The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Falling

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams about falling can represent a lot of different things, such as being lost or helpless, being attacked, or feeling like you’re about to die. Falling dreams also tend to be interpreted in different ways. Some people interpret them as an ominous sign, while others interpret them as a sign of love and affection. Further, different dreams about falls can be prophetic or predictive. So what does it all mean?

What Does Falling in a Dream Mean

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Dreams about falling can represent a lot of different things, so it’s important to interpret them the way that makes sense for you. For example, if you dream about being lost or helpless, that might be a sign that you’re feeling lost or helpless in your life. If you dream about falling and getting up again quickly, that might be an indication that you’re going through a tough time but you’re going to get through it.

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Dream of falling down stairs

When you dream about falling down the stairs, it is a warning to avoid a business opportunity that seems to be too good to be true. Staircases in dreams usually symbolize setbacks and failures. As such, dreaming of falling down the stairs means that things aren’t going exactly as planned in your life. It indicates that you will soon face some disappointment that might affect your livelihood or your business.

Falling off a cliff dream

When you dream of falling off a cliff, you may not be paying attention to something important. Whether it’s in a business or personal capacity, falling off a cliff can make you feel intense fear. Sometimes you put yourself directly in harm’s way and jeopardize your current position — because of this, it’s never too late to try and recover.

Falling into water dream

Falling into water in your dream is symbolizing the inability to control your emotions. You cannot fulfill your desires or wishes. You are overwhelmed and things are slipping out of your hands. People who experience this dream feel that they are drowning in their own problems, unable to handle them, or they are just afraid of being drowned or destroyed by somebody else’s problems.

Watching someone fall in a dream

Dreaming of seeing someone fall in your dreams, implies that your unconscious mind is aware of a situation in which you feel vulnerable or powerless. You may be struggling with a problem, but are afraid to confront it head-on. In such situations, the best solution is to give yourself some time and space so you can work things out without too much pressure. You need to relax if you want to find clarity about your situation.

Dream of baby falling on floor

When you dream of your baby falling on the floor, it is a sign that something needs to change in your life. This is a metaphor for when your life is out of balance. If you have been worrying about your child, or thinking about them too much, it may be time to take care of yourself again.

Dream of someone falling to their death

Dreaming of someone falling to their death is a symbol that you need to be more aware and conscious of your surroundings. It means that you should pay attention to the harder truths in your life, and not bury them under the surface. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, and never forget the past.

Dream of someone falling from building

If you ever dream about someone else falling from a building, it is symptomatic of your insecurities and latent fears. You are worried about another person falling into a bad situation, or into danger. This is because you have some aspects of yourself that need to be resolved, and they happen to be the same aspects of yourself that aren’t supported by the other person.

Dreams about falling and landing safely

When you dream about falling and landing safely, it means you will soon be the recipient of some good news. You will be offered a new opportunity to improve your life significantly. Falling and landing safely in your dream means you are working hard to achieve a goal. Your success will be steady and secure, but you must remain vigilant.

Dream of falling off a bridge

Falling from a bridge in a dream is often felt as an expression of insecurity and fears in waking life. You are walking on the edge of a bridge and suddenly you lose your balance and feel as if you are about to fall, although you never do. The fear of falling is part of our primal fear of heights, which comes from the primeval fear of falling down from trees and dying.

Falling in a dream and hitting the ground

Dreaming of falling and hitting the ground symbolizes waking up to your current reality. You may be realizing that your life, or a certain situation or relationship, is not what you imagined it would be. You have fallen into a sense of despair that you cannot escape from. This can also mean feeling down about yourself in regards to something.

Dream of falling into a hole

If you dream of falling into a hole, this signifies your feeling of uncertainty regarding a certain situation in your real life. For instance, if you dreamt that you were following your friends into the restroom and then suddenly realized that it was actually an open manhole cover, it can symbolize that you are not sure about taking a job offer, or a business opportunity, or getting married.

Dreaming of falling from the sky

Falling from the sky dreams symbolizes being ripped away from your daily routine and seeing life from a new perspective. You are not happy with your usual way of life and wish to be free of it. Free yourself from the usual by indulging in some adventure or go on a trip that is completely different from your daily life.

