The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Trees

Written By Jamie Young

Have you ever wondered what a tree symbolizes in a dream? Trees have always been a staple in the lives of humans. They are usually seen as a sign of life, growth, and peace. In addition to that, there is a deeper meaning to what the tree symbolizes. In this article, we’ll be exploring the meaning of a tree symbol in a dream and how it reflects in our waking life.


What Does a Tree Symbolize in a Dream

While the symbolism of trees varies, they are usually associated with nature and growth. Dreaming about trees represents life, stability, and a sense of calm. Trees also represent your strength and life energy. It represents more than just the physical manifestation of the tree itself. You may be reflecting on your own growth and development. It can also symbolize peace or a place of rest, so they may appear in dreams to convey a message that peace and serenity will soon be attainable.

Falling Tree Dream

Dreaming of a falling tree implies that you may have concerns about the security of your financial life. You might feel overwhelmed by debt, or that your income is being threatened by forces beyond your control — whether overbearing parents, a lack of opportunity or an unstable economy. Your dream may be broadcasting your own fear, which can also be subconsciously influenced by other people’s stress.

Dream of Christmas Tree

Dreaming of a Christmas tree means you’re worried about how your actions will affect your future. In general, it may be that you’re feeling the pressure to make a big decision or feel like you are being held back from something you want to do in the future. It could also mean that you’re concerned about the impact on your own life and on other people if you make an unpopular decision.

Dream of Climbing a Tree

Dreaming of climbing a tree symbolizes growth. It symbolizes success in life.  Moving upward — or upward mobility — is the most common dream associated with a tree. This means that you will achieve your goals, and even surpass them. From the simple to the more complex issues of life, we are always striving to grow and improve ourselves. Sometimes we grow out of our own abilities and need assistance from others to achieve our goals.

Broken Tree Branch Dream Meaning

A broken branch on a tree is a symbol of loneliness, disarray, and loss. If you’re dreaming about a broken tree branch, this may be telling you that you are feeling alone and abandoned in some aspect of your life, or that you are unable to complete an important task. Perhaps this dream is hinting that you need to get organized and become more efficient.

Tree Trunk Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a tree trunk suggests that someone you trust is going to betray you. The person who betrays you may be a friend, family member, or somebody else you got close with too fast. After this betrayal happens, the dream is predicting that you’ll feel angry and disappointed in the person in question. You will feel hurt and sad but don’t let this stop you from doing what feels right.

Dream of Trees Being Cut Down

If you’re dreaming about trees being cut down symbolizes frustrations in your life. You may feel that you are struggling to keep up with the demands that others place on you. Or, there may be a feeling in your life that no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t enough.

Dream of Someone Cutting Down a Tree

If you’re dreaming about someone cutting down a tree, you may be struggling to move on or feel trapped in your current situation. You may be unhappy with your social life or career and need to make some major changes to achieve happiness. This dream expresses a desire to be in charge of your own life and not have others dictate what they want to you do.

Dream of Trees Falling in a Storm

If you’re dreaming of trees falling in a storm, you have little control over your life. You’re constantly getting pushed around by others, and you’re feeling helpless to stop it. You feel like you can’t extricate yourself from any situation because of chain-reaction events that are beyond your control. It also suggests that you may be having a conflict within yourself as to how to deal with some important issue. This is because the storm indicates a chaotic mixture of emotions that are breaking through and causing confusion.

Dream of Tree Falling on House

Dreaming of trees falling in your house signifies your need to tidy up the mess and reorganize the space. House is a personal space where one should feel comfortable and relaxed. When you are too surrounded by mess and chaos, it is hard for you to focus on anything else. Trees fall in houses when they are not healthy enough to withstand any potential dangers; similarly, when your mind is too cluttered, it might spell trouble for you in the future. through and you are attempting to face them head-on.

Uprooted Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming about uprooted trees can symbolize a considerable lifetime change. It might mean that you’re going through an emotional, challenging time when you feel detached from your roots or life as you know it. You may be confused about your goals and feel like everything is out of your control.

