The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of Poop

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams often have a specific meaning even if they don’t always make sense. A dream about poop can represent a number of things. Sometimes a dream about poop is just your mind trying to sort through what you ate during the day, but it can also be a symbol for something else.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore all the possibilities of what your dream might mean. If you’re curious about what it means to dream about poop, then read on!


What Does It Mean to Dream About Poop

Dreaming about poop is a sign you need to clean up your life. It can also mean that you are not taking care of your mind or body and should do so. Poop could symbolize unfinished business that you want to get rid of. Or, it could be a sign that you have been suppressing your feelings and emotions for too long.

In some cases, dreaming about poop could be connected with sexual repression, which is an unhealthy way to deal with feelings of shame or embarrassment. It is important to remember that what we dream about doesn’t always make sense in the waking world–so try not to take things literally when they aren’t making sense in the context of what you’re dreaming about.

poop with happy face

Seeing Poop in Dream Meaning

When you dream of seeing poop, it often symbolizes unwanted feelings, emotions, or situations that you might be trying to release or get rid of in your waking life. Such dreams can be indicative of a need to cleanse or purify oneself, highlighting the presence of negativity or burdens that you are carrying around. Alternatively, dreaming of poop can also symbolize abundance and wealth, as the old saying goes, “where there’s muck, there’s brass.” It suggests that even in seemingly unfavorable situations, there can be hidden opportunities or value.

Dream meaning poop in toilet

When you dream about poop in the toilet, you are being told that something that you currently have can be flushed away with ease. In this dream, what you have or possess is not good enough to keep. Be careful of your material possessions and financial wealth — they may not be worth keeping. Let them go so that you will have more valuable things in your life.

Dream of cleaning poop

When you are dreaming about cleaning poop, you may be concerned about the issues in your life that seem to be getting worse by the day. You may feel as if everything is going wrong and you’re surrounded by things that make you angry, sad or frustrated. You may think that it’s hard to move on and feel trapped in a situation that you can’t get out of.

Dream about toilet overflowing with poop

The toilet overflowing with poop is a common dream, and reflects how you feel about your job or life at the time. If you dream that the flush lever broke — try resetting your life. Draft: I got a pretty good idea of what’s going on here  Big company buys up promising little company with huge plans to integrate their product into their current business model.

Dreaming of dog poop

When you dream about dog poop, it typically represents something that is unpleasant and dirty. You may be in a situation where your responsibilities are weighing heavily on you. Alternatively, dreaming of dog poop can also mean you feel like a burden to others.

Dreams about poop everywhere

People who dream about poop everywhere usually are afraid that they are going to make a mess in their real life. It has been related to the person’s concerns and problems. Dreaming about poop can be a signal that there is something wrong in the dreamer’s life. The best advice is to identify and analyze the problem carefully.

Dream of poop on floor

For some, a dream about poop on the floor can be about your waking life. It may indicate a feeling of guilt over something in your past — it could be a repressed memory from childhood or from something you did recently. You might feel the need to “clean up” the problem and act upon it, rather than burying it.

Dream of smelling poop

If you’ve ever dreamed about smelling poop, it could be because you’re overwhelmed and feel like everything smells rotten. It can also mean that you need to wake up and use your common sense. The most common interpretation of dreaming about smelling poop is that you are afraid or disgusted by a thing or situation that has happened in your life. This dream can also be a reflection of your own personal hygiene, which could be slipping.

Dreaming of dog poop everywhere

When you dream about dog poop everywhere, it is usually a dream that indicates you are worried about something. Maybe you have some guilt in your life or something you feel ashamed of — this is shown in your dreams by dog poop, a disgusting image that makes you feel guilty for some reason. Worrying is the emotion that causes these strange dreams to happen when dog poop appears everywhere in your dreams.

Dream about stepping in poop

When you dream about stepping in poop, it means that you need to go through a bit of a struggle before you can see the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, we wish for things to be handed to us without working for it, but this dream is telling you otherwise.

A dream about stepping in poop can also mean there is a disagreement between you and someone in your life. This disagreement is not likely to have anything to do with your work or finances, but instead it focuses on an interpersonal problem that can be resolved if only you were able to speak openly.

Dream of cat poop

Cat poop in your dreams means something is going to break, or it may be a warning sign. For example, cat poop falling from the sky could mean that you may have some sort of financial trouble hitting you soon. However, cat poop appearing in your home or yard could mean that you are being “marked” by someone or something.

Eating poop dream

When you dream about eating poop, there may be a part of you that feels guilty about something, so much that you feel the need to reenact your secret shame in your dreams. Dreams about eating poop can also be caused by an experience that you found repulsive. It could be a memory from childhood, when you were playing with your dog and accidentally ate something disgusting

Dream meaning poop in front of people

If you dream about pooping in front of people, there may be an aspect of your life that is pressuring or scaring you. You feel unable to cope with it or handle it. Take a minute to address the problem. When you dream about pooping in public, it is a sign that your repressed desires are taking control and manifesting themselves. When you decide to poop in public, it means that you will be ready to be honest with yourself and with others. The dream may also mean that you need to experience a cleansing of sorts.