Dream of child falling into water

Dreams about children falling into water are generally seen as indicative of our realization that we have been neglecting the needs of our children, or our focus is misdirected elsewhere. This can be a warning that we need to spend more time with our children and give them the emotional support they deserve.

Dream of falling off a cliff into water

A dream of falling off a cliff may indicate that you’re feeling as though you’re in danger, or that you’re feeling out of balance or overwhelmed by something. Water in your dream indicates emotions and turmoil — perhaps you have trouble expressing yourself? Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for cleansing and renewal — it’s time to let go of old habits and shed the negative baggage that is weighing you down.

Dream of someone falling into water

A dream about someone else falling into water often indicates the need to be more cautious and observant about your surroundings. You may feel that you are not ready for any sort of challenge. In real life, remember to assess your situation before making any rash decisions or taking sudden actions.

Dream of my child falling from height

If you have been dreaming of a child falling from height, it means a major misjudgment, one that could cause tremendous harm to those around you. In this dream, the child could represent a close family member or a loved one, who would suffer immensely if this misjudgment were allowed to continue.

Dream of someone falling out a window

If you’re dreaming about someone falling out of a window, it could represent the end of a relationship or friendship. It could also mean that someone is not being honest with you and they’re hiding something from you. If the person falling was a close friend, this dream may symbolize a betrayal.

Dream of someone falling off balcony

When you dream of someone falling off a balcony, it means that you’re worried about the people closest to you. You may be concerned about certain friends or family members, and so in your dreams, you see them as if they have already died. Your fear for their safety is also reflected in this dream.

Dream of child falling in hole

When you dream of a child falling in a hole this may represent your fear of being abandoned. It can also symbolize a trauma you experienced as a child. If you fell down a well in your dream, it is likely that you are having some worries and concerns about your life as it stands right now.

Dreams about heights and almost falling

Dreaming about heights is often a projection of our deepest fears surrounding what it means to grow up and enter the realm of adulthood. However, falling can also showcase an entirely different set of anxieties. It can symbolize our inability to control our own destiny and may indicate a growing sense of panic over our future.

Dream interpretation fear of falling from height

If you are afraid of heights, it might mean that you feel out of control in your life. It is a common dream theme, since people often feel vulnerable on high places, especially when they stand near the edge and look down. So even if you do not have this fear in waking life, you might still have this dream in which you feel insecure.

Dream of almost falling off a cliff

Cliffs are symbolic of change and instability. When you dream that you almost fell off the cliff (but didn’t), indicates that you have come close to making changes, but have not yet followed through. In your waking life, you may have been faced with challenges or difficult circumstances that prevented you from overcoming an obstacle on your path.

Dream of someone falling off a roof

When you dream of someone falling off a roof, the dream suggests that you are fearful of a real person in your life. Falling is symbolic of not being able to make it on your own and being dependent on others. Alternatively, falling may also be symbolic of good news, like a promotion or positive change in your life.

Dream of stranger falling to their death

When someone dreams of a stranger falling to their death, it may signify the loss of a friendship or relationship with that person. If you are falling in your dream, it may indicate feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress. Death may also be a metaphor for an unknown future event that has the potential to change your life in some significant way.

Dreams of falling from high places

Falling from high places is commonly a symbol of distress, anxiety and fear. You might feel as if you cannot keep up with life or as if you are going to fall apart. If you’re falling in your dream, it may be time to evaluate what’s making you anxious in your life. Acknowledging your feelings will help you put them in perspective and take control.

Dream of child falling down stairs

When you see your own child, or some other child, falling down stairs or a flight of stairs. This dream may be a warning that someone close to you is in danger. If the stairway is dangerous and old, it implies that your current financial position is not stable. The stability of your relationship with another person is also under threat.

Dream of child falling off balcony

When you dream of a child falling from a balcony, it can be interpreted to be an indication of your deep concern for them and your emotional attachment. Since they are not old enough to understand what is going on around them, they may feel neglected when compared with their peers. You need to be more careful when interacting with them.