Dreaming of Fruits on a Tree

Dreaming of fruits on a tree means that you have a lot on your mind, and you won’t be able to focus on anything today. You’re going to think too much about the past, which may bring you stress and anxiety. Don’t dwell on these things. Instead, try to stay busy. The best thing is to take a relaxing walk outside in a beautiful location. Maybe there’s even a park nearby where you can join other people walking their dogs or going for a jog.

Apple Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an apple tree symbolizes wishes and desires coming to fruition. It signifies a long-awaited occurrence or the realization of something that you’ve long sought after. A successful harvest indicates that your efforts will be rewarded in the future. This dream represents the rewards of hard work, as well as wealth and prosperity.

Burning Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming about burning a tree may symbolize the burning of your old self. This dream is telling you that you may have to do some changes in your life. Burning a tree may also mean that you are feeling trapped in your situation and need freedom. You could be feeling trapped in a relationship or at work.

Dream of Banana Tree

Dreaming about a banana tree symbolizes something in the present life that is causing anxiety and stress. It means you need to be more focused on the small things in life. Perhaps your career, family, or friends are taking up too much of your time and not leaving room for other important things like exercise and play.

Dreams About Removing Trees

Dreaming of removing trees is a sign from your subconscious that you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and burdens that stress you. Perhaps it’s time for you to reassess your priorities, put down some roots and do what is best for you, no matter how much effort it may take.

Tree Stump Dream Meaning

Dreams about tree stumps symbolize an aspect of your personality that is hard, slow-growing, and difficult to remove. You may be feeling frustrated or unfulfilled by aspects of your life. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to begin anew, whether that means starting over in a relationship or leaving behind outdated habits.

Dream of Someone Hanging From Tree

Dreaming about someone hanging from a tree represents that you’ve gotten yourself into a very troubling situation. It could be self-inflicted or it could be something someone else has put you in, but either way, the dream is trying to tell you that you need to extricate yourself from this situation before it’s too late.

Tree of Life Dream Meaning

Dreaming of the tree of life represents your quest to reach complete fulfillment in your life. This can signify a shift in the way you usually conduct your life — getting out of a rut and feeling inspired to take on new challenges. You have an opportunity here to become more accepting and open-minded while reevaluating your current path.

Sitting in a Tree Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about sitting in a tree, you may be feeling like you’re stuck in a boring or repetitive job. It might be time for you to make a change, whether that means changing careers or taking on a new hobby. Alternatively, the dream could be telling you to climb out of the rut that you’re currently in and try something new.

Dream of a Tree Growing in the House

Dreaming about a tree growing in the house means you are discontent with the amount of attention and consideration you are receiving. The dream may be telling you that you should communicate how important you are to others. The dream could be a metaphor for how you see yourself growing increasingly self-righteous, secretive, and protective of your personal space as time passes.

Lemon Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming about lemon trees is a profound symbol of renewal and change. Liminality and the passage between worlds are frequently represented by fruit-bearing trees. The appearance in your dream of a lemon tree, then, maybe an indication that you are in the midst of some sort of liminal passage — one in which you have crossed something over or into another space.

Dream About Turning Into a Tree

Dreaming about turning into a tree symbolizes that your burdens are becoming too heavy for you to carry. You’re feeling stressed out, anxious, exhausted — and you don’t know how much longer you can hold up. Your mind is telling you that your current situation is not sustainable; it’s time for a change. Perhaps the idea of quitting everything and moving away from everyone feels more appealing than writing the next chapter of your life.

Dreaming of Apple Tree With Fruits

Dreaming of an apple tree with fruits symbolizes that you are wishing for more than what you already have. Perhaps you feel you should be in a better situation or wish to have something else in your life. It is important to ask yourself what it is that you truly want and if it can be possible as soon as possible. Remember, never stop believing in your dreams.