Dream about changing baby poop diaper

When dreaming of changing a baby’s diaper, this means you are feeling the weight of responsibility weighing on you. You are feeling stressed and worried that things aren’t going to work out. Dreaming of babies is a huge sign that this is exactly how you feel in your real life. Take deep breaths and know that everything will work out as long as you keep things together.

Baby poop dream meaning

If you’ve ever had a dream about baby poop, it likely means you have some pent up frustration or anger in your real life. On the other hand, if you have a dream that you’re picking baby poop up with your bare hands and eating it, it can mean you’re feeling inadequate of insecure and are taking out that frustration on yourself.

Poop in mouth dream meaning

Dreaming about poop in your mouth means that you are feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that someone will find out something you’ve done or overwhelmed by how much work has piled up on your desk. When you dream about poop in your mouth, you may feel that something is blocking your creative expression. Or, you may feel that your best efforts are going unseen. In any case, this is a situation where you need to take a step back and reevaluate.

Dream of bird poop

Bird poop dreams are a sign from the universe to recognize that you have untapped talents and skills that need to be explored. These gifts are just waiting for you to discover. Bird poo dreams can also signify that your dream life is about to come true. This is a huge time of growth and expansion, which can happen in the least likely way.

Dreaming of poop in your hand

The dream of holding poop in your hand may be an allegory for something that you find disgusting or repulsive, but can’t resist. It could symbolize that something has the power to take control of you and pull you in when you don’t want it to. When people dream about having poop in their hands, it often depicts a feeling of guilt for something that they have done.

Dream of wiping poop

If you dream about wiping poop, this means that your heart is clearing out some unwanted dirt. You’re cleansing yourself of the negative things in your life, and letting only the good things in. All this dreaming may have come from stress or fear. When we dream of wiping other people’s poop, we feel that we are being manipulated or used by others. However, if we dream of wiping our own poop, then it can be a sign that we have been feeling unclear about ourselves lately.

Dream that you poop your pants

Dreams about pooping your pants are common, and often represent a feeling of being vulnerable. In this dream, you probably feel that you are not prepared for an upcoming situation, or that someone is trying to embarrass you in some way.

Dreaming that you’ve lost control of your bowels can be a sign of embarrassment, anxiety, or self-esteem issues. It usually indicates that you’ve lost the ability to protect yourself from emotional harm or physical danger. Sometimes it can also indicate that you feel unable to protect others or provide for them physically.

Dream of vomiting poop

When you can’t stop dreaming about vomiting your poop, there are a few possibilities. You might be developing an eating disorder or experiencing psychosomatic vomiting due to stress. If you ever find yourself dreaming about vomiting poop out of your mouth, it can mean that you are experiencing some sort of discomfort in your life and may be feeling anxious about something.

Dreaming Of Poop on Your Clothes

When you dream of poop on your clothes, it typically symbolizes feelings of embarrassment, shame, or being tainted by negative situations or experiences in your waking life. Such a dream can indicate that you are carrying around some unresolved guilt, or perhaps you feel that a mistake or past action is sticking to you and affecting how others perceive you. The clothes we wear in dreams often represent our public image or the persona we present to the world. Thus, poop on the clothes can be a sign that you feel your reputation is sullied or that you’re struggling with self-acceptance.

Dream I Pooped My Pants

Dreaming that you’ve pooped your pants can indicate feelings of vulnerability, embarrassment, or loss of control in your waking life. This dream can represent situations where you feel exposed, caught off-guard, or placed in an uncomfortable position. It might be highlighting anxieties about how others perceive you or fears of being publicly embarrassed. Pooping, in general, can relate to the release of emotions or ridding oneself of something unnecessary or harmful. So, in the context of this dream, it could signify a sudden and unexpected release of these feelings in a way that feels embarrassing or uncontrolled.

Dream About Not Being Able to Poop

Dreaming about not being able to poop can symbolize feelings of being stuck, repressed, or unable to express oneself in waking life. This dream suggests you might be holding onto emotions, opinions, or stresses that you need to release, but something is preventing you from doing so. It can represent a situation where you feel constipated in your thoughts or emotions, feeling a blockage in your ability to communicate or move forward. Such dreams might encourage you to consider areas in your life where you feel inhibited or constrained and to seek ways to address and relieve those pressures or restrictions.

