The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Birds

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming of birds is a common dream theme. It can symbolize the flight from the past or freedom from our problems. People who experience this dream often feel as if they are flying and not bound by their situation. This article explores different meanings for dreaming about birds, including the symbolism in dreams and how it relates to our waking lives.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Birds

The idea of birds in a dream can have different meaning for different people. For some, it may be an escape from their problems, while for others, it could represent freedom from the past. In general, dreams about birds symbolize freedom and the ability to fly like they do in waking life. Birds can also symbolize the flight from your past and all that you are no longer bound to.

colorful bird

Dead bird in dream

when you dream of a dead bird, the meaning behind it is that you need to change the way you act towards something. It could be a dead relationship, a dead friendship, or even a dead job. The bird could also represent your intuition or your ability to make decisions and move on with your life.

Black bird in dream

A black bird represents a deceased relative in your dream. The black bird might be someone you have lost, or it could be a symbol of loneliness and isolation. Black birds are often associated with negative feelings, such as jealousy or anger. According to Egyptian beliefs, a black bird can also mean that someone is trying to bring evil upon you.

White bird dream

A white bird in a dream symbolizes good news and pleasant surprises. They may come from an unexpected source. If you dream that a beautiful white bird flies toward you, expect a visitor who will bring  you happy tidings. If the bird has black spots on its wings or body, it signifies unpleasant news or slander, as strange things are said about you or your family behind your back.

Dream about colorful birds

When you dream about colorful birds, it can signify a feeling of unbalanced life. You may have a sense of unease or uncertainty in your life or job, and you’re seeking guidance or reassurance that everything is okay. Bright colors indicate that these feelings may not be caused by anything serious — just something to keep an eye on and observe over time.

Dreaming of birds flying in house

If you dream of birds flying in your house, you are in store for a lot of changes. Birds represent peace, freedom and flexibility. When they fly into your house, it means that a huge change is taking place in your life (or it could be smaller changes). You will have more freedom to do what you want with your life and people around you will give you their unconditional support.

Blue bird dream meaning

In a dream, a bluebird represents love, joy, affection and peace. It also symbolizes happiness in marriage, fertility and a pleasant life. Seeing a bluebird on the roof of your house in a dream means that you will be blessed with many children. If a bluebird lands on you in your dream, it means that you will have an illness that is curable. It also denotes beauty and grace.

Dreaming of flying like a bird

When you see yourself flying in your dream, it is a signal that you are ready to break out of your current situation and into a new world. Your dream means that you are going through some major changes in your life. You need to explore new opportunities and stop putting off what you want.

Dreams about birds attacking

If you see birds attacking you in your dreams, especially if you are surprised by the attack, it indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed and powerless in real life. Now is a good time to reevaluate conflicts that are causing you stress, and make sure you know what your priorities really are.

Flock of birds dream meaning

The dream of a flock of birds is connected to the protection and guardianship of those around you. It could be your children, or a group of common friends. It’s the feeling that someone is watching over you, ensuring your safety during your travels in life. A flock of birds attacking in a dream indicates your inability to realize an idea as quickly as others do. You may feel threatened by young, more talented or dynamic people and or that you not keep up with the pace of technological development.

Red bird dream meaning

Red birds in dreams usually represent love and happiness. Specifically, seeing a red bird may mean you’ll be receiving gifts, finding a new love interest, or any other pleasant things in your life. It is also said that red birds foretell the arrival of a new romantic relationship into your life. Seeing red birds in dreams is a common sign for couples who want to get married — but it can also be a warning that a current relationship will soon be over.

Dreams about birds landing on you

When a bird lands on you or perches next to you, its considered an omen. The bird represents something that is coming into your life. But it’s not certain what the bird symbolizes. It could be a messenger or a message for you, it could be good luck, or it could indicate some new knowledge you are gaining!