Dream of Tree Falling on Car

Dreaming of a tree falling on a car means that you will face some obstacles and struggles in your life. The solution is to make wise choices, seek help, and be patient. It also means that you need to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on small details.

Dead Tree Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a dead tree means that you are on the wrong path in your life, or that you have ignored your inner-self for so long that you feel exhausted and empty. The important thing is to reconnect with yourself, go back to the roots, and start again from there.

Dream of Picking Fruits From Tree

Dreaming of picking fruits from a tree indicates that you have too much time to dwell on your problems and not enough time to solve them. That is why you need to keep busy with other things and let go of the past. If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts, it can affect your health and well-being.

Dream of Pepper Tree

Dreaming about a pepper tree means that you want to fill your life with passion and excitement. Perhaps you’re seeking some new and invigorating experiences with people or in your career. You might wish to go on an adventure or take a risk in some way, whether it’s trying out a new restaurant in town or taking a scenic drive through the countryside for the first time.

Big Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a big tree suggests that you are feeling supported, stable, and grounded in your life and work. You may also be experiencing pleasant emotions or good health. To dream about a big tree can also mean ambition, growth, strength, and material success — you may be feeling successful or satisfied with the direction that your life is going in.

Dream of a Giant Tree

Dreaming of giant trees symbolizes a transformational growth period in your life. This may be a great time in your life where you feel like you are changing for the better and you are expanding in new ways. You may have recently begun feeling more confident, or you might have had a spiritual awakening or newfound appreciation for nature.

Dream About Wind Blowing Down Trees

Dreaming about the wind blowing down trees is a dream symbol that refers to ambition. This dream usually foreshadows the realization of important goals in your waking life. You have an active and ambitious nature, but it can also lead to over-ambitiousness or an all-consuming drive that prevents you from seeing other people’s needs and desires.

Tree on Fire Dream Meaning

Fire is a powerful symbol of transformation. If you dream about a tree on fire, it could mean you need to stop procrastinating and turn your ideas into action — or it could be a sign that your creative energy is burning brightly, which could mean you’re about to make some amazing breakthroughs.

Seeing Trees in Dream

Dreaming about seeing a tree, indicates that one has not been keeping up with nature and the things of nature. It is time to get back in tune with nature, especially planting and growing trees, as well as caring for growing trees. These are the keys to living a more balanced life, physically and spiritually.

Climbing Down a Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming about climbing down a tree symbolizes that you should take a step back from your current course of action and analyze the situation from a different angle. In dreams, trees are symbolic of life’s journeys and your surroundings. Alternatively, dreaming about climbing down a tree may be a reflection of your own personal development.

Dream About Mango Tree

If you’re dreaming about a mango tree it usually symbolizes lost opportunities. You may have failed to act upon something, or put off doing something that you should have done. You might also be saying that you are ready for new challenges and opportunities, but don’t know which ones to pursue.

Dream Tree Growing Out of Body

Dreaming about a tree growing out of your body indicates that you need to pay attention to your inner voice. Your dreams are a space where you can gain perspective and focus on the areas of your life that need attention. It can also be telling you that you need to rest and take care of yourself. 

Dream of Dead Christmas Tree

Dreaming about a dead Christmas tree represents feelings of hopelessness and despair in the face of adversity. The Christmas tree is symbolic of family, friends, and the warmth of home — when it’s dead, this means that your support system is crumbling. It could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed with problems and need someone to help you out. It also reflects a sense of withdrawal, isolation, or loneliness. You feel like something important is missing in your life.

Dream of Big Tree Falling

Dreams of a big tree falling symbolize the feeling that your life is passing you by. You were supposed to do this or that by a certain time, and here you are even years later having not achieved any of your goals. This dream is telling you that your growth has halted and your stability is at risk.

Dream of Tree Branches

When you’re dreaming about tree branches, it means that you are trying to balance your own needs with those of other people. Sometimes in life, you will find yourself in a situation where you want to do what’s best for yourself and for others. In these situations, tree branches can symbolize the choices that you have made or the choices that still lay before you. 

