The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Death

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams are always mysterious, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also have meaning. Whether you dream about the death of a loved one or the death of your pet, there is always a deeper meaning behind those dreams. Here are some ways to get a better understanding of what happens during and after death in your mind and see how it relates to you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Death

A dream involving death can mean a lot of different things. It may be that you are feeling some sort of grief and are trying to escape the reality of a loss. Or it could mean that you have some unfinished business with someone who has passed and you don’t want them to leave you. The dream may also be telling you something about yourself, your fears, or what is happening in your life right now. Regardless of the reason behind the dream, it is always important to pay attention to what your dreams are trying to tell you even if they don’t seem like anything at first.


Dreams about death of someone else

Dreaming of someone else’s death is a nightmare for those who experience it. Dreaming about the death of another person generally means steep changes in your life, often for the better. The interpretation can vary depending on the person involved — for instance, if you dream about a friend or family member’s death, you may be afraid of losing that person in real life.

Dreams about death of a family member

If you dream of the death of a family member, it signifies a major change. The change is scary because it involves letting go of something that is very important to you. Alternatively, if you dream of the death of someone who is an acquaintance or friend, then this denotes that there will be an end to some phase of your life. You are ready for the upcoming changes and a new beginning.

Death of someone who is already dead

When you dream of someone who is already dead, it means that you are dealing with unfinished business. You should take the opportunity to examine your relationship with the deceased and let go of any unresolved issues, in order to bring closure to the relationship. Dreams about dead people can be a sign that there’s something in your waking life that reminds you of this person or that reminds you of your own mortality.

Dreams about death of a child

When you dream that a child has died, it may symbolize a serious illness or death of someone in your immediate family. It may be a glimpse into the future, an indication that you should watch out for any problems or signs of sickness in the family. It is also possible that this dream is simply a reflection of your currently suppressed feelings about death and dying.

Dream about your own death

Dreams of your own death point to a shocking revelation about yourself or someone you know. This is often a physical trauma, but it can also be about an emotional upheaval—such as a major illness—that quickly follows the dream. Death dreams are particularly prevalent in people prone to anxiety and depression, especially if they dream of their own deaths regularly. The death dreams will often simply use symbols from our life and substitute with that of death.

Dream of death of a loved one

Dreaming about the death of a loved one is usually associated with anxiety about the health of that person, even if you don’t realize it. It could also be related to your general worries about something else happening to someone else in your family or friendship group. If you dreamed that your brother or sister died, then it means that you will hear sad news from home.

Dream of someone jumping to their death

Dreaming of someone jumping from great heights—for example, off the top floor of a house or building—symbolizes feelings of frustration, anger, and restlessness. If you feel that you are unable to control your emotions and feelings, this dream can be an expression of one’s fear of losing control over these intense emotions.

Dreams about death of a friend

In dreams, the death of a friend represents the end of a portion of your life. You might be moving away from an important part of your life, such as high school friends or college friends, but no matter what is happening in your life and what is being taken from you, it’s all for the better. Nothing stays the same forever. A change must occur for you to grow!

Dream about stabbing someone to death

Dreams about stabbing someone may foretell future problems between you and the person you have imagined killing in your dream. If a family member, loved one or friend is the victim in the stabbing dream, it signifies that the two of you may face hardships and disagreements in the near future. This type of dream also suggests that you are acting upon pent-up anger during your waking hours.

Dream of someone falling to their death

If you dream about someone falling to their death, it suggests a sense of unease about their well-being. Perhaps you are feeling a little apprehensive about someone’s health or safety, or you are waiting anxiously for an outcome that may be potentially harmful or dangerous. In particular, falling indicates a sense of helplessness or vulnerability.

Dream interpretation death of mother

Dreaming about your mother dying can be a traumatic experience. However, she may symbolize something else in your life that is important to you. The death of another important woman in your life along with mother could indicate the death of a relationship or a good friend. Your mother’s death is often seen as an upheaval of one’s own identity and reality. It can be a mark of being left alone in the world, feeling lost and unprepared for this new stage of life.

Dream of someone burning to death

When you dream of someone burning to death, often it is a sign of envy and ill will toward that person. If the person in your dream was a family member, then it could be a warning that you are harboring some dark feelings toward them. Burning fire often represents passion, desire, and yearning — burning with anger, burning with lust, or burning with sadness.

Dream of car accident and death

When you dream of a car accident and death, it can mean financial loss or death. If a person in your dream dies, you may lose money or a loved one in the future. You need to see if someone close to you has been ill recently or having financial problems because this dream may be a premonition of their physical or emotional injuries or death.

Seeing own death in dream

When you dream of seeing your own death, it typically reflects a fear of confronting an issue that is present in your waking life. The dream also can be linked to people you rely on who are already deceased; as if you feel they are “still there”, and you want to know they are still with you.

Hearing death news in dream meaning

Dreaming of news of a loved one’s death may indicate a fear of their disapproval. Alternatively, it could be interpreted as your subconscious concern over the well-being of someone you love. They are safe in this case, which means that you no longer need to worry about them and can enjoy peace of mind.

Dreams about death of a parent

Dreaming about the death of a parent is usually a sign of feelings of guilt, anger, or resentment.  It could indicate that you feel abandoned by your parents and because of this, you may be taking it out on them in your dreams.  It can also show that you are experiencing some sort of loss in your life, whether it be an end to a friendship or a job.