Dreaming Of Someone Else’s Poop

Dreaming of someone else’s poop can be an unusual and somewhat jarring experience, but like all dreams, it carries symbolic significance. This dream might symbolize your perception of someone else’s problems, issues, or “mess” that you’ve become aware of or involved in. It could indicate that you’re being affected or burdened by another person’s actions, mistakes, or emotional baggage. Alternatively, the dream might suggest feelings of disgust or discomfort about a situation in your waking life.

Dream Meaning Poop in Bed

Dreaming of poop in bed can be unsettling, as the bed is often associated with comfort, relaxation, and intimacy. When poop appears in such a private and personal space, it can symbolize feelings of contamination or violation in areas of your life that you consider sacred or personal. This dream may point to unresolved issues, especially emotional or relational ones, that have invaded your peace of mind or personal boundaries. It could also represent anxieties about vulnerability, intimacy, or exposing your innermost feelings and fears. Furthermore, the bed can represent your personal relationships, so poop in bed could indicate complications or unwanted elements within a close relationship.

Dream of Baby With Poopy Diaper

Dreaming of a baby with a poopy diaper can symbolize responsibilities, issues, or concerns that need your immediate attention. Babies in dreams often represent new beginnings, innocence, or vulnerability. The poopy diaper indicates that there’s a situation tied to these themes that requires cleaning up or resolving. It could suggest that something in your life, perhaps a new endeavor or responsibility, is presenting challenges that you cannot ignore. The dream might also point to feelings of being overwhelmed or unprepared to handle certain situations, especially if you felt unease or discomfort during the dream. Alternatively, it can be a reminder of the natural and messy process of growth and development, suggesting that while challenges arise, they are a part of the journey and require care and attention.

Dream Of Flushing Poop in Toilet

Dreaming of flushing poop in a toilet often represents a process of cleansing, letting go, or ridding oneself of unwanted emotions, situations, or thoughts. Toilets in dreams are symbols of release and relief from burdens or challenges. By flushing poop down the toilet, the dream signifies that you are in the process of or need to eliminate something from your life that no longer serves you or has been causing you distress. This could be negative feelings, past regrets, toxic relationships, or any other aspect of your life that you feel is detrimental to your well-being. The act of flushing emphasizes the desire or action to move on from these issues and to cleanse oneself emotionally or mentally, leading to a clearer, more balanced state of mind.

Dreaming Of Toilet Bowl With Poop

Dreaming of a toilet bowl with poop suggests confronting unresolved issues, emotions, or situations that need your attention. The toilet bowl typically symbolizes a place of release and cleansing. When filled with poop, it indicates that there are matters or feelings you haven’t fully processed or let go of. This could refer to lingering regrets, unresolved conflicts, or suppressed emotions. If in the dream you felt repulsed or overwhelmed, it could reflect your real-life feelings of being burdened or stressed by particular situations or relationships.

Dream Of Cleaning Poop of a Child

Dreaming of cleaning poop off a child often represents taking responsibility for someone else’s mistakes or messes, or it can symbolize a nurturing and protective aspect of your own character. The child in the dream can be symbolic of innocence, vulnerability, or a new venture. Cleaning the poop suggests addressing challenges, setbacks, or unforeseen problems associated with these themes. The act of cleaning, especially for someone as vulnerable as a child, highlights your instinctual role as a caregiver or protector. This dream might be pointing to a real-life situation where you’re taking on responsibilities that aren’t necessarily yours, or it could indicate your willingness to support and care for others, even when faced with messy or uncomfortable situations.

Dream Of Smelling Poop

Dreaming of smelling poop touches on the sensory experiences within a dream, making it particularly memorable and impactful. Such a dream might point to situations or feelings in your life that are unpleasant, repugnant, or distasteful to you. The act of smelling signifies a heightened awareness or recognition. In this context, you might be becoming more conscious of negative aspects, emotions, or situations in your waking life that you would rather ignore. It can also suggest feelings of disgust or being repelled by a particular situation or person. Alternatively, this dream might symbolize an intuition or a gut feeling about something being “off” or not quite right.

Dreaming Of Clogged Toilet With Poop

Dreaming of a clogged toilet with poop can signify feelings of being overwhelmed or trapped by unresolved issues or emotions in your waking life. The toilet, a symbol of release and elimination of waste or unnecessary burdens, when clogged, represents an obstruction or inability to let go and move on. The poop further emphasizes the accumulation of these unresolved matters or negative emotions. This dream might suggest that you’re holding onto past grievances, negative emotions, or unresolved situations that need to be addressed and cleared away. It can also indicate feelings of embarrassment, as dealing with a clogged toilet is a messy and undesirable task. Your subconscious may be urging you to confront and tackle these issues head-on, even if it feels uncomfortable, to find emotional and psychological relief.