Dream of Plucking Fruits From Tree

Dreaming about plucking fruits from the trees is a sign that you’re ready to take on a new challenge and accomplish something you never thought possible. It’s a symbol of growth and change and a sign that you’re ready to open up to new ideas and environments. Although many people have difficulty grasping this concept, pleasant dreams could mean that you’re ready for it.

Snake in Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a snake in a tree signifies some type of deception or confusion brought about by people around you. Perhaps you are being tricked into doing something that goes against your values, or someone has lied to you about something important. This dream warns you of the people surrounding you.

Black Tree Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a black tree it represents something that has died but still has the appearance of life. You may be having trouble letting go of an aspect of your past or an attachment to a relationship, possession, or belief system. It is probably time to let go of something that is causing you pain.

Dream About Lightning Striking a Tree

If you’re dreaming about lightning striking a tree it represents the passing of a long-awaited yet terrifying event. The dream may be telling you to expect sudden and dramatic changes in your life that will cause excitement and fear. You must also be prepared to face any consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of Moving Trees

Dreaming about moving trees often implies that you are rooted in your current situation and think you are on the right path. However, others may see your life as stagnant. You need to find a balance between moving forward in a relaxed way and staying true to who you are. You should be comfortable with where you stand without feeling the need to move aggressively or slowly, which can lead to anxiety or disappointment.

Dream of Fruit Tree

Dreaming of a fruit tree symbolizes well-being, good health, and prosperity. This symbol may appear when you’re worried about your physical or mental health as well as your emotional or spiritual well-being. A dream about a fruit tree might also be a message from your subconscious that you need to make changes in your life and take better care of yourself.

Dreams of Snakes Hanging From Trees

Dreaming about snakes hanging from trees reflects the wisdom and guidance you are receiving in waking life. It warns you to be careful of false prophets who will try to make a profit off your dreams and desires. This dream foretells that if you listen to these individuals and take action on their advice, you will find yourself in an unfavorable situation.

Dream Meaning of Picking Ripe Mango From the Tree

Dreaming about picking ripe mangoes from the tree signifies that your thoughts are centered on the future. You have big plans and you’re trying to get ahead of the curve at the present moment — and it’s making you happy! You may also be fearful about someone or something who is hindering your success. Be careful not to overwork yourself or approach any situation with an over-determined attitude.

Dream of Picking Lemons From Tree

Dreaming of picking lemons from a tree indicates that you need to pay closer attention to your finances. It appears that there is some hidden cost among the things you are buying or doing — be it time, energy, or money. These costs might not be obvious, so you should go over your spending habits and make sure you’re not wasting anything.

Dream of Tree Branch Falling

Dreaming of a tree branch falling can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities, and it’s time to start cutting away. Are there certain tasks you’re putting off because they feel too big? Be clear with yourself about what needs to be done and then get started on the hard stuff.

Dreaming of Someone Climbing a Tree

Dreaming of someone climbing a tree means that you have noticed his effortless climb to the top, and subconsciously you are also acknowledging that you wish to be higher up in your field/position. We all have a little ladder-climber inside of us, but we must remain grounded and true to who we are. Your dream is to let you know that you should not lose sight of what is important to you.

Tree Split in Half Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a tree split in half, it suggests that you’re undergoing a period of introspection, which could be hard work but ultimately yields results. While this dream can be unsettling at first, it could reveal to you an opportunity for personal growth and a greater understanding of yourself. 

Dream of Cutting Tree Branches

When you’re dreaming of cutting tree branches it generally means that your life is getting out of control and you need to focus on the important things. You might feel almost suffocated by everything around you, so it’s time to take a step back and find a way to simplify your life.

Upside Down Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of upside-down trees symbolizes the opposite of what it suggests. An upside-down tree is often a sign of a lack of support, strength and structure in your life. You may be overwhelmed by responsibilities and feel as though you have little to no help in achieving what you want out of life. This dream may also foretell financial difficulties and a dire situation.

