The Meaning and Interpretation of Magpie Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

The appearance of a magpie in your dream can symbolize a number of things according to the different meanings ascribed to it. The magpie is a symbol of change and transformation. In some cultures, it is believed that magpies are messengers of the gods, who use them to speak to humans. But why do you dream of magpies? Here is a look at what magpies symbolize with dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Magpie

If you’re dreaming about a magpie it’s imperative to be mindful of the message and meaning of your dream. Your magpie dream may be reflecting your subconscious and the issues you need to address, or as it’s widely thought, it could symbolize a message from spirit. Magpies are also believed to represent good fortune, especially when they fly towards you.

Magpies Flying in Dream

Dreaming about magpies flying describes a situation in which you need to change your perception of something in order to resolve an issue. The dream is a message from your unconscious mind and indicates that you have made the wrong assumptions or have been blinded by preconceived notions. You need to look at things with fresh eyes and open your mind to see the full picture.

Black Magpies Flying in Dream

If you’re dreaming of a black magpie flying represents sadness, loss, and grief. It is not always good to try to avoid your grief and negative emotions. This can lead to anxiety and other unhealthy behaviors. Instead, be gentle with yourself and accept both the pleasant memories as well as the sad ones.

See a Magpie in a Dream

Dreaming of seeing a magpie, is your subconscious letting you know that you should be careful of what will happen in the near future. Either watch over your back all the time or keep a list of worst-case scenarios in your mind. Just don’t let yourself get tricked by someone, and be ready to defend yourself if needed.


In many cultures and traditions, the magpie is a bird that brings good fortune. In modern times, however, magpies are often considered harbingers of bad news.