The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of Rats

Written By Jamie Young

When you dream about rats, the visions that come to mind may not be flattering. This can lead to feelings of disgust and fear. As a result, some people might try to avoid rats if they dream about them. However, what does it mean when you dream about rats? In addition to being one of the most prominent fears for many people, dreams about rats are also important because they offer insight into our subconscious minds.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Rats

When you dream about rats, it can mean that you are being forced to confront some of your fears. Some people may think about rats as dirty and unsafe, so dreaming about them might be a way for you to acknowledge the fact that your subconscious mind is pushing you to confront some of the things in your life that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you dream about rats a lot, it could also mean that you have a lot of fears or issues that need attention. If this is the case, try keeping a journal for several weeks and write down what types of things scare you or issues that bother you so much and how these things make you feel. Then try talking to someone who will help address those fears or issues.

brown rat

Dream of rats running

When you dream of rats running, there could be a few different things that are causing the rats to run. Rats are known for their ability to gather information about the things around them and then carry that information back to their homes or nests. When you dream of seeing rats run, this could be a sign that something is being taken back; either information is being gathered and/or things are getting taken back.

Dreaming of dead rats

Seeing a dead rat in your dream can symbolize betrayal, infidelity or lying. The situation the rat was in before it died can help you to understand the reason for the dream and its connection with your life. It can also be interpreted as being a warning against taking on a project that will fail miserably like a rat in your house.

Dreams about rats and mice

Rats and mice can represent different things, depending on the context. If you see a single mouse, this may be a warning to keep an eye on your current situation, as something may be amiss. Alternatively, if you have seen rats or mice in your dreams, you are trying to escape from your own problems. The difference between a rat and a mouse can also have an effect on the dream.

Dream of rats in house

Dreaming of a rat in your house warns you of an evil person who wishes to bring you harm. You will be betrayed and hurt by someone close to you, who you have trusted and naively believed to be your friend. The dream is a warning, urging you to be more cautious toward others in order to protect yourself from their vicious intentions.

Dream meaning white rat

The white rat is a symbol of change and an unexpected visitor to your house, most often seen as a warning. A white rat in your dreams can foretell big changes in your life: a new baby, moving, or even a job loss. It could mean that you have an oblivious friend who may be ill-mannered, but still loyal and discreet.

Dreams about rats biting you

When you dream about rats biting you, it represents the fear that your security is being threatened. Some may have a phobia of rats and getting bitten by them in their dreams mean they are afraid of their personal safety being harmed. Alternatively, dreaming about being bitten by rats may be an omen of financial difficulties, as well as the collapse of a partnership, or even a relationship. It indicates problems with someone who is close to you.

Dream about killing rats

if you dream that you are killing a rat, it means that you are struggling to get rid of something bad in your life. The rat may represent someone who is dishonest or has intentions to cheat you. The act of killing something in a dream is often a symbol for the termination of an element in your life. This could be a concern, an idea, a feeling, an emotion, or an event.

Dreaming of rats and snakes

When you dream of rats and snakes, it signifies that there is something in your life that is feeding upon you. It could be a friend or family member from whom you are keeping distance, but who is emotionally draining you to meet their own needs. Alternatively, the rats and snakes may represent certain people in your life.

Cat and rat dream meaning

If you dream of a cat and a rat, it is thought that this could mean that there is going to be jealousy and fighting in the home. Cats are graceful, beautiful creatures and rats are ugly, vicious animals. To see these two creatures together in your dream can signify the fact that family members or friends may not be getting along together as well as they should.

Brown rat dream meaning

If you dream of a brown rat, then you’re probably being visited by an old friend. This particular creature is believed to be a symbol of fertility, abundance and success if it is seen in your home or if you are holding it. If the rat is present in your dreams and brings with it tension or fear, then it could be a representation of some major changes that are occurring in your life.

Dream of rats attacking

When you dream of rats attacking, it’s a symbol that you’ve got a lot on your mind. You’re restless and need to find the energy to do something instead of sitting idly by — and you’ll have to kick start it with some sort of action: maybe it’s just taking a walk or cleaning up around the house, but either way it’ll get you moving.

Dream of big rat

To see a big rat in your dream, represents an unwanted influence in your life. A person or situation is draining you of your energy and happiness, leaving you tired and lifeless. If you are afraid of rats, you may feel that something is chasing you or preying on your vulnerability. You feel like running away from responsibilities.

Dreaming of rat poop

If you’re dreaming of rat poop, it might be a sign that your life is very messy right now. In dreams, rat poop can symbolize a variety of things. Rat feces are often symbolic in dreams as unwanted guests or negative influences in your life. Rats in dreams most often represent an intruder into your personal space.

Dream about rats infested

If you dream about rats infesting your home, it means that there are evil plans being brewed against you and you should take care of your reputation. If you happen to see rats or notice their traces, it suggests that you should be aware of an impending threat from your enemies. When you dream about infestation, you are expressing worry or anxiety about something in your life.

Dreaming of rats crawling on you

The dream of rats crawling on you represents your unspoken fear and concerns. As a source of psychological distress, rats symbolize issues that you might have with your family, friends, or community. Rats can also be a foreboding sign from your subconscious alerting you to an impending problem.

Dreaming of black rats

If you dream of black rats, then this means that there is a dark-minded character planning to harm you in some way. You might be faced with betrayal from your partner and friends. Or else it signifies that you have bad habits that are hard to break. Some people think is an omen of death, or a premonition that something bad is going to happen.

Dream about roaches and rats

If you dream of cockroaches, it’s a sign that someone close to you is trying to deceive you. It may also mean that your subconscious is trying to warn you about a potential health hazard or internal conflict. In dreams, cockroaches and rats can symbolize, among other things: dirtiness and a state of decay; bitterness, resentment or fear about being or becoming poor.

Spiritual Meaning of Rats in Dreams

Spiritually, rats have been associated with treachery and ill-intentions. While you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, you should also be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when you are dealing with people who are new to you or can be described as vulnerable

Rat Symbolism in Dreams

Rat symbolism in dreams can represent many things. They might represent your fears, self-doubt, and/or instincts. Rats are known to be scavengers and eat anything–including things that other animals would not consider food. With this information in mind, rats in your dream can symbolize a lack of cleanliness or self-control.

Rats are also known for being hoarders and collecting a lot of trash. Sometimes we dream about rats with a lot of trash around them because it can be symbolic of how we prioritize our lives and how much time we spend on things that don’t matter so much.

Biblical Meaning of Rats in a Dream

The Bible has a lot to say about rodents. In the very first book of the Bible, Genesis 1:24-25, God creates all creatures great and small. And so we know that mice, rats and squirrels are just as important as metaphors for what’s good and evil than anything else in the Bible.

As with many animals, rats were seen as unclean in the Bible. They were associated with death, plague, famine and destruction – so it’s not surprising that there are a few references to them in Scripture.


Rats in dreams represent our fears and the things that we are not sure of. The rats in the dream may represent something different than what your conscious mind tells you. Rats in dreams are a symbol of the unknown, the unknown that is often scary and may cause anxiety. Rats in dreams can also represent what we have done to ourselves or someone else.