The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Toilets

Written By Jamie Young

Everyone has different dreams about toilets. However, there are some general themes that tend to surface in most of these dreams. These themes can often reflect our personal hygiene or the environment in which we live. Dreams about toilets can often be symbolic of our personal hygiene, such as how clean we keep our house or how well we maintain our physical appearance.

What Dreams About Toilets Mean

A toilet can represent how to clean or maintain our home. The symbol of a toilet can also represent the environment we live in, such as a polluted or dirty place. You can explore these dreams further by reading this comprehensive guide on the meaning and interpretation of dreams about toilets.

outdoor toilet

Dream meaning poop in toilet

When you dream of poop in the toilet, it means your subconscious is trying to tell you that there is something in your life that needs to be flushed out. You may be going through a rough time, which is why you are dreaming about poop. Toilet dreams symbolize big changes, transition and self-reflection.

Dream about toilet overflowing with poop

If you dream of a toilet overflowing with poop, is foreboding that you may be deviating from your personal or professional values. This indicates that you will be overwhelmed by negativity in the near future and that your life may not be as comfortable as it should be. You may soon feel irritated and discontented with the people and things around you.

Dream of clogged toilet

When you dream of a clogged toilet, it indicates that the ‘dirty deeds’ you have done are coming back to haunt you. It is an omen that something detrimental to your well-being or that could tarnish your reputation could occur. Alternatively, dreaming about a clogged toilet, can mean that something or someone is obstructing you at this time.

Seeing dirty toilet in dream meaning

If you dream of a dirty toilet or seeing a dirty toilet, it might suggest that someone close to you has recently been very inconsiderate. If a toilet is overflowing, this could be a sign that your feelings have been overwhelmed by others who are not considerate of your feelings. This is a dream that symbolizes the tension between you and another’s view of the world.

Dream of cleaning a toilet

Dreams of cleaning a toilet can have several meanings. The most common interpretation is that an aspect of your life that feels stuck in filth, and dreams are trying to illuminate it. Another interpretation says that toilets represent our inner workings, and that when we appear in the dreams as toilet cleaners, it could be an attempt by the unconscious mind to purge or cleanse our inner self.

Dream of toilet paper

When dreaming of toilet paper, it usually indicates something is incomplete. It could be a relationship, a project or a career move that you are considering, but have not yet committed to. The dream symbol of toilet paper can represent hesitation and indecision as is often the case with starting new enterprises.

Dream of toilet overflowing with clear water

When you dream of your toilet overflowing with clear water, it symbolizes change is coming. Perhaps it’s something in your life that you have been denying — a new love interest, a new job, or a rekindled friendship. This is also a sign that there is someone important in your life that deserves your attention.

Dream of using toilet

Dreaming of using the toilet in your dream, indicates that you have a strong need to release some pent-up emotions, that are causing you stress. You feel the need to purge yourself of emotions and get things off your chest via excreting waste products. Perhaps, this is a warning not to hold on to any frustration and anger, because it can damage you both physically and spiritually.

Dream of blood in toilet

In the dream state, blood is a symbol of an internal conflict that, in all likelihood, has nothing to do with your actual health. This can be anything from an emotional struggle or mental blockage, so it would be best to try and identify the context of this dream before confronting its subconscious message.

Dreams about toilets without doors

When you dream about toilets without doors, it signifies your fears and anxieties about moving into a new phase in life. You may feel embarrassed because you do not have the financial stability or emotional support of your family for the decisions you will make in the future. A dream about a toilet without a door may simply be a reflection of unconscious fears that we have.

Dream of feces in toilet bowl

The dream of feces in the toilet bowl symbolizes the unconscious belief that you are not fulfilling your true potential, which is why you feel guilty and ashamed. You might be feeling trapped in a situation where your heart wants to do one thing and your head tells you that it’s impossible.

Dream interpretation urinating in toilet

Dreaming that you are urinating in the toilet means you need to be more disciplined in your life. You need to be careful with your wastefulness. It might also mean that there is something about your daily routine that is “clogging” your stream of conscious. Toilet dreams can also be prophetic, but usually they are personal and must be interpreted on a case by case basis.

Dream about period blood in toilet

Dreaming of seeing period blood it in the toilet can mean you have deep-seated fear of losing control, particularly that you’re unable to keep yourself safe. This dream could be telling you that you’re feeling extremely vulnerable or powerless at present and feel as though there’s very little that you can do to protect yourself and those that you love.

Dreaming of pooping in the toilet bowl

The dream of pooping in a toilet bowl is a common one for those who are overworked and find it hard to manage their stress levels. The dream signifies that you are putting too much strain on yourself and you need to reevaluate your priorities. You might be experiencing anxiety that is manifesting in your unconscious mind.

Dream of flushing toilet

Flushing a toilet in your dream can denote feelings of being forced to flushing emotional or spiritual issues out of your life. That dream is a warning against trying to bury emotional problems subconsciously. Flushing a toilet means you’re experiencing an emotional cleanse that requires you to release past failures, embarrassments, and unfulfilled dreams. You can’t move ahead until you confront these situations and deal with them one at a time.

Dream of flushing poop down the toilet

When you see yourself flushing poop down the toilet in your dream, it means that you are ready to let go of something from your life or from your past. You see yourself getting rid of something that is no longer serving you and that is not good for your growth. Your subconscious mind wants to free you from old and outdated things and habits or even people who no longer deserve a place in your life.

Dream of unclogging a toilet

Unclogging a toilet in your dream can symbolize several things. It can be symbolic of feeling blocked and not being able to move forward in your life, or it might mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities. It could also represent something stuck in your subconscious and the need to get it out into the open.

Biblical Meaning of Toilet in Dreams

Dreams come in all kinds of shapes and forms. In the case of your dream about a toilet, it’s likely that you are feeling mentally exhausted or that you are just fed up with something. In general, toilets refer to the removal of waste — whether it be physical waste or emotional waste (or both). Alternatively, it could symbolize that you need to let go of something: a bad habit or someone who is negative in your life.


Toilet dreams are often associated with feelings of anxiety, stress, and anxiety-related issues. Toilet dreams can also represent a need for hygiene or a escape from reality. In some cases, dreams of toilets may symbolize the physical or emotional needs we need to meet in order to feel complete and happy.