Dream About Needing to Poop

Dreaming about needing to poop implies a pressing urge or need in your waking life to release or express something. This dream can symbolize suppressed emotions, thoughts, or desires that are demanding your attention and seeking an outlet. The act of needing to poop in a dream could point to feelings of being burdened by unresolved matters or stresses that you wish to get rid of. The urgency or discomfort felt in the dream may reflect your inner tensions or anxieties about a particular situation in your daily life. Furthermore, this dream can signify a call to action, suggesting that there’s something you must confront, address, or communicate to feel relieved and free.

Dream About Poop All Over the Place

Dreaming about poop all over the place often symbolizes situations or feelings in your life that are messy, overwhelming, or chaotic. Poop in dreams generally relates to unwanted emotions, challenges, or dilemmas. When encountered in abundance or scattered around, it emphasizes the magnitude or the pervasive nature of these issues. The dream might suggest that you are dealing with a multitude of problems or negative feelings that seem to be everywhere you turn. It could also reflect a sense of disorder, lack of control, or feeling swamped in your waking life. Additionally, it might highlight a fear of embarrassment or the potential for public mistakes. Such a dream may be prompting you to address these challenges, to “clean up” certain aspects of your life, or to seek ways to bring order and clarity to situations that currently feel unmanageable.

Dream of Birds Pooping on Me

Dreaming of birds pooping on you, while initially seeming negative or unpleasant, can have varying interpretations based on cultural beliefs and personal experiences. In many cultures, a bird pooping on you is considered a sign of good luck or an impending positive change. The unexpected nature of the act can symbolize an unforeseen blessing or opportunity coming your way. On the other hand, the dream can also represent feelings of being targeted, inconvenienced, or experiencing unexpected challenges in your waking life. Birds, being creatures of the sky, often symbolize higher perspectives, freedom, or messages from the subconscious or divine. Their act of pooping on you could indicate a need to acknowledge or confront certain emotions or situations you’d rather avoid.

Dream of Green Poop

Dreaming of green poop is a unique and vivid imagery that can have multiple interpretations. Green, as a color, often symbolizes growth, renewal, and health in dreams. However, when combined with the symbolism of poop, which typically represents unwanted feelings, experiences, or emotional purging, the dream can suggest a need to eliminate or address issues that may be impeding your personal growth or well-being. It might also indicate that you are processing or getting rid of feelings or experiences that are unusual or different from what you’re accustomed to, given the uncommon color of the poop.

Dream Of Pooping Worms

Dreaming of pooping worms can be a deeply unsettling experience, but such vivid imagery often carries potent symbolic meanings. Worms in dreams frequently represent negative feelings of decay, contamination, or something that is eating away at you internally. When combined with the act of pooping, which typically suggests release or elimination, this dream might indicate that you are expelling or confronting distressing emotions, fears, or worries that have been affecting you internally. It can symbolize a process of cleansing or purging negative elements from your psyche.

Dreaming Of Poop Coming Out of My Mouth

Dreaming of poop coming out of your mouth is a striking and intense imagery that touches on themes of expression and release. The mouth is a primary means of communication and expression, so this dream may suggest that you’re speaking or expressing something you find distasteful, uncomfortable, or regrettable. It might indicate feelings of embarrassment, guilt, or discomfort about something you’ve said or a need to communicate unpleasant truths. On a deeper level, it could symbolize a purging of negative emotions or experiences, a literal “spewing out” of what has been internally distressing you.

Dreaming Of Throwing up Poop

Dreaming of throwing up poop is a particularly visceral imagery that delves into themes of release, disgust, and personal boundaries. Vomiting in dreams generally signifies a need to expel something from your life that isn’t serving you or that feels toxic. When combined with the symbolism of poop, which relates to elimination and often to feelings or experiences deemed “dirty” or undesirable, this dream suggests a deep need to cleanse or rid oneself of burdensome feelings, thoughts, or situations. It might indicate a reaction to a situation where you’ve had to “swallow” your feelings or deal with something extremely unpleasant. The dream could be urging you to confront and process these feelings rather than suppressing them. It’s a potent call to introspection, asking you to reflect on what might be emotionally or mentally weighing you down and to consider ways to address or purge these issues.

White Poop Dream Meaning

Dreaming of white poop introduces a unique blend of symbolism. White in dreams often signifies purity, innocence, or clarity, while poop, as previously mentioned, typically represents elimination, feelings or experiences deemed undesirable, or aspects of oneself that might be considered “dirty” or unappealing. When combined, the imagery of white poop might suggest that you are processing or eliminating beliefs, feelings, or experiences that were once pure or essential to you but are no longer relevant. It could also indicate a realization or clarity about some issues or feelings you have been “digesting.”

Doing Poop in Dream

Dreaming of doing poop often relates to elimination, release, and the processing of waste or unwanted elements in one’s life. This dream can signify a need to let go of unnecessary burdens, emotions, or past traumas that have been holding you back. It’s about freeing yourself from negative feelings, unhealthy habits, or outdated ways of thinking. The act of excreting in a dream might also be tied to a sense of relief or the resolution of a particular situation.

