The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Flying

Written By Jamie Young

The concept of flying in dreams is associated with an idea of escape, freedom, and becoming airborne. Humans have been dreaming about flight for centuries. In fact, there are many different theories on the meanings behind our dreams of flying. For some, it may represent an escape from worry or a need to break free from a problem, while for others it’s not so much about the literal meaning but how we interpret it psychologically.

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean

In dreams, flight represents an escape from a problem. Often times, people in our dreams are experiencing some sort of pain or difficulty that we want to flee from. The idea of escaping nightmare situations can show us how powerful the mind is and how we can use this power for good. We might also be flying because we feel very helpless about a situation and want to get out of it on our own terms.

Another explanation for dreaming about flight is that it’s a symbol for taking control of something you’re feeling powerless over. This could represent overcoming fear or self-doubt because you have the ability to fly. Finally, flying in dream may represent the desire to find meaning in life and reach new heights with what you’re doing.

Here are some common explanations on why people dream about flying:

man trying to fly

Dreaming of flying a plane

To dream that you are flying a plane, represents your strong desire to escape from some unpleasant situation. It may be that you are escaping the duties of daily living in your dream to fly over a landscape of freedom and peace. Flying in your dreams is not a literal interpretation. The actual flight may well be symbolic as you have entered a new stage of development, a new way of life or have made some drastic personal changes recently.

Dream about flying in a plane

A dream about flying in a plane can mean many different things. For example, some people might think of it as a wish to be able to travel the world, while others might think of it as a desire to escape from their regular lives and discover something new — perhaps even to find the love of their life. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out by your life, this could also be a sign that you need some time to relax.

Dream of flying in the air

Dreaming about flying high in the air is a common dream for many people. You are likely to have a this dream when you have achieved success and have an abundance of happiness. You may also be dreaming about flying in the sky if you are able to achieve your goals with ease and without stress. While it’s true that you are dreaming up a fantasy, there are many powerful underlying meanings behind this common dream.

Dream of flying over water

Dreaming about flying over water often symbolizes freedom, peace or success. A sense of weightlessness, flying over the ocean or a churning sea might mean that you are feeling free from limitations and constraints of the past. If you see someone else in your dream doing this, it means that the wish of that person has been realized and his or her dreams have come true.

Dreaming of flying like a bird

To dream that you are flying like a bird, indicates your wish to escape the everyday pressures of life. Flying like a birds is symbolic of a feeling of freedom, possibly because flying is associated with childhood memories of carefree play. In dreams, flying like a bird can be symbolic of power and elevation. Like in real life, many people feel like they are limited by the decisions and expectations of others.

Dreams of flying or floating

The most common dreams that involve floating or flying are usually expressions of a desire to escape from reality in some way. These dreams may be due to the fact that many people feel overworked, underpaid, or even unappreciated in their daily lives. The dream of flying or floating can indicate a desire to “escape” those negative feelings by literally finding ourselves airborne.

Flying through space dream meaning

Dreaming of flying through space is a powerful symbol that can relate to many aspects of your life. Flying through space may represent your freedom, your ability to go where you want at the speed of your imagination. It can also represent adventure, even if this adventure is just the pursuit of a feeling or goal. For some, flying through space can represent enlightenment or an otherworldly experience.

Dream of flying car

A flying in a car is a dream symbol usually indicates that you are feeling free and uninhibited, but you also have a sense of urgency. You don’t feel as though you can waste time, but instead need to make the most of your opportunities, which comes from using your resources wisely. Some dreams of flying in a car can be a warning for an approaching change in life.

Dream of flying away from enemy

A dream in which you are flying high above enemies, or above a given situation, usually indicates that you have gained a better perspective (when looking down) on a problem. Dreams of flying away from enemies or pressures at work don’t necessarily mean that you’re lazy or have a wish to escape. Instead, it could mean that you’re feeling overwhelmed with the state of your life and desperately trying to find a way of breaking free from it.

Dreams of levitation and flying

When you dream of levitation, it suggests that you need to find a way to lift your mind and spirit into the higher realms of consciousness. The ability to rise above the troubles in your life and enjoy a greater perspective is within you. For many people, it means gaining a sense of freedom; a feeling of weightlessness that signifies release from all your earthly burdens.

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually

There are a number of spiritual meanings for dreaming about flying in a dream. Some explanations include the symbolism of flight as an escape from something, or the idea that our flights in dreams are a symbolic journey involving movement, change, and transformation. In other words, we can symbolically fly away from certain situations in our lives by escaping them through flight.

Flying Dream Meaning Psychology

Many people believe that dreams of flight symbolize a wish to escape from something. In this interpretation, dreams may also signify an individual’s need to break free from some kind of problem or obstacle. For example, an individual may dream of flying because they are having trouble in their work life and need to escape the daily grind.

Another interpretation is that dreams of flight represent freedom, which is often associated with the idea of flying through the clouds and into heaven. In this sense, dreams of flying can be viewed as a way for humans to cope with death. When people have dying wishes, they often dream of flying off into heaven before their final moment.

For others, there isn’t any meaning behind why we dream about flying; it’s just a fun activity that we enjoy doing in our sleep every night.

Prophetic Meaning of Flying in Dreams

The idea of flying in dreams is one of flight. It’s taking to the sky and becoming airborne. But with this concept, there are many different interpretations. Some believe that dream flying indicates a need to escape, while others believe it means we are trying to fly higher and break free from problems.

Many people also think that dreams of flight represent the prophetic meaning that we will soon be able to take off into the air like birds and soar through life with freedom.


One of the most common symbols in dreams is flying. It could be because we’re told flying is the ultimate freedom, the ability to soar among the clouds, or simply because it’s a symbol that represents getting out of our own head space and escaping to another realm. Regardless of why it appears, flying in dreams is one of those symbols that carry a lot of meaning.

The dream world is not a place where we will find meaning. It’s a place that can be scary and scary things happen, but it’s also one of the places we can find hope and joy. The best way to understand a dream is by examining the symbols and how they relate to your life, your thoughts and your feelings.