The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About an Ex

Written By Jamie Young

When we dream about our exes, it can mean many different things. Sometimes they symbolize an aspect of ourselves that needs to be addressed or healed. Other times, they’re portraying what we’ve lost in life and how it’s affecting us. You may find yourself dreaming about your ex when you’ve experienced some type of trauma or loss.

And sometimes, it is simply because you miss them. But no matter the reason, dreams about your ex can be very insightful and provide you with new perspectives on your life. Here is how to look at them as a sign of something deeper going on in your psyche.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex

Dreams about your exes can be tricky. They can be a sign that you’re ready to move on or that you’re working through some unresolved feelings. But they can also mean something else entirely, like your dream is trying to tell you something about the present.

It’s important to note that not everyone dreams about their ex and if you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Some people dream about their exes because they still love them and might want to get back together with them someday.

A dream about an ex may also indicate that you’re working through past issues and memories provoked by life events or recent conversations with friends or family members. You might even be feeling some guilt for breaking up with them in the first place!

It’s impossible to know for sure what a dream means without interpreting the details of the dream itself, but it’s important to be aware of what could have triggered a particular dream. If there has been a lot going on in your life lately, it’s not unreasonable to check out why this may have impacted your sleeping patterns.

dream couple

Dreams of ex girlfriend

When you dream about an ex girlfriend, it can mean that there was a lot of unresolved feelings and issues in your relationship. Exes are also not easily forgotten. While waking dreams about ex girlfriends can be a scary place to return to, it is also a good opportunity to work through the grief over the loss of the relationship. Many times, when you dream about an ex girlfriend, you are really just dreaming about yourself and how you perceived the relationship.

Dreaming about ex husband

Dreaming of your ex-husband can signify a loss of something or someone dear to you, but it can also mean that you are longing for a lost love. Alternatively, if you are happily married, then dreams about your ex may indicate some fear regarding the commitment level in your marriage.

Dream meaning ex boyfriend

When you dream about your ex boyfriend, you may be feeling something other than love. Perhaps there is a different emotion involved. You may simply be remembering some very good times together. Or you may actually be missing him and want to get back together again, but you’re afraid to tell him because you don’t think he’ll say yes, or perhaps you are ready for a new relationship but still have feelings for him.

Dreaming about an ex years later

If you dream about your ex years after a relationship, it may be a sign that you didn’t give it your all in the relationship. You weren’t completely invested or emotionally connected to your partner. Your dreams may be showing you that even though you are over the problematic aspects of your ex-relationship, you still have some unresolved issues.

Seeing your ex with someone else in a dream

In a dream, to see your ex with another person may suggest that you need to do some soul searching. It is possible that your subconscious is bringing up past issues in order for you to sort them out. Most people who experience an ex seeing someone else in their dreams find that the meaning is not all that negative. In fact, it can be a way of coping with change and help them move forward with their lives.

Dream of ex lover

A dream about an ex lover usually means you have unresolved issues with them. If you have nightmares about your ex, it usually means that you have unresolved issues with them. According to Freud, dreams about an ex lover may represent unresolved feelings like longing, regret and nostalgia. You may still be harboring affection for your ex, or there may be an issue that you haven’t come to terms with.

Dreaming of ex wife

In dreams, the ex-wife represents feelings of insecurity and repentance. On one hand, they are fears that you will never achieve what you want in life. On the other hand, they can be seen as feelings of guilt, which could be the result of some sort of regrettable situation.

Dreams about ex friends

when you dream about your ex friends, it means that the relationship you had with him or her was important to you. You probably still have an interest in their life and how they are doing.

Dreams about getting back with your ex

If you’ve ever had a dream that you were reunited with your ex, it’s an indication that there are still unresolved issues and desires between you two. When trying to interpret them, think about the context of the dream. Are you fighting or laughing? This can help you determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Dream about ex boyfriend and his family

When you dream of your ex and his family, as it usually indicates there is still some unresolved conflict between the two of you — or that you’re still feeling hurt about the breakup. However, dreaming of your old boyfriend can be a sign that things are starting to look up in life; after all, it does show you’ve moved on from a bad relationship.