Baby bird dream meaning

Dreaming of a baby bird can symbolize many things, from the pure and innocent to the frail and weak. In general, dreaming of a baby bird foretells of a new beginning for you or someone else. You or your loved one will embark upon a new journey that will be fulfilling and rewarding. Though it may seem daunting at times, you will be successful if you work hard and stay focused on your goals.

Dream of bird pecking me

In a dream, a bird pecking you denotes that you will have problems and disagreements with people from whom you are expecting support. To see a light-colored bird pecking at you in your dreams, foretells that you will have disagreeable associates to contend with, and hence should be cautious in your actions. If the color of the bird is dark, evil influences will prevail over you and your business.

Yellow bird dream meaning

When a person has a dream about a yellow bird, it symbolizes a beautiful mind and imagination. It can also signify your desire to gain more self-confidence and encouragement from your loved ones. Alternatively, an actual yellow bird could represent gratitude, prosperity and wisdom.

To dream of a yellow bird flying towards you means that happiness and joy is coming your way. To see a house sparrow flying in the sky signifies that you are gaining wisdom and knowledge; these qualities will help you to make wise decisions in your life.

Dream of helping an injured bird

If you see a bird with an injured wing or leg, it means that you want to help someone overcome his difficulties, but you are too compassionate or insecure to extend your hand and help. The bird represents someone who is ill or wounded. Therefore, if you were able to help the bird by catching it and taking care of it, you may expect to have good news from this person.

Killing a bird in my dream

When you dream about killing a bird, it’s often a result of frustrations built up in your waking life. Perhaps you’re feeling entirely too cramped and are ready for a more liberating experience. There is a possibility that failing to set boundaries with another individual or the feeling of being restricted in some way has gotten under your skin and turned into an internal rage.

Dream of a bird flying into my face

In dreams, a bird flying into your face may be a reflection of an attempt to express yourself, as well as a sign that you are taking on too much responsibility. If you dream of a bird flying into your face, try to determine what is out of balance. Are you spreading yourself too thin, or are you neglecting certain elements of your daily life?

Dream of dead birds falling from the sky

When people dream about dead birds falling from the sky, it means that they will be lucky and have good luck in the future. Watching a flock of birds flying high is always a good sign, but seeing them fall from the sky can be a bit more ominous. Depending on what kind of birds are dropping from the sky, this dream can mean anything from death to freedom.

Dream black bird attacking you

If a black bird attacks you in your dream, you should take caution and try to avoid trouble. Perhaps you are feeling threatened by an individual or situation. Alternatively, this dream means that you need to look inward. Perhaps there’s something you need to change or confront in your waking life.

Bird biting dream meaning

When you dream of a bird biting you, pay attention. Birds have long been associated with the divine and the supernatural, as well as with fate. If a bird is about to attack or land on you in a dream, this indicates that there will be some sort of spiritual awakening or a meaningful change in your life.

Green bird dream meaning

If you dream of a green bird, it could suggest that you need to be more flexible and adaptive in your attitude. You might need to change your point or view of the matter. If a green bird is flying away from you, it suggests that you have missed out on an opportunity that has now passed. If the bird is injured or hurt, then you have suffered a loss or there has been a misunderstanding and something has gone awry.

Bird trapped in house dream meaning

If you dream of a bird trapped inside your house, it is the symbol of dying or dead. As we know, birds have high spirit, they are regarded as the messenger from heaven. It suggests that something good will happen to you in the near future. However, this may be bad news like death or disease. The dream bird may also signify the characters of people around you with its ability to fly away and escape from danger.

Dream of dead bird coming back to life

A dead bird coming back to life in a dream is something of a spiritual omen, one that suggests you need to adjust your attitude and outlook on your current situation. The fact that the bird was dead and has now come back to life could suggest that there will be a change of some sort in the near future, likely positive. However, keep in mind that a bird coming back to life can also symbolize a piece of news about someone close to you.

