The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Holding Hands

Written By Jamie Young

The act of holding hands in a dream can be for many different reasons and the meaning can range anywhere from romantic to friendship. Most dreams that include hand-holding revolve around romance or platonic relationships with a friend, family member, significant other, or co-worker.

What Does Holding Hands in a Dream Mean

Dreaming of holding hands is an extremely positive sign, symbolizing togetherness and unity. It also points to a strong, loving relationship. So if you dream of holding hands with a loved one or acquaintance, it means you will have a very successful and happy business relationship. This dream also indicates that you will have a committed and loving partner in your relationship.

holding hands

Dream of Holding a Bird in Your Hand

Dreaming about holding a bird in your hand represents freedom. It symbolizes the ability to fly high, just as birds do. Your subconscious is saying that you are free from worries and concerns, and that you’re feeling confident as you move towards your goals. Alternatively, this dream about holding a bird in your hand, you are dreaming of new beginnings and opportunities. When you dream about holding a bird in the palm of your hand, it’s often a sign that new beginnings and opportunities are coming your way.

Dream of Holding Hands With a Dead Person

When dreaming of holding hands with a dead person can represent your fear of death and uncertainty in the progress you’ve made with your life. Some have suggested that dreams about holding hands with the dead are more about finding closure concerning a previous relationship. You need to know the underlying message of the dream.

Dreaming of Someone Holding Your Hand Tightly

If you have been dreaming about someone holding your hand tightly, then you might be facing some sort of emotionally draining situation. It might be something that is causing you to feel stressed, or maybe you are feeling anxious about an upcoming event. Alternatively, this dream suggests that you are frightened by something and therefore in need of support and protection. You may be feeling vulnerable but don’t want to show this to others, especially to a romantic partner.

Dream of Holding Hands With Your Crush

If you dream of holding hands with your crush, this can be interpreted as either good or bad, but chances are good that your emotions are involved. Once your emotions catch up, you’ll either feel elated about the relationship, or begin to worry about it.

Dream About Holding Hands With Someone

Dreaming about holding hands with someone indicates that you’ll have a strong emotional connection with this person. You’ll be able to share your feelings and thoughts without the other person judging you or using them against you. This is a great indicator that this person is kind, compassionate and a good listener. They’ll love to be with you and vice versa.

Dream of Holding Snake in Hand

Dreaming about holding a snake in your hand represents an upcoming challenge in a relationship — a challenge which will make you adapt or change completely. The snake can represent infidelity in the relationship, something you may want to take into consideration. It could also mean that you have anxiety or fear about something. 

Dream of Deceased Mother Holding My Hand

Dreaming of holding hands with a deceased mother means, on one level, that you are ready to move forward with your life, despite the continued absence of someone who has been gone for such a long time. More often, however, this dream is about recognizing and accepting your own mortality.

Dream of a Man Holding My Hand

When dreaming of a man holding your hand, you are seeking some comfort from a man in your life. Holding his hand can be an expression of feeling insecure about yourself, or the way that you feel about your relationship. It can also represent feelings of guilt, whether real or imaginary.Alternatively, if a woman dreams of holding a man’s hand, she is feeling vulnerable in her relationship with that man.

Dream of Holding Hands With a Stranger

If you dream that you are holding hands with a stranger,  it means that you are thinking about someone in a romantic way. On the other hand if the person is angry or else holding your hand on purpose, it means that someone is taking advantage of you or manipulating you emotionally.

Dreaming of Boyfriend Holding Hands With Another Girl

Dreaming about your boyfriend holding hands with another girl doesn’t mean anything bad is happening in your relationship, but it does indicate that you’re feeling a bit envious. It may be because you feel like he’s not putting in as much effort as you into the relationship. You might be feeling like you’re not being rewarded for your efforts, and that instead of progressing forward, you’ve somehow gone backwards in the relationship.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Holding Your Hand

When you dream about a dead person holding your hand, a dead person isn’t always a literal interpretation of someone dying. This dream can also symbolize you feeling close to someone and sharing the same ideals. It could also be the guilt over something that happened in your past, or feeling like your life isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to look back on past events  and figure out what happened.

Dream About Holding Hands With a Celebrity

A dream about holding hands with a celebrity represents the realization that we are all on our own path in life, no one can live another’s experience. Often it is an indication that you need to be more focused on achieving your personal goals in life and less concerned about what others are doing or how they are doing it.

Dream of Husband Holding Hands With Another Woman

A common dream about your husband holding hands with another woman may mean that you are feeling insecure about your relationship. Perhaps you feel the relationship isn’t moving forward at the pace you think it should. Or maybe, like in life, there is something more exciting outside of the relationship. Whatever it is, don’t worry, this dream doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over.

Dream About Holding Hands With a Girl

When you dream about holding hands with a girl, you’re putting your subconscious mind to work for you. It’s actively looking for ways to express your desire for this person and to make her yours, but it wants to make sure that you’re happy before actually pursuing any romantic relationship.

Dreaming of a Dead Loved One Holding Your Hand

When you dream about a dead loved one holding your hand, it means you are nearing the end of a transitional period and about to undergo a significant change. You may be moving forward in your career or life in general. Or you could worry that someone’s death will change your relationship with someone else.

Dreaming of Holding Hands With Your Boss

Dreaming about holding hands with your boss. It might just be a way for your subconscious to tell you that you admire and respect them, but there is also the possibility that you are secretly attracted to your boss. If this is the case then I suggest you take a look at why you feel sexually attracted to your boss. Maybe you have some unresolved issues with authority figures from your past.

Dreaming of a Dead Relative Holding Your Hand

When you’re dreaming of a dead relative holding your hand it means that you’re feeling safe and comforted, even though they are not there in person. It can also represent the longing for contact or attention from that person in their absence.Alternatively, this dream can often be a sign that there is still unfinished business with that person. 

Dream of Holding Hands With an Ex

If you dream about holding hands with your ex, you might be having trouble letting go of the past. It also indicates that you’re dwelling on the past more than you should be — but it also means that you still have unresolved issues from the breakup. Alternatively, it also indicates that you are looking for guidance from that person.

Dream of Holding Hands With Unknown Person

The dream about holding hands with an unknown person indicates that you have either met the man of your dreams and you wish to fall in love, or you are attracted to someone but you haven’t met him yet. In most cases, the person is a stranger that is significant in the dreamer’s real life. However, it can also be someone the dreamer has never met before. 

Dream of Holding Hands With a Friend

The dream of holding hands with a friend is an ancient symbol of a strong bond that endures through time. When a child dreams about holding hands with a friend, it represents the sense of comfort, security and confidence that exists in a solid friendship. It represents the sense of comfort, security and confidence that exists in a solid friendship.


When you dream of holding hands with someone it is a positive sign and symbolizes togetherness, unity and success in your business relationship. Holding hands with someone in a dream indicates that you do not need to worry about your relationship. If this was only a hand holding and nothing else, it means that you will have a happy business relationship.