The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Sores

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about a sore doesn’t always have to imply a physical disease. Such imagery can symbolize that you’re feeling emotionally or spiritually hurt as well. There are many ways to interpret dream symbols and this short guide will help you understand what a sore in a dream means. Here are some things that they usually mean.

What Does a Sore Mean in a Dream

Dreaming of a sore usually means that you have been letting your health or your life slip. A sore in a dream may be related to an actual sore in your body. It could also mean that you are feeling vulnerable in some way. Perhaps you are feeling weak and lacking confidence. A sore in a dream may symbolize something that needs to be dealt with in your waking life.

Dream Interpretation Skin Sores

If you’re dreaming of skin sores, they indicate that you are ready to open up about some long-buried emotion. Deep down, you know how to take care of your own wounds, but you may need help bringing closure and forgiveness to a painful situation. If you’re able to talk about it, then your skin will begin to heal, whether or not the wound was physical.

Dreaming Of Sore Breasts

When you dream of breast sores, it signifies that you need to pay extra attention to your emotional well-being. You are in need of some restorative time and self-care.

It is rooted in the idea that it is important to recognize when your inner self needs some restorative work. In order for your emotional health to flourish, you will sometimes need a little regeneration time.

Dream About Sores on Feet

Dreaming about sore feet can be a sign that you are not taking enough time to rest. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to complete everything on our daily “to do” list when in reality we need to take some time for ourselves and focus on the things that really matter.

Dreaming of Sores on Body

Dreaming of a sore body can mean that you feel trapped and confined by a situation in your waking life. Perhaps you’ve been feeling trapped by a negative relationship or by a challenging job. This is the time for you to take chances and break away from a stressful situation. Your dream may be highlighting some problems that you’re currently dealing with in your subconscious.

Dreams About Sores on Legs

When you dream about a sore on the legs, means you are in need of rest and relaxation. This can be interpreted as physical weariness or simply an indication that you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Sore leg dreams can cause feelings of frustration and irritability, which may lead to tensions between you and your family members.

Dream of Cold Sore on Mouth

Dreaming of cold sores on your mouth may indicate that you have unresolved issues with your self-esteem, or perhaps an unhealthy dependence on another. You need to step back and examine the state of your relationship. It could also mean that you are in the midst of a health crisis.

Dream About Sores on Scalp

When you dream about a sore on the scalp, it means that you might be having some kind of issues with self-confidence. This dream can be a reflection of feelings of distress or unhappiness you are experiencing. This can also translate to problems with your relationship with your family or in your personal life.

Dreams About Sores in Your Mouth

When you dream about a sore in your mouth, it is your unconscious telling you to be aware of what you are saying. A sore mouth can refer to someone who has a big mouth or someone who criticizes other people. It can also indicate that you need to learn the virtue of silence.

Dream of Sores on Head

Dreaming of a sore on the head means that you are worried about your relationship with those around you. You feel like you need to change something about yourself but can’t determine the best course of action. Whether it be your friends, family, or coworkers, you see them as a problem that needs fixing.


Dreaming about a sore indicates that you are feeling vulnerable in some way. Perhaps you are not feeling strong and confident. A sore in your dream may also be a metaphor for something that needs to be addressed.