Dream of cardinal bird

The cardinal is one of the most commonly appearing bird symbols in dreams and often represents a person who is considered powerful or significant. When most people see a cardinal in their dream, the bird represents energy and happiness. You may have had a lot of busy days or a bad week, but taking time to rest and relax allows you to fully appreciate the good things in your life. You deserve it!

Dream meaning bird landing on hand

A bird landing on the hand in a dream means good omen and glad tidings. The dream shows that a trusted friend is coming to you who will help you with your problems. This trustworthy friend does not have any evil intention, but comes to advise you about something important. The bird represents a messenger bringing glad tiding. This messenger arrives when you need it.

Dream meaning bird poop

Your dreams about bird poop typically mean that your mind is too busy. There are many things you’re thinking about, and this overload prevents you from sleeping deeply. If you keep forgetting to do something important when you wake up, or if you have a lot to do but never complete it all, it’s time to finally complete the task.

Feeding birds dream meaning

Dreams about feeding birds can be interpreted in various ways. Sometimes, it may represent fertility and femininity, or the desire to nurture an infant. In other instances, feeding birds can represent a desire to escape from your daily routine and have fun — similar to the way that feeding birds aids their survival because they don’t have to search for food themselves.

Dream of saving a bird

A dream of saving a bird can be interpreted in many ways. It can mean that you need to pay more attention to the needs of others, it could symbolize your wish to escape from burdensome obligations, or it could mean that you are yearning for freedom.

Alternatively, if you dream of saving a bird, then this might be an omen that your business will find itself in trouble if it doesn’t stop the misuse of money. If this is the case, you should change your business practices and make sure that spending is kept under control to avoid over-spending.

Dreaming About Magpies

Dreaming about magpies is often associated with good luck, but it can also be a sign of a warning. It can signify unexpected events or changes coming your way. It can also symbolize a period of growth and transition. The magpie can also represent the positive and negative aspects of life, as it is known for its ability to bring both joy and sorrow. It is a reminder to remain mindful of your actions and balance your life.

Dream Pet Falcon

Dreaming of a pet falcon can indicate a desire for freedom, independence, and a desire for more control in your life. It may also signify a new journey or adventure in your life. The falcon is often seen as a symbol of courage and strength, so it may be a sign that you are ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Additionally, it may be a reminder to take risks and explore new opportunities.

Peacock in Dream

Dreams about a peacock often reflect your feelings about your own masculinity or femininity. Peacock feathers are also associated with royalty and status. The brightly-colored feathers may symbolize your desires to be a high-status person. Alternatively, the peacock may represent your vanity and your need for admiration. The extravagant feathers may also be a sign that you are feeling too self-conscious about your looks.

Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams

The Biblical meaning of the different birds you see in your dreams can be quite revealing. In the Bible, hawks are said to represent false prophets, eagles represent the Lord, sparrows represent the soul, and ostriches represent those who ignore God. Birds in dreams may simply be a symbol of what type of personality or character traits you possess.

Spiritual Meaning of Birds in Dreams

The spiritual meaning of birds in dreams is reflective of the bird’s qualities and symbolism in other cultures. Birds are symbols of freedom and are connected to the element of air because they fly. They also represent wisdom, which makes them a perfect symbol for divine inspiration.

Dreaming of birds is often a symbol for the spiritual side of life. It’s an indication that we are free from our problems. Birds represent freedom, flight, and the ability to fly high in the sky. This dream can be a sign that we’re trying to escape from something or running away from our problems.

What Does a Bird Symbolize in a Dream

The symbolism of birds in dreams is not always literal, and it’s important not to limit yourself by thinking every bird in your dreams means one thing. There can be many different meanings for a bird in your dreams, but most likely it represents liberation, freedom, or letting go of what you currently have control over. The symbolism behind birds can also relate to what you’re living in your waking life.


Dreaming of birds is a very common occurrence around the world. In our day to day lives, birds are often associated with good luck, which is why it’s not unusual for people to dream about them. However, for many people, birds can also have more symbolic meanings related to our waking lives.