potential health issues or a dysfunctional aspect of your life. You might be neglecting something important that is leading to unnecessary stress, conflict, or turmoil. Alternatively, it could represent an unhealthy relationship or situation that needs to be addressed or eliminated. This dream is a reminder to pay attention to areas in your life that may require care, enforcing boundaries, or a possible change.

Dream Of Drinking Water From a Cup

Drinking water from a cup in a dream carries a highly positive connotation. It denotes healing, rejuvenation, and spiritual refreshment. The cup represents your emotional capacity and readiness to receive blessings or positive changes. Drinking clean water from a cup could signify that you are about to assimilate a new learning or beneficial influence into your life. If the water is murky, it may mean you are struggling with some issues internally, whereas if the water is clean and clear, it signifies peace, clarity, and wellness.

Dream Of Husband Drinking Alcohol

Dreaming of your husband drinking alcohol can denote different meanings based on the circumstances in your dream. If your husband was drinking excessively, this could indicate that there are issues within your relationship that need to be addressed, or it could symbolize some hidden worries or stresses your husband may be dealing with in real life. However, if he was drinking in a social setting or moderately, it could mean that you’re craving for more celebration and socializing in life.

Dreaming Of Drinking Human Blood

Dreaming of drinking human blood can come across as terrifying and may evoke a sense of disturbance. In dream analysis, such a dream could symbolize survival, transformation, or the need for power and control. On the one hand, it might suggest that you are in a competitive or even combative situation in your waking life where you feel the need to dominate or ‘drain’ your competitors’ energy. On the other hand, it could also symbolize an internal transformation, denoting personal growth and rebirth.

Dream of a Tall Drink of Water

Dreaming of a tall drink of water can have profound symbolic meanings. In general, water signifies emotions, intuition, and the unconscious mind. Therefore, dreaming of such can reveal a desire for emotional clarity or increased intuitive capabilities. If the water is clean and fresh, it suggests that you are feeling refreshed or invigorated in your emotional life. However, if the water is dirty or contaminated, it might indicate emotional troubles or confusion.

What Does It Mean To Drink Coke in a Dream

Dreaming about drinking Coke could represent various things depending on the context of the dream. Generally, it could be a symbol of energy, refreshment, or even a craving for sweetness in your life. Maybe you’re looking for something to energize you in your waking life, or you desire for more pleasure and enjoyment. However, it could also signify that you are consuming too much of something that may not necessarily be good for you in excess.

Drinking Palm Wine in a Dream

Drinking palm wine in a dream is a fairly specific scenario that can be rooted in cultural beliefs. In some African and Asian cultures, palm wine is seen as a symbol of communal unity, festivity and traditional ceremonies, hence dreaming of drinking it can denote a desire for belonging or connection. Additionally, given its natural source, it can also symbolize a connection to nature or a yearning for simplicity. However, like any alcohol-related dream, if it’s consumed in excess, it could stand for issues relating to overindulgence or abuse.

Spiritual Meaning of Drinking in a Dream

Drinking in a dream, from a spiritual perspective, can symbolize a variety of things, depending on the context and the type of drink involved. It may be a sign of thirst or desire for something in your waking life. It could represent your longing for emotional or spiritual nourishment, or the act of accepting new ideas or experiences. Often, to drink in a dream signifies that you are seeking a form of enlightenment or peace. It is, however, essential to evaluate other aspects of the dream like the kind of drink and where you are drinking – these can add a deeper context to the spiritual significance of the dream.

Biblical Meaning of Drinking Water in a Dream

Water, in the Biblical sense, is symbolic of life, cleansing, and rejuvenation. Dreaming of drinking water might indicate spiritual renewal or the acceptance of divine influence in your life. Just as we need water to survive physically, spiritually, we need to be replenished and cleansed. Drinking water in a dream can be an encouraging sign of spiritual growth, cleansing from sin, salvation, or receiving blessings from God. However, it can also encompass negative elements like flooding (representing distress) or dirty water (symbolizing sin or corruption).

Drinking in Dream Islam

In Islamic dream interpretation, drinking beverages can signify various life situations depending on what specific drink one has. If one dreams of drinking wine, it may indicate transgression against the moral codes set by Islam as consuming alcohol is considered sinful. Dreaming of drinking water, however, often represents pure and lawful earnings while drinking milk might symbolize knowledge as it nourishes the mind and body.

Drinking in Dream Hindu

In Hindu dream interpretation, drinking is generally considered auspicious, but it largely depends on what one is drinking. Drinking milk in a dream is seen as a good omen indicating prosperity and contentment. Meanwhile, to drink clear and pure water indicates spiritual purity and wisdom. Drinking alcohol, however, is not seen as favorable; it can symbolize distress, dissatisfaction, or the making of unwise decisions.


When you dream that you are drinking, it represents how you see yourself or someone else in your life. You may feel that you or another person need a wake up call or an intervention.