Dream About Bird Pooping on My Head

Dreaming of a bird pooping on your head, while seemingly unpleasant, is often interpreted as a sign of good luck or fortune in many cultures. Birds in dreams can represent freedom, perspective, or messages from the divine. When they leave behind their droppings, it could symbolize an unexpected blessing or positive turn of events coming your way, even if it doesn’t immediately appear to be so. Additionally, this dream might indicate that something unexpected or out of your control will happen, but it’s essential to remember that unforeseen events can lead to positive outcomes.

Dream About Parasites in Poop

Dreaming about parasites in poop can be a deeply symbolic and unsettling dream. Parasites are organisms that feed off other organisms, often without providing any benefit in return. When you see them in poop within a dream, it could signify feelings of being taken advantage of or feelings that something unhealthy or parasitic is lingering in your life. This dream might also reflect anxieties about your health or cleanliness. On a psychological level, it can indicate that there are issues or thoughts that you find repulsive and are trying to expel from your consciousness.

Dream About Poop on Toilet Seat

Dreaming about poop on a toilet seat may symbolize feelings of discomfort, embarrassment, or unexpected challenges in one’s life. The toilet is often a place of privacy and cleansing, and finding it in an unclean state can indicate that something in your waking life is not as tidy or resolved as you’d like it to be. The dream may point to situations where you feel exposed or worried about others seeing your vulnerabilities. Alternatively, it might signify that you are dealing with messy situations or emotions that have been carelessly left behind by someone else, and you’re left to address or clean them up.

Dream About Pooping Blood

Dreaming about pooping blood can be an unsettling experience and may signify a deep-seated fear or concern about your health or well-being. Blood in dreams often represents strong emotions, traumas, or significant changes. Thus, this dream might suggest that you are releasing or confronting deep-seated emotions, fears, or traumas. It could also symbolize a situation in your waking life where you feel vulnerable, hurt, or overwhelmed.

Dream About Pooping Maggots

Dreaming about pooping maggots can be a distressing image to confront, as maggots are often associated with decay, filth, and unwanted change. In the dream world, this may symbolize feelings of discomfort, disgust, or issues that you believe are festering within you. It might suggest that there are unresolved problems or emotions that you’re trying to expel or confront, but they continue to gnaw at you. Maggots transforming into flies indicate inevitable change or the cycle of life. The act of elimination in dreams often relates to the release of pent-up emotions or situations. Thus, this dream could indicate a need to address and cleanse oneself of negative feelings or burdensome issues to move forward healthily.

Dream About Pooping Uncontrollably

Dreaming about pooping uncontrollably can be indicative of feelings of vulnerability, loss of control, or embarrassment in one’s waking life. Such a dream might represent situations where you feel overwhelmed or unable to manage certain stressors effectively. The act of elimination symbolizes the release of emotions, thoughts, or burdens. When this process becomes uncontrollable in a dream, it can reflect anxieties about not being able to regulate or handle these releases properly.

Dream About Rat Poop

Dreaming about rat poop can be an unsettling experience. In many cultures, rats are often associated with deceit, disease, or unwanted intrusion. The presence of their feces in a dream can symbolize feelings of contamination or that something unpleasant has entered your life unnoticed. The dream might be hinting at small problems or negative influences that you have been ignoring but are gradually affecting your well-being or peace of mind. It can also represent anxieties about hygiene, cleanliness, or unwanted responsibilities.

Dream About Smeared Poop

Dreaming about smeared poop can be quite an uncomfortable and disturbing vision, often representing messy situations or unresolved issues in your waking life. Such a dream might symbolize feelings of embarrassment, shame, or being in a compromised situation that you find hard to clean up or move past. The nature of the smear can indicate the spread or continuation of a problem that you hoped would remain contained. It could also signify a situation where you or someone else has mishandled a matter, leading to a bigger mess.

Dream Meaning of Poop in My Underwear

Dreaming of finding poop in your underwear can signify feelings of embarrassment, vulnerability, or unexpected surprises that you are not prepared for. This dream often reflects personal issues or mistakes that you are trying to hide or are unwilling to acknowledge. It might also indicate a sense of shame or guilt over past actions or thoughts, suggesting that something you’ve tried to keep hidden is now coming to the surface. On another level, it can represent low self-esteem or feelings of unworthiness.

Dream Of Animal Poop

Dreaming of animal poop can be symbolic of unwanted responsibilities, unpleasant situations, or the need to clean up certain areas of your life. Since animals often represent instincts, behaviors, or characteristics, the presence of their feces might suggest that you are dealing with the aftermath of certain actions or behaviors either by you or someone else. Alternatively, in some cultures, animal poop, especially from certain creatures, can be seen as a sign of prosperity or good luck, indicating that wealth or fortune is on its way.