Dream about your ex boyfriend kissing you

Dreaming of your ex boyfriend kissing you is a dream you have when you still have strong feelings for him. It’s a positive sign that you are able to forgive and forget. When you dream about him kissing you in a romantic way, it means that you aren’t letting go of him. You may be afraid of moving on, or maybe you’re questioning your choice to break up with him in the first place.

Dream About Missing Your Ex

When you dream about missing your ex, it often reflects unresolved feelings or issues you may have towards them. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that you want them back in your life, but perhaps there are emotions, experiences, or conversations that were left unaddressed or unfinished. The dream could also symbolize something in your current life situation, a habit, or even a loss, that might be reminiscent of that old relationship. It poses an opportunity for introspection and understanding one’s feelings and behaviors. An alternative explanation suggests that dreaming about an ex could be your subconscious telling you not to repeats a past mistake.

Dream About an Ex Betraying You

Dreaming about an ex betraying you often symbolizes feelings of insecurity, fear, or anxiety in your current life. These dreams, while troubling, can be instrumental in helping you recognize unhealed wounds and feelings of inadequacy or lack of trust, possibly not just in romantic relationships, but also in other relationships or personal endeavors. They do not necessarily predict an impending deceitful act from someone close to you. Instead, they invite you to understand the deeper insecurities you may hold, encouraging self-reflection and healing.

Dream About Your Ex’s New Boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex’s new boyfriend can indicate a range of emotions or circumstances. You could be processing feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, or leftover emotional ties from the past relationship. It may also highlight a comparison you’re making between yourself and this new person, questioning your self-esteem and self-worth. Alternatively, if you feel indifferent or positive in the dream, it implies you’re making peace with the end of that relationship and wishing them well.

Dream About Your Ex’s New Girlfriend

When you dream about your ex’s new girlfriend, it can be an indication of suppressed feelings or insecurities related to the past relationship. It could signify feelings of bitterness, rejection, or jealousy. You could be subconsciously comparing yourself to this new person, questioning your self-worth or wondering if they are better than you in some way. On the other hand, if you are at peace or happy in your dream, it might imply you have moved on and hold no resentment, acknowledging that your ex has moved on too.

Dream Of Ex Rejecting You

Dreaming of your ex rejecting you often signifies enduring feelings of inadequacy or fear of rejection, perhaps not only in your romantic relationships but possibly also in other aspects of your life like work or friendship. This could indicate unresolved issues from past relationships and a need for self-reflection and healing. Alternatively, this dream may simply be a sign that you are still handling the pain of that past rejection, or struggling with letting go and moving forward. It’s less about the literal person in the dream, and more about you processing your emotions and past experiences.

Dream Of Rejecting Your Ex

Dreaming of rejecting your ex usually signifies personal growth, empowerment, and moving forward. It could mean that you are finally processing and detaching from past hurt, asserting your self-worth, and no longer wish to be defined by that past relationship. It may also denote the closure or resolution you’ve been seeking. Additionally, it could reflect your decision to learning from past mistakes and ensuring they do not recur in your present or future relationships. Rather than being a commentary on your ex specifically, dreams like these are usually more a reflection of your own emotional state and progression.

Dream Of Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

If you dream of your ex sleeping with someone else, this could illustrate lingering insecurities, jealousy, or a fear of being replaced. It might not necessarily be about the ex or their partner, rather, about your own self-esteem, or it might represent the need for closure from that past relationship. Conversely, it could symbolize a form of release, projecting the end of your emotional attachment or hold onto that past relationship. These dreams usually reflect the subconscious working through feelings and fears and are holistic sources for self-awareness and understanding rather than predictive of actual events.

