The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Water

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams are a treasure trove of information. Dreaming about water is often a reflection of the emotions you might currently be feeling. In some cases, it could represent a need for change or hope for the future. In other cases, it could be a repressed fear or frustration that’s been bubbling under the surface. When it comes to your emotional state, dreams about water can be helpful in understanding how you feel and what you want.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water

Dreaming about water can represent a variety of things. It might be an emotional release, a need for change, or even a repressed fear.

First, it’s important to understand that there isn’t one universal meaning for dreaming about water. When we dream about water we might be dreaming about the emotions we’re feeling, or we might be dreaming about the future. It can also represent a need for change or some other repressed fear that’s been bubbling under the surface.

Dreams are like our own personal therapy session and they give us insight into how we feel and what we want in life. So next time you dream of water, use these interpretations to better understand what your dreams mean:

water splashing

Dreaming about dirty water

If you dream of dirty water, it’s likely that you are feeling some uncertainty or anxiety about your future and are unsure of how to move forward. The symbolism of dirty water could mean that you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities or problems in your life, and would prefer to stay unseen or hidden from others. Try to examine your waking life and identify any feelings of stress or concern that you may have.

Dream of drinking water

The dream of drinking water symbolizes new beginnings and possibilities. However, the premonition can also denote a sense of feeling empty and barren inside. If you see yourself drinking dirty water, or someone else serves you with an unpleasant glass, it means that you should better watch your health – in the near future you may get sick.

Dream about water overflowing

When people have dreams about water overflowing, it means that situations will be out of control. You are seeing the “water” of emotions and feelings get a little out of hand — there’s too much going on, and you’re drowning in them. This doesn’t mean that you’ll experience real floods, but it could reflect your own inner chaos, or the chaotic situation around you.

Dream about water flooding

Water flooding in dreams can represent something that you’re trying to get rid of. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to find a way to simplify your life. Deluge in your dreams can also signify feelings of sadness or depression. You might be feeling hopeless and helpless in waking life, or you might have too much on your plate and need to scale back.

Dreaming of clear water

If you dream of seeing clear water this could represent your life becoming very calm, serene and safe. Your emotions are in check and you are at peace with the world around you. Alternatively, if the water is murky it could mean things in your life aren’t going as smoothly as you would like. Perhaps there is a problem you cannot see clearly and this is distressing you.

Dream of walking in water

Walking in water is an interesting dream to interpret. It can mean that your life feels really heavy, like you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t move forward. It could also mean that your mind and body are tired from stresses of daily life, and are crying out for some quiet time.

According to folklore, if you dream of walking on water, you will soon enjoy wealth and prosperity. For Christians, this symbol is one of hope. If you are walking on water, it is said you will feel a renewed faith and energy as you reach for new goals.

Dream about driving into water

Seeing yourself driving into the water in your dreams can represent a loss of self-control, possibly due to some kind of tragedy or trauma. Driving into water may relate to possible feelings of depression, isolation, and victimization. This dream symbol can be explained by the fact that water is known to be life-sustaining yet dangerous at the same time.

Falling into water dream

Dreaming of falling into water often signifies an impending change in your life or a time for reflection. It can be a visual metaphor for “falling” into a new way of thinking, or into deeper relationships with people. The water could also represent emotions — perhaps you have to release them in order to move on.

Walking through water dream

In the dream of walking through water, it’s time to take a look at your personal and professional lives, because they are troubled. You are lacking important advice or assistance, so now would be a good time to turn to trusted friends and family members for help. Your unconscious may also be telling you that you should start listening to your own instincts, which prove to be more reliable than outside sources.

Dream of drowning in water

A dream of drowning in water means your despair and unhappiness is making you feel like you are unable to breathe and live. As in life, the more difficult your problems are, the harder it will be to rise above them. Consider how these problems may be affecting your emotional state.

When people dream of drowning in the water, it can represent an overwhelming feeling of being trapped, sinking down into a situation from which there is no escape. Drowning in the water could also symbolize feelings of guilt and remorse for a problem you’ve done or wronged that can’t be corrected or erased. Visions of drowning in water indicates feelings of overwhelm, guilt and regret for something you’ve done.

Car falling into water dream

Dreaming of a car falling into water is commonly interpreted as a sign that one is at risk of going over a financial edge. A common interpretation tells of impending debt or a looming decline in business finances. Car-dreamers should be especially careful with their debts and budgeting strategies, as they may find themselves falling into debt or bankruptcy.

