The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Storms

Written By Jamie Young

When we dream about storms, we’re often recalling a time when the world was in trouble. We see images of hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters. Sometimes we even hear stories of people who were lost in the storm. Dreams about storms can help us understand how our world is changing and how we might be affected.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Storms

There are a lot of different interpretations of what dreams about storms mean. But the most common one is that the storm is an indicator that something bad is about to happen. A storm can be a sign that you’re in for some tough times, or it could be a sign that you need to take action. Dreams can also tell you how to deal with the upcoming storm.

ocean storm


Dream of taking shelter from storm

When you dream of taking shelter from a storm, it usually represents your desire to run away from a difficult life situation that feels as if it’s controlling your every move. If you dream of taking shelter with a loved one, your subconscious is probably telling you to reach out to someone and rely on them for strength and support.

Dream about being on a boat in a storm

If you dream that you are on a boat in a storm, you will have encounters with people who are crafty and cunning, but also vain and insincere. They do not always mean well, but they will try to win your friendship all the same. A storm and a boat are symbols of change and upheaval in your life. Some changes in your life may seem like a storm, but after the storm has passed, you look back and see that the event actually turned out to be positive.

Dream about snow storm

When you dream of a snowstorm, it can be something to be hopeful about. It’s often a wish fulfillment symbol of the opportunity for change in your life. The snow can represent a warm home, and the storm indicates the disorder that occurs after a big change — like your fresh start. The blistering cold in the dream indicates the feeling of being trapped, or the desire to move forward.

Dreams about storms and tornadoes

Dreaming of storms and tornadoes means that you are going through a period of emotional turmoil. Storms and tornadoes usually symbolize power and energy, but they can also be indicative of chaotic circumstances which you have no control over. An enormous powerful storm, like a tornado or hurricane, can have a significant impact on our lives.

Lightning storm dream meaning

When you dream of a lightning storm, there are important messages the universe is sending you that you need to pay attention to. A lightning storm can be scary, but it’s also a powerful and beautiful thing. The message behind your dream indicates that something in your life is out of balance. The storm symbolizes challenges and problems that are happening or will happen in your life. You need to be brave during this time and not let your fear take over.

Driving in a storm dream meaning

If you dream of driving in a storm, it is a sign of difficulties with others. You may find yourself in a quandary where there is no help for you. On the other hand, it could mean that you are juggling many tasks and keeping a safe distance from danger, just like a good driver would while driving through a storm.

Dreaming of a storm at sea

A storm at sea in your dreams is not always bad, remember that some storms come with blessings. A storm on the ocean can be a sign of upcoming change or upheaval in your life. There may be danger to you or those you love and you will need to take evasive action. Like all dreams that include water.

Dream meaning wind storm

A windstorm or a hurricane usually means that a new relationship will soon develop or an old one will end. You should keep an eye out for that person in your dreams, who you’re surrounded by storm winds. If it’s not a human being, but rather an object, then you should pay closer attention to your emotions and thoughts surrounding this object.

Running away from a storm dream

When you dream about running away from a storm, it usually means you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of some sort of reprieve. Maybe your to-do list is getting out of control, or you’re feeling the pressure at work. Whatever the case may be, take a moment to breathe and relax — because dreams are made to help you process your thoughts and feelings.

Dream of black storm clouds

Dreaming of black storm clouds usually represents feelings of sadness and despondency. The storm clouds could also represent a problem that has arisen into your waking life and that you need to confront. Black storm clouds means that you will have a dark period of your life but it won’t last. The dark clouds are like an evil time, but when the storm passes there will be a bright and hopeful future.

Dreaming of a tornado storm

If a tornado is approaching in your dream, this represents a major upheaval or change in your life. In particular, a storm that builds up from the ground in the center of an open field suggests that something new and important is about to begin.

Dreaming of a sand storm

In a dream, sandstorms are one of the images that reflect how you feel in your life. This is one of the natural disasters that can appear suddenly and destroy everything on its way, including buildings and living things. The sandstorm represents your feelings in the dream, which means that something might be destroying your happiness at this moment.

Dreaming of a storm at the beach

A storm at the beach can symbolize how you feel unattractive and out of place. You are struggling with your own self-image and questioning if you are living the right life, or if others see you the same way. The dream could also mean that you are troubled by the pace of your life, or that you are upset that others want to rush.

Dream of being on a ship in a storm

In dreams, a ship can symbolize the journey of life, an escape from reality, or an adventure. When sailing a ship in a storm, you are dealing with some challenges and trying to find ways to make it through your difficult circumstances. You might be struggling with relationships, work problems, family issues, or financial concerns.

Dreaming of rain storm

Rainstorms represent a variety of feelings, but in most cases they are connected to your emotional state. Rainstorms can be either exciting or frightening, depending on the emotion and the actual situation. They can also bring storms in your personal life as well as in random events such as meetings and interviews.

Dust storm dream meaning

When a dust storm appears in your dream, you are overwhelmed by life. You feel like a victim of circumstance and the pressure is getting to you. Dust storms also represent conflict and chaos in your life. If you have this dream often, it may mean that you have anxiety over the current condition of your life and the need to make a big change.

Biblical Dream Meaning of Storm

In the Bible, storms are often used to represent changes in the world. For example, during the time of Noah, the Flood was a means of warning people about the coming wrath of God. Similarly, during the time of Jesus, there were many times when disasters struck. For example, during the feeding of the five thousand, there was a storm that completely destroyed the city. The storm represented an event that was going to devastate humanity.


Dreaming about storms can mean a lot of different things. It could mean that you’re in danger, that something bad is happening, or that you’re getting ready for an event. It could also be a way to communicate with your subconscious. Dreaming about storms can provide a unique perspective on the world.