Dream of someone choking to death

When you dream of someone choking to death, it might have a simple or a more complex meaning. No matter what the cause is for someone to choke, it could mean an impending physical ailment or an emotion that needs to be addressed in your waking life. Dreaming of someone choking can mean a feeling of being unable to swallow your words or having the inability to speak freely.

Dreams about saving someone from death

When you dream about saving someone from death, the setting of your dream can indicate that you are feeling physically or socially vulnerable yourself. You may be anxious about your own mortality. Alternatively, if you are dreaming about saving someone from death, it could mean that you are feeling guilty because you have not been doing enough to help someone in need.

Dreams of terror and death

Dreaming of terror and death can indicate a very real danger around you. Most likely it is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, yet you are too passive to change your situation. If you are dreaming about fear, it is something that does not scare you and may not even be a real danger. One might say this person has no fear in his/her heart.

Dreaming of crying over a death

When we dream of crying over a death, it means that we are worried about losing something or someone dear to our hearts. Perhaps we will have to spend time apart from someone special in our lives. We can overcome such an unfortunate event by thinking positively and keeping ourselves occupied.

Angel of death dream meaning

Dreams about the Angel of Death can be either very positive or very bad. The most common meaning for the dream is a reminder that death is inevitable. Your life, as you know it, will end in the not too distant future. From your current situation, you should be able to see how everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever, including life itself.

Dreaming of death while pregnant

Having dreams about death when you’re pregnant might represent an internal battle between your conscious and unconscious mind. Your subconscious might be warning you of a possible danger or risk to the pregnancy, but your conscious mind may not believe it. It’s important to speak with a doctor or therapist about your dreams so you can better understand them.

Death by slitting throat dream

When you dream of someone slitting his or her throat it is symbolic of one receiving a “kiss of death” from a loved one. This could be an indication that you are feeling as if your life is in a downward spiral and you have no control over the circumstance; sort of like you’re just letting things happen and hoping for the best.

Dream of death of father

Dreams of your father’s death can be very unsettling, but the message can actually reflect aspects of your own life. If you’re in a leadership position at work or school, you may fear that your employees or students are trying to undermine you. Or, if you have recently made a big move such as moving city or changing schools, you may have concerns about losing touch with group friends and family members.

Dream of beating someone to death

If you are dreaming about beating someone to death, it could mean that you are looking for closure in some sort of situation or relationship. When you’re in a dream and you’re trying to beat someone up, it’s a sign that you’re struggling with an emotion and looking for a way to deal with it. You may be thinking too much about something or have let a problem get under your skin.

Near death experience dream

When you dream of a near death experience, it might mean that you are feeling trapped in a situation. If you feel that there are no options for you to escape, or if someone has put you in a hazardous position, then dreaming of a near death experience might be symbolizing your desire to escape that situation as soon as possible.

Smelling death in a dream

When you dream of smelling death, it’s probably a sign that you will soon be involved in an emotionally difficult situation. You may also feel that your current living situation is lacking something. This dream can also mean that you have lost hope in a situation or person, and need to get it back; the stench of death represents the feeling of hopelessness.

Dream of strangling someone to death

To dream of strangling a person is a very ominous dream, and while the details of the dream may vary, the one constant theme is the presence of death in your dream. Death can be either literal or emotional. The emotional aspect is that you are feeling overwhelmed by some relationship in your life, and you feel like the other person is constricting your breathing, physically and emotionally.

Dreams about escaping death

When you dream about escaping death, this means that you are very critical and negative in your life. Stressful or important issues are attracting your attention. You are looking for a solution and trying to find it by yourself. This dream can also be interpreted as fear of losing your identity or the vital part of your individuality.

Dreaming of mourning a death

Dreaming of mourning a death means that a near and dear person has passed away. The dream may also indicate an event that is symbolic of the death of a person or an important aspect of your life. Dreams of this nature can cause feelings of sadness and depression in the dreamer, but they are also considered as positive messages from the subconscious mind that all is well.

Dreams of being tickled to death

If you dream of a tickling that seems to go on forever, there may be some emotional red flags in your life that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Some people may consider the act of tickling as a form of torture or even abuse — so if you dream about someone tickling you until you die, it could mean that there is some unresolved anger between you and that person.

Dream of being crushed to death

Most people who dream of being crushed to death feel anxiety about feeling overwhelmed by situations in their waking lives. They might be experiencing significant stress, and this anxiety is manifesting itself in their dreams. The crushing sensation may also be affecting your breathing; thus, the feeling of suffocation.

Recurring Dreams About Death

If you’re experiencing recurring dreams about death, this may be an indication that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Dreaming of dying can also be a sign that you need to get in touch with your feelings about death and the afterlife.

Dreams of death can occur for multiple reasons, but most commonly they occur when someone close to you dies. If someone close to you dies, the dreamer often experiences feelings of guilt and regret, which are often tied into dreams about death. The dreamer may still have feelings of grief after waking up from the dream, which is why it’s important to talk about it so that you can process all of your emotions.


Dreams are an interesting phenomenon. They often have a unique meaning for each individual dreamer. It can be scary when you dream about death, but remembering that your subconscious is the one dreaming, and you can use it to your advantage when it comes to interpreting your dreams.