Dream of Big Poop

Dreaming of big poop can signify that you are holding onto large amounts of emotional baggage or unresolved issues that need to be released. This dream might indicate the presence of overwhelming feelings or challenges in your waking life that you’ve been unable to process or let go of. On a more positive note, since feces are often associated with expelling waste and making room for new growth, it could also symbolize the shedding of old habits, beliefs, or fears, paving the way for personal growth and transformation. The size of the poop in the dream emphasizes the magnitude of the issue or the potential for change.

Dream of Dog Poop in the House

Dreaming of dog poop in the house can symbolize unwanted issues, problems, or negative emotions that have infiltrated your personal space or sanctuary. Since a house often represents one’s mind or personal life in dream symbolism, this could indicate feelings of contamination or intrusion. The presence of dog poop could be hinting at messy situations or “dirty” problems brought about by someone else, possibly a close acquaintance or a situation that you initially thought was harmless or loyal, as dogs are typically symbols of loyalty and friendship. The dream suggests a need to clean up, address, and resolve these challenges to restore harmony and cleanliness to your inner self or living situation.

Dream of Dog Poop on Grass

Dreaming of dog poop on grass can represent the tarnishing or contamination of something that was once pure or pristine. The grass often symbolizes natural growth, harmony, or aspects of life that should be untouched and flourishing. When juxtaposed with dog poop, it may suggest that something (or someone) has disrupted this harmony. This could relate to feelings of unrest in personal relationships, environmental concerns, or the interference of outside influences in areas of your life that were previously tranquil. The dream might be nudging you to address these disturbances and find ways to restore balance or cleanliness in your personal or emotional landscape.

Dream of Dog Poop on Shoe

Dreaming of dog poop on a shoe can signify feelings of being tainted or hindered by a negative situation or influence in your waking life. Shoes often represent our journey through life, our direction, or the steps we take toward a goal. When these shoes are soiled by dog poop, it might indicate that something is holding you back or causing you to feel embarrassed or “dirty” in some sense. This dream could be a subconscious nudge to address whatever issue is causing these feelings, allowing you to continue on your path unencumbered. It could also highlight a desire to tread more carefully or to be more observant of potential pitfalls in your life.

Dream of Flies on Poop

Dreaming of flies on poop is symbolic of negativity, decay, or issues that have been neglected or overlooked in your life. Flies are often associated with decay, rot, and nuisance, and their presence on poop amplifies this association. This dream could indicate that there are situations or feelings you’ve been avoiding that need your attention. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of disgust, discomfort, or being overwhelmed by a messy situation. It might be a reminder from your subconscious to address the source of these feelings or to clean up certain aspects of your life to prevent further deterioration.

Dream Of Poop Floating in Water

Dreaming of poop floating in water can represent feelings of unease or discomfort about situations that are out in the open or that you cannot hide from. Water is often a symbol of emotions, the unconscious, or clarity. When combined with the imagery of poop, it may suggest that you’re confronting unpleasant emotions or situations head-on, or that these issues are becoming too evident to ignore. It could also point to feelings of embarrassment or vulnerability, where something private or “dirty” is now visible to others. This dream might be prompting you to deal with unresolved issues, cleanse yourself of negative emotions, or come to terms with something you’d rather keep hidden.

Dream Of Poop in Bathtub

Dreaming of poop in a bathtub combines symbols of purification and undesirable emotions or situations. The bathtub, typically associated with cleansing and relaxation, juxtaposed with the imagery of poop, indicates feelings of contamination or discomfort in areas of your life where you seek peace and rejuvenation. This dream might be suggesting that even in moments when you try to relax or cleanse yourself of negativity, certain unresolved issues or feelings keep surfacing. It’s a reminder to address these problems head-on, ensuring that they don’t continue to taint your moments of solace and reflection.

Dream Of Poop on the Wall

Dreaming of poop on the wall signifies that you may be dealing with a situation that has left a lasting, negative impression on you. Walls often represent barriers or boundaries in our lives, and the presence of poop on them indicates a violation or contamination of some personal boundaries or principles. This dream might suggest that you’re grappling with an incident or behavior that you find distasteful or challenging to move past. It’s a call to address and cleanse these unwanted residues from your life, ensuring they don’t continue to stain your emotional or mental well-being.

Dream Of Pooping in a Bucket

Dreaming of pooping in a bucket often symbolizes a feeling of confinement or limited options in your waking life. The bucket, a restrictive container, represents a situation where you might feel you don’t have the freedom or the right environment to express yourself or to let go of issues. The act of pooping signifies a release or an attempt to purge negative emotions, experiences, or stresses. This dream might suggest that while you are trying to manage or rid yourself of certain emotional burdens, you might feel that your current circumstances aren’t the most conducive or appropriate for such a release. It’s an indication that you might need to find a more suitable and comfortable space or situation to process and let go of your emotional baggage.