Dream of Planting a Tree

Dreaming about planting trees is a positive sign — it means that you are working hard to reach your goals and fulfilling your life’s purpose. This dream may also be emblematic of the hard work you put into your relationship, in which case it could mean that you need to slow down, take a moment to enjoy the progress you’ve made and appreciate the person sitting across from you.

Dream of Cocoa Tree

Dreaming of cocoa trees can mean that you need to focus on reality in order to achieve the success you want. You could be subconsciously choosing to pursue a different career, or it could be that you have a relationship that is not working out. Regardless, you have to make some choices about what is really important and what your next step should be.

Floating Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a floating tree means a significant change is imminent in your life. This change might be positive or negative, but it will alter your world in some significant way. This dream could also be warning you that your current situation is unstable and that you need to make a move, perhaps to a new place or with a new person.

Dream of Someone Falling From a Tree

Dreaming about someone falling from a tree usually means that you feel as though you’re in danger and you have no control over what is going on. There could be outside forces that are trying to make you fall, or there may be internal forces that are making you feel like you can no longer handle the pressures that are coming your way.

Tree Inside House Dream

Dreaming about a tree inside a house signifies that there is an obstacle in your business that you need to overcome. The tree is a symbol of the numerous issues you will face from family and friends. You need to work hard on your business, focus solely on its growth, and not pay attention to what other people think.

Dream of Tree Falling on Someone

Dreaming of a tree falling on someone signifies that you need to be more aware of your surroundings. You’re probably unaware of all the bad influences around you and how they could affect all aspects of your life. Or it could be that enemies are in secret plans against you and will make attempts on your life. 

Dream of Cutting Down a Big Tree

Dreaming of cutting down a big tree symbolizes a change in life. Something big and seemingly unassailable will fall to the ground. Your dream may be letting you know that a current struggle you are having will take care of itself or things will go back to normal. It can also mean that there is something in your life that needs to be cut out in order for you to move forward.

Dream About Someone Planting Trees

Dreaming about someone planting trees may be a sign of hope for the future, or for strength and determination. You may feel like you have been taking life for granted — and this dream is your subconscious way of fighting back against that apathy. Alternatively, it may represent growth in life — not just literal growth, but also social or intellectual growth.

Dream of Being Stuck in a Tree

Dreaming about being stuck in a tree may symbolize your inability to move forward in life. Perhaps you feel trapped by something or someone, whether it be a job, relationship, or financial situation. You may be feeling burdened by your daily responsibilities and wish you could simply jump into another life, one without restrictions and rules.

Dream of Being High up in a Tree

Dreaming about being high up in a tree is often described as seeking perspective or as a call to climb higher in life. Trees symbolize growth, peace, and happiness in dreams. In this case, it may be a representation of your own personal success or failure. It may also mean you are looking for clarity or answers from your subconscious mind because you have been feeling lost lately.

Dream About Swinging From a Tree

Dreaming about swinging from a tree generally means you’re feeling rebellious and yearning for a different kind of lifestyle. You may be bored with the normal routine that is keeping you down or causing you to feel unsatisfied. This dream makes you wonder if it’s time to try something new, get out of your rut, and let yourself be free!

White Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a white tree usually suggests that you are experiencing a momentary period of stress or anxiety. The tree is likely to be a representation of your conscience — or anxiety about the future. This is a message from your subconscious that you need to give your life — and yourself — a rest.

Coconut Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a coconut tree means a possible change of lifestyle or living environment. Someone you know may be moving away, or you might find yourself in a new home or city. You’ll have to make new friends, get used to a different climate, and learn a lot — but overall, life is likely to be happy and prosperous.

Dream of Picking Limes From Tree

Dreaming of picking limes from a tree could mean you are trying to get something started too quickly. Don’t rush things. If you feel that you are behind on something, don’t start working hard on it until you feel it is ready. Take a step back first, get the details right, and then proceed forward with your plan of action.

