The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of Rain

Written By Jamie Young

We all dream about rain. We can’t help it, it’s a common theme in many of our dreams. Rain is symbolic of cleansing and purification, reflecting the idea that our thoughts can be purified while sleeping. When you dream about rain, it can symbolize the idea of change. Rain has always been a sign of hope and renewal. It reflects the cycle of life and death, which is a natural part of our dreams.

What Does Rain Mean in a Dream?

The rain in your dreams could represent new beginnings and the cleansing that comes with it. Another interpretation might be that you are feeling stressed out or anxious and need some relief from those emotions while you sleep.

Rain can also symbolize mourning or sadness. Some people who have lost someone close to them may dream about rain before they wake up, reflecting their sadness for that person who has passed on from this world. Others might dream about rain as a way to mourn what cannot be changed anymore in their lives; for example, if they are no longer able to have children because of infertility issues, they might find themselves dreaming about rain before waking up every day when they don’t have kids around for company.

Finally, if someone is experiencing loss due to divorce or other relationships, they may find themselves dreaming about rain before waking up one morning after an argument with their partner and find comfort in the idea of cleansing through the stormy weather outside their window

playing in the rain

Dream of heavy rain

Heavy rain in a dream is a symbol that signifies difficulty and adversity to overcome. The heavier the rain, the more difficult your challenges will be. If you dream of yourself being caught in a heavy downpour, this dream foretells a trying period in your life. Do not let it overwhelm you, for you can handle it if you use common sense and utilize your inner strengths.

Walking in the rain dream meaning

A dream in which you are walking in the rain symbolizes that your life is headed in a direction of peace. You will deal with negativity in a constructive and peaceful way. Alternatively, dreaming of walking in the rain might suggest that you are longing for personal fulfillment and self-development. You may be seeking independence and adventure.

Getting wet in rain dream meaning

When you dream of getting wet from rain, it means that you are overwhelmed by your circumstances. You can’t see a way out and feel like your problems will eventually drown you. You may believe there is no hope left. Though this is a temporary state of mind that will pass, you may need to seek help or guidance from someone who can help you make the right choices.

Dreams of being drenched in the rain can signify that you’re in a situation where you’re under too much stress, and your emotions are getting the best of you. There may be some recent issues that need to be resolved and you aren’t sure how to do it.

Dream of heavy rain and flood

When you dream of heavy rain and floods, you may be experiencing some kind of emotional disturbance. The intensity of the storm may also be a factor in your dream interpretation. Whatever the case, it is important that you pay attention to any feelings of sadness or fear as these are natural responses to anxiety.

Dream of rain falling on me

When you dream of rain falling on you, it means that you are feeling a great deal of pressure from your emotional and/or financial obligations. The falling rain is symbolic of money coming down from above, as in money owed to you by people who love and care for you. Alternatively, dreaming of rain falling on your face, can mean that you will receive tragic news. If the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightening, then the news will be especially bad.

Dream of running in the rain

Dreams about running in the rain can often indicate a need for change or growth in your life. The dream may be telling you that you aren’t taking the necessary risks to reach your goals — and that negative feelings like sadness, anger and fear will only hold you back. When you feel these emotions, consider reaching out to close friends and family to help you work through them.

Dream of walking in the rain

Walking in the rain in your dreams is considered a positive symbol. Walking in the rain symbolizes growth, release, cleansing, and washing away past problems. In many cases it is a sign of hope and optimism. It can suggest a new phase in your life — one that would be refreshing and leaving behind the past.

Dreaming of strong wind and rain

In dreams, strong wind and rain typically represent the future. Dreaming of strong wind and rain suggests that you may be feeling unsettled and anxious about the future. This can happen when you have big decisions to make, or it can be related to major changes happening in your life. Winds have long been associated with feelings of wisdom and knowledge. When you see strong winds and rain in your dream, it represents various emotions that you have experienced.

Dream of rain inside house

Dreaming of rain inside your house is a common dream that primarily signifies good fortune, but it’s also representative of the cleansing properties of rain. If the dream isn’t about your home specifically, then the dream is about a significant change that’s taking place in your life. This can be a positive change or an unwelcome one, depending on the context of the rest of the dream.

Dream of rain coming through roof

Dreaming of rain coming through the ceiling indicates that your life is currently being threatened by external forces. You need to decide how you’re going to handle it. If there is a leak, you’ll most likely see it as an opportunity — perhaps one you weren’t expecting — and you must use your ingenuity and creativity to turn the situation around.

Dream of driving in the rain

When you dream of driving in the rain, it can generally mean that you are feeling frustrated. You may be feeling stuck in a situation when there is no way to get out of it — or at least, not without significant risk. You may feel saturated, overburdened and weighed down. Or, the dream could represent a relationship that is becoming strained because two people are pushing against each other and struggling to move forward together.

Raining blood dream meaning

In dreams when we experience blood raining from the sky, it can represent a serious loss of life. The blood signifies someone close to you has died — or you have lost something or somebody in your life. If a blood rain is followed by an earthquake, then the change will be radical and affect the lives of many people.

Dream walking barefoot in the rain

If you dream of walking barefoot in the rain, symbolizes that your positive energy and vitality are strong and moving forward. If you dream of being cold when out walking in the rain, it may be a sign that you need to reevaluate your priorities. This dream is a sign that you should be more open to new experiences and learn to unclutter your thoughts.

Dreaming of raining light

When you dream of light rain, it is a sign you are filled with peace and tranquility. Light rain can be described as a calm and serene rainfall. If you’re dreaming of light rain, then you would likely be experiencing other tranquil aspects in your waking life as well. Light rain can also represent unexpected changes in your life and new opportunities for you.

What Is the Biblical Meaning of Rain in a Dream

First, let’s understand what rain represents in a dream. For some people, rain symbolizes hope. It could be a sign of that new job or relationship you wanted so much. The biblical meaning of rain is simply faith and trust in God’s promises. You can find this meaning in Exodus 9:33, “Then Moses left Pharaoh and went out of the city. He spread out his hands toward the LORD; the thunder and hail stopped, and the rain no longer poured down on the land.”

Rain often represents a cleansing process or purification of thoughts while sleeping. The Biblical meaning of it being an anchor is that it holds up something heavy and prevents it from sinking into darkness and chaos. When we are able to trust God with our dreams, they will go from being scary to comforting because we can see that there’s hope for us even when things seem hopeless.

Spiritual Meaning of Rain in a Dream

Many people interpret rain in a dream to be the symbol of spiritual cleansing and purification. The idea that we are able to clear our minds as we sleep and have a fresh start. Rain is also associated with hope and new beginnings, suggesting that there will be an end to our troubles soon. When we see rain during a dream, it can also signify emotional release. When something is weighing heavily on us, dreaming about rain can signify the freedom from burdening thoughts and worries. Rain is often thought of as a symbol of hope for those with terminal illnesses or illnesses that are life-threatening, giving them hope for a better future after their time on Earth has come to an end.


If you dream about rain, it might mean that you are feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes when we dream about rain, we may be feeling depressed. On the other hand, if you dream about rain and happy, it may be a sign that you are in a good mood. Rain is often linked with hope and rebirth in many cultures.