Dream Of Pooping in the Bush

Dreaming of pooping in the bush indicates a desire for privacy, seclusion, or handling personal matters away from prying eyes. The act of pooping symbolizes a release of tension, emotions, or baggage. Doing so in the bush suggests that you might be dealing with personal issues or problems that you’d rather keep hidden or address without others noticing. This dream might reflect a feeling of vulnerability or embarrassment about certain aspects of your life, and a need to address them in a discrete manner. It could also highlight an innate desire to return to basics or seek natural solutions to current problems.

Dream Of Touching Baby Poop

Dreaming of touching baby poop can be symbolic of confronting messy yet innocent issues in your life. Baby poop, unlike that of adults, is often associated with the early stages of life, signifying challenges or problems that are just beginning to manifest. The act of touching it may suggest that you are in the process of understanding or addressing these issues. Given the nurturing and caregiving nature associated with babies, this dream might also indicate that you are taking responsibility for nurturing or handling new beginnings or projects in your life, despite the messiness or complications they might bring. It underscores the idea that, in nurturing something new or young, there are always unglamorous aspects we must face and manage.

Dreaming About Human Poop

Dreaming about human poop is often a reflection of your feelings or attitudes towards certain situations in your life. Poop, as a symbol, can represent unwanted or unprocessed emotions, issues, or thoughts. Encountering it in your dream might indicate that you are dealing with messy, uncomfortable, or unresolved matters that need your attention. Alternatively, as feces is a natural result of digestion, it can symbolize the end result of processing and internalizing experiences or feelings. In some cultures, dreaming of poop is also associated with financial gains or good fortune.

Dreaming of a Baby Boy Pooping

Dreaming of a baby boy pooping can have various interpretations depending on the dreamer’s personal experiences and feelings. In general, babies in dreams often symbolize innocence, new beginnings, or untapped potential. Poop, on the other hand, can represent release, the expulsion of unwanted or unprocessed emotions, or even the conclusion of a particular situation. Combining these symbols, dreaming of a baby boy pooping could indicate a fresh start or a new phase in your life where you are releasing old fears, worries, or inhibitions. It might also point to a need to take care of something new or fragile in your life that requires your attention.

Dreaming of a Baby Girl Pooping

Dreaming of a baby girl pooping can carry a range of interpretations, but commonly, it intertwines the symbolism of babies and the act of release represented by pooping. Baby girls in dreams often symbolize aspects of femininity, vulnerability, or a new nurturing responsibility in one’s life. Pooping signifies letting go, releasing pent-up emotions, or eliminating unnecessary elements in life. When combined, dreaming of a baby girl pooping might hint at the initiation of a new project or relationship where you’re finding it necessary to address and release old emotional baggage to nurture the new development effectively.

Dreaming Of Being Covered in Poop

Dreaming of being covered in poop, although unpleasant, often delves deep into one’s subconscious feelings about a situation or emotion. Poop symbolizes unwanted feelings, experiences, or thoughts that you might find disgusting or undesirable. Being covered in it could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by negativity, perhaps from external sources or self-inflicted. It may also represent feelings of guilt, shame, or unworthiness. Additionally, in some cultures and dream interpretations, poop can be seen as a sign of wealth or abundance, so being covered in it might suggest a forthcoming financial windfall or unexpected prosperity

Dreaming Of Wanting to Poop

Dreaming of wanting to poop can be a reflection of your desire to release or express suppressed emotions, thoughts, or feelings. Just as the physical act of pooping is about elimination, this dream might indicate a need to let go of stress, worries, or burdens that you’ve been holding onto. It could also signify a situation where you are seeking relief or a sense of liberation.

Dreaming of Yellow Poop

Dreaming of yellow poop might reflect issues related to health, digestion, or diet. Yellow stool in reality can indicate certain digestive problems or a diet high in fats. In a dream, it might symbolize your anxieties or concerns about your well-being. On a symbolic level, the color yellow is often linked to caution, awareness, or even enlightenment. So, this dream could be pointing towards a need for caution in some area of your life or an awakening to a particular situation or concern.

Dreams About Pooping and Cant Find Bathroom

Dreaming about needing to poop and not being able to find a bathroom often reflects feelings of vulnerability, desperation, or a loss of control in some area of your life. This type of dream might suggest that you’re in a situation where you’re searching for privacy or a safe place to express your feelings and emotions without judgment or criticism. The inability to find a bathroom indicates a struggle to find an appropriate outlet or solution for a pressing issue or anxiety. The underlying theme is often about a need for relief or resolution that remains elusive in your waking life.

