The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About Bears

Written By Jamie Young

Bears in dreams are a common theme in the human psyche. The bear, an animal that is known for its ferocity and power, has long been a symbol of fear and awe. Bears have been around for millions of years, so it’s no wonder why they have such a prominent role in our subconscious. In many cases, bears in dreams represent hidden aspects of your personality. Here are some different reasons why people might dream about bears.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Bears

Bears have been a part of human culture for so long that they have been used as symbols in many cultures. In China, the bear is a symbol of motherhood and fertility. In Native American culture, the bear is a symbol of healing and medicine.

While bears do not typically physically attack humans, this animal does symbolize something we feel we can’t control: our inner selves. So it’s no wonder that bears would appear in our dreams as a way to represent these hidden aspects to ourselves. Bears may also be appearing because you’re worried about your finances or other aspects of your life that you feel powerless over.

It’s important to note that bear dreams can also be literal representations of bear encounters; those who see bears in their dreams often experience such an encounter shortly after waking up.


Bear attack dream

When a bear attacks you in dreams, it often means the appearance of a new and frightening problem. Granted, we can’t pinpoint the exact nature of your problem—the meaning depends on what kind of bear attacks you and why, but in order to truly understand your dream and its underlying message, you need to examine your life.

Dreams of black bears

The black bear is a fairly common symbol in dream interpretation, and it usually represents a protective friend or a loyal companion.  Sometimes the bear appears when the dreamer is facing challenges that are too great for them to handle. The bear may be trying to warn against taking on more than you can handle, or it may be trying to protect you from something that’s too strong for you.

Dreams about bears chasing you

When you dream of a bear chasing you, it represents the things that scare you the most. It is a direct manifestation of your insecurities or whatever issues you are facing in real life. As a general rule, the closer and more life-like the bear appears to be, the more trouble that is brewing in your subconscious mind.

Dreams about bears in the house

Your dream about a bear in the house indicates your family worries and personal concerns. Perhaps you have some subconscious fears that one of your loved ones might not be as healthy as they are now, or you may have some questions about their moral and professional qualities. In this case, you should better ask those who care about to clarify all your doubts.

Grizzly bear dream meaning

A grizzly bear signifies a player in your field that could become a contender, but isn’t yet. This grizzly can either be your primary competitor or a smaller one. If you dream of killing one, this is a clear sign that you are going to slay your competition, because the bear represents the competition.

Native American bear dream meaning

Native Americans believe that seeing a bear in your dream represents experiences from your past, present, or future that could cripple you if you don’t face them now. Bears in dreams are also said to be a sign of good health and prosperity, so if you’re ever lost, a bear will always lead you home.

Dreams about brown bears

Dreaming about brown bears represents your feelings toward someone or something that frightens you. It could also mean that you are remembering a past event, situation or relationship in your life. Commonly, dreaming about brown bears represents the strength within yourself that you need to summon up to tackle a problem.

Dreams about bears and cubs

Bears and cubs symbolize the many stages of our lives. At different points in your life you may feel like you are a cub, a teenager or an adult. Depending on your age or where you are in life, bear and cubs might represent different things for you. In some dreams, bear cubs represent the self, one’s masculinity, one’s animal nature, or one’s childhood. Bear cubs in a dream may also symbolize strength and courage. Consider what type of bear cub you are seeing.

Dream of bear attacking dog

A bear attacking a dog in your dreams represents an obstacle that you are trying to overcome, but you lack the strength to do so. This could be due to a change in your life or a new challenge. If you dream about seeing a bear attack a dog, it can mean that you are in fear of powerful people. You are worried that your plans won’t get to come through, or will be stopped by some powerful people out there

Dream about bear attacking family

Dreaming of bears attacking your family means that you need to answer some tough questions about how your life is going. Are your expectations in line with what you’re doing? Does your family know what they’re getting into? Are you sure you want to continue on this path? With a bit of introspection, you can start to get answers and prepare for your future.

What Does a Bear Symbolize in a Dream

There are a number of different interpretations of what a bear symbolizes in your dream. For example, if your dream included a bear coming up to you and talking to you, this could symbolize that you need to listen more carefully. In contrast, if the bear is running away from you, it might represent how you’re afraid of something new. If the bear is tearing out pieces of your clothing or biting at your hands, then it may signify that you have done something wrong and feel guilty about it. Keep reading for some other common meanings behind bears in your dreams.

What Do Bears Mean in Dreams Biblically

In the Bible, bears symbolize strength and protection. You’ll find bears being used to represent these qualities in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, God sends a bear from the woods to kill 42 children who mocked a prophet for his bald head (2 Kings 2:23-25). This is a sign that God will also protect His chosen people. In Psalm 74:13-14, David says “Even their own mothers did not spare them.” The psalmist goes on to call on God to “rescue me, O Lord; may your hand be my salvation.”

The New Testament talks about bears in Revelation 6:5 where they are pictured as part of an army of demonic animals. However, in Revelation 9:8 it appears that bears are more like dogs or dogs with strong teeth that come out of the sea. These were sent by Satan to attack humans for what they have done wrong.

Bears are also seen in Daniel 7:5 where four animals are described coming up out of the sea representing different kingdoms. The fourth animal is said to look like a bear with three ribs in its mouth (representing Babylonian power) but “coming up last.”


Bear dreams are often interpreted as signs of protection and guidance, but they can also be seen as a warning about dangers coming. What does your bear dream mean? It may be time to take stock of your life and make sure you’re prepared for what’s coming.