The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Lions

Written By Jamie Young

Lions are the kings of the jungle, and when you see them in your dream, it’s likely that they’re trying to tell you something about your life. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different meanings of a lion dream.

Lions have been used in society as symbols of strength and power for thousands of years. They’ve also been used as symbols of Christianity and royalty. It’s likely that any meaning you find associated with lions in your dreams is related to these associations.

However, some people believe that there might be other meanings for dreaming about lions at night- like feeling like prey or being controlled by an outside force. If you would like to learn more about what might be going on behind the scenes when you see lions at night, read on!

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Lions?

Lions can be fierce predators and hunters, providing lots of food for other animals. They’re known to eat everything from buffalo to zebras; no blood is too strong or too small for them.

In your dream, a lion may be trying to tell you that you feel like prey: worried about being hunted and eaten by someone else. Alternatively, it might symbolize your fear of losing control and power in your life.

Regardless of the interpretation, the dream is trying to show you something important. It’s suggesting that there may be an imbalance in your life and you should try to fix it before it gets out of hand!


Dreaming of lions chasing you

If you dream of a lion chasing you, there are many different interpretations. The most common is that this dream foretells serious trouble in your life. A closely related meaning for our dream is that you feel someone is threatening or harming you, or that someone has power over you. In some cases, a lion chasing you may symbolize your competitive nature and the need to stand up for yourself.

Dreams about lions attacking

Lions are a representation of strength and power. If you see lions attacking you, it could mean that a stressful situation is overwhelming you. Or, it could simply be a metaphor for the way people act when you try to make changes in your life. The animal symbolism for the lion carries many connotations, including: royalty, strength, pride, bravery, nobility and confidence.

Mountain lion dream meaning

Dreaming of a mountain lion can mean many things. Dreams where a mountain lion is present can mean that the dreamer has an unruly and dangerous animal sleeping inside of them. There is a wildness within the dreamer and it may not be able to be controlled. The mountain lion is a symbol for something that the dreamer has suppressed, but now it is trying to come to the surface in order to heal.

Dreaming of lions outside your house

Dreaming of lions outside your home refers to two different things. It depends on the context of the dream. Lions are an important symbol in dreams, especially when they appear to people in large groups. When lions are roaming around outside your house, it means that a major change is going to happen.

Dream about lions and tigers

If a lion or tiger is in your dream, you are being reminded that there are some things in your waking life that need to be brought out into the open. This can either be with family, friends, or at work. You will know this needs to happen when whatever you dream about is killing you.

Dream about lions in the house

Dreaming of lions in the house means you will soon have a powerful friend who will help and protect you. If you dream that you are afraid of lions, you will face significant challenges and difficulties in your life. Dreaming of a lion in the house is traditionally a sign of good luck. As such, unless you were specifically warned to beware of lions in your dream, it is likely a good sign.

Dream of lion protecting me

Dreaming of seeing a lion protecting you means that you are feeling very masculine right now. You are strong and have the power to do anything. The lion is royalty and so are you. You are the king or queen of your domain. The lion is also powerful and one of the strongest hunters on earth. This is why he will always be on top and never fall from grace.

Dream of lion attacking someone else

If a lion attacks someone else in your dream, this symbolizes some aspect of your life that you feel is beyond your personal control. Although the lion has traditionally been seen as an animal representing royalty and high social status, it can also be seen as unruly and aggressive — much like your own personal issues in waking life.

Female lion dream meaning

A dream of a lioness often represents a strong-willed woman in your life. A lioness is also a symbol of leadership, authority and affection. A female lion is fierce, strong, and powerful — traits that show up in your own life when you dream of seeing one. To dream of a female lion represents pride, power, and strength.

Black lion in dream

Dreams of a black lion symbolize a situation where you’ve allowed yourself to be manipulated. Perhaps you’ve compromised your self-identity for the sake of greed or acceptance. In other cases, you may have sold out your principles in exchange for power and authority. Black lions also appear when you’re feeling left out and unaccepted by those around you.

White lion dream meaning

When you dream of a white lion, it often means you are being self-indulgent. It could signal that you need to face the consequences of your actions and that you can’t keep hiding from the truth. If a lion is running toward you, it indicates that someone very powerful is after you and that “the game” is on.

Spiritual Meaning of Lions in Dreams

There’s a spiritual meaning behind lions in your dreams. Dreaming about lions can be interpreted as strength, power, and royalty.

It’s likely that the first meaning you find associated with lions in your dreams is related to these associations.

Lions are often used as symbols of Christianity and royalty because they’re not found in many other countries or religions besides Christianity and Judaism.

Dreams about lions also sometimes refer to feeling like prey or being controlled by an outside force. These interpretations could come from a sense of helplessness or a feeling that you’re a victim of someone else’s desires.

Lion Symbolism in Dreams

Regardless of the different meanings behind dreaming about a lion, it’s important to know what this animal means in real life. Lions are the only members of the cat family to live in Africa and Asia. They’re also one of the largest cats on Earth!

In many cultures, lions represent power and strength. In Christianity, they represent royalty because early Christians believed Jesus was a descendant of King David. So it makes sense that you might dream about lions if you’re feeling uneasy or threatened.

That being said, there may be other meanings too! If you find yourself feeling like prey or under outside control when you see a lion in your dreams, read on to learn more about those interpretations!


Lions have been used as symbols of strength, royalty, and the Christian faith. It’s likely that any meaning you find associated with lions in your dreams is related to these associations. However, some people believe that there might be other meanings for dreaming about lions at night- like feeling like prey or being controlled by an outside force.