The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Aliens

Written By Jamie Young

Aliens have long captured our imagination, both within the context of science fiction and in questioning the existence of extraterrestrial life. It becomes intriguing when these otherworldly beings begin appearing in our dreams – but what could it signify? Dreams about aliens can symbolize a multitude of different things depending on individual experiences and feelings. In this article, we will delve into the complex interpretations and possible meanings behind dreams regarding aliens with the aim to help you decode these enigmatic nocturnal visitors.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Aliens

Dreaming about aliens can represent a variety of things, depending on the context. Most commonly, it symbolizes a sense of feeling alien or strange in a surrounding or a situation. It could mean you’re dealing with issues of belonging, or feeling like an outsider. Alternatively, dreaming about aliens can represent fear of changes or unknown circumstances in your life, symbolizing uncertainties that are beyond your control. If the interaction with the aliens is positive in the dream, it could also mean that you are open to new experiences and ideas.


Dream of Alien Invasion

Dreaming of an alien invasion is often symbolic of an onset of prevailing changes or disruptions that may be taking over your daily life. The alien in your dream is a manifestation of new circumstances that are pushing their way into your normal routines. It may signify transformations that are intimidating due to their unfamiliar nature. This dream may indicate heightened anxiety, suggesting a feeling that circumstances are cascading into a territory to which you feel unaccustomed or worried.

Alien Abduction Dream

Dreaming of an alien abduction can signify feelings of confusion, helplessness, or fear in your life. The scenario may suggest a disruption in your daily routine or normality, leading to ‘alien’ or unfamiliar territory. It could imply that you are undergoing significant changes in your life that are making you more vulnerable and uncertain about the future. These dreams can also reflect feelings of isolation or feeling alienated in certain social environments or relationships. It’s a call to regain control and tackle fear-inducing factors in your waking life.

Dreams About Aliens Taking Over the World

When you dream about aliens taking over the world, it usually indicates feelings of being overwhelmed in your waking life. You could be feeling that circumstances are beyond your control or that you are under some sort of enormous pressure, possibly leading to helplessness or loss of control. These dreams could also represent encountering completely unfamiliar life events or major changes which are experiencing resistance.

Dream of Alien Attack

Dreaming of an alien attack can symbolize feelings of being threatened, invaded, or overwhelmed in your daily life. The alien attacker can represent external forces or concerns that feel incredibly powerful and foreign to you, things you find difficult to understand or control. This may involve some unexpected or uncharted events that have invaded your peace of mind. The nature of the attack can often speak to the magnitude or urgency of these hostile forces in your waking life.

Dream About Being Abducted by Aliens

Dreaming about being abducted by aliens can indicate feelings of powerlessness or a loss of control in certain situations in your waking life. Alien abduction often symbolizes dealing with unfamiliar situations or drastic changes, thus the dream emphasizes experiencing the sense of being forcibly taken out of your comfort zone. This could reflect feelings of being manipulated or trapped, or engulfed in situations where you have no necessary agency.

Dream About Alien Next to Bed

When you dream about an alien next to your bed, it is an indication of unexpected or foreign influences that have a close proximity to your private or personal space in your waking life. The alien symbolizes something foreign or not well understood. If it’s next to your bed – a place of rest and safety – this could mean you’re undergoing some changes that are uncomfortable and encroaching on your peace of mind. It might also signify feelings of vulnerability, anxiety or fear of unknown factors influencing your stability or comfort zone.

Dream Meaning Aliens Talking

Dreaming about aliens talking highlights something unknown or unfamiliar that you are trying to understand in your waking life, much like trying to understand an “alien language”. It may point toward subconscious thoughts or ideas that your mind is attempting to process. Alternatively, it could suggest that you feel misunderstood or out of sync with the world around you if the language sounded indecipherable. Conversations with an alien could also represent discovery, suggesting new thoughts or ideas being communicated to you in an unconventional way, advising you to be open to innovative perspectives.

Dreaming Of Being Around Aliens

Dreaming of being around aliens often signifies a sense of feeling like an outsider or experiencing unfamiliar situations in your waking life. The aliens symbolize things or people that are different, unknown, or unaccustomed to you. They could be new experiences, daunting challenges, or new environments that feel alien and strange to you. This dream can be your subconscious mind’s way of preparing and processing these unfamiliar instances. Alternatively, if in the dream you feel comfortable around these aliens, it may be an invitation to embrace unique perspectives or aspects you are not accustomed to in your life.

Dream About Alien Coming to Earth

Dreaming about an alien coming to Earth is symbolic of a perceived introduction to a fresh phase, providing new perspectives or carrying unusual elements in your waking life. In this context, the alien figure typically symbolizes aspects that are foreign, unfamiliar, or exceptional. An alien landing on Earth signifies uncharted transformations coming your way and commands a shift in attitude accommodative with the unknown – these could track novel ideas, unexplored challenges, groundbreaking relationships or gripping careers. 

