The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Suffocating

Written By Jamie Young

Suffocating dreams are a common dream symbol. It’s not always easy to interpret these dreams, but they can often be related to your physical health, or your mental state. They can also be a reflection of your inner self, your emotions, and your past experiences.

What Do Suffocating Dreams Mean

A suffocating dream can be the manifestation of a feeling of being trapped or restricted. Suffocation dreams are usually about unconscious fears and self-doubts, as well as anger that a person feels powerless to express towards others. When a person is having these types of dreams, they are more likely than usual to feel increasingly negative and irritable.


Dreams About Suffocating

Dreaming of being suffocated is a powerful dream symbol that indicates you are in situations where your desires and hopes are not being met. You feel as if you are confined or, at the very least, restricted from expressing yourself freely. Your dream may also be telling you to speak up and be heard — you may have tried to speak but nothing comes out.

Dream of Being Suffocated by a Pillow

A dream about being suffocated by a pillow is an indication of a person’s fears and apprehensions. The most common interpretation is that someone is holding you down and you feel like you cannot breathe. Other interpretations are that you are feeling overwhelmed and there are too many things on your mind.

Dream of Being Suffocated by Ghost

The ghost represents your subconscious mind and the fact that you are being suffocated means you are unable to express yourself or be yourself. Perhaps you need to talk to someone about what is bothering you or consider changing something in your life for the better.

Being Suffocated and Can’t Breathe in a Dream

When you dream about being suffocated and can’t breathe, it means that you are afraid to reveal who you really are to the people around you. You prefer to hide your true self because you’re scared of what other people would think — just like if somebody is actually suffocating you in real life. It might also be a signal that there is a lack of freedom in your job or in your personal life.

Dream of Someone Trying to Suffocate Me

This is often a dream about emotions and feelings. If you’re dreaming that someone is suffocating you, it can signify feelings of being overwhelmed by a person or situation in your waking life. You feel that there’s just too much going on and not enough air to breathe. The pressure is so heavy that you start to struggle for breath.

Dream of Suffocating Someone

Many people dream of suffocating someone else. In those dreams, the person being suffocated might have been annoying you in real life. Perhaps his or her words were harsh, or maybe their actions hurt your feelings. The dream may also express your desire for revenge against somebody in real life whom you’ve never gotten back at. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize your frustration with a situation that is out of your control.

Dream of Being Suffocated

If you’re dreaming of being suffocated, you might be feeling pressured, both at work and life in general. There’s a lot to handle and it’s all piling up on top of you — financial problems, professional setbacks, relationship troubles, etc. All this pressure can make you feel like you need to fight your way out

Dream of Being Suffocated by Someone

Dreaming of being suffocated by someone generally represents a desire to feel secure. It may be a symbol of your anxiety about not feeling valued or appreciated enough by others. It can also indicate that you are feeling dominated or overwhelmed by others around you. You may be feeling as if your creativity is being stifled at work or in your personal life.

Dream Of Being Suffocated by a Blanket

Dreams of being suffocated by a blanket typically signify feelings of confinement or restraint in waking life. This could stem from an oppressive relationship, stagnant career, or other situations where you feel overwhelmed or held back. It could also represent emotional suffocation where you feel your voice is not being heard or emotions are suppressed. The blanket in your dream could be metaphorical for something in your reality making you feel trapped or smothered.

Dream Of Suffocation Death

Dreams where you experience suffocation until death are quite alarming to experience but they are not a portent of physical harm or mortality. Instead, these dreams are symbolizing a transitional phase or dramatic change occurring or about to happen in your waking life. Such change could bring about feelings of fear, anxiety, or discomfort as symbolized by the suffocation. This transformation may denote the end of one phase and the beginning of another, like a career change, end of a relationship, or spiritual growth. Keep in mind, this type of dream brings awareness to face the essential adjustments needed in your life bravely.

Dreams of Suffocating Sleep Apnea

Beyond being symbolic of your subconscious mind, dreams of suffocating can also link to real-life breathing problems experienced during sleep like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder where your breathing repeatedly stops and starts, which can even lead to suffocation in severe cases. This physical condition can often infiltrate dreams, leading to anxiety-inducing dreams of being suffocated. If you are experiencing such dreams consistently, along with other symptoms of sleep apnea such as heavy snoring, fatigue throughout the day, or difficulty concentrating, it is recommended to seek medical advice as your dreams could be signaling a latent health issue.

Spiritual Meaning About Suffocation Dreams

In spiritual realms, dreams about suffocation can often be viewed as a manifestation of fear, anxiety, lack of freedom, or situations in life that are oppressive or too much to handle. It can act as a warning that an individual should take time to step back, reassess their predicaments, and make changes. Alternatively, it may also signify a subconscious yearning for spiritual liberation or a more profound connection to their spiritual self.

Biblical Meaning Dreams of Suffocation

In Christian scriptures and the interpretations of Christian dream analysts, suffocation in dreams could be perceived as a kind of spiritual attack or struggle. The Bible often uses metaphors of drowning or overwhelming waters to signify troubles or spiritual oppression. If you dream of suffocation, it could symbolize a testing phase where your faith might be suffocated by worldly problems or satanic influences. Such dreams might be a call to prayer and an increased emphasis on one’s faith and spiritual armour.

Suffocation Dream Meaning Islam

In Islamic interpretation, dreams about suffocation could be more metaphorical than literal. They are generally understood to represent feelings of being trapped, confined, or overwhelmed by one’s life circumstances. The realities of such dreams are typically associated with the challenges or trials an individual might be facing in their real life. These dreams can also be associated with spiritual struggles and personal morality tests, encouraging an individual to stay firm in faith and face their problems courageously.

Suffocation Dream Meaning Hindu

In Hindu dream interpretations, suffocating can represent an overwhelming situation or a struggle directly linked to your karma. It can be an indication that your current actions, decisions, or approach towards life might suffocate your spiritual growth and that you need to usher changes. Dreams of suffocation can prompt an individual to introspect, analyse their Dharma (duty), and lead a life that contributes to their spiritual growth and liberation (Moksha). However, these dreams are often viewed as wake-up calls and are not necessarily negative.


Suffocation dreams are a common dream theme. They can be the result of repressed anger, or an unconscious fear of being trapped. Suffocation dreams occur more frequently in people who feel angry, but cannot express it toward other people.