Cutting Banana Tree in Dream

Dreaming about cutting a banana tree symbolizes your desire to cast away negative thoughts and experiences in your life. You feel as though you need to view your life in a different, more positive light. Isolating yourself from others is not the solution; instead, look at your situation objectively to find out what really is impeding your happiness and take steps to change it.

Dream of Tree Falling on Me

Dreaming about a tree falling on you usually symbolizes that there is an external force or power that may be affecting your life in a negative way. It’s an indication that some sort of pressure is bearing down on you from every direction, whether you realize it or not. A falling tree in your dream indicates that something has fallen apart in your own thinking and can be a metaphor for a past relationship, job, belief system or anything else which is no longer serving you.

Dreaming of Picking Mangoes From a Tree

Dreams of picking mangoes from a tree can refer to your desire for abundance and prosperity. The more mangoes you pick, the higher chance you have of getting what you need and reaching your goals. This can be applied to the real world as well — success is built on the foundation of hard work and dedication.

Dreaming of Birds in a Tree

Dreaming about birds in a tree is a symbol that represents freedom and protection, as well as peace and harmony. This symbol can provide insight into the idealized world you want to create for yourself — and help you uproot old habits so that you can make more room for life’s most important experiences.

Dream of Picking Ripe Fruits From a Tree

Dreaming about picking ripe fruit from a tree literally means that the dreamer is longing for a free and peaceful life, free of stress and worries. It is a good omen to see this kind of dream, as you can only achieve these things with a lot of hard work and dedication. The reward will be great if you keep going in this direction.

Falling Palm Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a falling palm tree reflects a sense of losing control or power. It is often associated with the feeling of being unprepared and losing out on important opportunities. If you dream about falling palm trees, you need to re-evaluate your life direction, personal goals, and priorities.

Dream of Fig Tree

Dreaming of a fig tree represents fertility, prosperity, and love. Fig trees are typically well cared for and loved, their branches full of leaves, fruit, and flowers. A dream about a fig tree can be an omen of a successful harvest, the emergence of new life, or simply an omen of abundance and prosperity. It can also represent a relationship that is blossoming or growing in some way.

Dream About Hiding in a Tree

Dreaming about hiding in a tree reflects your growing apathy with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. You feel uncomfortable with the idea of living both in the public eye and in the privacy of your own home because you don’t know where you belong anymore. You have been feeling like a stranger in your own life.

Dream of Guava Tree With Fruits

If you’re dreaming about a guava tree with fruits, it means that your life might seem to be more barren and degrading. You lose interest in things that used to give you joy. The existing circumstances of your life are not favorable for you at the moment and you need some time alone to get back the lost inspiration for life.

Dream of Wind Blowing Trees

If you’re dreaming about the wind blowing trees, it means that, at the moment, you are confused and you don’t know what is going on. Maybe, you have an issue that you need to resolve. You may resort to very old methods to do this. Whatever you do, make sure that you are focused and listen carefully.

Dream About Money Tree

Dreaming about a money tree means that you will be very successful and financially comfortable. You will be able to provide for all of your needs and wants. You will enjoy good health, great relationships, and beautiful family life. This dream suggests that you will reap the rewards of your hard work. You’ll have financial security and be able to focus on bigger dreams.

Red Tree Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a red tree signifies your connection with nature, which is strong and unbreakable. You likely value the importance of balance with your environment — you’re one with mother Earth and are truly appreciative of all that she gives to you. Red trees also represent renewal and new beginnings — so if you’re having dreams about them, you’re open to new opportunities, even if there are risks involved in taking them.

Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams

The bible does mention trees many times. Jeremiah 17:8 says “He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” Psalm 1:3 says “He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.” Job 14:7 says “For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its shoots will not cease.”


Trees are symbols of life, stability, and calm. They also possess a sense of strength and life energy. Dreaming about trees may reflect your growth and development.