Dream of baby falling off bed

Dreaming of a baby falling from the bed can mean that you need to be more alert to safety. It can also point to a lack of protection and security. The child probably represents someone close to you who is vulnerable and at risk. Alternatively, dreaming of a baby falling off the bed can represents your feelings that you have failed to protect someone you love.

Dream of falling into a river

Falling into a river symbolizes the fear of drowning and being unable to swim or have control. The dream may also be a sign that you are beginning to lose control of some aspect of your life, and feel as though things are just going to happen without any input from you. When you dream of falling into a river, it is often a metaphor for the challenges your subconscious is facing.

Dream of slipping and falling

When a person dreams of slipping and falling, this is often a reflection of their own inner struggles — specifically, most often, that they lack self-confidence and feel insecure. This lack of security could be rooted in your work life, social life, or relationships. If you’ve been feeling like you’re not doing enough or that your relationships are strained, it could show up in your dreams as the sensation of slipping.

Dream child falling to death

Dreaming of a child falling to death can be interpreted as an emotional situation that is threatening your loved ones and your overall emotional well-being. Often, such dreams are actually the result of physical ailments, or stress, anxiety or depression. Alternatively, if a child in your dream falls to his death, this could mean that you need to slow down.

Dream about falling out of a plane

In your dreams, falling out of a plane or skydiving represents an internal crisis in which you are unable to see an opportunity in front of you. It can also represent you feeling like you have lost an important chance at success. When someone dreams about falling from an airplane, the dream could be an analogy for letting go, starting over, or quitting something.

Falling off roof dream meaning

When you dream of falling off a roof, it is a symbol of your frustration and feelings of failure. You may feel like you’ve lost control over your life and your happiness, and this causes you to fall into depression. The dream is telling you to exercise more control over your life and not let things out of your control affect you.

Dream of someone falling through ice

In dreams, ice often symbolizes security and safety. If someone falls through the ice in your dream, this may indicate your sense of being unsafe or out of control. Experiencing a dream about falling through the ice can also mean that you’re feeling vulnerable in some way. dreaming that you are falling through thin ice could be an indication of trouble ahead in your waking life.

Dream of someone falling in a pit

Dreaming of someone falling in a pit can mean that you are feeling confused or fearful of the future. It is also possible that you feel like your situation is destined to fail. Alternatively, this dream could represent your lack of confidence in a particular relationship, or that the person you are having the dream about has lost trust in you.

Dreams about tripping and falling

Dreams of tripping and falling usually signal that you’re on the right track but should be even more careful. Some element of a dream is slipping away or is in danger or may be lost somehow. Whatever the dream, it is instructing the dreamer to be cautious. Trips represent a journey either literally or metaphorically, but most often trips represent an effort being undertaken by the dreamer.

Dreaming of falling out of bed

If you are falling out of bed in your dream, it means that you need to change aspects of your life in order to be happier in the future. You might be too focused on work or school and not have time for a love life, friends, or even yourself. If you keep pushing yourself too hard, there could be consequences.

Falling into a black hole dream

If you dream of falling into a black hole, then your unconscious mind could be trying to tell you that you’re in a situation where you are struggling to get free — whether it’s a relationship, friendship, project, or job. The black hole dream symbolizes a time of transition in your life. It can also be read as a reflection of your feelings about your present relationship or a situation in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Falling in Dreams

One of the main spiritual meanings of falling in dreams is that we are falling into a deeper level of awareness. It can represent a time when we’re getting closer to understanding ourselves and the world around us. It can also symbolize the process of change that’s happening in our lives. Additionally, it can be a sign of love and affection.

Recurring Dream of Falling

If you are having recurring dreams about falling, it represents a general sense of uncertainty. Falling implies that you’re feeling uneasy about particular aspects of your life. You might be questioning your current place in life and wondering how to proceed forward. When we fall in dreams, often we feel as though we are out of control — but we must remember that it’s just a dream. You don’t have to interpret these dreams as a literal representation of your waking life.


Dreams are an important part of our life and can provide clues about our feelings and intentions. Falling in a dream can symbolize a change in our current situation or a potential danger. In addition, falling in a dream can symbolize being out of balance or not in control of our life. If you are feeling lost or unstable, you may be in need of some help.