The Meaning and Interpretation of Smoking Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Smoking is a major health problem in the United States. Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, heart disease, and other problems. It’s important to know why people dream about smoking. And we can learn a lot about the meaning of smoking cigarettes, marijuana or even cigars by understanding this important dream phenomenon.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Smoking

Dreams about smoking can be symbolic, literal, or both. In some cases, the dreamer is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. In other cases, the dreamer has been smoking weed with friends. Dreams about smoking can also reflect the person’s current state of mind. For example, someone who is dreaming about smoking cigarettes may feel overwhelmed or stressed about quitting.

lady smoking

Dream about smoking weed

Dreaming of smoking weed means you are subconsciously attempting to address your unresolved issues with actualizing your desires. Smoking weed in your dreams could be telling you that you need to express yourself more and let loose more often. It could be an expression of your need to relax or unwind, or even a subconscious wish to experiment with cannabis in real life.

Seeing someone smoking in a dream

When you dream of seeing someone smoking, it can mean that you recognize their harmful nature. Many relationships are toxic, and this dream may be trying to show you the dangers in these situations. Dreams of seeing someone smoking could indicate lying and deception, particularly in the waking life.

Dream about smoking weed after quitting

Dreaming about smoking weed  when you’ve quit is often simply a dream about missing your old habit. It could mean that you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that’s going on in your life and want to ease the pain. Alternatively, smoking weed in your dreams after quitting could symbolize how something or someone is trying to bring you down.

Dream of smoking weed with friends

The dream of smoking weed with friends represents your desire to loosen up, your need for fun, and the freedom you feel when you’re in nature. It can also symbolize your feeling of contentment with friends you know well.

Dreams smoking cigarettes

When you have a dream about smoking cigarettes, the obvious interpretation is that you are craving nicotine. This could be triggered by current events in your life, such as retirement, going on a diet, or ending a toxic relationship. When you dream of smoking a cigarette, you may also feel like you want to rebel or that people are telling you what to do.

Dream of smoking a cigar

Dreams of smoking a cigar can be interpreted differently. They could be a sign that you’re obsessing over something to the point of forgetting about things happening around you. Alternatively, this dream can be tied to past regrets, such as consciously choosing not to smoke and enjoying cigars with friends years ago.

Dreaming of smoking cigarettes after quitting

A dream about smoking cigarettes after quitting means that you are worried about your ability to resist a strong temptation. Quitting smoking is never easy, and it’s even more challenging when you’re fighting through cravings. It’s common to have the occasional dream about smoking a cigarette after quitting.

Dream of someone blowing smoke in your face

When you have a dream in which someone blows smoke in your face, it indicates that to progress you must enter into a new phase of life. Accepting the change may not be easy, but it is necessary to ensure your ultimate success. Don’t turn away from the truth — follow your intuition and trust your instincts.

Dream of smoking marijuana

When you dream about smoking marijuana, there may be several interpretations. First, it could indicate that you are exploring your own creativity — dreams about drugs in general can indicate a desire to expand your mind or express yourself creatively. Second, you could be feeling rebellious or want to break the rules.

Dream of someone else smoking weed

If you dream about someone else smoking weed, it is a symbol of your relationship. If you dream of others smoking pot but don’t smoke yourself, it indicates that you are feeling self-conscious about something and need to seek help from friends or family. Alternatively, dreaming about someone else smoking weed can be symbolic of a craving for something you know that you shouldn’t have.

Smelling cigarette smoke in a dream

When you dream of smelling cigarette smoke, it signifies an impending relationship or friendship issues. The smell of cigarettes or cigars in your dream may represent a significant other who is passively smoking in the background. Alternatively, they can symbolize an ex-lover who used to smoke a lot when the relationship was good.

Dreaming about smoking non smoker

When you dream about smoking when you’re a non-smoker, it’s probably because of a subconscious desire to act more confident. In the dream, you are feeling a lack of confidence and need ‘help’ to feel as if you can control a situation as well as the people in it. Sometimes, when non-smokers dream about smoking, it indicates that they are emotionally tied to past habits.

Dream of a Lighter and Smoking

Dreaming of a lighter and smoking can symbolize destructive and unhealthy impulses. It could represent a desire to escape from a troublesome situation or a need to control a situation that is spiraling out of your control. It could also be a sign that you are trying to hide something from yourself or from others. Regardless of the context, this dream suggests that you need to be mindful of your habits and behaviors in order to achieve a healthier and more balanced life.


Smoking dreams mean different things for different people. If you are a smoker it is important to understand what these dreams mean to you. Smoking is a habit that can cause serious health problems. If you are still smoking, it is advised to seek help from a doctor or health professional to quit smoking cigarettes.