Dream Of Fighting Aliens

Dreaming of fighting aliens suggests a struggle against unfamiliar circumstances in your life. It symbolizes a confrontation with aspects of your reality that seem alien or daunting to you. You may be grappling with new feelings, ideas, situations, or relationships that are difficult to understand or absorb. The conflict may also reflect an internal struggle where you’re attempting to align yourself with someone or something that feels distinctly detached from your usual experiences or personality.

Dream of Aliens at War in the Woods

Dreaming of aliens at war in the woods could indicate internal or external conflict in your life. The aliens represent unfamiliar concepts, changes or challenges you’re contending with, while the setting of the woods may symbolize a place in your mind you purposely avoid or where fear and uncertainty exist. This dream may reflect your struggle in uncharted territory or efforts to make peace with new elements in your life. On a broader level, it can symbolize concerns about future challenges or threats. 

Dream About Aliens Killing People

Dreaming about aliens killing people can be a manifestation of extreme stress or anxiety. The aliens, representative of foreign or not well understood forces, may signify overpowering situations or emotions in your real life that are causing fear and destruction (symbolized by killing of people). This could encompass feelings of losing control, powerful unknown adversaries or distressing changes that have a negative impact on your well-being or that of those around you. It may signal emotional turmoil and strain in handling novel situations, urging for stronger, stable means of coping and resolution.

Dream About Aliens Keeping Humans Captive on Earth

Dreaming about aliens keeping humans captive on Earth can signify feelings of restriction and constriction. The aliens represent unfamiliar forces or circumstances and humans – possibly yourself among them – represent familiar elements of your life. If in the dream, these familiar elements are held captive, it suggests a perceived loss of freedom or manipulation in your waking life. This could be due to a situation, relationship, or belief that is causing you to feel trapped and unheard. It may also denote dealing with a style of domineering influence that feels foreign to you.

Dreams of Close Encounters With Alien

When you dream of a close encounter with an alien, it often represents direct engagement with something completely new or unfamiliar in your life. The alien symbolizes foreign, unusual, or unrecognized aspects disrupting your typical experiences. This could reflect a major turning point, like a new job, relationship, or challenges that are demanding your immediate attention. Facing the alien implies that you are consciously handling these unconventional elements head-on. Alternatively, if the encounter is friendly, it may denote inclusive growth by accepting unexplored viewpoints or qualities–a subconscious promotion for adaptability and receptivity towards change and difference.

Dream About Aliens Killing Me and Family

Dreaming about aliens killing you and your family signifies that you may be feeling overwhelmed by situations or external circumstances that feel out of your control. The aliens denote unfamiliar, unexpected and threatening events or anxiety provoking exchanges happening in your life which seem to threaten your harmony or safety. The idea of your family symbolizes close relationships or aspects of yourself that you hold dear. It’s a manifestation of fear and an urge to protect those relationships and aspects within yourself. This dream could be your subconscious mind’s way of expressing shaken peace, urging attention towards psychological well-being amidst life’s challenges.

Dream Of Being Chased by Aliens

Dreaming of being chased by aliens often signifies feeling tormented or pursued by unfamiliar situations or unknown elements in your waking life. These elements are represented by the aliens. This could be overwhelming changes, repressed emotions, or evolving situations that you are attempting to escape from. Being chased typically symbolizes a sense of fear or some level of discomfort, suggesting that there is something in your life that you want to avoid or unable to confront directly. This type of dream is generally a call to face up to these issues and take definitive action instead of feeling threatened and retreating.

Dreams About Hiding and Running From Aliens

Dreaming about hiding and running from aliens depicts a situation in your waking life where you’re trying to evade or skirt around unexplored realities, difficult truths or situations represented by aliens. This could relate to changing circumstances, new challenges or suppressed fears that you are finding hard to address or face directly. The act of hiding or running suggests a desire to escape these challenges or a latent fear preventing you from confronting the issues head-on.

Dream Meanings Aliens Take Over Humanity

Dreaming about aliens taking over humanity can represent feelings of being overwhelmed or controlled by newfound obligations or circumstances. The aliens symbolize outlandish circumstances or elemental pressures that you believe are altering familiar environments or widely accepted norms, symbolized by humanity. These dreams may suggest that you feel out of control, possibly fearing unexpected changes or feeling disempowered by the “alien” conditions which could also represent powerful mechanisms, evolving societal norms or technology. 

Dream About Making Love to an Alien

Dreaming of making love to an alien is a powerful symbol of bonding with aspects of your life or self that you struggle to understand or reckon as unfamiliar. The alien here symbolizes new areas of self-awareness, unexplored emotions, innovative ideas, or unforeseen circumstances that initially may feel alien or unknown. Making love with an alien may suggest your subconscious instigating acceptance and deeper understanding of these circumstances. It may also represent seeking exciting novelty, embracing individuality, or bearing a receptive attitude toward idiosyncratic experiences.


Dreaming about aliens could represent feeling like an outsider or alien in a certain situation, or fear of changes or unknown circumstances in your life. If the dream interaction with the aliens is positive, it means you are open to new experiences and ideas.