Dream Of Breaking up With Your Ex

Dreaming of breaking up with your ex often signifies the end of an emotional or behavioral pattern derived from that past relationship. Possibly illustrating feelings of relief, liberation, and personal growth. It suggests you might be moving on from past hurts and rejecting old habits that could be detrimental to your personal growth. Alternatively, if the dream brings pain or sorrow, it could indicate lingering sentiments or difficulties letting go of past emotional attachments. Keep in mind that dreams like these are more about the individual dreamer’s personal development and feelings, not necessarily the past relationship itself.

Dream About Still Being With Your Ex

Dreaming about still being with your ex could denote a range of underlying emotions or unresolved feelings. It may point to a yearning for happier times or missing certain qualities or shared experiences from the past relationship. Conversely, it potentially reflects unresolved issues or lack of completion indicative of the need for conflict resolution or forgiveness. However, such dreams don’t necessarily mean a wish to go back to the old relationship; it might be favorable attributes from your ex or yourself that your subconscious is signaling to recognize or desire in your current or future relationships.

Dream About Still Having Feelings for Your Ex

Dreaming about still having feelings for your ex often implies lingering emotions tied to the past relationship. Such dreams can be reflective of residual affection, nostalgia, regret, or of dealing with lingering hurt or unresolved issues. It is not unlike daydreaming of alternate outcomes or reconciliations. Alternatively, the ex might be representing parts of yourself that you have left behind but still want to reconnect with.

Dream Your Ex Cheated On You

Dreaming that your ex cheated on you usually indicates feelings of betrayal, insecurities, or unresolved issues related to your past relationship. The dream could be processing old wounds and feelings of being wronged or violated. It could also represent general insecurities or fear of trust in your present life. It’s essential to understand that this dream reflects your emotional state more than any literal occurrence. Symbolically, your ex could simply represent someone who caused you deep grievance or pain, even if that individual isn’t necessarily the source of your present distress.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

Dreams are a form of communication between our subconscious and conscious minds. They provide us with messages to help heal us on an emotional level. Dreams about your ex may be telling you that your self-worth is connected to the relationship or that you’re looking for closure, or they might mean something else entirely.

The first thing you should do if you’re dreaming about an ex is examine what it means to you. How does it make you feel? What does it evoke in your waking life? Does the dream have anything that stands out as being different or more significant than other dreams?

A dream about your ex can come out of nowhere, but it’s important to take some time to explore why the dream came up for you at this specific time. What was going on in your life before this dream? What are your thoughts and feelings about the person who comes up in the dream? There are many factors that can come into play when considering what dreaming of an ex means.

The Healing Process Begins with Your Emotions

The first thing to mention is that dreams about your exes can be read as a sign of healing. It may seem like it is causing more pain, but the healing process actually starts with your emotions.

It’s okay to feel sad or upset when you’re dreaming about your ex. That often means you are trying to make sense of what happened and how it made you feel. This can be a difficult process, but it isn’t impossible. The only way the healing process will work is if you confront those feelings and accept them as a part of yourself.

One way this might manifest in a dream is a happy moment with your partner followed by an emotional scene or breakup. You’ll want to pay attention to the emotions that follow the happy moment because those may have been untouched for some time and need attention now.

Dealing With Loss

When we dream about our exes, it can symbolize a loss in life. It can be a sign that you miss them or a sign of a sense of loss in your life. For example, if your ex was the love of your life and you’ve been desperately searching for the same type of romance, dreaming about him or her may be a signal from your subconscious that you care deeply about love and intimacy.

If you were in an abusive relationship with your ex, dreaming about him or her may be a way to work through that trauma. In this case, it could signify feelings of guilt and shame. You may also have been unable to process what happened because of the toxic nature of the relationship so being reminded by your mind is common. But dreaming about your ex can also mean something else entirely.


Dreams about your ex can be an indication of something deeper going on in your psyche. As you go through the process of moving on, it’s important to honor what your exes symbolized for you. They may not have been perfect, but they were there for you when you needed someone.

Remember that growth is always possible. If you’re dreaming about them, it means that something is missing from your life and that’s okay! It means that there are other parts of yourself that need healing or exploring.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating someone new or are still grieving after a breakup—dreaming about your ex will tell you more about yourself than anything else.