Dreams About Pooping and Hiding It

Dreaming about pooping and then trying to hide it can indicate feelings of embarrassment, shame, or vulnerability in your waking life. This dream may suggest that there are emotions or actions that you perceive as undesirable or unacceptable, leading you to conceal them from others. It could be reflective of a situation where you made a mistake or acted in a way that you regret, and now you are attempting to hide or cover up the consequences. This dream is an invitation to confront any unresolved emotions, address issues head-on, and to recognize that everyone has moments of imperfection

Dream of Lots of Poop

When you dream of a lot of poop, it generally denotes a situation in your life that needs to be cleaned up or eliminated. It could represent something weighing you down emotionally, or something from your past that you’ve been carrying with you that’s no longer useful or healthy. Poop could also symbolize the removal of negativity and false habits from your life. Such a dream conveys the message to release stress, declutter and let go of the things, situations or people who are not serving you positively anymore.

Dream Of Swimming in Poop

When you dream of swimming in poop, it symbolizes the need to confront and address your negative emotions. Just as swimming requires movement and effort, this dream could indicate that you are in the midst of dealing with some unpleasant or disturbing situation in your waking life that is making you feel uncomfortable or disgusted. It is a sign that you are struggling emotionally and you need to take deliberate actions to de-stress and distance yourself from negative influences or situations.

Dream About Diarrhea

When you dream about diarrhea, it is generally a reflection of a loss of control in some aspect of your life. It could represent a volatile situation, anxiety, or stress that seems unbearable, where you feel exposed and vulnerable. It signifies the need to release your fears and worries, and perhaps things that you are holding on to emotionally. Sometimes, it can also be related to an unhealthy lifestyle or diet, suggesting the need for a better health regimen. Moreover, it might also be hinting at the need to purge or cleanse your emotional state to improve your well-being.

Dream Of Poop Means Money

Dreaming about poop can indeed symbolize money in dreams. In many cultures and dream interpretation theories, feces or poop are seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and monetary gain. It’s believed to be tied to the idea that ‘what goes in, must come out’ and hence, could refer to financial success and profitability.

Is Dreaming About Poop Good Luck

Yes, dreaming about poop can be considered good luck in certain cultures and dream interpretation philosophies. These dreams are often interpreted as a sign of wealth, prosperity and good fortune that stems from the idea of ‘fecundity’ or ‘fertility’, both of which are closely associated with the symbolism of poop. However, the specific interpretation can vary and depend on additional factors or elements noticed in the dream.

Recurring Dreams About Pooping

Recurring dreams about pooping could mean several things depending on the context but they are often linked to issues of control, release, or valuation. If you’re continually dreaming about feces, you may be managing a situation where you feel a loss of control in your waking life. It could also indicate a need to ‘let go’ of certain things that no longer serve you or which you are holding onto expressively.

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping in a Dream

Dreaming about pooping can have various spiritual connotations, often associated with detoxification, elimination, and cleansing. In a spiritual context, such a dream might suggest that you’re ridding yourself of detrimental ideas, emotions, or habits. It might symbolize the need for self-purification, self-renewal, or liberation from negativity or burdens you’ve been carrying. In essence, pooping in a dream often has to do with unloading and letting go of the past or the unnecessary elements existing in your life, potentially indicating a necessary change or transformation for your spiritual growth.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Poop

Dreaming of poop in a biblical context often signifies financial gain or wealth. In the Bible, human waste is often associated with removing the unnecessary and sinful things in our lives, thus dreaming about it could imply the need for purification and spiritual growth. However, in positive light, it could also interpret the riches that come from the most unexpected places. It challenges us to look beyond the surface of things and recognize the potential within the ‘dirty’ or unwanted aspects of our lives.

Seeing Poop in Dream Islam

In Islamic dream interpretation, seeing poop or feces is often linked with wealth and money. It is believed that such dreams may hint towards an increase in wealth or some financial gains in upcoming times. Just like in many other cultures, the unpleasantness of poop is taken metaphorically to represent that wealth and money often come from unexpected and unlikely sources.

Dream About Poop in Hinduism

In Hinduism, dreaming about poop can carry a variety of connotations depending upon the circumstances of the dream. However, it is generally believed that seeing poop in a dream signifies material abundance and prosperity. It could be an indication of accumulating wealth, financial gains, or achieving success in business. Again, it could symbolize elimination of negativity, purification of mind, and spiritual progress, as poop is associated with removal of waste from the body.

What Does Poop Symbolize in Dreams

The color of the poop can also have meaning specific to the person who’s dreaming it. For example, black poop could mean that something bad is coming ahead or that there are some dark thoughts on the horizon. Red colors might signify anger or frustration with someone you know or an event in your life. So when it comes to understanding what type of message your poop dreams are trying to send, it’s important to look at context clues and associations with other aspects of your life before making any conclusions.


The meaning of a poop dream can be interpreted in many different ways, but they often have a specific significance about an aspect of your life. Dreams about poop can be interpreted as events that you are currently dealing with and it is important to keep this in mind when interpreting your dreams.