Dream of water leaking in house

Dreaming of water leaking in your house can be described as a meaningful symbol which is often associated with anxiety and fear. Its dream meaning usually represents something from the past. If you dreamed of witnessing or experiencing water leaking from somewhere in your home, you may want to stop holding on to some sort of worry in your life.

Dream of running water

When you dream of running water, it is a sign that new opportunities are ahead of you. The symbolic meaning of water in dreams can vary depending on the level of your consciousness, but usually it is associated with good things. It could mean an opportunity to improve your health, or a trip that will have a great impact on your life.

Dreams about waves and water

When you dream about waves and water, this may mean that there has been an upheaval in your life. Perhaps you have recently moved or experienced a significant change in lifestyle, or something huge has happened in your life. You are going through a period of change and growth, but everything will work out as long as you don’t get too stressed out.

Dream about ceiling leaking water

Dreams of water leaking from the ceiling, roof or walls indicate that a great desire for an enterprise will be realized soon. The dreamer should be aware of any warning signs. When water or any other liquid leaks from the ceiling or walls, it will almost always represent a situation where you are feeling powerless. You feel that a situation you’ve got under control is out of your grasp, and there’s nothing you can do to stop the ‘water’ from getting through.

Dream about water slide

If you see yourself or someone else riding a water slide in your dream, this is symbolic of fun and adventure. You might be looking forward to an upcoming vacation or a trip you already have planned. In other situations, this could mean that you need some sort of change in your life. Maybe it’s time for you to take a break and have some fun? Maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your relationship status.

Dream of flying over water

When you dream of flying over water, it can represent a joyful and hopeful time in your life. Water symbolizes your emotions and has a strong connection to your subconscious. The higher you fly in the dream, the more positive and joyful your outlook on life. Flying above the water indicates satisfaction in many areas of your life.

Why Do We Dream About Water?

The reason why water is so prevalent in our dreams varies. Often, it’s a reflection of emotions or feelings that are bubbled under the surface. It can represent a need for change or hope for the future. However, it might also be a repressed fear or frustration that surfaces in your dream.

Dreams that involve water often have an underlying message about the person who had the dream. It could signify how they feel and what they want out of life. Dreams with water often represent some sort of change or transition, usually to something better than what you currently have. You may even see yourself drowning in water, which symbolizes how you feel when you are really struggling with something-like mounting bills or work stressors.

But if you’re dreaming about being completely submerged underwater without the sensation of drowning, this can mean that you’re confident and at peace with how things are going for you now. Still other people might see themselves endlessly swimming down underwater tunnels until they find an exit which opens up into a new world for them-the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Water

Dreams are a treasure of information. They can reveal our deepest hopes, desires, and fears. A recurring theme in many dreams is water. When you’re dreaming about water, it’s often a reflection of your emotions or your need for change.

For example, if you dream about being stranded on an island with nothing but water around you, it could represent being overwhelmed by emotions or feeling isolated. It could also represent feeling trapped in a situation that’s not good for you. It may be time to take some steps toward changing the circumstances that are trapping you!

Dreaming about an escaped animal that lives near water could represent your fear of failure or your desire to get away from something distressing. If the animal returns safely to the water in your dream, then it can mean that what’s stressing you out will get resolved eventually.

Biblical Meaning of Water in Dreams

Water in dreams can be a reflection of your emotional state and the things you’ve been feeling. It might be a reflection of what’s going to happen in your future.

There are many interpretations of water in dreams, and the meaning will vary depending on which way you look at it. In the Bible, water often symbolizes life or rebirth. Other times, it can represent emotions—which is why dreaming about water might mean that you’re feeling emotionally drained.

In some cases, dreaming about water could indicate a need for change or hope for the future. Dreams about water may also signify a repressed fear or frustration that has been bubbling under the surface. Whatever way you look at it, dreams about water can provide insight into how you feel and what you want from life.


If you’re looking for insight about how you feel, your dreams are a powerful tool. Dreaming about water can be an indication that there’s something going on beneath the surface of your emotions. It might be fear, or it could be self-doubt or frustration.

In this post, we’ve examined what water means in our dreams and why water often appears in dream symbolism when it appears in our waking life. We also looked at some of the cues that might lead us to think about a particular need or emotion that’s been bubbling under the surface of our lives.