The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Tomatoes

Written By Jamie Young

You might think dreams about tomatoes are nothing but a craving you’re trying to fulfill. The reality is that there may be a deeper meaning to dreaming about tomatoes or any other recurring dream symbol. Dreaming about tomatoes can reflect your intuitive side and is one of the most powerful food dreams you can have. It can also be a sign that you’re expanding your consciousness and connecting with the world around you in new and unusual ways.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tomatoes

Tomatoes may be interpreted as a symbol of wealth or good luck. They may also indicate that you are trying to grow in your career, or even that you need to change your lifestyle. In general, this fruit symbolizes growth, productivity or even wealth. It can also speak about your relationship.


Red Ripe Tomatoes Dream Meaning

Dreaming of red ripe tomatoes represents feeling fulfilled, soothed and content. Perhaps you are in a relationship where you are totally satisfied with your lover, or an aspect of your waking life is filled with pleasant, reassuring things. Red ripe tomatoes symbolize a great relationship, love or something that makes you feel fulfilled and content.

Tomato Sauce Dream Meaning

When you dream about a tomato sauce, it often symbolizes longing for something or someone. Perhaps you miss the taste of your grandparents’ home cooking and you’re dreaming about their special recipe. Or maybe you’ve been in a long term relationship and are dreaming of an ex-lover who made you delicious meals.

Plucking Ripe Tomatoes in the Dream

When you dream of plucking ripe tomatoes, it means that you are ready to move forward in your life, and ready to be at a less stagnant point. This dream may also be reflecting an internal desire to start over or change paths. It also means that you thrive in a healthy environment and utilize your skills to their fullest potential.

Dream About Tomato Plants

Dreaming of tomato plants symbolizes your desire for prosperity. Your subconscious wants to see you grow personally, financially or spiritually. You have the potential to become very wealthy in reality. This can be attributed to the long stem that connects from the root to the leaves in a tomato plant. This stem is used as a method of attaching fruits to plants so they may ripen and grow properly.

Seeing Tomato in Dream During Pregnancy

In the dream, seeing tomatoes symbolizes that you are expecting something wonderful and good to happen. It could be a good omen. Dreaming of a tomato during pregnancy can be an omen which foretells the birth of an adorable and healthy child and the mother’s joyful experience with her baby. 

Dreaming Accelerate the Ripening Tomatoes

When you dream about accelerating the ripening of a tomato, you’re dreaming about increasing your professional development or mental sharpness. It could also be a sign that you want to get things done more quickly in waking life, or that you want to naturally improve your ability to learn and retain information.


Tomatoes are believed to have a symbolic value, and the meaning of tomatoes is associated with wealth and general good fortune. This fruit is also considered to be very healthy, which makes it a wonderful gift for any occasion. There are quite a few symbolic meanings for tomatoes. In general, this fruit symbolizes growth, productivity or even wealth. It can also speak about your relationship.